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June 17 2009

Twitter Can fight Oppression

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You may be able to help thousands or more people in Iran to twitter what is going on with their protests using free speech.

Change your twitter time and city to Tehran to protect the identity of Iranians protesting their government.

The short story is that last week in Iran there was a presidential election that was apparently very close.

There is now apparently a large amount of censorship going on in Iran of phones and internet.

Twitter in Iran is one of the few ways of getting info out.

The twittersphere is saying, that if you change your city to Tehran, and your timezone to Tehran, then you can help mask the identity of those twittering out their reports of what is going on.

If you want to follow along, watch this page for a while. #IranElection

The old government who has been in power is what you would expect from Iran recently.

The new presidential candidate, that these protestors support, is in favor of things like freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

If you want to help, change your twitter city to tehran, and your twitter location to tehran. If you want to help even more, then tweet about this.

Iran is very possibly the most powerful country in the middle east. The direction that things go there over the next week may have a very powerful effect on our daily lives in terms of our own personal and national security in the rest of the world.

Time to be a citizen of the world my friends!

Signing off, dk the jew, who is persian for the week. 🙂

May 8 2009

Pull out of the recession with Shane Pike

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I know this time of year, a lot of eyes start heading over to this blog to read about the ThinkTank. It is an incredible concentration of some of the greatest internet business and marketing minds on the planet.

Most people don’t get invited to the ThinkTank, which honestly leaves me feeling slightly guilty. But it is an event you have to earn entrance to.

By buddy Shane Pike has a leg up for anyone who wants to get to that level.

He is looking for someone who hasn’t quite made it yet, but has what it takes. The contest is damn amazing. Honestly, the best prize in it in my universe is Shane himself consulting with you for 3 hours about how to improve your web properties or improve whatever you are working on.

Shane gave me some amazing ideas a few years ago that helped a ton.

Included in the contest is a membership to Shoemoney Tools. These contain some SEO tools that you won’t come across anywhere else and that are invaluable. One of the hidden secrets of these tools is that there is a membership forum for asking questions. Now I can’t make any promises as the tools get more and more popular, but so far, Jeremy (Shoemoney) has been answering I believe every question posted in the forum. So you can pay Jeremy something like $10K per hour for his consulting, or go to his tools and post questions. SHhhhhh, don’t tell anybody about that part.

You also get a membership to Aaron Walls SEO Book site. SEO Book has proven invaluable to me over the years. Bottom line, Aaron is the mad scientist of SEO, unbelievably brilliant, and has taught me things I would not have learned elsewhere.

Go over to Shane’s internet business site to read the details of what is going on, and how to enter.

December 19 2008

A Major Award

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A few weeks ago I spent the better part of two days with a gentleman who is one of the most powerful people on Digg talking about future business opportunity. I have also been meeting recently with a company who has just started doing millions of dollars in revenue per month. One of the largest affiliate companies in the world, is including my events as part of their budget next year. I also just set up an event for the Elite Retreat which will be one of the biggest interfaces between internet marketers and a huge online company this year.

But none of this meant anything to me until I won the Streko award.

Early last week I recieved a red velvet envelope, with an invitation inside. A man in a simple blue suit arrived in a limosuine and handed it to me personally. It was an invitation to the most respected and talked about event in the interent business world, the Streko awards. The man in the suit whispered that I was in contention for the presegious top 20 list.

When I attended the awards all the usuals one would expect were there. What impressed us all the most, was when Mr. Streko arrived, walking with a slight limp and a cane (recovering from a recent hunting accident in Borneo), he walked slowly onto the stage, looked into the auidience and cried. He then lead the audience on a 2 hour journey of his love for humanity, his personal quest for human rights, and his passion for saving the Borneo rainforest.

What held our attention so much was not just the amazing stories he wove so full of passion and hope for the future, but mostly the delicate and articulate language he uses. I looked to my left at Sugar Rae, who tilted her glass of champagne, a tear in her eye, and said simply, “hear! hear!”

Shoemoney and Aaron Chronister both utterred a chuckle when they met in the lobby, Jeremy wearing his new all white long coat with tails, white pants and whit top hat, and Aaron in his usual all black coat and tails, with his black top hat, one the negative of the other.

I kept my acceptance speech to a minimum to show respect to all of those who have helped me and supported me so much.

The evening ended with Pamela Lund singing Frank Sinatra’s I Get a Kick Out Of You, to a standing ovation.

As anyone who has won an Oscar, the Nobel Prize, or a Streko can tell you that it comes with a curse. It is a celebration of a lifetimes achievement. An honor so high that the only direction one can go is down.

Shoemoney campaigning for a possible place on the Streko top 20

Shoemoney campaigning for a possible place on the Streko top 20

So, I have enjoyed my moment at the top, and will now enjoy the plummet from grace accompanied by all of those who will hate me as a result of my award. As I grow old, no one will be able to rob me of the moment that Michael gave me by awarding me the P.W.D.S.

Thank you!

October 19 2008

The Great Website Creation Contest

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Hello ThinkTankers and others looking for a badass website that you can make money with at potentially a very low cost.

At the ThinkTank Rhea announced a competition where attendees were split into teams, and they had a chance to work with each other in building a site that would be auctioned off. We had a bunch of great prizes.

Here are the two sites.

Team Captain: Chris Hedgecock

Team Captain: Sebastian Schepis

These sites will be sold in 14 days to the highest bidder.

In reality what ended up happening at the ThinkTank, was that a bunch of the guys were so into other fun activities that they chose those instead. At any given second at ThinkTank there was a lot going on.

It just so happened that two of the teams had crazy, mad, massive experience, stay up all night for decades kind of programming skills. The two of them coded out projects that are actually amazingly impressive. If I had paid someone to code these I would have expected to pay a gripload!

Bidding will end on Sunday, November 2nd. at high noon, Pacific Time. The exact second it ends will be determined by me with my watch on my hand and not up for discussion.

A percentage of the proceeds will go to breast cancer prevention, a small percentage to Rhea for setting up the contest, a small percentage to me to cover the (three hundred?) bucks I spent on gift cards for the competitors to use. And the rest will go to the team captains. If the captains did all the work themselves, then they should just keep that dough. If other team mates helped, then they can divy it up as they see fit!

Payment will be due within 1 hour of the end of the auction. If not received by then, I will work my way down the list of bidders until a winner is found that can pay imediately.

To bid, just leave a comment below. Put the name of the site, either or, and a maximum price you will pay. If you want to bid on both sites, then leave a comment for each site, each bid. If a bid looks ambiguous, then I will skip it.

Both sites will be sold, each one to the highest biddder.

Anyone can bid unless for some strange reason it was illegal where you are and then you can’t.

That means that even the team captains themselves can bid.

As for the team captains! The winner will have their choice between $1,000 of either trademark or copyright legal services from Dana Robinson, a kick ass attorney! Or an $800 pair of custom made esquevel shoes!

Feel free to tweet about this contest, blog about it, or whatever else you would like to do.

I think both of these sites are badass and want to get these guys as good a price as possible!

Feel free to ask the designers questions in the comments below. You will get the software running the sites as well as the domain names.

Here are the programmers descriptions of what they are.


Zappi Search is a search engine that aggregates multiple data feeds into one search result page, which is monetized based on your search context. When you search for a keyword on, you are presented with the top search results for:

Web – results yahoo web search results
Shopping – shopping results for amazon – your affiliate link is embedded in, so you make money when someone clicks through and buys from amazon
Auctions – auction results for ebay – your affiliate link is embedded in, so you make money when someone clicks through and buys from ebay
Images – gives you image search results from Yahoo
Video – gives you video search results, aggregated by Yahoo
News – the latest news on your keyword, aggregated by yahoo
Blogs – the latest blog results for your keywords
Articles – the latest articles for your keywords from

Dynamic thumbnails are created from search results, so you can see where you’re going before you get there.

You can also see more results for each search type.

ZappiSearch is highly monetized. You can plug in several PPC ad XML feeds for the PPC ads at the top and the right-hand site of the search results – ZappiSearch will aggregate and sort the ads and put the highest paying ads at the top of the page. The ads you currently see are aggregated from 7Search, RevenuePilot, SearchAnyway, and SearchFeed.

You can also plug in your eBay and Amazon affiliate ID’s and make money that way.

You can also plug in any number of custom ads for any number of keywords – for example, the banner ads you see when searching for the keywords ‘mortgage refinancing’ are all affiliate ads from a CPA network.


It is basically an ebay niche store on steroids. A user can search for any product at any price. For example, a chargers jersey for $50 or less:

It is completely optimized for organic SEO, in both its simple keyword-rich code structure and url structure. In addition, each search that returns a result is added to the tag could and the sitemap for spidering. So this site has unlimited pages, each new search is potentially a new page. We use the youtube API to grab some related content for each search as well.

Monetization is through eBay’s Partner Network and Google’s Adsense.

Site Team Captains, feel free to ad anything you like below! Readers, ask questions, bid, and let the competition begin!

October 8 2008

Site Contest – Plus Win a Burrito from Chipotle

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Jeremy just wrote a post about how to have a blog contest, and I still have some prizes here that were never given away at the ThinkTank.


We ended up with two great entries for the domain finding, and site building contest,

Name Your Own Price for Anything from Chris Hedgecock’s team.

Zappi Search from Sebastian Schepis’s team, Team Tumbler.

As soon as I get a good description from Chris, we are going to sell these two sites, here on my blog. The winning team captain is going to recieve the proceeds of the sale of their site (after expenses and charity donation), plus $1,000 of either trademark or copyright work by Dana Robinson the attorney.

What these guys did programming wise is absolutely amazing. So if you are looking for a good bargain, on a site you can buy, develop and monetize, take a look at them.

As anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows, I am a huge Chipotle fan, and they are huge Purpose Inc. fans. I am going to try a min contest here and see what happens. If no one else enters, then I will!


Leave a comment below.

Tonight when I get home from work I will approve all of the comments, except for the spammy ones.

Based on the number of entries, when I get home from the chiropractic office, I will then generate a random number for this random number site. I will then count down from the top of the comments until I get to the number that was generated by the random number generator.

The winner gets a beautiful playing card from Chipotle, that can be turned in to any Chipotle location for a free burrito, salad or bowl!

If one of my foreigner contestants wins, we will place a burrito in a box and send it to you. (Just kidding). If a foreigner wins, I will announce it here, offer them the burrito certificate for their next trip to the U.S., and then go on to the next winner.