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March 20 2014

Going to Leadscon

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Next week we will be doing our thing at Leadscon.

If you follow what I do, you will know that after Shoemoney’s Elite retreat, and our own thinktank, Leadscon is one of the absolute best events of the year. If you haven’t been before I highly recommend it. It was started by a friend of mine named Jay Weintraub. Jay hit the nail on the head in terms of figuring out a niche to build an internet conference around.

The guys who go to Leadscon are for the most part serious about what they do. Leadgen is not a hope and pray method of marketing, but a very measurable game where most of the people know their numbers.

You would be shocked at how many large companies I work with who really don’t know what a visitor is worth, what a lead is worth, or even what the long term value of a sale is. The guys at Leadscon have this data down cold.

Leadscon is now being headed up by Cory Smith whose company, Access Intel purchased Leadscon. This is their first year running it, and Jay is still heavily involved. I expect it to be a great show and I am excited to go next week.

May 13 2013

What the hell I have been doing

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About 5 years ago I sat at a crappy coffee shop in the Stratosphere hotel with Shoemoney.

It was when we were first becoming good friends, and he was really opening up to me.

It will always be one of the most remarkable and influential discussions I have ever had.

Honestly it was more like a lecture. Good enough content to have at any major conference as the Keynote,

but with information that few people will ever know.

It was really the true history of internet marketing. Fascinating stuff, that still blows my mind when I think about it.

Jeremy must have talked for about 4 hours that day before he was done. I was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear what he said.

He pointed out that for most of us, (The out of the box, entrepreneurial, internet marketing rebels), at some point they find a niche where they can make money. From his stories it sounded like most of them found that niche within a short period of time.

I on the other hand have built slowly.

One of the reasons I think is that I built a very, very strong base for myself in this industry.

I literally spent half a decade meeting everyone I possibly could in all of the related industries.

1. SEO

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. The “startup” crowd.

4. WordPress guys

5. Facebook Advertising People

6. PPC people.

7. Media Buy crowd.

8. Domainers

9 Local Advertising Experts

10. Reputation Management guys.

11. Lead Generators

12. The info marketing world.

and probably more that I am forgetting.

I had some good early success in link baiting that Matt Cutts wrote about, and have had ongoing requests for my help in that are, as well as requests in every one of the industries mentioned.

I have built my skill set, so I am competent in every one of the areas mentioned.

I just can’t tell you how helpful it is to know how to do all of it online.

In the past two years we have developed three strong link building strategies that are white hat, and Google Compliant, that can develop links in high volume.

We did this because we had one client who really needed this. As we got better and better, we started picking up more and more clients.

At this point, we are very, very busy, and are turning down clients regularly. We now have a very specific client profile we look for, where we can help them the most, and they can help us the most.

Personally I have an breathtakingly amazing girlfriend named Shannon and have acquired the rights to play mermaid with, make stuffed animals with, and create various animal shaped pancakes with her two daughters. The exact title of my new position with the two daughters is still a matter of discussion. It is tremendously fulfilling, and challenging. When you are trying to get two kids to understand the importance of the ones vs. the tens column, and the fact that atoms are made of electrons protons and neutrons, and that nothing else is going to make sense at school until we get this part down, being a world famous internet marketer who helped facebook does not impress them very much.

I spend a bit more time in the Malibu area with Shannon now, and a bit less time in the La Jolla area. I still am seeing patients, but much, much less.

I had a brief brush with death in October, that by December was totally gone. I have a very poetic description of it, but may never release it. If you see me in person don’t be shy about asking about it, it is a great and actually funny story 🙂

My mind is clearer, and I am more fulfilled than I have ever been in my life.

I have been skateboarding a ton, and hitting skateparks.

I have the most aesthetic beautiful life I ever could have hoped for.

I hope that catches you up a bit.

Business is so good, I am a bit reluctant to have as big of a thinktank this year.

I am guessing it is going to be a very, very, very small event, making it even more of a mystery than it has ever been.

I am excited summer is coming, and about to get a new board.

March 16 2013

Parties at Leadscon

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So far we have our Invite only event in my penthouse where I will be covering more about our teams research on exact points of Panda and Penguin and how we have created recovery and some serious increased rankings with 7 figure increases.

It will be a back room, invite only, open bar, great food event in my penthouse at the mirage on exact points that we are using to beat Panda and Penguin, and recover sites.

Tuesday night at 6:15

Here is the application.


Tuesday at 9pm there is a poker tournament at the Mirage.


On Wednesday night there is the official leadscon party.

What other parties and special events do you know?

March 17 2012

Mrs. Soapbubbles

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This song is for Mrs. Soapbubbles.

October 15 2011

Avelyn just rode her bike without training wheels!

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In what is possibly the biggest news to hit the internet in a decade, Avelyn for the first time rode her bike today without training wheels!!!!

And word on the street is, she has stopping down pretty well as well!

October 15 2011

night surfing with blue lights in La Jolla

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After work tonight, deuces and I decided to go surfing. I had heard there was phosphorescence, which is when there is a certain type of algae, that lights up when disturbed. It is very rare, and only happens every year or two. A few years ago, my wife and I had gone to see it in the evening, and watched the waves break with little bits of light, almost a sparkle. It has to be very dark to see it.

Well, tonight it wasn’t as dark. In fact the only reason we could go night surfing is that the La Jolla Shores Hotel has bright lights, which light up the surf enough, that you can go surfing if it is not too big. The down side is that you can not see the wave until is it about 4 feet away. A few times tonight, we were talking and got slammed by a surprise random wave.

We parked my truck, easy to get good parking since it was night!, and walked to the water. It was a lovely night, a little overcast, and fairly cold. With this years Boz wetsuits, (Go Harry!) we were toasty warm.  I kid you not, these are THE BEST wetsuits in the world, and very affordable. This years suit, is this new super amazing Japanese fabric, which literally feels like you are wearing pajamas, and lets in almost no water. I can duck dive, and it feels like a dry suit.

Well Deuces and I were in up to about our stomachs, and I hear her scream, I look down and scream myself! What I see is that as our legs are moving through the water, it looks like someone has a blue flashlight, and is shining all around them under water. Fricking blew my mind. We start splashing, and laughing, and gushing surprise. She jumps on her board and starts paddling.

Every arm stroke made a splash of this dramatic blue color. I have a picture on this blog, that was taken by Ana Phelps on a different night, which actually shows the color when a wave broke. This is not a touched up photo, this is the actual color and brightness. It was just mind blowing. The trail behind Deuces that she left as she paddled, was a dance of blue light.

I spread my fingers and drug them through the water, and behind each finger was a train of blue light, as if I was finger painting with light.

It was so extreme that I commented that no one was going to believe us, and that if you saw the same thing in a movie, you would think it was bad special effects since it was so extreme. In all the decades I have gone in the ocean I have never seen anything like it.

It was one of the most lovely things I have ever seen in nature in my entire life. Just breathtaking, and I am sure a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thanks Deuces 😉

October 10 2011

How to steal from the biggest names in info marketing – Literally

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So today I was going to stop by Mike Koenigs (huge name in info marketing) and Vivian Glyck’s house to sign an agreement.

I just am getting to know Mike, and I had never met Vivian, but have been trying to promote her charity.

I arrive at their house, in a very lovely suburban neighborhood of San Diego, not far from my house.

I pull up with that, “want to make a great first impression” kind of feeling. I even made sure I had on a fairly new t-shirt,

shaved, brushed teeth, all that fancy stuff.

Vivian thought I was going to drop a document in her mailbox, and I thought that she had left it for me waiting in the mailbox to sign.

So I arrive at the house, grab an envelope out of the mailbox, and head back to my car to get a pen, tearing the envelope open as I walk.

Just as I have ripped open the envelope, Vivan opens the door, and says hello. I turn around, and walk back, holding the contents of the envelope in my hand, and say “hello!”

I then realize, that I am not holding the document I expected, but instead a check for $1800 that is not made out to me. Ooops. Awkward.

I then greet Vivian and say, ha, ha, ha, I just accidentally took this out of your mailbox! ha, ha, ha….ha

Nothing like meeting someone for the first time while stealing checks out of their mailbox.

Great way to make a good first impression.

Of course she was cool with it, and after hitting me with the envelope, we sat and had a good laugh and a two hour talk!

It is really cool hearing the behind the scenes of Mike’s life. He is doing some of the biggest numbers, and possibly THE biggest numbers in info marketing. I loved hearing how he runs his empire, and his plans for the future.

Also, Vivians very excellent group to help Africa is having its fundraiser this Thursday. Should be great.

August 17 2011

hey dk

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A couple of days ago I was out surfing with deuces, and the straggly haired blonde guy paddles up and says, “What’s up dk?” it was Frank Kern.

Now that question, “What’s up dk?” is a hard one to answer.

The entire time I have been involved in the internet people have been trying to figure out WTF I am doing LOL

I have spoken at the biggest conferences on SEO and facebook ads, had Matt Cutts blog about my link baiting, helped execs at facebook with, rolled to lots of parties with Shoemoney, (my hero :)), taken Matt Mullenweg to Dim Sum, gone to the homes of the info marketers mafia of La Jolla, surfed with Frank Kern, and run my own ultra snobby (insert laughter),  hard to get into event, thinktank.

The part that didn’t make any sense was what is my end game?

The truth is, with all of this I honestly have made much more money using the internet to get new patients into my chiropractic office, than I have from anything else.

The reason I have been doing this, do this now, and will do all of this ultra networking, and pioneering on the internet is people.

There are two halves of this. One half is the people who run the internet, you guys who read my fricken blog. I love you guys, I love the vibe of the industry. It is still in its birth, and is the bloody wild west where fortunes are won every day, and you can still see your friend panning for gold after all these years, who still has not found a single rich strike. After all, what other industry can you roll in to your own poker tournament with a couple of pro UFC fighters, and the hot blonde girl Kate Morris, from hangover, and have it seem totally normal! LOL

The other half of the reason I love the internet and always will are the other people. The users.

Since the beginning and to the end, I will be here for the users. By the way today is about the day the 7 billionth person will be born. Happy birthday Urdu!!

I love these fricken people, with all their problems, their hopes, their dreams and even their destruction.

We are all playing the same game right? The game of being born, chasing your dream, whether that dream is a bowl of rice to fend off starvation, or your fourth ferrari, and marrying Miss Arizona.

I love every little piece of it, the sweet juice of the ripest plum dripping down my chin, the smile of someone you never saw before, the peak of a bra that sticks out from out of a dress that wasn’t intended to be, the smell of bus exhaust early in the morning. It really all is just beautiful.

All of this is people, folks, users.

I love the internet because we get to reach them, all of them. 🙂

I would think by now, that everyone at least knows someone who uses the internet, and I would bet in one way or another half the people of the world are now connected.

When you do this, the information flows. You can’t keep a people suppressed for long when they hear fitty cent rapping,

“Fed’s ceased the six, the Lex’ and the Range Rover
Now a n!gga rollin in a Toyota Corolla
Used to never get high, now I’m never sober”

Eventually they figure out there is something out there better than what they have now.

So, we the internet entrepreneurs as a group, when we are connected to each other can share what we learned, and can influence what the rest of the world finds out about. Of course you can make a bajillions of dollars off of doing this, but that isn’t the point.

It is the excitement and opportunity that comes from being connected, connected to each other, and connected to the world, and what we can do with that.

In exactly a month, a gaggle of us are going to get together for thinktank a couple of yards from the ocean, eat really well, surf, play, and learn from each other, and figure out how we can help each other help the world, and make a few bajillion dollars in the process 🙂

July 11 2011

My first ocean rescue of 2011

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I used to be a lifeguard in Laguna beach. It was on one of the gnarliest beaches on the planet, Aliso. This was back before being in Laguna got you a spot on T.V. Almost did it as my career.

Fast forward to this morning. I was out surfing with Deuces in Cardiff. We were on our way out, and I spotted this little thing bobbing in a rip.

A rip is short for rip tide. This is when the water piles up close to shore from the waves bringing water in, and the water flows out like a river. It can travel as fast 10 miles per hour or so, often much faster than you can swim.

Well, as I got closer, I realized it was a little girl in the rip.

I got up about 10 feet away, not wanting to scare her, and asked her quietly, “Would you like to grab the end of my surfboard and have me pull you in.” She was totally chill, and said yes and nodded her head up and down.

Over the years, I personally have developed a bit of fear (sometimes downright strong fear) of being out far in the ocean. I was a bit further out than my comfort zone and now I had her as my responsibility too.

I started slowly toward shore, pulling her with me.

At one point, her mom made it out to where we were.

As we hit the zone where the waves were breaking I grabbed onto the little girls arm, and a few waves crashed on us.

Oddly enough, just as I was getting to dry sand, the lifeguards were coming on duty.

Mom was a little concerned, girl was totally chill. I made sure to tell the little girl how great she did in the waves, and how relaxed she was. I didn’t want her to start getting scared of the ocean, she just needs a little more training.

Fun first rescue of the summer. 🙂 I am sure there will be more.


July 9 2011

When Networking becomes Art

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Odd afternoon 🙂

We, my wife and I, went to our usual hangout, Panakin next to Rancho Santa Fe.

On our way over we discussed that it has been pretty tough making money the past few years. Possible yes, but more difficult.

As we arrived, times, they are a changing. The old, one off movie theater just closed, as did the Italian restaurant as well as a few other businesses that had been here 20 years.

That was odd, right after our discussion.

Then I get my tea, and cup of ice to make my special ice tea i have there.

As I walk away from the counter, there are as I count them 7 people here.

This pleasant looking guy says, Hi? dk? David Klein?

I say yes.

He says, Paul Lemberg, I sent you an email yesterday.

Now both of us are truly surprised.

This aint La Jolla. La Jolla is a bustling town, full of internet marketers. This is a few miles up the road in Del Mar, where the houses are tens of millions of dollars, and you NEVER run into anyone you know.

Turns out that someone had told him about thinktank, and YESTERDAY he had emailed me the first time, introducing himself and asking for an invite.

Not even my “NetStalking” as Dan Ryan calls it even aproaches this level.

I have been going to this place for 20 years, and I have never run into anyone I knew here from the online or offline world.
Totally weird but cool.

We said hi, I found him on facebook and friended him.

I found his site, on coaching businesses. By the way this guy is a big shot, worked with Richard Branson, big companies, etc. etc.

Then I wrote this blog.

Now I am going to walk over and get to know him.

Hey, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by yourself.

I will be here for a few hours working on some thinktank stuff, and my new info product.

Love you guys.