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October 17 2012

Jim Boykin and Internet Marketing Ninjas sieze Webmaster World

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I am super, super excited.

Last night during our EMD event, I kept deferring to Jim for his opinion, and noticed something was different.

He obviously had something on his mind.

This morning the news is out!

Internet Marketing Ninja’s now is the owner of Webmaster World.

Webmaster world is the oldest and most respected forum for SEO types to geek out. 🙂

I know because for years I was one of the more prominent members. I am going back in now!

In many ways, Pubcon is a community of those of us who all met on Webmaster World.

Matt Cutts used to hang out there as Google Guy.

When I first wanted to learn about SEO, I tried to get in there, but they would not allow me to register with a hotmail address,

so it took me a year, (not kidding), to figure out how to get a “real” email address. 🙂

Jim is one of the first people I met in this industry, I believe 8 years ago, and I am just thrilled that he now owns one of my favorite sites 🙂

Jim is an extremely social guy, who deeply cares about the world around him. He has always been a supporter financially of virtually every event I do, and when there has been a charity component, he kicks in without even asking what or why.

He has an amazing community at Internet Marketing Ninjas, and is constantly doing some of the most creative and innovative things in the industry.

I just can’t be happier for him, and happier for the Webmaster World Community.

Time for me to upgrade back to my paid membership there. 🙂

Congratulations Jim! Full speed ahead.

much love


October 11 2012

Advanced SEO EMD Update Underground Insider talk during Pubcon

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-Sign up to show interest. If 100 people sign up, I will present this.-

Google came out with their EMD update last week, and it gave huge insight into what they are penalizing, and what they are rewarding. It was an isolated update, and tremendous insights were gained through statistical analsyis of tens of thousands of links over about a hundred sites.

Christoph Cemper of Link Research tools did an amazing analysis of this.

Christoph and I have been discussing it, and have some insights into what Google actually wants now in terms of links, and what it does not. This is not pie in the sky theory, but hard numbers and analysis showing what is going on right now.

I have a slide presentation and insider info on the study.

If there is enough interest I will rent out a room at one of the hotels, and put on a presentation about what Christoph found, our discussions, my insight, and what to do.

Christoph is in Austria, so we decided it would be best for me to present this during Pubcon.

I will also lead an open discussion to hear others opinions on the data.

This is a super advanced SEO get together.

This is not an offical Pubcon event.

Jeff at Pubcon told me they are just slammed for space and time, and that I would have to do this on my own.

Share this with other SEO experts so we can get 100 people who want this, then I will put it on.


November 12 2008

The value of friends

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This has been quite a week for me on every possible level. Me and my crew are having some amazing successes. It has gone way beyond something about money, fame, or even noteriety, but become something beautiful, full of friendship love and the playing of games.

I hit my first Pubcon get together last night, and was confronted with so many hug, I love you’s, I’ve missed you, and hugs that it blew my mind. Someone said it is like a high school reunion, but this time everyone is cool!

Some glimpses from the last few days.

NicnCher explaining to me who the guy with the whiskey review site was.

This morning we went and hung at the Couture gym. Randy is fighting this weekend to defend the world title. Ryan Couture, Randy’s son, had his first pro fight today. Ryan, Randy’s son just had his first MMA fight, and it only lasted about 2 minutes. Here are the last 30 seconds or so!

Then we had the, Azoogle, We Build Pages, Easy Tweets Fight Club! (along with some help from Planet Chiropractic, Best of the Web, and Chipotle.

It was even better than the ThinkTank fight club. We kept the class size small. We were in the pro gym, the same one where the heavy weight champ, Randy Couture, and the light heavyweight Forest Griffin train!

I got to hang out with my friend Kate, the up and coming model and actress from Poland, who Neil Patel and Shoemoney just made famous! Stay tuned on my site and Shoemoney’s for more from Kate! No promises, but I have been talking to her the last 24 hours of some fun stuff we can do!

Each of us got to get in the ring with a pro Junie, who is on this seasons Ultimate Fighter reality show. We were told to go after him, use what we had learned in the training, and punch the living dailights out of him! It blew me away how fast, agressive, fit, and hard hitting our internet crew was. Kevin Hendrikson really surprised me, in fact I thought of trying to save the pro fighter! Junie was not allowed to fight back. I got in the ring, and enjoyed the heck out of myself, surrounded by great friends, in the top pro ring in the world, fighting a professional MMA fighter. He even punched me in the face, which was a total surprise (a love tap), and really made me feel alive!

Videos on this will follow so stay tuned!

Brent Csutoras, who was an MMA fan before it was cool had the time of his life watching the pros train.

It was the same kind of family atmosphere that has become the trademark of my events. I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate you all and enjoy it!

It was really cool for my sponsors too. The event ended at 3:40 or so, but because the pros started showing up, we all ended up staying for an extra two hours. Pro after pro arrived, Vanderlei Silva, Kim Couture, a bunch of the crew from this years Ultimate Fighter. The list goes on and on! A lot of the internet bros ended up talking to the pro fighters. Everyone was discussing how they could help each other.

In the parking lot, I got into a discussion with one of the guys who does a lot of PPC, and I explained how (no bull pucky) the Epiar Negative Keywords tool can make you a list of your negative keywords for your campaigns, and has been shown to save you 20 to 40% of your spend, while actually improving income. It sounds too good to be true, until Ken or one of the Epiar crew goes over the details. Being a guy who has spent a fair amount on PPC, I can totally see the value.

Alex Barbara of Easy Tweets told us how he spoke to a thousand people at Pubcon today. Someone heard about his Easy Tweets tool for power twitter users, and that so many people signed up he had to shut down sign ups for a while! As a user, I am glad to see others are getting it!

Then Getting to hang out a bit with Alex one of the founders of Azoogle, and Jason president of Media Whiz, along with numerous other amazingly successful and warm, fun and nice guys. This included Patrick Gavin who I have been dying to meet for a long time. Joe, the other founder of Azoogle was also there, but my staff don’t have his pic up yet. (Stay tuned for it!) (Joe is now here below!)

This is a very fun, very warm carefree crew. In case anyone ever tells you that guy at the absolute top of the game are all cranky and tough, tell them they are mistaken. These are some of the most successfull guys in the industry, and each one was so friendly and easy to talk to you would be amazed!

We also threw a killer dinner at BLT burgers at the Mirage. We had a lot of old friends, and a bunch of new ones. Thanks to our sponsors we were able to buy everyone dinner! Thanks Guys! and also buy everyone drinks at the Wynn. We ended up when a couple of our undisclosed attendees, (Team Bear Claw), invited all of us up to their suite in the tower section of the Wynn. Their suite was almost the size of my house, and will forever make me feel like my hotel room is inadequate! (Thanks guys!)

Neil Patel, Chris Winfiels and Cameron Olthius stopped by with some others, and of course Neil was on a roll of humor and insight!

I also got some inside scoop on Elite Retreat this year. It will be in mid February, and is moving toward being sold out! This is before it has officially been announced. So if you are thinking of going, now is the time to sign up for the Elite Retreat! The amount of personal help you get is amazing making it one of the best bargains you will find if you want your site to really shine and bring in what it deserves.

I have barely slept, and will only get around 6 hours tonight before breakfast tomorrow.

Before I run I just want to again thank these amazing people who give me so much of the sunshine that shines on them. Pamela Lund who introduced me to the big wigs. Neil Patel, who has advised me so much and kept me off of bad paths, and Shoemoney, who makes me famous. I love you guys and apreciate what you do for me so much! I am about to go all sentimental and mushy on all of you, but I know when I go all mushy internet geeks can’t hang with me, so I will end the blog saying more hot chicks and free drinks to come!

Read our schedule, and come to the events!

Sign up for the Elite Retreat, (F the economy, come and learn how to make a bundle and keep the economy rolling for everyone else! It is your patriotic duty! Dead serious on that one!)

Then keep checking back on our Pubcon photo page, for lots of fun photos from Pubcon!

If I made some errors on this page, forgive me! I am half asleep allready.

But know this. I love you guys and thank you for reading this!

(By the way all my buds who are on the top of thier game are killing it financially right now! That means doing well! It is your responsability now, to ignore the news, learn new skills, and turn this country around. We can do it together, us high end internet business geeks. So no excuses, be creative, work harder, and be a success. Your country and the world need our help.

So let’s do it!

November 10 2008

You – Gourmet Burgers – FightClub – a Fancy Bar – and Kate :)

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Well my fellow Pubconers, Tuesday evening is lining up, and guess what? You are invited!

First a picture of my buddy Kate! (There is a pic of her in a bikini at the bottom of this post, but it won’t show up unless you read the whole post!)

There are a whole mess of fun events I am guiding people to at Pubcon, a Fight Club with the number one UFC fight trainer in the world, Hanging out in the High Limit Lounge at the Mirage, Gourmet Burgers, Italian Food, Drinks at the Wynn and a poker tournament. Here is the whole weekends schedule! that you can read about here. But you wouldn’t know about that, because the only reason you are reading this post is because of Kate’s pictures! (Thanks Kate!)

I want to talk about Tuesday. First off at 2:15 is the fight club. In case you have been living under a rock, the world heavyweight champion of the world in mixed martial arts (UFC), meaning he is the most bad ass dude in the world is Randy Couture. Randy’s trainer, the greatest fight trainer in the world, and my friend is Coach Shawn Tompkins. Randy (the heavyweight champ) is defending his title this coming Saturday night in Vegas, right after Pubcon. In the middle of this enormous week of his life, he is allowing us to take over his gym for an hour just before the pros start training. Coach Tompkins is going to teach us real, can use imediately, skills to defend yourself! This is bad ass stuff! You need to sign up and pay $150 to cover the costs. There will be some extremely successfull internet geeks getting down and dirty! If you are reading this blog, you are invited!

My buddy Kate, who is a model and actress will be getting her workout for the day with us, taking our class! Guaranteed for some great photos I promise you! You probably don’t recognize her as her parts so far have been small and numerous. Give this girl a few more minutes and I expect to see her in bigger and bigger roles!

Then at 7:00 we will be heading over to BLT gourmet burgers at the Mirage. You did read this schedule didn’t you? Along with dozens? Hundreds? of your soon to be friends, we will be eating amazing gourmet burgers to die for! They don’t take reservations, so get there at 7:00, and we will either cruise on in, and break up into tables, or we will wait in line until we can. It is a casual place and should be way fun to eat and make new freinds. I recomend sitting with people you don’t know, so you can make some great new connections. You guys can fight over who gets to sit with me and Kate! It will make me feel special, even though it will be Kate you are trying to sit by.

At 9:00, or when we are done with dinner, we will roll over, (literally rolling after eating too much), to the Wynn. The Up-Parasol bar, is a round bar on the main floor, near the check in desk, that has lots of big cushy lounge chairs and drinks! This is the location where last year, I sat with The Mad Hat while he gave away his secrets until the wee hours of the morning. The funniest part was one of his fiercest competitors sat at the same table listening to the same lessons I was learning, but was so frustrated because he drank too much, and knew he would never remember it in the morning. I remembered though 🙂

Kate will be hanging out with us at the bar too. When you hear her accent you will probably burst into tears. Yep, I love setting the bar so high, that it will ruin the rest of your life!

If you run into Irelands best SEM, Dave Davis, ask him to buy you an Arnold Palmer and to keep them coming!

Well that’s Tuesday! Thanks for reading.

Oh? Did you want to see the bikini pic of Kate? Just scroll down, and leave a comment while you are there. Kate will be reading this to see if anyone liked her pictures.

Before you look, can I throw my events sponsors in front of you as a little quick product placement?



Epiar – Negative Keywords

Easy Tweets

Planet Chiropractic

Best of the Web


Shoemoney Tools

O.K. Here is my dear Kate. Be nice when you look at it!

Now go look at the schedule, since Kate will be with us all day on Tuesday!

Then go sign up for the FightClub on Tuesday at 2:15, before it sells out!

Then Leave a comment below so Kate will know what you thought of the pics!

November 4 2008

High Limit Room Bar at Mirage Wednesday Night Pubcon!

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Update!– Don’t miss the Other Dinners Drinks and Events!

So how often do you get to hang out at a bar with a bunch of people who know what a 404, a DM Tweet, and the sandbox are? Especially while haning out where the fossilized granite bar cost $500 per square foot, and the chandelier was half a million dollars?

Also expect many internet big shots to be there, and maybe some of the rock stars 😉

All of this is taking place starting at Midnight in the same room where the big players come to drop down serious money at the high limit tables at the Mirage Resort and Casino.

I’m letting you in on one of my Vegas secrets. It is one of the chillest, most lovely places to hang out in all of Vegas. My wife and I love to go there and sit for hours just relaxing and taking in the scene.

So which guest list do you need to be on to get in?

Will you  be on the list?

Who do you need to know in order to get in?

Relax my little low roller, you’re in.

Luckily I have been hanging out in Vegas a bit the past few years, possibly a bit too much 🙂

I know some great places and have some great contacts.

I spoke to one of my connections at the Mirage tonight, Tom who is the manager of all of the slots, he spoke to the folks in the Mirage High Limit Bar, and we are all in!

And with the help of the Purpose Inc. sponsors I have been able to devote time to getting this stuff set up. So a big thank you to Azoogle, Shoemoney Tools, We Build Pages, Epiar Negative Keywords, Easy Tweets, Planet Chiropractic, and Best of the Web baby! for giving me the time I need to set this stuff up! (You will still need to buy your own drinks though :))

So Wednesday night, at Midnight, everyone from Pubcon is invited to join me for a drink or two there.

The bar is not priced too high with drinks being around $10 each for most of what you will be drinking.

They have killer couches, plenty of space, and for the big shots some high limit tables where you can see if you have been bitten by the luck-bug, or the cursed!

For those of you who don’t drink, you can raise a glass or two of pinapple juice with me!

I know the ThinkTank is a bit of an elitist, gotta be invited, cost more than everyone can afford, billionaire boys club kind of event, but Pubcon is for the masses baby! And everyone is invited!

Stay tuned to this blog for updates on times and locations of other get togethers like this. This one was just too cool to leave unblogged, so I stayed up late and blogged it out!

Give it a sphinn if you could so others will find out about it too!

(And check out the fightclub on Tuesday)