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November 13 2012

Odesk finance security hole

I am really hoping someone is going to correct me on this post. I have been studying Odesk lately, and been putting together a bullet proof financial situation for Purpose Inc., as we start to expand at a good steady pace.

There is a massive upside to hiring contractors on odesk, but at a certain size, you can no longer manage them yourself, you need to bring on other managers.

The problem we are running into on Odesk is a bit of a security hole.

Hopefully by publishing this, and making it public, either someone is going to immediately point out a flaw in what I am saying, or Odesk will be pressured into putting in some controls that will handle this.

Let’s say you have ramped up to where you have 8 or 10 Odesk contractors busily working away for you or your company. You decide that there is just no way you can manage them all yourself, so it is time to bring on a manager to work under you.

You have a few options.

1. You have the manager set up their own Odesk account, and hire, fire and manage the contractors in this managers account. The downside to this, is what happens to the contractor if they run up a $10,000 payroll bill for the week, and you the owner of the company don’t pay. The manager is then on the hook for the money. I think the assumed position is that if Odesk can’t get the money from you, then Odesk is just going to have to pay themselves, and will never get you. If you are a real company as we are, Odesk would simply ask us for the money, and we would pay them. The manager you hire, who is making $30k a year, will probably not be comfortable, running up a $10k per week payroll debt.

2. The other option is that you give your login info to your manager and they hire, fire and pay, from within your Odesk account. There is a huge downside to this which I did not think of until last week. What if your manager decides for whatever reason on their own, that they deserve more money. They can then take a friend or family member and hire them. Then they can pay that person say, $1,000 per hour. The person can then do real work for 40 hours that week. At the end of the week, they are then rightfully and legally owed $40,000. Even if you fired the manager, as far as I can tell, you would still be legally responsible to pay the $40,000 to their niece.

What am I missing here?

If I am correct, then there is a very simple fix Odesk can make to this.

1. They could offer more options on what rights you give each user. For instance I could approve my hiring manager to hire anyone they wanted, up to a total of 10 people, and that each one could be paid no more than 45 hours per week, at $20 per hour.

2. The account could simply have a limit set, that if the payroll owed goes over $5k, then the entire account shuts down until the owner personally logs on, and approves a higher weekly spend for the week.

There are a bunch of ways Odesk could set this up.

One hack that we did figure out, handles things up to a certain point of expansion and then will break down.

American Express currently offers free insurance on employee cards against theft. I called them and their claims adjuster told me that this covers employees and independent contractors. Bottom line, from what I understand, you need a written employee purchase approval system, you have 75 days after the fraud to report it, and you must fire or get rid of the employee. If you do all of those things, Amex says they will cover up to $100k in losses.

Since we only have extremely honest people working with us, the above should be more than sufficient.

I still with Odesk simply just gave us more controls on spending limits and responsibilities.



April 14 2011

Feels Good When a Good Stock Does Good

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I am a strong believer in market forces. No matter what political opinion you have, the market corrects everything. It is all based on the fact that if there is more of something, we consider it less valuable, and it sells for less. If there is very little of it, and we want it, then it goes up in value. Facebook ads are a perfect example of this, as we all bid each other up and down on the little postage size section of screen on Dutch women between the ages of 40 and 45 who are interested in travel.

5 years ago I bought a little floor cleaning robot called Scooba that rocked my world. The more I studied the company, the bitchener it seemed. They made fricken robots! And they did real stuff like clean your floor or clean the pool. They also made ones that went out and blew up the homemade bombs, I.E.D.’s which is wicked cool to blow up with a robot instead of a Marine’s foot, or worse yet, some little Iraqui kids foot.

As I checked more on this company it turns out they have been cash positive profitable year after year. They took all of their profit and invested it in research, and built better shit. Nice, my kind of company. They make robots, that do valuable stuff, and reinvest their profit in making the products better.

I was sure as the war drug on that their stock would go up, but no, just sat there.

Today it fricken skyrocketed. It went up something like 10% just today, 25% year to date etc. etc.

Eventually real stuff goes up in value to its real value.

Another thing is markets go up and down and up and down.

Time to go back to finding foreclosures to buy 😉

(all of the above is my ideas only, not truth, and yes of course I own I-robot stock, duh.)

February 5 2011

Legal Insights into Penny Auctions

There is always some hot item in the internet world. Recently it was Acai, and now it is Penny Auctions.

When a friend of mine first put one up and I saw it, it felt like I was gambling. When I asked about it, he assured me that they were totally legal.

One of my good friends asked his attorney to write us an article about them.

I hope you find his opinion insightful. It is totally the attorneys opinion and not mine.

Legal Aspects of Penny Auctions

Penny auction websites are popping up by the dozen. Is it safe to get in on the action, or are these “entertainment shopping” sites too risky for owners and bidders alike? Here is an overview of penny auction sites and their standing under various state and federal laws.

Mixed Messages: Credit Card Processors and the BBB

The penny auction (PA) business is raising eyebrows. Some people regard penny auction sites as gambling havens that will inevitably be shut down. In fact, PayPal is denying service to certain penny auction sites, perhaps overzealously protecting themselves from charges of violating the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Other merchant card processors, such as, may also be getting cold feet as the penny auction action heats up.

At the same time, it’s not unheard of for a penny auction site to earn the Better Business Bureau’s seal of approval, and merchant processors such as FirstData and Amazon Check Out have provided solid service for a number of penny auction business owners. Processors that consider a PA site to be high-risk can protect themselves from excessive chargebacks by requiring a security deposit or having the site owner keep a rolling reserve of about 10%.

Most of the online penny auction establishments seem to operate by the letter of the law and will find ways to stay in service. Securing written permission from a credit card processor, even before the website is launched, can be a proactive way of ensuring that service is not denied.

Are Penny Auctions Legal? States Weigh In

Do penny auction websites really constitute online gambling? While state laws are murky, the penny auction sites seem to be in the clear. PAs are operating out of California, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, and a number of other states.

As of 2010, online gambling has been expressly legalized in New Jersey. In other U.S. states, gambling has not necessarily been legalized, but that probably doesn’t even matter when penny auctions are concerned. That’s because they don’t count as gambling; they just don’t involve enough chance.

In California and most other states, a game is considered a game of chance if it’s “dominated by chance.” Being dominated by chance is different from being determined entirely by chance, and that helps to bolster the argument that the websites are legal under state law. After all, people do not bid randomly on auction items; they bid strategically. The process isn’t comparable to blindly pulling a slot machine lever or participating in a random jackpot drawing.

Another type of relevant state law concerns the penny auction bids. Since these go to the website and not to the other bidders, they are not technically part of a bet. This protects users from being charged with illegal gambling. Of course, if a website were operated unethically, it could draw more bids out of participants. This could be achieved by populating the site with bots or having an employee use phony accounts.

Penny Auctions and Federal Law

Penny auctions are relatively new to the United States, and they haven’t been outlawed under federal law. Gambling is not expressly prohibited online either, although a 2006 law, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, prohibits banks from transferring funds to gambling websites. Thus, if penny auctions do become declared a form of gambling, the websites may have trouble routing funds from users’ financial institutions.

The Federal Trade Commission and other branches of the federal government are presently concerned only with fraudulent penny auction websites. They have responded to several reports of unethical websites that deceive customers with shill bids.

The Jury Is Out

Although the auction sites remain legal for now, their opponents remain in an uproar. What can opponents say? They argue that users pay a fee but receive nothing of value. That’s why penny auction sites are now touting themselves as a form of “entertainment shopping”: with each bidding right purchased, they would say, the user also gets a bit of a thrill.

As more disgruntled users file complaints, the new auction business model is likely to catch the eyes of legislators. In addition, many well known industry players have already gotten in on the action…specifically those who were tied to the “Acai” berry fiasco that prompted the FTC Guidelines in 2009.  Still, PA site owners who follow the law, keep a tidy paper trail, and treat their bidders properly should have clear skies ahead. Meanwhile, potential consumers should carefully research a penny auction site’s reputation and its terms before deciding to get in on the action.

Aaron M. Kelly, Esq.

The Kelly Law Firm, L.L.C.

13430 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 106

Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

Licensed in Arizona and Michigan

July 29 2010

The Expiration Of the Long Sales Letter

Guest Post By Justin Goff, buddy, and fitness affiliate genius!

(Full Disclosure – I didn’t get nuttin for posting this!)

Long, ugly sales letters are about to be dead…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve probably noticed the traditional long sales letter is slowly being replaced by video (especially in the information product business).

However, the “hot” new videos that are raking in mountains of cash aren’t just any old videos. It’s a specific kind of video.

Enter the powerpoint video with voiceover.

112% Conversion Increase

I first tested this video out for our new lose belly fat product (see the video we use at
) and we saw a 112% conversion increase over the long sales letter.

The video and the sales letter had the EXACT same copy, yet the video outpulled the sales letter by 112%.

Now the real beauty of this is that it’s really damn easy to put these kinds of videos together.

Unlike writing a long sales letter you really don’t have to be a good copywriter to pull this off. It certainly helps, and you need to know the principles of selling but it’s not as much of an “essential” as it is with a sales letter.

How You Can Pull In Buckets Of Cash With A Video Like This

– Affiliate Offers

This is something I would definitely split test if I was pushing people to a landing page before I sent them to an offer (CPA or Clickbank). If you made a video talking about the product and your experiences I almost GUARANTEE you it would pull better than a text landing page or a fake blog with the same information.

– Direct Link

The beauty of a sales video like this is you can direct link to it without anyone thinking you are trying to sell anything. Because the way we have it setup now, the “Add To Cart” button does not pop up until the end of the video when we pitch them the product.

So if people just show up at the video they aren’t scared off by the threat of being sold something…

Think about all the places you could direct link to this and make some money…

– Forums

– Yahoo Answers

– Blog Comments

– Article Sites Like Squidoo, Ezine Articles

You could easily make $2,000-$5,000 a month just direct linking to this video from sites like Yahoo Answers and Niche Forums…

Now if you want to do your own affiliate offers and try to use this strategy, then here’s how you make the video…

How To Make Your Own Cash Pulling Powerpoint Video

Here’s how we made our video…

1. First write out a script for the video in Word.

2. Then turn those into small slides using either Powerpoint or Google Docs.

3. Get a program like Screenflow or Camtasia and set up the recording area to the size of your slides.

4. Simply read through the slides and record your voiceover and the screen with one of the programs above…

5. You’re going to mess up, so try to do 3-5 slides at a time. Simply edit them all together at the end to complete the video.

That’s all there really is to it.

These kind of videos not only work great for direct linking type stuff, but we’re seeing a lot of success with Facebook Ads and media buys.

If you have any questions about using these videos in your business, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll drop in to help

– Justin Goff

P.S. – If you’re interested in promoting our product, we’re on Clickbank, so just check out our affiliate page for more info. I personally work with & coach our affiliates, so hit me up if you have any questions.

May 3 2010

facebook google and twitter finding themselves

In the survey I just sent out about this years thinktank, I tried made a comment that has gotten me a quite a few responses.

Facebook is the new Google, Twitter is the new facebook, and Google is trying to become twitter.

For my core readers, I am sure the self evidence of this is obvious without explanation.

Facebook’s annual revenue as far as I know is not public, but it is way up there. I have buddies who are trying to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, who still have trouble getting facebooks attention. I know I spend a small fortune on facebook each week, and the impressions just keep flying across the screen.

Here is my math, not based on any inside facebook data, but simply using a little known info and logic.

Lets assume facebook has 400 million users.

Let’s assume each user sees 4 screens per day on average. (Think it actually is much higher, but some people never go on at all)

That is 1.6 billion impressions.

If we assume that it costs about .0002 dollars per impression, my estimation, which is 2/100 of a penny per impression.

Then we have about $320,000 per day in income.

If you multiply that by 365 days per year, you end up with over 100 million in revenue per year.

(Double check my math above and I will correct it if I am off)

I actually think my estimates above are way on the conservative side, and bet it is much closer to a billion.

I’ve known half a dozen billionaires over my lifetime, so that is not unbelievable, but the fact that that is generating that

in cash every year, is enough to get even googles ears pricking up, even if they are making 20X more.

Facebook is now going off of the blue and white page, and into a website near you. If you look at the top of Shoemoney’s posts,

you will see the new like button. This can only end up to some type of cumulative suggestion to you of what sites you will be interested in, in each industry or search category, eventually making facebook a true human search engine. I expect we will see that in two or three years, or maybe next month?

Since facebook confiscated the moving stream of twitter, twitter is adding more and more social interactivity between users. You can now easily retweet with a button, and if you hold your cursor over someones user name on twitter, you get a little box of social information about that person. I have a feeling that little box is going to grow and grow, and eventually contain the obvious thing we all want to know. Do they follow me?

Google on the other hand, watching these young upstarts moving in on their turf, is picking up some of their tips. The most obvious of which is googles desire to be fresh. Shoemoney recently poked fun of my not so fresh looking chiropractic page, and how it still ranks number one. Google is at an interesting crossroads where it is trying to give us the most relevant info, yet at the same time, their site is coming to life with change. I consider myself a pretty early adopter of new technology, and I find myself messing with the options on the left side of the screen in google, modifying how they show my results, twitter like, or google like.

In a few years I expect the three of them, along with a whole new slew of competitors, many of which will be running on the same engines, but just with different branding, will all do basically the same thing. They will keep us in touch with each other and the world, and help us find what we want.

I love the fact that is so dam complicated with so many different options and strategies, that it is now impossible to figure out THE right way do make money with it. It reminds me of surfing. One of the reasons I love it so much is that not only are you busting the moves you want on the playing field, but the playing field is constantly changing under your feet.

Welcome to real internet surfing. Not only are you making and implementing strategies, but at the same time, the very fabric that you are working with, is changing under your very hands. There is going to be great reward for those of us with flexible minds. 🙂

January 27 2010

Make Money Online, No Seriously

Every field I have entered, within a short time I have been at or near the top of that field. This is not an exaggeration, but simply a statement of fact. This goes for everything from skateboarding, to surfing, life-guarding, dating hot girls (back in the day), skimboarding, being a chiropractor, training chiropractors, SEO, Holding Internet Conferences, and now working my way up in the internet business world and helping to establish the viability of Facebook advertising for real advertisers selling quality products, and not doing too bad for the amount of time I have been on the field.

The above is not an attempt to impress you, or to give myself confidence, but simply a statement of what has happened so you will understand where I am from, and where this blog is going.

Each field I have entered, I quickly scanned the scene to find the expert in the field. Not surprisingly this guy has often been a bit controversial. The list includes a group of guys who did not compromise, were brilliant in their fields, and literally created and shaped their industries.

In skateboarding it was a guy named Steve Ruffing, not someone you will read about in the history books, but a guy who was decades ahead of everyone else. In skimboarding it was Connaly Ware. In lifeguarding it was Mark Williams (rest well my friend out in the ocean you loved) and Scott Mc Clung. Being a chiropractor it was Dr. David Singer who literally brought this whole natural health care lifestyle to the masses, in SEO of course Matt Cutts, at Facebook it was the guys who run the show at Facebook, and then the internet entrepreneurs.

When I started studying about internet marketing and business, and how to make money online, there was this one mythical figure that kept popping up. Some people loved him. Some people hated him. He was definitely not afraid to stir up a little controversy. I went on a campaign to get to know him, and learn from him.

One famous day about a year and a half ago, I sat in a very humble coffee shop at the Stratosphere hotel, when there were no conferences in Vegas that day, and listened to this Shoemoney character for about 3 hours.

shoemoney 1 week before release of shoemoney tools 52nd floor palms hotel hefner suite

shoemoney 1 week before release of shoemoney tools 52nd floor palms hotel hefner suite

During this talk he laid it all out. He explained how the money was being made. He explained the sneaky ways, the honest ways, and what was really behind the who’s and the why’s. This previously complex field became clearer and clearer the more he talked. There was no way I could have taken notes, as there was just too much data. The guy was like an encyclopedia. At that moment a few things happened.

First I realized for sure, no question this was the guy. He was the real deal. This was the one. He had his finger on the pulse of an entire industry, and smell flowers from the pucky so fast I could barely keep up.

The other thing that happened, was that in the sea of infinite complexity of the internet I started to see the patterns. It was that moment at the end of the Matrix where Neo starts to see the code behind the illusion, and not just the pictures.

After that moment, it has all become a lot easier. A lot easier! I have met guys who have been playing online 5 times as long as I have who don’t get it. When I hear a new business idea, I can see how it fits in with the whole industry.

I’ve also noticed Shoe intimidates the hell out of most people. Guys come up to me regularly and ask me to introduce them to Shoe, or ask me questions about him, often when he is standing 10 feet away.

So why am I going over all of this? Well number one it is a good blueprint on how to become a success.

More urgently though, Shoe is now taking on 500 students through his new system.

I have insight on this system, because I am one of the speakers on it. Didn’t get a cent for it but I owe him so much I would do anything for the guy.

You now have the chance to do what I did. You have the chance to spend time with him. Every week, multiple times, while he guides you step by step on how to make money online.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. They don’t work consistently. What this is, is a chance to have access and insight to Jeremy Schoemaker, Shoemoney, and his inside group, where you can learn how to make money online just like I am. Maybe not get rich over night, but learn the fundamentals to build a solid online business, and know enough to become a real player in the field.

Check out how to make money through the Shoemoney system, then come back and let me know what you think.

January 19 2009

America – and that means you! – Let’s do this thing!

Last week I had dinner with Michael Jenkins of Market Leverage, Chris Hedgecock a super star programmer, designer and marketer and about 20 other folks including Shoemoney at Switch, a new 5 star restaurant at Encore in Vegas.

When Michael, Chris and myself got up after finishing dinner, we looked at our watches and saw that 5 1/2 hours had passed.

We covered a lot of ground, and Chris schooled me good.

First we discussed business and travel. Michael told us the stories of climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa this year and also about another 23 thousand foot peak in Argentina. Michael proudly announced a new technology they are using on their site whereby you click what appears to be a regular link in green, and up pops a video that teaches you about that subject. In a way it what hyperlinks were originally designed for. You can see these “Green Links” now on the Market Leverage site. I will get to why I bring this up in a sec.

So I grew up in a very middle class family, but went to schools in areas with lots of gangs, drugs, massively mixed races, like a salad, and definitely was not in a family that was connected to politics. As a result of this I have been of the mindset of jumping up and down and screaming about global injustices, but never really have been able to do anything about it.

Chris on the other hand comes from a family where he got to meet a lot of the biggest politicians in the world, and a family where if they disagree, they do something about what is going on.

So I was telling the story of how I sat in a little diner in Lake Shasta eating breakfast a few years ago reading the San Francisco Chronicle’s story about how the U.S. was now torturing prisoners of war. I got really sad. I told Chris and Michael about how at that moment I lost my pride in being an American. Chris was on me immediately and told me how sad that made him.

Chris in his own way, and with his own words shifted my mindset to allow me to realize what a wimp I was being, and that something could be done about it. Wow. That’s right, we are a democracy, we can as individuals and collectively make change. Wow. Thanks so much for that Chris.

With my mindset changed, what then ensued was a discussion amongst the three of us about the constitution, the founding fathers, what could be done for the good with all this internet money, and the time and hours flew like feathers in the wind.

I have a good sense who reads this blog. You guys influence the minds of billions of people collectively through what we do online. This is it. This is the moment for our country. We are the guys who can change it. And that means you!

We have a new slate opening up tomorrow. A reset button, to power down and boot up again. It’s an American Defrag, Virus Scan, and reboot all taking place.

What is a recession? It is simply not enough production and commerce taking place right? What caused it? Overvalued homes? B.S.

It was beat up, demoralized Americans. It was Americans who as individuals feel responsible for losing at the global superbowl. One way or another a bunch of us got killed on 9-11. More of us have gotten killed in Iraq, and we have as a nation killed in Iraq. I am part of the responsibility of all of it.

I am an American.

Sick of it? Ready to do something? Ready to make a change?

How bad is the stock market anyway, one of the major factors looked at in evaluating the economy. The S and P 500 where most of my money has dropped back to 03 levels. Big deal. The stock market has always gone up and down and always will. But lets not sit at 03 levels any longer.

So how do we get out of this? I’m not talking a trick. I’m not talking about printing a bunch more monopoly money, or trying to feed a village with a stone. I’m talking that old Clint Eastwood, John Wayne Cowboy way. Where the town get’s together as a group and kicks some ass.

It’s time to stop trying to outsmart the next guy and and time to stop takeing without giving. What each of us needs to do is make enough loaves of bread, cars, homes, computers and whatever is needed, so that there is plenty to go around. If there is plenty made, then everyone can afford one, they buy, the money flows and the economy fixes itself.

I am sure Obama is going to do his best with social welfare programs and seeded money to try to jumstart the economy. But we can do it. We are America. We are Obama whether you voted for him or not. You and I know how to influence minds. We know how to sell.

We can get America to get off the couch tune out, and turn on! their computer and get to work.

We can sell, so why not sell success, hard work, the U.S. constitution, and good values to work hard and work ourselves out of this mess. Think Will Smith and friends at the end of Independence day.

If we work hard, produce our tails off, and market the heck out of our production the country could turn around in weeks with the stock market soaring!

So for me this is time. We have a clean slate, with no excuses. If we can elect a president, who of all things is Hawaiian, our country is capable of anything 🙂

So with no bullshit, and no rah no rah rah, would you be willing to help me and our new leaders get the show on the road? Blog about it, yell about it, twitter about it.

Are you ready again to be proud of your country, and proud to be an American?

Let’s do this thing! Let’s work hard and proud! Let’s go to sleep exhausted after working so hard all day. Let’s encourage the masses to do the same. Let’s be fair, and honest, and true to our own ideals.

That will solve it.

And if you wonder what I am trying to sell you?

Your future.

So if you give even half a rats ass about me I would like you to help.

I want you to blog about it.

I want you to write a blog so far out of your comfort zone it makes your chest thump and your stomach ache when you hit the publish button.

I want you to ask all of your readers whether they are a dozen or a million to work harder, be true to their ideals, and to tell their boss or themselves, I know the work day is done, but I am going to work a little harder and a little later to get the job done.

Could you blog about that for me? In your own words? With your own ideals?

Let me know when you do, and I will love you even more for it.

Peace and prosperity!


January 6 2009

A hidden force

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In the internet marketing world those you see on the front lines are not always the ones with the power.

Many of us are a lot of fluff, waving our arms up an down to get others to look in our direction, while we rely on the brains and experience of hidden advisors.

I have many of the best advisors around, guys that have quickly helped me to become well read, and shockingly known in the internet marketing world. In fact I am better known than some of my advisors.

One of these guys is not someone you will hear speaking at the conferences. See he doesn’t need to get himself better known, or to pick up clients because he has already “made it”.

I met Andy Liu at the Elite Retreat. Shoemoney told me that he was one of the lessor known speakers, but that he was a genius in start ups, and Venture Capital. He is also a techy programmer guy originally.

Andy also is incredibly positive, straight forward and willing to help.

I now consider him an advisor and friend.

If you end up having the guts to contact him and ask him questions, I predict you will find him amazingly accessable compared to a lot of the superstars in the internet world.

Andy has now started blogging, giving everyone a little bit more access to what he is up to.

Andy is the founder of Buddy TV which according to Alexa gets half the number of views of or

Check out Andy’s blog on start ups and see what tips you can pick up. My advice is to ask your questions too, before the blog becomes so busy that your voice will get lost in the crowd.

October 6 2008

My Comment on the Current Financial situation

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girl money

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

– Thomas Jefferson

Forgive me if I create disagreements with anyone with this quote. Anyone who knows me knows that I work my ass off. Even if I look like I am having fun, throwing a big party, or spending a day surfing, it is rare that a week goes by that I don’t work 80 hours. I run a handful of businesses, two of which are doing fantastic at the moment.

If I don’t open my mouth now, I will have no one to blame if things get worse.

The financial markets you see on T.V. are simply that, stuff you see on T.V. As internet business folks, we are the masters of the pitch, or the spin, of showing news the way we want it to be seen. If you watch T.V. and think it is anything more substantial that what we read on each others blogs, then you may not really be paying attention when you watch T.V.

When I looked outside this morning, the same sun was still there, the same grass, the same trees. Nothing is really fundamentally different than it was a decade, or two decades ago. Maybe the pollution is a bit worse, the crowding is a bit worse, and technology has improved, but the basic rules still remain.

I just came off of a weekend hanging with a bunch of millionaires.

I’ll be the average ThinkTank attendee has lost at least $200k during the most recent downturn in the stock market. Did anyone at the ThinkTank care? Not a word I heard out of anybody.

What were they talking about? New idea, new implementations, new ways to help each other, and to help mankind at large.

See there is no such thing as a shortage of money in our country, or anywhere else in the world. And if for some reason the government doesn’t print enough money, then there is always something you can trade.

In fact last week was one of the best weeks I have ever had financially, even without the ThinkTank.

If you can’t find a job, then you can create one. And while you are at it, create a dozen more for your friends and those around you.

The internet is free to all of us. The internet itself has all the tools you need to learn how to program. I don’t know anyone who knows how to program in PHP going hungry right now 🙂

If you have trouble studying let me know, and I will point you toward how to learn.

Build some sites, hook up with Azoogle or one of the other add networks and make a little money. Go door to door and ask the local businesses if they would like a site that is number one for their city/profession in Google, and if they don’t know how, for a fee you can show them. Always plenty of stuff to be done!

Take a look at this image and you will see that over the past 100 years, the stock market has gone up and down and up and down, but long term has gained roughly an 8 percent per year increase. All my cash is in the stock market right now, as I consider stocks to be great bargains at the moment. Can the stock market drop another 20 or 30 percent? Sure. No biggie.

The fundamentals will always stay the same. If your skills are good, and you are willing to work hard there will always be work to do, and things to make. There will always be others who can make stuff, or grow food, who will trade with you. Even if every piece of money in the world burned up today, and all the computers were wiped clean, we would all just wake up the next morning and get to work.

The numbers clicking on T.V. are simply a wake up call for those who have not been following financial basics. Save money, work hard, take care of yourself so you can continue to work hard. And by the way, study. Study, study, study, study, so you can get better at doing what you do, and become better yourself.

Wherever you live, it is your country, create it into what you want it to be.

And what to do when they preach doom and gloom on T.V.?

Turn off the T.V. and go make some money, exercise, or teach a kid to read!

When you get back, nothing much will have changed.

The earth will still be flying through space at 18 miles a second. In face, face west, close your eyes, lean forward and feel the speed!

July 26 2008

Word Camp San Francisco Registration Just Opened – I’m in!

Wordcamp San Francisco registration just opened!

Don’t get confused, this site you are on is about The ThinkTank in Del Mar in September, but this post is about WordCamp San Francisco.

Word Camp rocks!!!

Word Camp is a wayyy super casual event for Word Press users.

Where else can you hang out with Matt Cutts for a half hour eating lunch, and only two or three other people in the room even know who he is! (Sorry Matt if you are going this year!)

dk and Matt Cutts

(Matt said no one ever noticed him in public. I wonder when that will change ;))

A huge percentage of us run our sites, and or our blogs off of WordPress.

At Word Camp you have unbelievable access to Matt Mullenweg,

matt mullenweg

lead founder and developer of Word Camp.

You also can chat with Donncha (you never respond to my e-mails! :)),

an amazing guy in person, who also is one of the founding developers, as well as the rest of the technical crew.

Matt has put together a group of the absolute nicest, goodest (yes I know not really a word) , and most brilliant people and I predict they will all be there!

The cost to get in is a staggering $20, and I predict it will include lunch. The San Fran version of Word Camp is where Matt Mullenweg lives, and many cool Internet folks also live.

Last year they had a page that linked to everyone who signed up, which is where I got the idea to do that for the poker tournament, and the ThinkTank.

Last year we had everyone from Matt Cutts to a guy who was thinking about maybe getting a website soon, as well as a cast of about 200 others.

It will be the weekend before SES San Jose, and I highly recommend it!

If nothing else you can come, find me, and we can do something fun while other people are speaking!

I’m a little worried because this year it sounds like it is going to be in a nice place. But I am sure with the surely wordpress crowd, the place will feel like home in no time!

Go To Wordcamp!

By the way, if you are wondering what the ThinkTank is, you can read about it here.

If you are looking for something cryptic and angry, go here.