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March 31 2014

Naked Juice – Not Cool What you Did

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I have been a huge fan of Naked Juice for decades.

I have bought probably tens of thousands of dollars of their products and consumed them over the past decades.

They even worked with me to help the San Diego firefighters when the City of San Diego could not supply the firefighters with enough food the first few days of the big fires. For this they are still appreciated.

I have promoted them.

I had not seen Naked Juice around as much as I used to the past year.

I had thought they just were not selling as well.

According to multiple reports in the news, Naked Juice got popped by mislabeling their juices.

They were using additives as sweeteners and bulking agents that are genetically modified, and made in factories.

I feel betrayed. Not cool.

Another one of my allies that I have done deals with Whole Foods has been selling this stuff for decades. This tarnishes their reputation. Whole Foods is one of the most ethical companies in the U.S., and have saved an untold number of lives. I have known many of their executives. The guys at the top of Whole Foods are there for real to do good for the planet. One of their executives from Follow Your Heart, has been living what they say for almost half a century now.

Many of us spend an enormous amount of time and energy to put the healthiest things possible into our bodies.

The exact items they are reported to have used were Archer Daniels Midland’s Fibersol-2 (“a soluble corn fiber that acts as a low-calorie bulking agent”), fructooligosaccharides (an alternative sweetener), and genetically modified soy.

I am hitting 50 years old in a few months, and have more energy, enthusiasm and am more mentally quick than most 25 year olds I know.

Not a small part of this is due to my eating very clean food since I was 16 years old.

Virtually no artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives. I eat organic when possible, and take the best vitamins I can find.

I don’t drink, and I don’t take drugs.

Do not mess with my food supply.

If a company wants to make crap and sell poor health to the masses, that is their choice, and the choice of those who buy them.

But you best label your products accurately. If you tell me it is made with fruit and fruit juice it better be.

If Gypsy Boots were still alive right now he would throw a football right through your window.

May 1 2011

Can we all go back to being happy and productive now?

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I remember the day of 911. I went to the dentist and listened to it on the radio while my tooth got drilled.

Shitty stuff having 2,000 people die. I met the moms and friends of some of them.

That day I remember looking around and seeing everyone around me in shock, sluggish, out of it.

I tried to do my best to rally the troops. I got my staff all pumped up and positive, and looking at how we could help, but I saw something that really had me concerned. The rest of the world around me looked like they had just been kicked in the balls.

We watched the stock market crash, then the housing market, and the recession.

My blog tonight isn’t going to make any difference to what is about to happen. The stock market is going to surge. Everyone is going to pull their heads out of their asses, and they will get a bit more motivated again. In fact, a bitchen side effect is probably that “mental health” drug sales will decrease as well as America goes back to being happy. All of these are fine things. I look forward to my stocks doubling over the next year.

And yes, I think the special forces guys are bitchen and kick ass. I get the pleasure of treating quite a few of these guys, to get them ready to go out and kick ass on a regular basis. Laser targeted operations like this are inexpensive and can be very, very effective at implementing foreign policy. This also may very well prove to be in violation of international law, which is not an example we should be sending.

The big lesson from this is not pissing people off, by killing them and taking their stuff. Not a single one of us Americans would be o.k. with Mexico coming in and taking our corn, or our wheat, or taking control of the redwoods. We would not tolerate Belgium coming into the U.S. and setting up a military base here that we would not be allowed to remove.

The reason extremest Muslims are pissed at us, is a story that goes back to the crusades when the Europeans were going in and kicking ass on the Muslims. Sure the Muslims had taken over Jerusalem back then. I get it. The problem is that Europeans, (now Europeans and Americans), have been going into the middle east to grab stuff we wanted ever since them. If you keep taking oranges from your neighbors yard, they will get pissed off.

The old Christian value of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is a great one. Setting an example on a global scale, that you would expect your next door neighbor to follow with you is also a great idea.

If as a country we violate the law, and are criminals abroad, don’t be surprised if our kids learn that is cool and an o.k. way to take an advantage.

So as we all get rich, and we go into a decade of prosperity, yes things are going to get better now, can we really all work to reinforce good ethics, good manners, and treat the rest of the world with the same kindness and respect that we expect from them?

Hope I didn’t piss you off to much reading this.

Rock and roll, long live America, and lets all have some fun now, play some football, go surfing, chase hot chicks, and make some money, what do you say?

Oh, and while we are at it, lets make some really bitchen stuff that makes us really proud to be Americans.

Here is a short list of things to work on:

1. Inexpensive source of Electricity.

2. Desalination that doesn’t create a lot of pollution.

3. Better recycling techniques

4. Excellent, fast, safe public transportation.

5. Oh, and when you make money, save it, the economy will suck again in 10 or 20 years.

Let’s do it.

April 8 2011

Help a hot dentist help poor African kids have great teeth!

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I like Amish Shah. He is a bright guy, drives a Ferrari, hangs out with Frank Kern, blah, blah, but I LOVE his wife!
She is intelligent, classy, gorgeous, a dentist, a great listener, and she spends a lot of her life helping others when nobody knows about it!

Well, a lot of people are going to know about it now.

She is part of a group that goes to Africa and helps the people of an African village in Uganda.

They will be providing basic dental help to folks who really need it.

As America becomes tougher to live in, and the third world improves, it becomes more important than ever to reach out and help others.

Pretty soon the far away third world will be completely our world.

Let’s continue going back to the old style of America, where we are looked at as creative leaders, and the ones you go to, to help.

And lets face it, if you donate a few bucks to Pujah, you might even get the attention of the guy in charge of her internet marketing, dk, Amish Shah.

Go here to read more about it, be a fan, and buy a few sterile syringes, or some filling material.

December 31 2010

Somethings I would like from you this decade

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1. Be honest. As a group we now control the communication of the world. As I write this I am sending a message around one person in China every second. Each of these communications, blog posts, tweets, ads, pings, auctions etc. are communications. We have the ability to set an example that will be seen all over the world. How bout in 10 years the world says to us. Thanks guys, when the world became corrupt, and we didn’t know who to believe, we knew that what we saw on the internet was true. Joking? Fuck no. Dead serious.

2. Be generous. If you really work hard, nose to the grindstone and all that, and study up on making money using the internet you will succeed. I don’t mean shortcuts, I mean old school, study, make contacts, study the technical stuff, stay up all night working. For at least the next year or years, you will probably be able to make more money than 90% of the people who live on the planet. There is no need to hide to learn what you learned. Sure you can keep your newest greatest idea secret, but for those of us who are doing o.k. or better, often sharing that one idea you probably won’t get to, could change someones life.

3. Work on Good things that help people. One of my greatest sources of pride are the cartoon books on They have taught hundreds of thousands or maybe more people about chiropractic. I made money off of less than 1% of those people. All the rest of them were improved by it. In fact those cartoon books have been used. I have been going through hundreds of offers on affiliate networks lately, and honestly most of them are deceptive, or dishonest. I want to be proud of what I sell people. Help find good things in the world that we can share with others.

4. Take care of yourself for me. I love you guys and gals. We all work crazy hours, and live in a world that celebrates booze, drugs, and cheating to get ahead. Take good care of your body and mind, so we can all be around, happy and healthy for a long time to come.

5. Take care of everyone else. The world needs your briliance and creativity. Most of the people in the world live a horrible life compared to us. I don’t want you to give them charity, it will just make them weak. But figure out ways to better their minds and skills so they can take care of themselves and help those around them the same.

I am sure this list could be much longer, but if we could just get done numbers one through 5 in the next 10 years, we will be in really good shape.

P.S. Oh yeah, and stop killing people, other than when they are trying to kill someone else.

April 7 2010

How to Save the World

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Tonight I am sick and I am also pissed off. For any of you who know me well, neither of those things happen to me very often, like I don’t think I have had a cold in around two years which is typical for me.

Here is why. There are X number of miners who are now either dead, or in grave danger, and it sounds like around 3 more who died trying to rescue them.

What was this great jewel for which these guys are risking their life or dying? Is it some universal truth?, Saving a child? Creating an eternal utility that will benefit mankind for centuries to come? All of these are things I would risk my life for. Nope, they were going underground to get coal.

Why are they going after coal? This coal will be for the greatest degree be used to be burn, which will heat water, which will boil. When the water boils it can turn wheels. When these wheels turn, they have magnets attached, which push electrons through wires. Those electrons moving through wires, is electricity. These guys are risking their lives, and/or dying so we can watch T.V., and run our I-Pods.

I am all for energy consumption. AS we speak my wife and I both have our Mac’s open, and the T.V. news is rolling in the background.

I am not one to bitch and moan without giving solutions. So here is the solution. Yes I can say this because I have been saying this for 20 years.

To preface this I love military. I love the idea of high tech equipment rolling across the tundra kicking ass on evil people. Lots of my peeps got gassed in world war 2, and my wife would have been speaking German and eating strudel, instead of Norwegian if we had not spent a grip on going into Europe to whoop Hitler.

I am all about righteous causes, and sacrificing oneself for the betterment of mankind. I have lived this my whole life, from being a lifeguard, to teaching, to being a chiropractor.

The fact that we have spent something like a Trillion dollars the last few years on wars to protect us from unknowable enemies that we can’t really put our fingers on, and that haven’t turned out to be exactly what we thought they were is another story. Not saying it wasn’t a good way to spend money. I have a lot of warrior friends who got their chance to test their training, shooting mortars, missiles, flying, and even get to drop out of a helicopter into a building and play street fighter except for real.

I am not a fan in any way of the death that took place on either side as a result of this.

All you need to make electricity is something that moves relatively frequently in quantity that you can latch onto. A common way is burning something like coal, or oil, or making heat from a nuclear reaction that heats water. Once you have steam from the hot water you can turn a wheel, which moves the magnets against the wires, which moves the electrons and makes electricity.

I had the pleasure of meeting a guy a few years ago who is one of the greatest windmill designers in the world. He was working on a bearing for the center of the entire windmill where all of the friction from the spinning is, that would hold the tons up from magnetism. This is the force you feel when you put the wrong sides of two magnets up against each other. Amazingly, it creates almost no friction but can hold a ton of weight.

What if we had given that Trillion dollars plus of war debt to help him build the best windmill he could and then crank them out by the thousands to power up the entire country?

What if we had given that money to my buddy Paul Cross the inventor who came up with a tidy idea on how to use the tide moving in and out to push a simple paddle, which spins a wheel, which makes electricity.

A few years back I met a guy who worked with his wife for a guy named Openheimer. For those of you who don’t know the name, this group spent a few months in New Mexico and created the first atomic bomb. Americans rock at getting together in small groups of brilliant people to peak stuff that moves technology in huge giant steps forward, ie: car, airplane, A-Bomb, computer, internet.

So I am pissed. I am pissed that we just blew a trillion bucks on a war with very little measurable benefit of outcome, that we just passed a health care deal that puts more money toward surgery and drugs that are not really solutions to the cause of health problems, (exercise, chiropractic, nutrition, mental health). Along with this we spent billions of dollars on companies that suck and could not make a profit. I have made a profit every week during this recession. Give me the money, or Shoemoney, or someone else in our crew, and we will make a bunch more out of it creating jobs and improving our country along the way.

All of this happened the week after I just spent 40 hours over 2 weeks making sure my taxes were as perfect, honest and tight as I could possibly make them, just so I can give away over 50 percent of my income to a government that will spend it on programs that give money to people who don’t work 80 hours  a week like I do.

So how do we solve this?

Over time I will go into more details but it is this simple.

1.    Don’t invest money in killing people. There are very, very few times where killing people makes things better. Hold a gun to one of my friends heads and if I have a way you will be gone in 3 seconds. Other than that, there are very, very few times it makes sense. Stopping other mass murders or genocides is usually a good time to use war.

2.    Don’t invest money in treating symptoms. Unless the medical treatment cures the cause of the disease, or at least makes a massive, measurable improvement of function such as insulin with diabetics, don’t spend money on it. Treating symptoms is no more intelligent than smoking dope, or taking coke. You feel better, but get sicker over time. If people want drugs or medical treatments to help how they feel, let them work to make that money. And no, you don’t deserve any health care. God did not make us, or we were not created, with a plaque that says we will always deserve the most expensive healthcare on the planet. There just is and will never be enough money for that, just do the math.


3.    Abolish the IRS, and create a consumption tax of a fixed percentage. Everyone would save instead of spend, and you wouldn’t have to do taxes. Even if it wasted a crap load of money, which it won’t think how much time it would save, and the increase in your productivity as a result.Wow, was that so tough?

4.    Stop paying instructors to talk to students. Instructors need to be there until the students learn how to read and study on their own, and then they serve no purpose. They only personnel needed  for school are to keep the kids in line, and help them on how to learn. While we are on it, don’t force kids to go to school. Education is a gift, but if you don’t want it, don’t force it on them. Let them work when they are young. I did manual labor starting at around age 10, and have worked a job or a business since I was 15. It did me a ton of good. Put all of the education online, well written, and let students guide their own curriculum.

5.    Keep the military, train them, buy them the best stuff, and make them bad ass and strong, but give them domestic work to keep them busy, productive and worth the money we spend on them.

6.    Stop giving money to people who fail. O.K. if you are born with no arms or some unlucky tragic thing take care of them, and give them a break. Everyone else, get up and work. I promise you when I am old, my hip doesn’t work, and I can barely breathe, I will be doing everything I can to improve my life, the life of my family, my community, and my country. I totally dig this one elderly Asian man (I think Philipino), must be 70, who I see at the beach every summer digging through the garbage for Aluminum cans. Wow he inspires me! So life has been rough? Tough! Talk to my buddies like my friend the graphic artist in Manilla, Jonathan Antonio, who was working for me, literally while his neighborhood was flooding, and water was pouring in through his roof.

7.    By the way, read up on drinking 2 oz. of pomegranate juice a day. All of the research shows it clears out your arteries like a drain cleaner. Don’t trust me on this, research it for yourself, but it sounds like a miracle drug to me. (Ask your doctor )

8.    Take all the money we save, and use it to develop long term renewable energy sources for the benefit of all mankind.

That is enough to get started. Let’s get those things in place over the next few months, and we should be in good shape.

If you guys decide you want me to head this up, feel free to elect me and I will be more than happy to get these things in place, but you all better be ready to work ☺

Then once we have all of these things in place, the country should be humming along. Then we can show it all on some reality T.V. shows, and the rest of the world can copy us.

February 27 2010

Waiting for the Tsunami

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A tsunami is heading toward San Diego right now, traveling around 600 miles per hour, the speed of a jet. We just had a mondo earthquake in Chile, one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded.

My office is two blocks from the water. Unlikely to be affected, but ???? So I flashed through my mind about what’s inside, all the records, is all the data backed up? Check, Check, Check. For 20 years we have had an emergency plan so that if the chiropractic office was ever destroyed, we could be back in business within a few hours, and fully operational within 24.

What’s funny is that I have fantasized my whole life about surfing a tsunami, and I am sure in San Diego in a few hours some of the crew will be. Today I think I will just be on the shore, not in the water, but I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

When we bought our house I even took that into consideration. Looked for fire risk, if the river flooded how high would the water get, how’s it build for a big earthquake, and how big of a tsunami would it take to wash our house out. Check, check, check, check!

I love when the earth does a little shimmy, or raises an eyebrow. The funny part is when people are surprised that it did. I was there for one of the huge L.A. earthquakes when I was a kid, and then there for the big one in San Francisco.

This is one reason I have never been able to be lazy. I am pretty much either playing hard, or working on something with an income potential. Trust me there have been tons of failures for every success.

Tsunamis come in many ways. Car accidents like the one that just vastly effected the family of a good friend of mine, recessions, stock market crashes, housing market crashes, employees quitting, getting fired, and the list is endless.

Then there are the slow ones, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and mental deterioration.

Just cause I may sound a little cocky about keeping thing prepped myself, doesn’t mean I don’t have empathy for those who suffer. I have suffered plenty in my life, and I am sure I will again. 🙂 In fact most of what I do, is to help others and in fact that is how ALL of us should roll.

Here is the wake up call. These things, one or all, are on their way toward you.

I am always surprised by people who don’t work hard, who don’t realize that obstacles will try to rear their head just around the corner. If you reading this, then you have time to do something about it now.

The tsunami is coming. It is always coming.

So now is the time to backup your computer, defrag your mind, get some exercise, take your vitamins, start being honest, put less harmful stuff in your body, and wax up your surfboard for what’s around the corner.

As for me I am ready for the tsunami, have been for 20 years.

Hmmm… maybe I should grab my board 🙂

June 17 2009

Twitter Can fight Oppression

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You may be able to help thousands or more people in Iran to twitter what is going on with their protests using free speech.

Change your twitter time and city to Tehran to protect the identity of Iranians protesting their government.

The short story is that last week in Iran there was a presidential election that was apparently very close.

There is now apparently a large amount of censorship going on in Iran of phones and internet.

Twitter in Iran is one of the few ways of getting info out.

The twittersphere is saying, that if you change your city to Tehran, and your timezone to Tehran, then you can help mask the identity of those twittering out their reports of what is going on.

If you want to follow along, watch this page for a while. #IranElection

The old government who has been in power is what you would expect from Iran recently.

The new presidential candidate, that these protestors support, is in favor of things like freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

If you want to help, change your twitter city to tehran, and your twitter location to tehran. If you want to help even more, then tweet about this.

Iran is very possibly the most powerful country in the middle east. The direction that things go there over the next week may have a very powerful effect on our daily lives in terms of our own personal and national security in the rest of the world.

Time to be a citizen of the world my friends!

Signing off, dk the jew, who is persian for the week. 🙂

December 9 2008

Plane Crashed Near My House

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A plane crashed real close to my house today. Real Close. We didn’t even hear it take place.

It was pretty amazing. My wife and I were sitting at our dinning room table planning our Christmas vacation. We are going skiing/boarding in Aspen, and spending some other days exploring the Rocky’s.

So while we are sitting there discussing the trip, and making reservations, this poor pilot is crusing out over the Pacific with a bad engine.

The Marines airport, Miramar, where they filmed Top Gun, is around 2 miles from the ocean. Real close to where we live.

This pilot is out over the ocean and his engine goes bad. I believe he was flying an F/A 18 hornet.

He had taken off from an aircraft carrier and was on his way to the airport by my house.

I hear one of his engines went bad.

So you are flying this multimillion dollar aircraft and you have a few options. I don’t know if they were his options, or his seniors. Regardless of what he was told, it ultimately was still his choice, he was flying the plane.

He had the option of ditching the plane over the ocean, ejecting, and hoping he gets picked up. The ocean is currently around 60 degrees, and you can survive in it for I am sure at least an hour, if not a lot longer. I know because I go surfing in it frequently. The other option is trying to save the plane and landing it at Miramar. The downside of that is you have to fly over my house. 🙂

He chose flying over the houses and landing at the airport.

From what I heard he was aiming down our canyon, the same canyon I occasionally go mountain biking in. At some point, around a quarter mile from the beginning of the military base his plane hit the ground. He had ejected a way back, parachuted down and landed in a tree. His plane hit a house, and killed at least a few people. I still don’t know if I know these people or not.

Imagine the guy who made the decision, and what must have gone through the pilots mind. From the Navy website it sounds like the plane costs around 50 or 60 million. They must have been weighing the costs and risks of the pilots life, the pilots training which I have been told by jet pilots costs around 1 million dollars, the risk of life of civilians which is bad, and also bad PR for the military, the cost of the plane, and the probabilities of which of the outcomes would take place. Meanwhile all of these things are taking place, really, really fast.

From watching them, it looks like it takes these planes less than a minute to get from the ocean to the air field. Remembering the Blue Angels fly over our house, so close that you can see the condensation form off the wings, I bet takes them more like 10 seconds to make that flight.

So you have very little time to make a decision that could take your own life, the life of others, and possibly cost the government 50 or 60 million dollars.

In the end the pilot, and possibly his senior, decided to shoot up the canyon and try to make the airport.

They didn’t make it.

Came fairly close to my house too.

My condolences to the friends and surviving family of those killed. Happy to help in any way I can.

The poor pilot survived. Landed in a tree. I am guessing he is going to feel really bad about what happened. I might even know him.

Decisions sometimes need to be made in split seconds, and the results can be massive. I have found that the business decisions I make today, can have a huge effect on my business, myself, and my family for years or more to come.

In the internet industry we have a lot of power, and effect the opinions of thousands or sometimes millions of people.

As we get closer to Christmas may I invite you to look at what you are doing, and the consequences it will have months, years, and generations down the road.

Maybe make a change now, so when the time comes, you can avoid that last minute decision?

I’ve made some changes for the better because of this, and I enourage you to join me in helping to make this a better planet. 🙂

May 28 2008

MMA Couture Gets $ to Disabled Vets

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Randy Couture, his family, and pro M.M.A. fighters raise money for disabled American Veterans with a little help from Shoemoney and Purposeinc. A story in pictures.

jeremy schoemaker scream

Shoemoney, Friday morning. This is a typical reaction to my driving.

We spent the day at Randy Coutures Gym for Mixed Martial Arts.

if you bleed or vomit please clean up couture

This place was seriously for training. Note above “By the Shake Machine”

ryan couture

We met with Ryan Couture, Randy’s son. Also are Jeremy’s new shirts. They are actually red, and look cool, but show up orange in some of my photos.

gina carano crush

This is Gina Carano fighting. She also is Crush on American Gladiators. She was lighthearted, funny, bad ass and hot all at the same time. The pros train there from 4 to 6 each day. Ryan and Randy were gracious enough to let us sneak in. You can also watch the training each day online for a fee.

gina carano

Gina going to town. She was only training with guys by the way, and they did not seem to be pulling any punches.

mike whitehead training

This is Mike Whitehead in the middle of training. He trained hard. At first glance like myself he looks like a big, mean guy. Once you get to know him, he is really nice, and fun.

jeremy schoemaker mma glove

Here is one of the gloves they use. You will notice there is a little padding but not much. Jeremy says that when they have tested these, the force of a punch is about the same as if you had no gloves on at all.


Friday night, my wife and I, went to Mainland, a new restaurant in the Palazzo hotel and casino by the Venetian. Mainland was unreal, a good bargain, and has a picture of Mao and Elvis as their main graphic.

mainland palatzo pad thai

Pad Thai, I wish I had some now.

shoemoney dk couture marines

Saturday morning Randy Couture had the 5K to raise money for his charity, the Xtreme Couture GI Foundation. Shoemoney and I posed with a group of Marines there to run the event.

randy couture extremecouture 5k

Here is Randy with everyone ready to start the race.

randy kim couture veteran hero runners

This is Randy, his pretty wife Kim (Sugar Free) Couture (also an MMA fighter) and some of the guys who have gone face to face with I.E.D.’s and other Middle Eastern Explosives. Notice the artificial running legs. These were way cool!, and Randy’s charity buys these for some of the guys.

marine color guard couture

The U.S. Marines had a color guard. The played the national anthem. As they played the national anthem with me and Shoemoney standing by Randy, and the disabled Veterans, I really felt a sense of responsibility as an American to help take care of these individuals who had sacrificed so much for America.

randy couture nicest guy

Randy was so surprisingly sweet and nice it would have blown you away. He is not that huge of a guy, but simply a brilliant and able fighter. His eyes just glowed and he exuded warmth and took time to talk to anyone who walked up to him. Having someone like this at the pinnacle of such a sport serves as an incredible role model for millions, of warmth, generosity, and patience. I was really moved by Mr. Randy Couture.

randy couture dk purposeinc

Randy Couture and me! As a kid I studied a few types of martial arts. The argument was always there as to which martial art is best, Kung Fu, Thai Kwon Do, Kempo, Shotokan, or one of the others. The fascinating thing about Ultimate Fighting, or MMA, is that it sorts this out. You feel very safe when standing next to the best fighter in the world.

randy couture 5k marines cadence

When the race started the marines took off running in cadence, which means that they have a Marine chant that they sing as they run.

Here is Shoemoney with Randy Couture. I was real happy to be part of that moment, because I know how much Jeremy loves M.M.A.

xtreme couture 5k run

These were two of the veterans coming across the finish. The one guy obviously is running on one of the cool racing legs. The other guy lost both of his eyes doing what he believed in. It really brings to mind how committed is one to the things he believes in. How much are you willing to sacrifice for what you believe in?

mike whitehead kim couture run

Here is Kim Couture and Mike Whitehead finishing the race. By this point it was probably coming up on 100 degrees.

randy couture reviews marines

Here come the Marines at the end of the run. Randy stood right out there in the heat, smiling and taking pictures through the whole run.

kim couture jeremy schoemaker

Here is Mr. Jeremy Schoemaker and Kim Couture.

shoemoney fan

This was awesome. This guy came up to Shoemoney and said that he was a reader of Shoe’s blog.

douglas charlie fenton

This is Douglas Charlie Fenton. He has been blown up by I.E.D.s (those improvised bombs) three different times. If you ever find yourself giving up after a little adversity, just think of him. Can you imagine after having two of those things blow up on you still sticking with it and going out to do your job again?

marines fighters water bottle

Jeremy (Shoemoney) was the major sponsor of the run, so they put the new logo on all of the bottles.

kim couture fighting stance

I asked Kim if she would put on a t-shirt for a photo. She happily agreed. Then afterwards I asked if she wanted to keep it. She said “Of Course!”

kim couture rear naked choke

I then asked Kim Couture if she would get me in a Choke Hold for a photo. It looks cute and funny, but I could feel the pressure, and there is no way that I could have gotten out of it.

shoemoney kim couture fighters

I just think this picture is adorable. Jeremy puts out an image of being kind of tough and edgy. There is also what I consider the real him underneath, and I think this picture really captures it.

shoemoney kim couture dk

Just a dam fun photo.

mike whitehead

Mike was just the coolest guy. When you saw him fight he looked bad ass as all hell. As soon as he was off the mat he was all smiles and jokes. Right after this picture I asked Mike if he would take off his shirt and trade with me so we could get a shirt on him for a photo. He didn’t even hesitate, and just ripped off his shirt. I did too, but I think Mike looked more impressive.

mike whitehead shawn tompkins dog

This is Mike Whitehead with Shawn Tompkins Bulldog. Shawn, not in the picture, is Randy Couture’s trainer.

kim couture ryan valerie

From left to right we have Kim Couture, then Ryan Couture’s girlfriend who was so cute i could barely stand it, then Ryan Couture, then Valerie who handles scheduling and business matters for Randy who was also drop dead beautiful. Randy surrounded himself with gorgeous women working with him.

More importantly each and every one of them were as sweet as can be including Randy, his kid, and Shawn who i never got a photo of. I honestly expected a little bravado and tough guy fronts from their group.

I personally have interviewed thousands of people over the past 20 years, and consider myself and expert on judging and choosing staff. Randy has hand picked a group of the nicest, warmest people I have ever met. In fact the ONLY other place I have ever seen such a concentration of sweet people is my chiropractic office.

randy couture

Randy Couture with me in a rear naked choke. What can I say about this one?

shoemoney wins couture shirt

They had a raffle and after the first few prizes were won, I looked over at Jeremy and said “You will win the next one!” He didn’t, but he won the prize after that. Jeremy won a t-shirt with a bunch of the top pros signatures on it. The next prize was the same thing, and I won!

This nice woman looked at me and said with a sad look in her eyes, “You won my prize! I wanted to win that!” I almost felt guilty enough to give it to her. I am glad I didn’t because of what happened next.

randy couture personal training

The same woman then won the next two prizes in a row! First she won a signed lithograph or poster of Randy. Then on the next drawing she won a ONE HOUR TRAINING SESSION WITH RANDY!!!! Then I was jealous of her.

shoemoney laptop

As we left the event Jeremy whipped out his Airbook. He has a way cool, I am going to buy one this week, Sprint internet card. You can see it hanging off the back right part of his computer, and resting on the armrest. It looked like a little cord that plugs into the USB and that is it. It was way fast. He then downloaded all of the photos off of my camera and got them onto his blog before I even was back to the hotel!

shawn tompkins

I went back to the gym and ran into Shawn Tompkins. This guy is Randy Coutures trainer. A formidable fighter himself, he has also trained 10 different national and international champions in different styles. So there were a few things that were pretty crazy about meeting him. First off, again, was this warm smile and truly open heart. You could just feel it. The other thing, and I hate to even mention it because I feel like it is my personal secret, is this. For $150 you can get trained by Shawn. Look, I am in Vegas about 4 plus times per year on business. I usually mostly work, walk around with my wife, eat, and go swimming. From now on when I go to Vegas I am going to call Shawn.

For the price of what you will lose in Las Vegas at the lowest limit table at the Mirage in 30 minutes, you can get trained by someone who is arguably the best fight trainer in the world. I am so pumped about this, that I might just need to take another trip out there soon to take advantage of this.

couture gym

You may have seen this fight on pay per view. They charged 25 cents and we had 2 viewers.

couture boxing ring

Just standing in that ring bouncing up and down makes you feel like you want to fight someone. I am sure if someone had just tapped my nose, I would have ended up crying and getting the Lysol and gloves by the shake machine.


purposeinc shoemoney wynn

Just a cool picture.

Thanks for looking at all of this.

To the whole Couture family, Love you guys! Thanks for being such gracious hosts!

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Randy Couture