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March 27 2012

Ad Tech 2012 Complete Party List

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The Purposeinc Linkup Party!


The big event is going to be on Wednesday at 5:00pm.

Come hang out at a cool bar for drinks and link chat

or just shoot the breeze at the Purposeinc Linkup

We are going to meet up at the Intercontinental in the bar/lounge.

We will be talking about link building.

Click Here to RSVP


 Other cool parties during Adtech

Monday April 2nd

Mathmen Party
Mina Gallery 7 – 10
111 Mina
(no idea who these guys are?)


Nami Media “Rouge” Rope Event.

7:30PM to 11PM

location disclosed when you RSVP,

open bar, appetizers and music

email to [email protected].


Tuesday April 3rd – Every fricken party in the world is on Tuesday

Expo Hall
Networking 3 – 8
(I expect this to be a everyone the first 2 hours,
then mostly the people who didn’t get invited to the other parties.
The band sounds fun, but Expo hall parties are always lame in the fact
that they are Expo Hall Parties)


Blumberg Investment Party 6 – 9
Temple Nightclub
540 Howard St.
(This one advertized itself as more mellow music,
and free food. I think this one will have more money,
and be more conservative than the typical Purpose Inc
reader. I am going to try to check it out.)


Affiliate Awards 6 – 9
Minna Gallery
111 Minna st.
(I am a judge so going for sure. This party should rock.
Murray Newlands who is putting it on is one of the most
creative and brilliant marketers and business people I know.)


Ads4Dough Party 7-10
Citizen Space
425 2nd Street – Suite 100
(I love my boys from San Diego. They attract a very friendly,
and very smart crowd.)


Clickbooth – 9 – 2
Location Mighty
119 Utah Street
(Clickbooth is a monster.
THE ad:tech San Francisco Party FEATURING:
– Ying Yang Twins
– Sisqo
– Bumpin’ DJ
– VIP Tables
– AWESOME Giveaways
– Lots of SEXY Ladies

Marketers Ball 9:30
1015 Folsom
with TooShort
(These guys did one in Vegas during Affiliate Summit
with Nellie. It was pretty uncrowded, and literally you
could walk up to Nellie and touch his shoe. I may very
well stop by.)


Wednesday Night

Since no one else is stepping up for this,

I may be organizing something. Stay tuned!



If you have links for these parties send them to me.

If you have any other parties, send those as well.

Also, is there ANYTHING going on, on Wednesday?

November 4 2011

The Death of Blogging

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On my way to BlogWorld Expo in LA.  Last time I went I was a little bummed that I felt like more of the people I met were non-bloggers than bloggers.  With the advent of Twitter & Facebook I’ve noticed that many of my favorite bloggers, people like The Mad Hat have totally stopped blogging. In fact, I blog a lot less frequently than I used to.  I love Facebook and all but occasionally it is nice to write something that takes more than two sentences and I can have conttrol over the links, graphics, and formatting.

Lately I’ve been cruising around the blogosphere a lot more lately while working on my newest turbo charged, black velvet, white gloved online semi-combustible money making project.  I’ve noticed bloggers have, for the most part, started monetizing their sites and are using lots of 2007 monetization strategies, i.e: adsense or ad networks, totally missing the long term value of their readers.

It has been about a year since the last BlogWorld so I am going to be curious to see if there are real bloggers there or not.

If happen to be there look for me.  I’ll be rolling through the expo like a 240 lb. rear naked choke pulling surf buddha.

June 19 2011

28 cent clicks to Internet Marketers Slash and Burn Style

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So a few weeks ago Frank Kern told me he was getting some crazy ass ROI on marketing to internet marketers.

I noticed I was seeing his ads on almost every single page I was on, on facebook.

My assumption is that he is not marketing to the entire universe, but to those he already knows dig internet marketing or know frank.

San Diego is turning into a crazy hot bed of the biggest internet marketers in the world.

It reminds me of what happened in the bay area, and then later in Seattle.

Cool they are all coming to here to join me now, I don’t have to travel any more.

To capitalize on this, in a totally non monetizeable way, I have set up the La Jolla surf club.

Totally free, open to any and everyone involved in RIS, Random Internet Shit.

I wanted to target those who are interested in internet marketing and live in San Diego, or La Jolla.

Unfortunately, this was not very many people.

So I went after those, and still am, that live in the area and are interested in any one of the below.

So far in the past few days I have spent $5.90 and have a CTR of .177 which aint bad.

We had two people sign up for the event from the paid clicks, at a cost of $3 each.

Can you imagine the value of having an internet marketer come to an event you are throwing,

which is surfing at the beach.

I don’t know about you, but if I sign up to go to someones event, I think they are pretty cool,

and feel at least a little in debt to them, so would do them a favor.

If I was actually selling something, I can see this would have been rock star.

I paid $5.90 for 21 clicks, which is 28 cents a click, for internet marketers, which is usually an expensive group.

Here are the actual ads if you want to steal them.


I am going to be selling some shit to internet marketers in the next few months, so will probably try this strategy again then, unless you guys have burned it out!

If you have some names to add to my “interest list” for my targeting, let me know in the comments please.


A few hours later, I have gotten some more keyword ideas sent to me. As of 4:34 a.m. here is the updated list.

June 15 2011

Video Shizzle and Announcement of Surf Club

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If you live in La Jolla, San Diego, or Southern Cali somewhere, check this out,
La Jolla Surf Club

On to video shit!

Last weekend I got to spend the day at Andy Jenkins house.

I think I was invited to be a backup speaker in case someone didn’t show or something.

By the way, being at Andy’s house during the shooting of his live bossathon was a networking Disneyland. I just stood in the kitchen, eating Andy’s food, hanging out on the couch in his bedroom talking to people, and meeting some huge players I had never met before.

There was a guy there no one knows about, and who’s name I won’t even say, who turns out is the copywriter behind many of the biggest launches in the business.

Food was great, the guys coming in and out the door rocked, and did I say the food was great?

It was super cool watching Andy film, and even more to learn when the Uninteruptable Power Supply broke, thereby interrupting the shooting. It was cool to watch Andy as the Director/Producer of the thing handle the crew, and handle the situation during LIVE T.V.

It reminded me of what early T.V. must have been like.

So long story short, last year I watched the Mini Video boss promo. I learned a ton. I implemented what I learned, and made some serious sales off of it. I rarely try to sell anything now without video.

I spent the weekend with Amish Shah, and Trey Smith at their seminars, spent about 6 hours personally with Mike Filsaime, and been in lots of contact with Mike Koenigs the past few weeks.

If you don’t know these names, you should. Each of them in their own way are making millions per year with online marketing. And they are all using video. They are all talking about video. They are taking over huge parts of internet marketing with video.

If my wife wasn’t asleep right now, I would be making this as a video instead of typing.

The game has now become not, should I use video, but instead, what is the best way to use video to sell.

So I got into the full fledge video boss, and saw all the categories. When I clicked on one of the modules, and the parts inside I was overwhelmed with how much video there is.

I took one thing I suck at which is lighting, and looked to see what I could find. Sure enough, multiple videos. I watched one of them, and immediately learned something simple that is going to help me a ton next time I shoot.

So this course has my unreserved, 100% recommendation. It’s two thousand bucks. If you are involved in internet marketing, and even make $20 an hour,  the $2,000 is a bargain, because it cuts out the study of things you don’t need, and saves you spending dozens of hours like I wasted, because I didn’t know the right type of camera to buy.

Just on the technical stuff, it would have saved me hundreds of hours over the past few years, if I had owned this. That doesn’t even count the increased sales.

If you suck at actually doing stuff, and won’t use it, then don’t buy it.

If you actually do internet marketing, and want to learn the basics of video, or get way better fast, and are actually making some money now, then it may be your rock star item.

I can’t believe it but it has a 30 day refund period. I know for a fact that the first videos will help you a ton, as they did me, on story telling and sales, so if nothing else give it a shot. “But only if you are really going to use the stuff.

Much Love,

P.S. I have my own info product hopefully coming out in July or soon, so stay tuned!

P.S.S. If you want to buy Video Boss, use my link.

October 11 2010

Help Me At BlogWorld

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On Friday I will be speaking with John Chow, Shoemoney, Zac Johnson, and Jonathan Volk answering everyones questions.

I think they only have room for 50 people. When shoemoney and I spoke to hundreds of people at Affiliate Summit they shut the doors and wouldn’t let any more people in from what I heard. With this crowd of speakers, I expect that the room will fill up in about 2 minutes, LOL.

If you want to guarantee to get in to hear us answer any and all questions and want to be in the center of the action, then e-mail me.

I need a couple of people to help me with the audience.

Job includes handing out index cards and pens to the audience,
making sure they wrote in a way I can read,
then picking them up after they are filled out and bringing them to me.

If you are already going to be at blogworld, no I can’t get you a free pass,
and want to help me, just e-mail me at dk(at)

It should be fast, fun, furious, and controversial as this is one of most outspoken
group of people I have ever met.

June 23 2010

Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Blueprint

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product launch blueprint

product launch blueprint

FTC Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Jeff Walker’s PLF.  If you end up buying through my link I make a bunch of money off of you.

This is my initial impression of Jeff Walkers Product Launch Blueprint of his Product Launch Formula.

I wish I could have seen this document 12 years ago when I got started online. In fact I am glad I get to see it today.

The blueprint consists of:
A list of resources.
The types of Launches
Tactics you can use.

The Product Launch Formula resources list out pretty much anything you could think of that are included in the tools that we use from software such as Survey Monkey Monkey and wordpress, to hardware such as video cameras and microphones.

I found the strategy section much more interesting. He lays out step by step how to do a product launch. This part is just genius. The steps, each one when looked at in order obviously lay out to a huge success. The details I am sure will be revealed in the course to follow.

Under tactics are mental triggers section it lays out what most of us know to be important points such as proof, which I assume to be proof the product works, interaction which is the basis of all great websites, and one of my favorites, scarcity which speaks for itself.

The offer, section on the offer is full of keys to remember that make perfect sense as to fundamental basics of what to create, and how to deliver it to a group. Again, each section such as “tune your offer to the feedback” screams for the details to be filled in.

The Crushing Offer portion mentions use the “launch conversation” to create a crushing offer, hints at the fact that the final offer has not even been created yet
when the launch is taking place.

Then in the sequences section, it lays out the time line of when each portion is done.

The whole Product Launch Formula blueprint is a mix of physical resources we all use every day, timeless concepts that originate from other sources, and other items that were obviously created by Jeff Walker.

product launch formula peek

product launch formula peek

What makes the whole thing so enticing are the hidden details that are not revealed. Watching a few of these launches recently there is a real magic in the way they are orchestrated. With Andy Jenkins Video Boss, and now Jeff Walkers launch in progress, I find myself hanging on every detail of the launch as if I am watching an academy award movie. These are truly masters of their craft.

If you want to watch this process unveil click to watch. This video explains the blueprint in much greater detail.
See if you can just watch the videos and look at the blueprint from an outsider viewpoint without being sucked in. LOL

Leave a comment and let me hear what you think of this whole phenomena.

April 26 2010

You Get Them in the Door, But Can You Get Them to Convert?

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There are now about 2 billion people on the internet. There is no shortage of traffic. You can put up almost any kind of site, and if it has honest real content, thousands of people will end up there. I have a page that is a very high ranking page on choosing a mattress, that I never get around to even giving an offer to convert to. Does not even have adsense on it.

A year ago I first crossed paths with Tim Ash, the guy who is behind the Conversion Conference, Site Tuners, and Attention Wizard. Tim wrote a book called Landing Page Optimization. It is absolutely the best book ever written on conversion.

Tim actually, factually has more experience on what pages convert and what don’t.  The reason Tim knows more about it than you do is that Tim has a piece of software that can literally make over a million landing page options in a week.

If you have a site that has a few million visitors per month, then Tim can figure out the best landing page in a few weeks that creates the conversion you are aiming for.

For sites in the thousands of visitors like I have Tim does it based on experience. I gave Tim a shot with a facebook landing page that I had been spending about $5,000 per month on. The problem with a website that has a few thousand visitors per month, is that it takes a long time before your results have any statistical significance.

We have now been running Tim’s version of my landing page for about a month. So far it looks like there is about a 40% improvement in conversion. The problem is that the sample size is still too small to know for sure. Ask me again in a few months and we should have the full info.

Tim’s numbers speak for themselves, and when you hear him talk, you will know you are hearing the real deal.

Some of the things are so obvious that you will know them to be true as soon as you hear them, but were not previously obvious to me.

One example is that people don’t want to scroll down. If you put everything you want them to see above the fold, (on the screen), then they are more likely to see it. Also that people’s eyes move from the upper left to the lower right. He also confirmed Shoemoney’s research about a big fricken bright button on what you want them to do. Many of the other things are more subtle, but when put together create a page that you can look at and just know is right.

The express review that I did with him is under $1,000. His conference is priced averagely.

The truth is, that if you click around the internet, you will immediately see that most landing pages are not thought out, and definitely not set up for conversion. Just ask yourself how much more profit you would have if you paid the same for the traffic you have, but simply converted 10% or 20% more.

Many of the affiliate landing pages I look at, I won’t send traffic to because I can tell by looking that it is unlikely to convert. By the same token, I find more and more I prefer to send traffic to my own pages, because I can control the landing page.

If you want to go to the Conversion Conference, use my promo code (discount code) to save $250 off of the 2-day conference pass, plus I get an affiliate commission  promo code CCW603.

If you want to get your page reviewed and corrected by Tim personally then e-mail me (dk =at= purposeinc =dot= com) and I will hook you up. If you have a site that has a million visitors per month and are making money off it, then e-mail me about Tim’s software that can maximize the landing page conversion. If you have a site with a million visitors per month and are not making any money off of it, then I’ll buy it from you and get it profitable! LOL. Just contact me as well, and we can figure out what needs to be done.

January 12 2010

Purposeinc Affiliate Summit – Where to Roll?

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I’m pumped about affiliate summit next week.

It’s a tougher, slicker, smarter crowd than most of the conferences.

If you are going to Affiliate Summit next week, please click on the link at the bottom of this and vote on what events you want me to organize.

Big thanks by the way to those kicking in to sponsor these events. So far we have the Barbara and Greg Boser at 3DogMedia, Danny DeMichele, Neel Greer, and Lyndon Reid.

I am picking Daniel Boulud in Vegas. (Wynn hotel still gets no links from me because you can’t link to specific pages).
I ate there with my wife on Christmas eve for her birthday and unreal food. It feels the way Vegas is supposed to feel. I think most restaurants are lousy for get togethers of large groups, because with big tables in between if there are more than 4 people, you can’t really meet new people easily.

The lounge at Boulud is super comfy, with lots of chairs and booths, and we should be able to pack in around 100 people before it feels crowded. I plan on getting their $30 burger which their NYC restaurant is famous for. The lounge has small tables, couches, chairs and a bar, so those who want to have a drink and eat can order and eat, and those who choose to just drink, can drink and still mingle. It has a very casual feel, so it will be very conducive to good talk, meeting new folks and talking business. It is also very upscale and comfortable where you will be comfortable sitting on the arm of an eating friends chair, staring at their girlfriend, and stealing one of their french fries. Just getting a drink here is totally o.k.

The place is downstairs below all the funny umbrellas right next to the lake. Take the curved escalator down and head to the right.

My first thought for Vegas was club X/S. They spent I believe 150 million dollars building it, and it is considered the hottest club in the world right now. I went there a few months ago with Andy Liu and hung out with his Seattle tech scene friends. This is also where I ran into Mark Wahlberg out in front. Just to get in and have a guaranteed place to sit, works out to be around $200 per person. Hot club, but of course loud as hell and not always the best place to talk.

All of the items on the survey are super flexible and people can just roll in and out. The exception is X/S which is we need to cover in advance so it will require an early commitment.

Affiliate Summit is so bad ass that it is literally exploding with parties. Some of my biggest sponsors are throwing parties of their own, so I don’t want to cross schedule over them, or at least as little as possible. If you have not been before, and are not already on the lists, then make sure to check in early at the booths of the companies throwing the parties and ask for an invite.

I am planning on doing some MMA training at Robert Drysdale’s studio if Robert is available, and possibly at one of the other gyms, Coutures with Randy or one of his guys, or TapOut with Shawn Tompkins depending on who is available. If you want to come and train with us, totally beginner stuff, fire me an e-mail so I can put you on the invite list. Expect to pay around $100 per person. (dk (at) Purpose Inc (dot) com

Please follow the link below to the survey, and let me know what sounds good.

Click here to take survey

October 24 2009

The Conference about Us

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Pamela Lund once said to me something like the day that Loren Feldman and myself are both in a room, the walls were going to cave in because of the noise. I haven’t met Loren yet, but his online stuff is funny, and he is quite loud and not afraid to speak his mind. But wait a second, I’ve been told the same thing!

I’ve been hearing wisps of this Audience conference, but really did not get it until I just read Shoemoney’s blog. It sounds amazing. I love the fact that it is intimate. I love the fact that there is no where to put your computer or write notes easily. I love the fact that is has some of the biggest and the best in the business, in the type of setting that will tilt them just a little bit and allow some of their juice to spill out in a different direction than the usual talks.

With Loren’s creativity I can only imagine what else he has in store.

Just the idea of Shoemoney on a theatrical stage if fantastic in itself. The guy is naturally very theatrical, and the setting is perfect for him. I just wish that Jeremy was going to sing too!

The event is very affordable, only $399. I honestly just clicked back to verify that is was that inexpensive and it is.

The Audience Conference is another wonderful example of what we can do when we don’t give a crap about badges, exibitor tables, or conference centers. I just love the idea of finding another unique way to connect the people to the speakers on the subject we all hold dear, the audience!

I just noticed that in addition to having Tech Crunch founder, Shoemoney and T.V. celebs, they are going to have things like a funky harp group playing as well. I love a good juxtoposition!

Not that most people would get it, but this event is literally historical in what it is doing.

I am actually quite excited, just to find out what happens!

February 10 2009

How to Get Invited to the Insider Dinner? – Throw It Yourself

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Two years back when I went to Pubcon, I desperately wanted to be on the insider invite list so I could get invited to the insider dinner with the big shots. At any of the internet conferences, there’s a series of private events that you probably won’t even hear about and very few people get invited to. I used to hear about these private parties and small dinners, and wish that I would be one of the people who got invited. I finally figured out how to solve the problem. Throw the dinner yourself.
Saturday, I had dinner with Todd Malicoat, Lauren Vaccarello, Rand Fishkin and Geraldine, Rand’s wife. We all got together, and I was going to take them to a new Mexican place in San Diego, and found out that they already had fish tacos, of which Todd Malicoat is a huge fan, for lunch. So, I talked to the concierge at the Westin and had them recommend a great restaurant, and off we went to Rama Thai Food.

Lauren started getting excited when reading the menu, so I let her along with Rand do most of the ordering.

The dinner was amazing, the crowd was brilliant, my wife, came along, and hilarious, amazing and funny stories exchanged for hours. By the time we’ve gotten up, we’ve been sitting on the table for about 3 hours, and it felt like only 15 minutes have gone by.

The great thing about dinners like this is that you get the chance to really become friends with leaders of the industry. It’s unlikely that you’re going to get the biggest names in the industry to want to come have dinner with you if you haven’t accomplished much yet, but by being a good friend, being helpful, and following the basic rules of being a person, being polite, and being nice, you can slowly gain friendships with people in the industry over time. You may be surprised who will accept your invitation.
One of the big secrets to all of this is keeping secrets. Things get disclosed to every one of these insider dinners that can cause different individuals a lot of effort and a lot of money. So, in order to be invited back a second time or have people be willing to accept the invitation a second time is to learn how to be quiet at the right times, and how to take the information that’s given to you and keep it absolutely private and locked away in a safe place.

The whole game of the insider information reminds me almost of a bunch of james bond type operatives. Little bits of information can cause people to make or lost vast sums of money. Sometimes the really big shots will give you little bits of info to help you in your goals.

Sometimes the big shots can use this info to gain advantage, stop someones action or work together to accomplish some amazing things.

By the way at this particular dinner, nothing got exposed except everyone’s propensity for repeating the same bad jokes over, and over and over again!

I’ve wanted to get to hang out with Rand a bit for a long time. He is one of the nicest, most positive people I have seen in the industry. By the way, if you ever need really high end copywriting done, Geraldine is brilliant with words. Some of the jokes she made were so subtle, so complex, and just fricken ridiculous that it blew me  away!
It’s amazing how when you look at the people at the top of this industry, you’ll consistently find the nicest, friendliest, and smartest people that I’ve ever met anywhere. It’s an industry that tends to reward brilliance, friendship and warmth. More so than in any other industry I’ve ever seen. The people who are on the inside help each other a lot and in fact, it’s very difficult to really be successful online, unless you have a circle of good friends.