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December 31 2010

Somethings I would like from you this decade

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1. Be honest. As a group we now control the communication of the world. As I write this I am sending a message around one person in China every second. Each of these communications, blog posts, tweets, ads, pings, auctions etc. are communications. We have the ability to set an example that will be seen all over the world. How bout in 10 years the world says to us. Thanks guys, when the world became corrupt, and we didn’t know who to believe, we knew that what we saw on the internet was true. Joking? Fuck no. Dead serious.

2. Be generous. If you really work hard, nose to the grindstone and all that, and study up on making money using the internet you will succeed. I don’t mean shortcuts, I mean old school, study, make contacts, study the technical stuff, stay up all night working. For at least the next year or years, you will probably be able to make more money than 90% of the people who live on the planet. There is no need to hide to learn what you learned. Sure you can keep your newest greatest idea secret, but for those of us who are doing o.k. or better, often sharing that one idea you probably won’t get to, could change someones life.

3. Work on Good things that help people. One of my greatest sources of pride are the cartoon books on They have taught hundreds of thousands or maybe more people about chiropractic. I made money off of less than 1% of those people. All the rest of them were improved by it. In fact those cartoon books have been used. I have been going through hundreds of offers on affiliate networks lately, and honestly most of them are deceptive, or dishonest. I want to be proud of what I sell people. Help find good things in the world that we can share with others.

4. Take care of yourself for me. I love you guys and gals. We all work crazy hours, and live in a world that celebrates booze, drugs, and cheating to get ahead. Take good care of your body and mind, so we can all be around, happy and healthy for a long time to come.

5. Take care of everyone else. The world needs your briliance and creativity. Most of the people in the world live a horrible life compared to us. I don’t want you to give them charity, it will just make them weak. But figure out ways to better their minds and skills so they can take care of themselves and help those around them the same.

I am sure this list could be much longer, but if we could just get done numbers one through 5 in the next 10 years, we will be in really good shape.

P.S. Oh yeah, and stop killing people, other than when they are trying to kill someone else.

  1. 38minutes said on February 14th, 2011 at 4:33 am

    This is really cool! Great mottos to live by.

  2. Olivia said on February 19th, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    This is the one post I love the most. Thanks so much DK. So glad and grateful to have known you. 🙂

  3. mrunalg said on May 9th, 2011 at 5:59 am

    True, I always wondered with all the booze, drugs and the nonsense that goes around to stay ahead of competition, what could be the real good way to live longer and still enjoy. Here comes the answer.

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