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March 12 2019

Agency Growth Secrets

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Joshua Harris Reviews Life Before Agency Growth Secrets

Josh Harris, founder of Agency Growth Secrets, had his first job at the age of 12. From leaf raking to dog waste removal, every business he started was born from a problem that needed solving. He says that these businesses taught him the value of hard work, time management, and productivity.

Harris has said he was young when he realized that he loved being in charge. He said he knew he wanted a career where he controlled his own schedule and income. Even though he was only spending a few hours after school, he was making big bucks. Harris learned early on that it wasn’t about grinding away hours, but about adding value to your customers. One of his businesses involved raking leaves for a flat-rate. Raking the leaves quickly results in the same pay, and leaves more time to rake someone else’s leaves. Regardless of time, the work gets done and the value is the same for the customer. This was an important take-away for Harris.

Joshua Harris, Founder of Agency Growth Secrets, holding a fish while standing on a boat.
Josh Harris – Founder Agency Growth Secrets

As Harris was leaving high school and trying figure out a career path, he noticed that everyone he admired in business had ties to the internet. He saw it as the next, big business boom, and wanted in.

Agency Growth Secrets

Harris started in the side gig economy and created his business, Agency Growth Secrets. His website was dedicated to selling his marketing and website business. His journey had its ups and downs, and at its highs he was making a few thousand dollars a month. Although he was an entrepreneur, this isn’t the vision of success he had in mind.

Harris took a step back to assess what skills he had, and what skills he lacked that would close the gap between dreams and reality. He realized he was missing the skills he needed to market himself. He was finding low-quality, short-term clients who weren’t paying what his value was worth.

From there, Harris cultivated his entrepreneurial spirit into the success he has today. His achievements over the years have been featured in Entrepreneur and Forbes. He has also gained membership into the prestigious professional group called The Oracles, which made up of a collection of successful entrepreneurs.

Harris now uses his expertise to help other aspiring entrepreneurs launch their own successful business.

A Review of the AI Software Used by Agency Growth Secrets and Josh Harris

About five years ago, the digital marketing industry created a unique software that collects data for the automotive industry with the goal of targeting Facebook customers for the purpose of advertising. This artificial intelligence software gathers information from consumer accounts to personalize the ads shown on Facebook. This allows companies to spend less money on marketing with a higher return on actual purchases.

Agency Growth Secrets mastermind run by Josh Harris (AGS Owner).
Agency Growth Secrets Mastermind

Since then the software has moved into numerous industries giving many companies the ability to influence social media markets. Being able to place a Facebook ad in front of the ideal customer gives businesses the optimum likelihood of acquiring a new and possibly a repeat consumer.

The Artificial Intelligence Software was found by Joshua Harris, owner of Agency Growth Secrets. He says it’s the strength of the software that lowers the cost incurred for each customer gained by as much as twenty five percent. Anyone that’s been in business for a while knows that each client acquired costs money. That’s just the price of doing business.

Agency Growth Secrets uses innovative technologies like Behavior Tracking, Identity Resolution, and Machine Learning AI in real time to identify potential leads that are currently searching to purchase what clients sell. Through this process, AGS is able to find the path of least resistance to a sale.

AGS helps clients strategically use their marketing budget to focus on prospects who are likely to buy. This saves client’s money, since funds are not being wasted on leads who won’t convert. Money is spent based on more people that actually click (higher CTR) and AGS clients pay less (lower CPC). AGS is consistently able to help agencies reduce click costs and customer acquisition costs by twenty-five to seventy-five percent.

Like it was recommended earlier – AGS continuously works to add value. They offer a partnership opportunity for agencies to work with them using AGS data, white label marketing services, and provide their peers training and coaching to grow their business.

AGS provides agencies the value-add they need to land high-ticket clients, provide huge results, and secure long-term retainer deals.

Reviewing the Value of Data

Data is the most important factor in the digital marketing realm. Having more information about the perfect consumer gives businesses the edge they need to personalize advertising campaigns. Many social media advertisements are written to a specific person to disrupt their daily life long enough to pay attention to the content.

Gathering information is key in order to strategically compete with industry competitors. The AI software allows companies to see through the clutter of information while having Social Media platforms target the exact customer interested in their product and ultimately giving a higher return on investment.

Unique Selling Proposition

Every business needs a USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. For Agency Growth Secrets, their software and system of analysis is the way they analyze leads and create conversions. AGS software follows 200 million people and collects over 25 billion pieces of behavioral data every day. They then use machine learning to create conversion profiles for any market, Business to Business or Business to Customer.

From these conversion profiles, AGS algorithms reconstruct a consumer’s path from research to purchase. This helps them recreate the things a consumer searches, learns, and compares before buying. They’re able to sort through the data and look for repeats to paint a pattern.

AGS machine learning algorithm adjusts itself in real-time for every client to optimize its targeting and conversion profiles. This helps them create an engine that can predict changes and automatically works to become more accurate over time.

Set up your Customers for Success

With any business, especially digital marketing businesses, you need to set your client up for success. Many companies sell their product and wait to see if their customers enjoy it or have a simple how-to page for support. AGS sets a good example by making sure customers can understand and appreciate the service they’re buying by training them before they implement AGS.

AGS understands that because of their unique product, their clients may not know the best way to use what they’ve been given. Through AGS, Josh guides clients on how to best use the information provided by the AI software.They close this gap by training marketers on advertising, data, and marketing fundamentals. They created a summary of “best practices” on how to best use their services for different activities, such as running an ad campaign.

Banish Doubt from your Product

Training marketers has another important benefit – which is banishing doubt from the product. Without knowing basic marketing & advertising principles, marketers won’t be able to make the most of the tools – and may ultimately blame the product. The same way normal products come with instruction manuals, digital marketing service should include guidance and training to make the most of their purchase.

Essential Tips in Scaling Your Business

Entrepreneurs know better than anyone how challenging it can be to grow a business. Growth is finicky and unreliable, and the things that bring it to you are constantly changing. What works today probably won’t work in a few months. You’ll constantly need to set your ego and held beliefs aside to immerse yourself in learning how to sell.

If you’re ready to do that, then you’re ready to hear the most important steps in scaling your business and getting the revenue you deserve.

Choose a Niche & Add Value

Any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you that you need to choose a niche. Being a specialist allows you to provide more value to those you interact with. You’ll gain credibility, respect, and soon enough – people will pay for your insights. Working with them will help you better understand their needs and create unique value – bringing you organic growth.

A combination of growth and value will allow you to charge your true worth. As you scale up, learn how to rely on others. Find team members and peers who can help you close the gap between your abilities and your customer’s needs.

Work with the right clients

When you’re growing your business, it can feel like any client is a good client. The truth is – not every client is right for you. It’s important that you focus your efforts on building a roster of high-quality clients that fit your niche and your long-term business goals. Building this roster is building the foundation of your business.

You can more happily invest time and effort into these clients to provide high-quality service. In return, they may be willing to pay more, keep you on retainer, and even refer you to their peers. These are the clients that can sustain your business and give your business the boost it needs in your niche.

Reinvest Profits into Skills

There are always ways to improve the level of service you provide your clients. Spare funds should always be reinvested into studying new skills, apply new techniques, and learn to tackle problems with fresh ideas and perspectives. Investing in courses, conventions, books, and mentorship will help you overcome the plateaus and give you the tools you need to face growth head-on.

But…What’s the appeal of Entrepreneurship?

Nowadays, part of the reason entrepreneurship is so popular is because of the internet. Think about it. Not even 20 years ago, you’d need to come up with a great idea, a commodity service, or generate a ton of risky investment funding just to get started.

Today, any great idea can be discovered through several different social media platforms, crowdfunding, and other avenues. Of course – there’s always a risk and starting a business is a long journey. But in many ways – the internet has leveled the playing field.

There are also so many personal motivations. Some people love the idea of being able to sleep in and work in their pajamas. Other people love knowing that they have full creative and management freedom over themselves and their business. These are great reasons, and there are so many more.

However, daydreaming about achieving this lifestyle and actually doing it are two different things. Many people make up false barriers and excuses not to get started. And honestly – not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, it’s still work. You need to constantly show up and do your absolute best every day.


Entrepreneurs need to work hard regardless of the industry that they’re in – but there are a few tricks everyone can use to see results in their business. Choose a niche that you enjoy and can add value in. Choosing the right clients can have a positive impact on your business beyond the revenue they bring in. Whenever you can, reinvest profits back into your business to stay ahead of the curve and continue bringing your customers the best service.

October 14 2014

Facebook Stickers are a Game Changer

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America, and I am assuming the rest of the world, is slowly becoming less and less literate.

People don’t read books, text, or instruction manuals nearly as much as they did 50 years ago.

I am not saying this is bad, it is just different.

Communication does not need to go through words, but words do allow for very technical nuances to be communicated.

Facebook has brilliantly identified our lack of ability to communicate clearly through words anymore and have given us stickers.

By now I am sure you have seen the cutesy little stickers available when you comment. Just hit the smiley face.

As a quick test, on my own wall and on the wall of an internet marketers group I belong to, I started a thread saying you could just use stickers.

It is one of the quickest filling threads I have ever seen, and definitely the most colorful.

It allows you to be cute, colorful, and creative all with a click of just one button.

We used to do this a long time ago, but it fell out of style.

Welcome back to hieroglyphics.

I aint judging, just different.

October 3 2014

Facebook Ad with Video we are running for our backroom event at Pubcon.

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At Pubcon 2014 we are throwing parties and special events.

It sounds simple enough. Shoot a video. Put it on your page. Run ads to it.

In actual practice it is surprisingly complicated, and there is very little written about how to do it.

Works like a bomb though.

The biggest problem I know most of you have, is not having an authentic message you believe in to put on the video.

The whole trick to shooting video for the internet, is just to say what you feel and not try to fake it at all.

I am doing a marketing event at Pubcon 2014. It will be a bit of a pubcon party, in our suite at the Wynn.

We are marketing to companies grossing $50 million dollars per year or more.

So how do you impress someone controlling that kind of budget?

I know these guys, I work with them every day.

They are not impressed by your clothes, or your car, or your home. Obviously you don’t want to show up with a ripped tshirt with food on it either, but trying to outspend them in appearance is not what they care about.

The only thing they care about is how much is this going to cost, how much is it going to make, and how long is it going to take? Also, there better not be any liability, legal or other as a result. If you hit those points, you win.

Sure you don’t look like a super model and neither do I. They don’t care about that either.

So a simple video describing what you are doing, and helping to answer those points above.

I don’t want to give away the entire story either, so you give the broad overview, and then lead them on to the next content that will tell them more if they are interested.

We use this same basic flow for lead gen for our clients as well.

Here is how you do it.

Create a video and upload it from your facebook page.

Make sure you are logged in as the page admin and not yourself or it may not work.

Write a bitchen compelling headline.

Select a frame of your face on the video for the still that people will be interested in. (good looking not required)

Click the title of your post so you can get the url of the post, not the page.

Go to facebook ads to create a new one.

Click on Page Post Engagements

Paste the URL in when asked.

Fill in the demographics, ad some money and post.

Here is the actual ad that I am promoting as we speak.

August 31 2014

Survey Monkey Alternative

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If you have followed me over the years you have seen me connect, connect, connect, connect over and over with the biggest players in our industry. My email list is huge and full of executives, owners, investors, and movers and shakers in the internet business world.

One of my best ways to connect with these folks is using niche events. Today I am going to go over exactly how to do this..

Back in 2007 when I first went gung-ho networking and building my list, people were not even using the term opt in or lead gen commonly.

I wasn’t trying to be a laser effective internet marketer, but instead just did what seemed natural. I cared about the people in the industry and wanted to connect with them.

So naturally when I held my first big poker tournament at Pubcon, I used a Survey Monkey survey to find out where they wanted the tournament, what they wanted to drink, what was important in terms of prizes, when it should start, when it should end, and even the design of the t-shirt.

Here is a walk through on how to use Wufoo to create a survey in literally a few minutes.

As a result I developed what became one of the first, most popular, and longest lasting events in the internet business world.

We chose survey monkey at the time because it made so much sense on so many levels.

The funny thing is that I recently heard about a course that teaches you how to use surveys like this for lead gen.

As soon as someone fills out a survey, if you get their contact info, they become a lead.

If you are reading this post, and have been to Pubcon in the past 10  years, there is a high chance that you ended up on my email list because of this.

More about the Pubcon story and how I used wufoo and survey monkey.

Lately we have been experimenting using the Survey Monkey Alternative WuFoo. I can only describe it as being lighter, and more agile than Survey Monkey, but very powerful, and easy to use. (Full Disclosure, Survey Monkey is partnering with us but everything I am saying here is exactly true.)

I find now when I am making a survey that I am putting more thought into, and where I want more control of things like urls, and how the results are going to be processed in the final analysis I tend to use Survey Monkey.

When I want to get up a survey really fast, or if I want to embed the survey on a facebook page, or on a webpage such as wordpress, I grab wufoo.

A few months ago on Facebook and Youtube I saw people becoming really alarmed about the Japanese radiation spreading to the U.S., especially into the fish supply. I asked people I knew, and there were people who seriously were really concerned about radiation and our food supply.

Whenever there is a crazy fear in the world I look to see if there is something I can do to fix it, provide people with real information, and alleviate their fears.

It suddenly occurred to me that the solution to worrying about radiation, was to know if your food was radioactive.

Being a doctor, and having a strong science background, the obvious solution to me was a Geiger counter.

Turns out your average Geiger Counter will not work with food. Since the amount of food you would measure is so small, you need an antenna that surrounds the food to pick up the random particle that would shoot out from the food in an unpredictable direction at unpredictable intervals.

This meant we would need to have these Geiger Counters custom built. I checked around, the technology was all there, and it would just require an investment to get a few thousand of them built.

Decades ago I had learned to test my marketing before building the product.

So I put up a page with a WuFoo form on a wordpress page to gather information from the visitors. If this worked, this also could end up being my lead generation page.

I ran a few hundred dollars of facebook ads to the form.

We got some clicks. We also got a few form fills on the Wufoo form of people requesting more information.

I had expected a possible flood of interest on this, but got an average responses and not a flood.

Another big project jumped in front of me, so I dropped the Geiger Counter idea, since it did not fly immediately.

The moral of the story is that I saved tens of thousands of dollars to get the Geiger Counters produced, and the time it would have taken me to perfect ads, and maybe then would have made a small profit.

I have been solidly sold by all my influencers on launching quickly and cheaply, and then seeing what the results are. The amount of money I have saved by not committing to a new product until it has been tested is enormous.

The ability to get a wordpress site up in 15 minutes, put Wufoo on it, and run facebook ads to the Wufoo survey to gauge interest, saves me a fortune every year.

Like the idea?

Go get a great idea, a free Wufoo Account, a facebook page or a wordpress blog, a facebook account with your credit card in, and you can be testing your idea within the hour for ten bucks worth of ads.



August 8 2014

Facebook and Pho

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I just sat down at a new Vietnamese place in San Diego. LOL, now their yelp review will rank well in Google, and they will never know why!

The place is awesome, just opened 3 months ago.

I was talking to the owner about Facebook ads. 5 Minutes later I had an add up and running to his facebook page.

Such a powerful technology. I don’t think any of us have even begun to grasp the power of this thing.

I am proud to have been part of it since the very early days of facebook advertising. (Even though Harrison Gevirtz literally beat me by years at the age of 15!)

Welcome people who live in the Zip, are between the ages of 30 and 45! Enjoy your dinner! 🙂

August 3 2014

Hostgator Can Not Get Me Access To My Server

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So a year ago hostgator forced us to change dedicated servers. That story was documented then. Over time we have been working to move our websites to new hosting companies. So far all of that has gone well. We still have some sites hosted on hostgator.

Tonight I needed to get access to my WHM. I have been on the phone with Host Gator for 22 minutes, and they have been unable to change my password to give me access to my server.

This is no exaggeration, about the 6th time in the past year we have had a similar conversation with them.

They are very nice and apologetic, but somehow can not get the most basic function of the server, the ability to log in and out of it, to work.

Really the only reason I am writing this, is a hope that someone there will finally take enough responsibility to fix this for us.

It will still be some months before we are finished migrating all of our sites off of hostgator.

They have with no exaggeration caused me an extra 40 or more hours of work this past year, all because of the forced server migration when I was traveling, while begging them not to do it.


June 4 2014

Authority Labs New User Interface Rocks

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Now I bet Brian is going to tell me that this was updated 9  months ago and I missed it.

I normally never go on their site, but we are trying to sort out some issues that come up when local listings pop up in Google sometimes, and then are not seen later, so I was called in to figure it out.

Authority labs is doing great on this, it is just Google that keeps changing whether they show the local listings or not for this client.

If you have not seen the new interface go check it out.

You guys did a really good job on it.

Super clear. Sharp self explanatory logos. Easy to find your way around. No unnessesary options, just the things you need, and an easy way to get to support for the things not described. I know from the past that they get back to you lightening fast.

Brian and Chase, I am imagine how much work went into the design. Love it!

March 31 2014

Naked Juice – Not Cool What you Did

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I have been a huge fan of Naked Juice for decades.

I have bought probably tens of thousands of dollars of their products and consumed them over the past decades.

They even worked with me to help the San Diego firefighters when the City of San Diego could not supply the firefighters with enough food the first few days of the big fires. For this they are still appreciated.

I have promoted them.

I had not seen Naked Juice around as much as I used to the past year.

I had thought they just were not selling as well.

According to multiple reports in the news, Naked Juice got popped by mislabeling their juices.

They were using additives as sweeteners and bulking agents that are genetically modified, and made in factories.

I feel betrayed. Not cool.

Another one of my allies that I have done deals with Whole Foods has been selling this stuff for decades. This tarnishes their reputation. Whole Foods is one of the most ethical companies in the U.S., and have saved an untold number of lives. I have known many of their executives. The guys at the top of Whole Foods are there for real to do good for the planet. One of their executives from Follow Your Heart, has been living what they say for almost half a century now.

Many of us spend an enormous amount of time and energy to put the healthiest things possible into our bodies.

The exact items they are reported to have used were Archer Daniels Midland’s Fibersol-2 (“a soluble corn fiber that acts as a low-calorie bulking agent”), fructooligosaccharides (an alternative sweetener), and genetically modified soy.

I am hitting 50 years old in a few months, and have more energy, enthusiasm and am more mentally quick than most 25 year olds I know.

Not a small part of this is due to my eating very clean food since I was 16 years old.

Virtually no artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives. I eat organic when possible, and take the best vitamins I can find.

I don’t drink, and I don’t take drugs.

Do not mess with my food supply.

If a company wants to make crap and sell poor health to the masses, that is their choice, and the choice of those who buy them.

But you best label your products accurately. If you tell me it is made with fruit and fruit juice it better be.

If Gypsy Boots were still alive right now he would throw a football right through your window.

March 20 2014

Going to Leadscon

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Next week we will be doing our thing at Leadscon.

If you follow what I do, you will know that after Shoemoney’s Elite retreat, and our own thinktank, Leadscon is one of the absolute best events of the year. If you haven’t been before I highly recommend it. It was started by a friend of mine named Jay Weintraub. Jay hit the nail on the head in terms of figuring out a niche to build an internet conference around.

The guys who go to Leadscon are for the most part serious about what they do. Leadgen is not a hope and pray method of marketing, but a very measurable game where most of the people know their numbers.

You would be shocked at how many large companies I work with who really don’t know what a visitor is worth, what a lead is worth, or even what the long term value of a sale is. The guys at Leadscon have this data down cold.

Leadscon is now being headed up by Cory Smith whose company, Access Intel purchased Leadscon. This is their first year running it, and Jay is still heavily involved. I expect it to be a great show and I am excited to go next week.

December 1 2013

Stop Complaining

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One of my favorite subjects is how much some people complain about small things, while others laugh about things that would make most cry.

There are hundreds of sayings about the difference attitude makes, but there are a handful of people you meet who live them.

Last year I ran into a guy in San Francisco, who does web design, and internet marketing. That’s not so uncommon, right? But what about the fact the guy is blind. I mean like with a dog guiding him around the nightclub in San Francisco blind? Not being able to see other than very up close and doing webdesign takes some real cajones, and Jason has them 🙂 I am impressed.

In my interactions with Jason, he has been nothing short of professional, and a great guy to chat with.

I asked Jason to write a little something for my readers, and here it is:

jasonSome of you may have heard of marketers like Adil Amarsi, Viv Craske, Paul Barrs and Kris Whitehead. These are just a few of the people I either have worked with or am working with. You see I take pride in the work I do for my clients. I take special care to ensure each client get what they want and have paid for. It truly makes me happy when I receive testimonials like the one below.


“Jason is a breath of fresh air when it comes to working with web development. Not only is he an expert in his field, he is punctual and polite, as well as willing to communicate in a non-technical way to really connect with his client’s. I recommend Jason with upmost enthusiasm, because he produces results…on time, and on budget, period.”


The one thing that makes me unique against a sea of developers is that I am legally blind. Yep, I was born with and diagnosed at six months old with optic nerve hypoplasia – under developed optic nerves. The best way I can explain it is as follows. What someone with normal 20/20 sight can see at 400 ft, I can see the same thing from about 20 feet away.  Where most can focus in on something far away that’s virtually impossible for me unassisted.  My vision works best up close, and thanks to a macbook and software like Adobe CS and web based software like WordPress I’m able to easily create beautiful works of art geared toward my clients businesses.


From an early age of 8 I knew that I was going to have my hands deep in some form of programming. Initially it was games and over the years that dream has transformed into web development thanks to an aunt of mine. She suggested I take a look at a continuing education class for web development. After more classes on the subject and several jobs I had made the decision once and for all that I’d work for myself!


The time for me to strike out on my own was after I had a job as a deli clerk. Over worked and underpaid I would work tirelessly after the day was done and on days off. Finally after realizing that it was pointless to be building websites if people couldn’t see them, I decided to delve into IM.


Since then I have been on a mission to work with the worlds leading marketers and everyone in between. For my portfolio and more testimonials like the one above visit Will you be the next marketing genius I work with? Well, we won’t know unless you set up an appointment with me.

Click this link to schedule your 30 min appointment now…