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January 14 2013

Poker Game Tonight

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Affiliate Summit has been tons of fun, but as usual not much sleep.

It was fun hanging out with Shoemoney today.

We haven’t gotten to hang out the past few years, so it meant a ton to me to get to spend some serious time with him. I got to hear about his Par program, and about the book. If you follow me at all, you know how much the guy has helped me and how much I appreciate him.

I came out to Affiliate Summit to help All Phase hosting promote their cool product where you can get your own hosting company.

I am not sure if I have just evolved, or if the whole industry has.

When I walked the floor, and talked to others, I really get the feeling that affiliate marketing has lost a lot of the push it used to have.

Shoemoney’s opinion is that a lot of the Acai, rebills, and the like are gone, and being replaced by legitimate offers.

I personally am thrilled to hear that.

If you want to hang out, tomorrow night I will be having my poker tournament at the Mirage.

If you want to hang out, head over here:

7:00 tomorrow.

January 13 2013

Where to Go for Car Race Today

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Don’t drink before racing :), wear closed toed shoes.


Here is where you can see the cars we will have:

If you end up coming by taxi or car go to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway,
and follow the signs to: Exotics Racing

6925 Speedway Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89115

Shoemoney just signed on to race.

We have quite a few spots available for racers.

Most of the people who signed up are ballers.

Once Shoemoney signed up, Ryan at All Phase Hosting, decided
to go even bigger on this.

Here is what is going to happen.

1. Be at the Main Entrance of Ceasars Palace at 2:15

2. Wear closed toed shoes.

3. Be sober! 🙂

When we get there, we are going to have some insider
round table discussions about what each of us is doing
right now. That means you. 🙂

We are going to get as many people a chance to drive as possible.

There is a lot of demand for this thing, but I am sorting out the riff raff,
and keeping it exclusive.

I will be slammed, but if you need to text me, hit me up at 858-436-4141 and let me know who it is. 🙂

All Phase Hosting just opened sign ups.
You can own your own hosting company, for free.
It’s pretty sic.

January 13 2013

Affiliate Car Race Battle is On with Shoemoney, John Chow, Ryan Niddel, and dk

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We have another contender for the Affiliate Car Race.

Shoemoney is in!

We’ve got Shoemoney, John Chow, Ryan Niddel and me battling it out on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on 1/13/13 from 3pm to 6pm.

All thanks to All Phase Hosting!
I’ll go into more detail on how awesome they are later in this post.

We’ve still got some room for drivers and spectators.
If you are interested in being a part of this deelio, please apply here:

We’ll be racing exotic cars like Aston Martins, Ferraris, and Lambos.

It is going to be rockin’ and I cannot wait to hang out with some of the best affiliate marketers tomorrow.

Added bonus, whoever wins, All Phase Hosting is going to donate $1,000 to the winner’s choice charity.

If  you want to attend (even if you don’t) and you’ve got a blog that has some eyes on it and would like to put up a blog post about this event hit me up here,,
I may be able to get you in as a driver.

On to All Phase Hosting.
They are putting on the Affiliate car race tomorrow which is going to be amazing.
Just a few things about what they do not to mention the founders of All Phase are really good peeps.

They are putting together an awesome opportunity for anyone interested in affiliate marketing that goes just a step further.

Basically, they help you create your own domain/hosting business.
You get your own email list, branding, control over pricing, and what you want to offer your customers in terms of selling domains, hosting, or both.  The hosting company is yours, but All Phase will set it all up and provide live customer support to your customers.

This is an incredible opportunity and I believe will truly change the affiliate landscape.

If you are interested, check it out, no commitment:

After the the car race, I’ve got my backroom talk about what is working at Google.
It’s an invite only deal for those looking to make their site rank even better in Google.

If you’d like to apply for an invite, go here:

Location: dk’s Penthouse Suite at the Mirage
Sunday – 1/13/13 – 6:30pm to 9pm
Strict NDA
In ‘N Out Burgers & Open Bar

The fun is not over yet!

We’ve got the All Phase Hosting/Purpose Inc Poker Tourney on Monday, 1/14/13, at 7pm.

If you are down for the flop, turn, and river join us at the Mirage Poker Room.
It is a $50 buy-in.
To sign up for the tournament go here (guests are welcome):

Can’t wait for the festivities to begin!

January 11 2013

Purpose Inc/All Phase Hosting Events at Affiliate Summit

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Gentlemen start your Engines!!!


Ryan, at All Phase Hosting, and I had a conversation the other day about what they are doing- it totally blew my mind!
(For details of affiliate exotic car race, poker tournament, and what’s working at google NDA talk- keep reading.)


All Phase Hosting is now, hands down, the master of scaling a hosting company.
When Ryan told me what they’re doing now I could immediately see the success potential in it for all of us, including you.

We all know there’s a lot of money to be made in hosting.
To put it mildly, through their parent company they’ve been absolutely killing it in the hosting market.

What they are doing is accepting partners who want their own hosting company.

All Phase Hosting has built their own cloud and are allowing selective people, who have
experience in affiliate marketing, to stop being affiliates and actually own their own company.

This is the natural transition that all of the affiliate marketers I know made once they were successful.


Who wants to spend ad spend building someone else’s company,
when you can instead create your own long term asset?

Your own name, your own email list, your own branding.
And once you grow it, you can sell it.


In my own business, we’ve learned a ton this past year through our own test and
research about what is working in Google right now, and what is not.


Come learn about all of these things and have a ton of fun with us at our race rev rolling party during Affiliate Summit.


Here’s what we got:

-All Phase Hosting’s Affiliate Exotic Car Race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Want to show off your mad Affiliate Marketer driving skills in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, or Aston Martin?
Maybe you can! There will be ways to win a spot to be in the race.Participating in the race event is Martin Kampmann, veteran UFC fighter, and Robert Drysdale,
undefeated MMA fighter and 5x world champion in brazilian jiu jitsu.  I consider Robert to be the greatest fighter in world!!

Sunday – 1/13/13 – 3pm to 6pm

Follow this link to try to get invited to be in the race or to watch the race!

If you have a high end blog that is read by affiliate marketers, contact me.
We may be able to get you into a Lambo, participating in the race – as well as a chance for one of your readers to win a spot in the race!
(Or maybe just watching. 😉 We’ll see!)


-Backroom “What’s Working at Google- Invite Only, Strict NDA Talk”
INVITE ONLY.  At dk’s penthouse suite at the Mirage.
Open bar and In n’ Out burgers.

Sunday – 1/13/13 – 6:30pm to 9pm

Follow this link to submit an invite request!
This is a talk only for people doing advanced work to try to make their site rank well in google.


-All Phase Hosting/Purpose Inc Poker Tournament at the Mirage
($50 cash to buy in. There will be re-buys and add-ons.)
Come, Play, Win? (Or maybe just come, play, and have fun! 😉 )

Monday – 1/14/13 – 7pm

Follow this link to sign up for the tournament:


September 9 2011

Links from talk with Sanjay

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@CrowdGatherer, one of our big sponsors along with Spread Effect, SEOBrand, and Infusionsoft, just did the webinar with us.

Here are the links to the pages he mentioned.

It was another first for live webinars in the internet money space, I did part of it live from in teh water! LOL


CRWG stock

Erox sign-up page

ER303 Scientific Study

First reviews for Erox

That should be good…

April 3 2011

How To Monetize Indian Traffic

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Ricky Ahuja hooked up with me at Affiliate Summit in Vegas a few months ago. He is a Purpose Inc fan. He is also a Sikh. Sikhism is a lovely religion that first learned about in college. Their fundamental beliefs are in faith and justice. (I love a religion that includes justice!) Protecting the religious rights of others, and and preventing all discrimination of all races is a fundamental precept of Sikhs. I remember learning in college that Sikh’s were used as bodyguards for European royalty for centuries, and were the last group allowed to carry weapons onto airplanes, because of their fame of honesty and integrity. You will usually know a Sikh when you meet them as their last name is usually Singh. Also Sikh’s wear turbans, but they come from the north of India, not the middle east. So don’t look like a typical American, (Or European) and assume that anyone in a turban is from the middle east ;).

I asked Ricky about monetizing Indian traffic. His response was so complete that I decided to post it as a blog.

Ricky is founder, and CEO of the Affiliate Company, Affiliate Venture Group.

How To Monetize Indian Traffic – Guest Blog by Ricky Ahuja

To be frank with you, Monetizing Indian Internet traffic is not an easy task. And it is not the same methodology that works with any other countries traffic on the Internet. India is a huge country and it is growing in terms of Economy, GDP and a strong presence in the World map and of course the percentage of Internet users.

You can check out here the standings of Top 20 countries in terms of Internet usage. I am sure you will be astonished to see India in the 4th position globally: Internet Usage – Country wise

Surprised? You should be by this time. Well, Internet Marketing has a long way to go before it truly becomes fruitful in India. So if you have a website and you have traffic, I will tell you the best possible methods to monetize the traffic.

1) Google Adsense

With no second thoughts I can tell you that there is no better way to make money online unless it’s from Google Adsense clicks on your blog or website. The majority of the Internet users from India are online because they are in search of information in all possible topics that you can think of. Since Google Adsense is a contextual based advertising you can easily get clicks on the ads and make money with every single click.

Hold your horses before you learn one more fact about Adsense clicks by Indian internet users. You cannot expect more than 10-70 cents per click since advertisers on Adsense network don’t shell out money to a great extent like that of other developed countries. They rightfully do that because the chances of an Indian clicking on an Adsense ad and then purchasing something online is almost zero.

The Reason:

Now I will mention why the Indian Internet scene is like this though the Internet users are of great numbers. Indians are very paranoid about their safety online and even if they have a credit card they might have not used it even once on the web. This trend will eventually change in the coming years for sure but until then you just cannot simply ignore the Indian web traffic.

The above data is not true with every single website and blog on the internet. If the niche that you are into is competitive then the cost per click will be much better.

The ad placement on your blog or website must be really good because the more clicks you receive then you will be making more cash. All said and done it’s your website and you should take a wise call and experiment with Adsense a lot before it can fetch you any significant income.

2) In-text Advertising

Advertising companies like Infolinks and Kontera can also fetch you good amount of money provided you get huge amount of clicks. The cost per click is way too lesser than Adsense but if you don’t have an Adsense account then this may be your best alternative.

In-text advertising should be carefully gelled on your website because it can look very distractive and your users might get annoyed easily. Do not hyperlink more than 4-5 keywords or phrases in one single page. You should use in-demand keywords to get advertisers target your website more. By doing this you will also increase the cost per click from In-text advertising companies.

Good thing if you have an Adsense account already approved because it is ok to use In-text advertising along with Adsense. There is no policy that restricts you from using both the methods on the same website. So you don’t have to worry about getting banned from Adsense.

3) Affiliate Marketing

You have to be very picky about what type of affiliate marketing programs you will be promoting on your site. Unless you have completely analyzed the Indian traffic that you are getting on your site then there is no possible way you would be able make any significant money from affiliate marketing.

The things that you should take into account about the India traffic while using affiliate programs are:

1)   The top pages accessed by Indian users on your website. You can use Google analytics to find this out.

2)   The entrance keywords to that particular topic that is read most.

3)   Top exit pages on your website.

Once you have an idea of what your users are seeking then contact your favorite affiliate network (might I suggest Affiliate Venture Group ;-)) and ask them what they have for international traffic. Often times, these campaigns may be kept private so truly dig in and sell your AM on your international traffic. Dig a bit deeper, you will see many emerging Indian based affiliate networks and it is these guys who are positioning themselves for success.

These are just some of the generic things that you should be aware of before monetizing your website. This is true with any sort of affiliate program because without knowing what sells on your site you just can’t sell anything at all!

In my experience, lead based CPA programs works very well. Matrimonial/Dating, free downloads based programs also attracts a huge number of clicks and it can convert very well.

Other online services, downloads related to Movies, games, music and other free stuffs always converts very well with the Indian traffic. You can also advertise programs related to Free Antivirus, antispyware, antimalware and host of other PC security programs. Registry cleaners can also fetch you fair number of hits because like everyone else Indian internet users are also very much concerned about their computer security.

Anything which is free always works out well with the Internet crowd and it’s no different with the Indian users. Actually it works better than you expect, that is, if the offer is attractive enough.


My advice to you is do not ignore the Indian segment because they are truly expected to be “the next big thing” in the coming years. It is even estimated that India will be a super power by 2020; furthermore, it is expected to surpass China very shortly in terms of economical abundance.

The money is there, it’s just that newer ways have to be adapted to make the advertisers spend and also make the Indian users buy more online. With the changing trends Indians have finally come out of the closet and started booking movie tickets online. Not just the movies, even other sporting events, concerts and other party events.

Groupon’esque like sites have been leading the Indian market for the past few months. This is definitely something the advertisers should think of getting into. Internet marketing is an emerging phenomenon in India, so being a website owner you should start experimenting with the Indian traffic and make the best out of it.

Your feedbacks and suggestions on this topic are welcome. Do share your thoughts on this subject. Hope this helps you in monetizing your Indian traffic.

Ricky Ahuja is the CEO of Affiliate Venture Group, a leading affiliate network that offers over 10 years of experience in the online marketing and lead generation industry. He also runs a successful blog at and feel free to follow him on Twitter

March 27 2011

Lead Gen – Really?

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The earliest dictionary ever found, was written in what is now Syria, and there is possibly one older than that created in China.

It has been the historical efforts of overly inquisitive geek lords such as myself to clarify what has not yet been clarified.

In 1604 an English school teacher by the name of Robert Cawdrey wrote the first dictionary in English, so his students could finally understand WTF they were talking about.

Then from 1884 to around 1928 with the major contributor, William Chester Minor, a convicted murderer who ended up in a prison for the criminally insane, the Oxford English Dictionary, a 12 volume set that really says what’s up with the English language even to this day.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand is kind of making it up as we go along.

When I started going to Affiliate Marketing conferences I started hearing shit tons of 3 letter acronyms, from CPA to CPM to CPL or CTR.

When I stated working with facebook, I really needed to get a handle on these. Before then it was simply looking at how many people did what from the comfort of my own coffee table, but now I had to communicate with kinda official people who I needed to understand.

Lately it has become even more important in the affiliate space, as I have had to get a bunch of new offers to play with.

Today I went into LinkShare’s Lead Advantage console (I get a buck fitty if you sign up and make a sale LOL). Lead advantage is LinkShare’s lead acquisition area. A lead is simply someone who’s info you have captured, who might turn into a paying customer at a later date.

I really like LinkShare because they seem to be doing a good job filtering out the unethical crap that is deceptive to consumers that I won’t run. Jamie, who hits a lot of the conferences for linkshare is a bright guy, who has helped me a ton over the years. Linshare as a company rocks, and seems very honest, I am just going to use them as an example of something confusing, but in no way intend this to be a bash.

When I was looking around today I found a whole bunch of really cool looking CPL (Cost Per Lead) offers on LinkShare’s Lead Advantage.

I am a fine print reader, I even read insurance policies and mortgage documents that no one else does to make sure I understand what is up.

So before I started running the offers, I read the terms of service on them.

At first some of them jump out as slam dunks, like one of the offers that pays out at $178 per lead, or so it seems.

When you click on the link to the lead, you find a simple, required name, and required email, form where the phone is optional. Wow, that should be easy to make money, right?

Well if you go down further, you will find that there are other forms the visitor can fill out, that require more information. None of them I saw required a credit card. This will be important in a minute. These more extended forms ask for things like your city, and require your phone number. These forms are a little more inquisitive, expose the viewer a bit more, and I am guessing will have less people fill out.

There is also a place to make a phone call without clicking on anything. This means that they have to be giving out a new phone number to each lead, which they very well may. (Can’t check it from where I am writing this).

Now here is the odd part?

The terms of the offer state on the LinkShare site, “A lead is commissionable when consumer completes form & credit card is verified.”

So I don’t get the credit card part. When would you enter a credit card on a lead generation? I give out my credit card # to my bank, or if I am booking something for sure, or buying something, not if I am kinda sorta interested. So I am guessing? that this offer pays out when the user buys, which would make this offer a Cost Per Acquisition, CPA offer.

Again, I really like LinkShare and want to use this as an example of the semantic confusion found across most of the networks. This offer may very well make some people a lot of money, but it does not appear to be a Cost Per Lead offer. The payout is so high, that even being a cost per sale, it still may make a good ROI, I have no idea?

I know this just splits semantic hairs, but we have already had some strong surprises with other CPL offers in general, when it made no sense that 100 qualified users had clicked on the ad, and no one had filled out the lead form. Well, this explains part of it.

Other CPL offers on LinkShare are straight CPL

An example is “Total Injury” which looks like a true CPL offer.

The fine print says, “A lead is commissionable when a consumer completes a form with valid information, and contact information is not later determined by the Company to be a “dispute,” “dud,” or “duplicate” of an individual already in the Company’s or Included Networks Participant’s database.”

which means that if someone fills out the form, and was really an injured person looking for help, and not allready in their database, then you get paid.

See the offer here, (especially if you have been injured I get $14 ) LOL

This is a true Lead. A lead is someone who very well might be a customer, but is not yet.

Personally I love marketing like this, developing a list of people, developing a relationship with them, and then selling them shit they like.

To get this straight CPL means Cost Per Lead.

CPA means Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action, depending on who you ask.

Cost Per Acquisition means the cost per obtaining a real paid customer, which is the end of the sales process when they plunk down the money.

Cost Per Action can be anything from a click to a form fill to a sale. So when you are on the conference floor of Affiliate Summit and someone is spouting out CPA, it makes sense to figure out WTF they mean by that.

This happened in the SEO industry as well and has turned into a cluster F%$k. I have pretty much given up on arguing this point, but SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It originally meant putting things like tags in your header and arranging your site so the search engines would dig your site, and rank it well. The second people started working to get links from other sites, it was no longer SEO, but something else. Now some people use the term SEO to mean just about anything you can do online to increase your sites ranking in Google or sell stuff.

It is o.k. that terms evolve.

“Consider” as I understand it, originally comes from the Latin, Con Sidare. Con means with, like Chile Con Carne. Sidare meant with the stars. Back in the day, if the old Roman dude wanted to figure out whether to plant barley or Millet, or whether his daughter should marry Claudius or Brutus, he would go in the dead of night to the local astrologer who would consult with the stars. So, honey I am going outside to consider this meant, to go get a reading from the local astrologer.

It is o.k. if the word changes over time, it just messes with you if you can not keep up with the changes, or if there is no central place for clarification of words, like a dictionary.

This favors the brave and the smart in the affiliate world. Since there is no straight definitions or intellectual papers being written on the subject yet, it actually favors those with a quick mind, more so than those with big degrees.

So keep riding them ponies boys, we are still in the wild west!

If you want more definitions, go read Genos nice little affiliate glossary.

March 21 2011

The courage to sell something good and expensive

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When using paid ads such as facebook or any other paid advertising (I am currently using other sources), there is an interesting phenomena that takes place. To get an ad that works takes testing, lots and lots of testing. I hung out yesterday at the Ads4Dough event with a bunch of guys who are spending hundreds, to thousands, to tens of thousands of dollars per day on ad spend.

Everyone agreed that none of us were any good at writing ads that were far superior to lessor marketers. It is simply that we were willing to write and test more of them.

If you come up with an ad, and traffic source for a dating offer that pays you $10 for a lead sign up, then you need to spend about $20 or $30 to figure out if the ad you wrote is working. This is called statistical significance. It is worth learning the math on this, or at least deeply understanding it, and knowing how to use an online calculator that checks it for you.

So for the average guy, he can afford to run $30 tests 20 or 30 times to find an ad and a traffic source that works. This is totally doable if you are willing to work a regular job, and spend this $900 over a month or two depending on your salary. Then when you find something that works, you keep feeding more money into it. If you live frugally, and test lots, then eventually you will most likely eventually find something that works.

You don’t see many affiliate offers with $6,000 payouts, or even $1,000 or even $100 payouts. I think one of the reasons for this is that you better have very deep pockets to do the testing.

I was either lucky or unfortunate enough to have a product, super high quality chiropractic treatment, that has a decent payout for our office. Basically it takes a ton of work to really fix someones spine, with lots of staff, overhead, student loans, blah, blah, so it costs some money to do well. As a result when I test market, I need to spend a ton of money to find an ad that works. It is only the fact that I had gotten to help facebook, and got to do a bunch of testing in the process that gave me faith in facebook ads, and the fact that I know the exact value for each conversion in our organization that gave me the courage to work out the marketing on facebook.

Without my vast experience with facebook ads, and certainty on the math of it all, as a chiropractor I would have been terrified to even test it to the level it needs to be.

Each time I run a facebook ad, I need to spend a ton more money to test that ad, than I would if I were testing dating ads, or some other offer.

I am sure I could sell 10 million dollar private jets on facebook, but whoever was funding it better be willing to spend a million or so on each test while we are working out the marketing.

This is also why I don’t like taking on clients unless they have a ton of money to play with.

If the person has a product with a $100 profit per sale then they better be willing to spend $200 or $300 per test, and be willing to do 20 or so tests to maybe find one that is profitable. Then if it did not work, what then? It doesn’t mean that I suck, or that facebook ads, (or whatever the channel) sucks, it is simply that we did not come up with the right ad yet. The right ad is there, but you better have the fortitude and bank roll to ride it out till you figure it out.

I can see why back in the magazine days they usually did not use direct response. There is no fricken way you could have tested enough to make a working ad back then unless you were lucky or a genius.

I remember in direct mail days, I used to have to spend close to a thousand dollars to do a test. The one product I sold back then was a little under $100, and I spent many thousands of dollars before I got lucky and got one that had an ROI.

Shoemoney at my first Elite Retreat was the one that first opened my eyes to the benefit of knowing exactly all of the profits and costs of the product that I was selling online, compared to most affiliate marketers. It took me years to understand what he meant by this, but boy is he right. When I am selling a mortgage offer like I have been working on lately, I have no idea how much profit that advertiser is making, so I don’t really know how much I can afford to spend on the ads, and then negotiate if I am a little negative. He was right, that those of us with our own products can dominate because we know just how far we can push our spend. It is kind of like a huge game of group poker.

The upside of selling something expensive is that you are not going to have as much competition.

There are ways to mitigate your risk on this, such as getting leads instead of sales. But ultimately the guy who owns the company is going to have to pay for all of those leads, to find the one gem he is looking for, so he better have balls of steel.

Good night, and good luck!

February 21 2011

Understanding Product Launches

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I just had an email conversation this morning with two different guys I really trust about product launches.

One of them is one of the most famous SEO’s and Affiliate marketers in the world, and the other runs a well known Affiliate Company.

You guys see big companies do product launches all the time.

You see Apple create this huge buzz, and then start selling a phone that has people lining up all night for.

You see a new concert come to town, where people go into a frenzy for weeks before hand.

Even the super bowl works this way.

It is much more exciting, than just doing the day in day out routine we have.

You can sell anything that way from a new toaster, to an affiliate product that isn’t even yours.

This also ties in with another fundamental thing happening on the internet that I think about every day.

Traffic is becoming more and more expensive to get. The cost of clicks has gone up and there is more competition to get to the top of Google for a phrase.

So what the smart money is doing, myself included, is building email lists. Once you have someone hit your site, get their email, and then you can communicate with them again for free. You only paid for them the first time they got there.

Again, big business has known this for decades, that is why they want you to fill out warranty, and registration cards with your address and email on them.

So the master of doing this online is Jeff Walker.

All the big shots in info marketing learned from Jeff first. He has been doing online product launches for over 15 years.

Last year I was so blown away by Jeffs marketing that I spent my own cold hard cash on Jeffs product.

The funny thing was that before I even bought the product, I copied his marketing and did an extra $30k in sales over a couple of weeks.

I can’t recommend enough you study his marketing, even if you don’t buy his product.

You can see Jeff’s marketing here.

If you don’t watch it quickly, and follow along fast it will all be taken down.

Jeff only sells his product once or twice a year, and once he takes the marketing materials down, (which will be in a few days),

they will never be put up again. Check it out.

P.S. The current Product Launch Formula marketing piece is on Launch Disasters.

January 29 2011

New Blog to Check Out

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I’ve talked a lot lately about some of the hurdles of affiliate marketing, and have been trying to understand what is happening in there, who can be trusted, and what exactly is going on. I came across an amazing story, called Four Easy Ways to get Sued as a direct response marketer. (Just scroll down about half way down the page.)

It tells the story of the supposed herbal male enhancement pill. I loved the commercials with the 50’s feel, and the guy with the big smile, and the sexy yet accessable women who hovered around this innocent guy. Really amazing marketing. Made me want to eat the stuff as breakfast cereal! Well according to the article, it turns out the stuff was a scam (not surprising), and that the guy selling it went to jail! Holy crap!

The article goes on to say that the guy went to jail, not for selling a crap product, but for continuing to bill people who got tricked into billing.

I was recently talking to a very famous ex-blackhat marketer, about ethics over a Chipotle burrito. We both agreed that the biggest criteria we had in selling something was, in addition to it being legal, that it actually told the consumer what they were getting, and the terms in obvious language. Look, if you want to buy a giant yellow whistle that you think will bring space aliens down to earth, that is you and the advertisers prerogative. But if the advertiser guarantees it will work, it better, and if the advertiser says he will bill you $49 for three months, then it better not be four.

There are other tips in there obviously written by a direct response veteran who has been in the trenches.

I also got drawn into the article on media buys. This is a newer subject for me that I am studying up on.

The more I dig into this industry the more fun and interesting it gets.