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August 31 2014

Survey Monkey Alternative

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If you have followed me over the years you have seen me connect, connect, connect, connect over and over with the biggest players in our industry. My email list is huge and full of executives, owners, investors, and movers and shakers in the internet business world.

One of my best ways to connect with these folks is using niche events. Today I am going to go over exactly how to do this..

Back in 2007 when I first went gung-ho networking and building my list, people were not even using the term opt in or lead gen commonly.

I wasn’t trying to be a laser effective internet marketer, but instead just did what seemed natural. I cared about the people in the industry and wanted to connect with them.

So naturally when I held my first big poker tournament at Pubcon, I used a Survey Monkey survey to find out where they wanted the tournament, what they wanted to drink, what was important in terms of prizes, when it should start, when it should end, and even the design of the t-shirt.

Here is a walk through on how to use Wufoo to create a survey in literally a few minutes.

As a result I developed what became one of the first, most popular, and longest lasting events in the internet business world.

We chose survey monkey at the time because it made so much sense on so many levels.

The funny thing is that I recently heard about a course that teaches you how to use surveys like this for lead gen.

As soon as someone fills out a survey, if you get their contact info, they become a lead.

If you are reading this post, and have been to Pubcon in the past 10  years, there is a high chance that you ended up on my email list because of this.

More about the Pubcon story and how I used wufoo and survey monkey.

Lately we have been experimenting using the Survey Monkey Alternative WuFoo. I can only describe it as being lighter, and more agile than Survey Monkey, but very powerful, and easy to use. (Full Disclosure, Survey Monkey is partnering with us but everything I am saying here is exactly true.)

I find now when I am making a survey that I am putting more thought into, and where I want more control of things like urls, and how the results are going to be processed in the final analysis I tend to use Survey Monkey.

When I want to get up a survey really fast, or if I want to embed the survey on a facebook page, or on a webpage such as wordpress, I grab wufoo.

A few months ago on Facebook and Youtube I saw people becoming really alarmed about the Japanese radiation spreading to the U.S., especially into the fish supply. I asked people I knew, and there were people who seriously were really concerned about radiation and our food supply.

Whenever there is a crazy fear in the world I look to see if there is something I can do to fix it, provide people with real information, and alleviate their fears.

It suddenly occurred to me that the solution to worrying about radiation, was to know if your food was radioactive.

Being a doctor, and having a strong science background, the obvious solution to me was a Geiger counter.

Turns out your average Geiger Counter will not work with food. Since the amount of food you would measure is so small, you need an antenna that surrounds the food to pick up the random particle that would shoot out from the food in an unpredictable direction at unpredictable intervals.

This meant we would need to have these Geiger Counters custom built. I checked around, the technology was all there, and it would just require an investment to get a few thousand of them built.

Decades ago I had learned to test my marketing before building the product.

So I put up a page with a WuFoo form on a wordpress page to gather information from the visitors. If this worked, this also could end up being my lead generation page.

I ran a few hundred dollars of facebook ads to the form.

We got some clicks. We also got a few form fills on the Wufoo form of people requesting more information.

I had expected a possible flood of interest on this, but got an average responses and not a flood.

Another big project jumped in front of me, so I dropped the Geiger Counter idea, since it did not fly immediately.

The moral of the story is that I saved tens of thousands of dollars to get the Geiger Counters produced, and the time it would have taken me to perfect ads, and maybe then would have made a small profit.

I have been solidly sold by all my influencers on launching quickly and cheaply, and then seeing what the results are. The amount of money I have saved by not committing to a new product until it has been tested is enormous.

The ability to get a wordpress site up in 15 minutes, put Wufoo on it, and run facebook ads to the Wufoo survey to gauge interest, saves me a fortune every year.

Like the idea?

Go get a great idea, a free Wufoo Account, a facebook page or a wordpress blog, a facebook account with your credit card in, and you can be testing your idea within the hour for ten bucks worth of ads.



March 22 2013

Great Job Jay Weintraub!

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This is an email I just sent to Jay.


Leadscon was absolutely amazing.

Our private event went really well

We got tons of great feedback, and got a bunch
of great new clients.

All of the friends I brought to Leadscon,
ended up with new deals as a result.

In my opinion, you absolutely, positively
have brought in the highest end crowd
I have seen at any event and is right
up there with my little thinktank I do.

Really, truly amazing job.

We are actually discussing changing our normal
operations and going to the leadscon in New York
if you will have us 🙂

It was great to see Tighe helping to run things,
asI have not seen him in years.

I enjoyed meeting your mom as well 🙂

Bottom line it rocked, and I am all in to
help you in any way I can.

Please ask me for anything I can do for you.

Thank you so, so very much for the opportunity
to participate, and the opportunity to speak.

much love,

February 14 2011

Free Traffic Wiz

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The following post is written by Vinay Patanker. Great guy, and an up and comer you should keep your eye on!! He has allready hit a few good runs, and I predict more to come.

What they don’t Tell you about Becoming an Information Marketer

Creating an info product is an exciting process and a road that many internet marketers take. They fit well into IM business models and are great for building lists, personal branding and of course making money. But, there is more that goes into creating and marketing an info product then meets the eye. The hardest and longest part is not creating the product itself; it’s the process that surrounds it.

I want to share with you the process I have taken to create my first info product, both to teach what I have learned and to get advice from all the pros that read DKs blog.

A Bit About Me

I started my first ‘niche site’ back in 2007, a site that never made any money, maybe $100/year from Adsense. I never gave it any love because I was making 6 figures in my day job as a head-hunter, and it didn’t seem to be the best return on investment.

Back then I knew nothing about internet marketing. Just that those bastards Mr Page and Mr Brin made a crappy (read awesome) website in college and are now multi billionaires. So I figured, all I had to do was make a website and people would come. Boy was I wrong.

I didn’t know what page rank was or what backlinks did. The first type of ‘marketing’ I ever did was add a paragraph to Wikipedia for my niche with a resource link at the bottom. This was very useful for both SEO (although I didn’t know it at the time) and traffic generation. That lasted about 12 months until they pulled the link.

My IM career stagnated on a few sites making no money until 2009 when I got the travel bug. I went backpacking around South East Asia for 5 weeks and it changed my life. I came back wanting to get out. I had more fun in 5 weeks spending $20 a day than in the last 2 years slaving away. I made a decision to quit my day job and spend 6 months travelling.

Time to Get Serious

I had about 8 months to prepare for my big lifestyle change, and during that time I got my hands on the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. This triggered a massive light bulb – I can travel AND make money??? Sounded like heaven.

From that point it was determined. I was going into the online world. I knuckled down, found a product and built an ecommerce store – just like he told me to. Luckily for me, the ecommerce store actually made money and still is today.

As I started learning the various ways to market my e-commerce store I came across the IM community. Here I started learning about SEO, social media, PPC etc… Currently, I was driving traffic (about 90%) from PPC and not very well either. And as we all know, PPC hurts your bottom line big time. So I set out a goal to flip that statistic from 90% paid to 90% free.

After lots of learning and hard work I reached my goal. I did it through SEO, Social Media and by writing content. No secret bells and whistles, no automated software (although there are a few tools I use these days to help me out) just banging out the basics.

New Streams of Income

As I learned about marketing my e-commerce store, I applied the techniques to my niche sites. I also joined a few lists, which lead to joining more lists and after a while found myself hopping from one ‘greatest opportunity in the world’ to another. Yet the only thing that was really making me money was my ecommerce store. And the only business model that I saw that really seemed viable, almost passive and sustainable through the long term was to build a list. So I decided to build a list in the online space that I knew best – ecommerce.

I created my first info product, a free 7 day video course teaching people how to build an online store. A consolidation of information I had learned over the past year. While it’s free, I promote a bunch of affiliate offers through the course so it does make a little money, but the main focus is to over deliver to my list and build trust with them. I started getting great feedback on the course and found that making video was easier than expected.

Bring on the Info Product

Then came monetization. I felt the best thing I could do was to add a paid product into my auto responder sequence. Everyone seemed to be doing it and it was a truly passive form of income – the ultimate goal for any traveller. I created a survey using survey monkey which I added to the auto responder sequence for the course (in aweber), asking people what they thought and what they would like to see more of.

The most common request was how to market and drive more visitors to their e-commerce store. Decision made.

So the planning began. The biggest achievement I had done for my e-commerce store was to switch it from paid to free traffic. It was a long process for me to learn things like SEO and Social Media and I felt that people new to the e-commerce space would benefit from this. As I built the course and started showing it to friends, I got great feedback, even from those who were experienced marketers. And so Free Traffic Wiz was born.

Because of this, I decided I would position the course for both Internet Marketers and E-commerce store owners. The big benefit in this is there are more affiliates in the IM space who can help me promote my product. I believe that this is something that many new marketers shy away from due to high levels of competition. Instead they want to focus on a small niche market of sorts. I think I first got wind of doing the opposite to this while listening to a webinar with Eben Page and Anik Singal. They talked about the advantages of a big market which included having many affiliates to help you promote, proven business models, customers who spend money and most importantly business owners making money.

Since then, this concept has been drilled into my head over and over and after returning from Affiliate Summit, I don’t think I’ll ever enter a niche in the information space that isn’t related to health, wealth or relationships. At least not as a cornerstone of my business.

The Creation Process

I first started the project with high level mapping of the course overview. I started off with a good old pen and paper and mapped out the high level modules and some of the sub modules. I started transferring the content to Powerpoint where I could go into more detail on each subject. I also created relevant Viso documents to accompany the course.

To build the course, I used Camtasia and a cheap headset.

I recorded voice while going through the Powerpoint Slides, Visio documents and doing live screen casts of various websites and tools I use online. Pretty standard format.

Note: if you’re thinking about making your first info product, don’t get caught up in getting your design, sound or video perfect. Sure it’s nice to have professional video and studio quality sound, but people do not go through educational courses for entertainment. They want to be educated. If your content is solid, they will be happy. Even if your delivery is second grade.

I didn’t need much to get things going. I hosted it using Hostgator and built the site in WordPress using the Optimizepress theme for my sales page and membership site theme and DAP for the membership security. It took me a little while to get my head around some of this stuff but they all offer video training and there are people you can contact for support if needed.

For payment processing I used PayPal initially then Clickbank as the product evolved. Clickbank is great because it handles affiliates and refunds for you saving loads of time. Plus there are loads of affiliates that will naturally help promote your product.

I finished it off with process maps and resource documents made in Word, saved as PDFs to accompany many of the videos.

The Offer and Sales Page

This is without a doubt the hardest part of creating an info product. How do you position it? How do you price it? What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? Upsells? Bonuses? How do you word the sales page? Video? What is your story? What are your benefits?

3 tips I can give here which helped me build Free Traffic Wiz.

1.     Read read read. Seriously, read everything you can get your hands on and read from different sources. Read books from marketing, read emails from marketers, go through info products. READ OTHER PEOPLES SALES PAGES!! I use Evernote with the Firefox plugin, and whenever I come across a sales page I like – [ctrl+a] -> [right-click] -> [send to Evernote]. If you do buy someone’s product, make sure to save each page in the process. The opt-in, the sales page, each up sell page and the thank you page.

2.     Test test test. Testing is key. I use Google website optimizer and Hyper Tracker to track conversions and split test. Although Shoemoney’s new product Link Control looks like it will blow Hyper Tracker out of the water. There is plenty of material out there on testing, but the two things to test first and foremost should be your price and headline.

3.     Get help. There are plenty of people out there much smarter and more experienced than me. I know and understand this. You can hire copywriters, JV brokers, sales page designers and more. Getting someone who knows what they are doing can be a game changer.  I have just hired someone to re-do my sales and I hired a JV broker as mentioned below.


Once the course was up, my first attempt at a sales page was complete (basically a mash up of a bunch of other peoples pages) it was time to start testing and gathering testimonials. The easiest place to do this is forums. Sure, it was easier for me because I have a product in the IM space, but you can do this on any forum really.

My first step was to post an offer on the Warrior Forum. The Warrior forum is one of the biggest forums in the world and it is targeted to the Internet Marketing space. They have a section that allows users to post up what are called Warrior Special Offers – basically a market place to sell stuff. The great thing about WSOs is that there is traffic and buyers readily available. You need to be a premium member and pay $40 to list it, but you should make back much more than that.

The next step was to find reviewers. A couple of weeks before posting my WSO, I kept track of users who had responded to my questions and who were experienced members on the forum. As soon as I released my WSO I contacted them directly and offered a free copy of the product to review. This turned out to be great social proof for the product plus it started giving me testimonials. This is also a great method as these people may have influence or know affiliates that will help you out down the line. This method can be utilised in any niche.


Testing is hard on the Warrior Forum because you don’t have control of the site and you can’t split test. The way it works is I post my offer for $40 then as other people post their products, my offer is pushed down the list. Once it gets to the 4th page, I can pay another $40 and ‘bump’ it back to the top. For the first 4 bumps, I played with the headline each time I bumped. This was the extent of the testing on the WSO.

Once I had gathered testimonials from the WSO I transferred them to my main sales page and started testing the main sales page. I drove traffic through Facebook Ads, MSN PPC and solo ads. Testing the headline, offer, auto responder sequence and more. This is an ongoing process which I am still doing at the moment.

Affiliate Recruiting

I think on any introductory info product, recruiting affiliates is the most important factor. I want to emphasise think because I am only going off what I have seen in the market, read and been told. This is my first info product so I don’t know for sure.

I know there are people out there who make an absolute killing off info products without recruiting affiliates. They use main stream marketing such as infomercials and media buys on the front page of MSN. But for me to try that, I would want to make sure I had a refined product. My sales process would need to be flawless and I would need to have conversions mapped down to a key. I would want to know the exact long term return I got from each customer so I could tell if a campaign will work or not. I’d also need a large budget to make it happen.

For someone like me who is a little cautious about dropping five figures on 1 days advertising, affiliate recruiting is a more attractive option. By having an affiliate promote my product for me, I am not putting up any money of my own. Instead I am obtaining what is known as ‘risk free traffic’. This is because I don’t pay for it unless I make a sale.

The big thing about recruiting affiliates is that it has nothing to do with internet marketing. I can’t make a website and put up some PPC ads expecting affiliates to come. I have to build relationships with people, get out there and meet people, have a conversation, get drunk! (last point optional but preferred). This can scare many internet marketers off because it’s not what they signed up for. But from many of the most successful launches I’ve seen, it has been the affiliates that made it a success.  Thus for me, the number one priority of this product was to make it as attractive to affiliates as possible.

How am I planning to do this?

1.     Create a high converting offer

2.     Make affiliates look good to their lists

Affiliates want to make money, period. They do this by promoting high converting offers and by maintaining their traffic/subscribers. I can’t tell you how many lists I’ve unsubscribed from recently because they keep pumping me with push button software products that promise the world. As soon as I get an email promoting one of those products, I’m gone. Sure they might convert well up front, but are they best option for a long term business? I’ll let you decide on that one.

Bring out the Big Guns

Now seeing that I am a newb to all of this (info products, bad ass sales pages and affiliate recruiting) I decided to bring in some help.  At first I didn’t even know that there were people out there who did this kind of thing, but I eventually came across the forum which is a forum for affiliate marketers / info product creators who are looking to launch products and find affiliates to help them out. On there I found a number of people offering services like JV Broking, Affiliate Management, Launch Management etc… Prices and services vary greatly from fixed costs to revenue shares, but it’s a great place to check out if you are considering releasing an info product.

Eventually I made a decision to hire a JV broker which is essentially someone whose job it is to partner you with affiliates to help you promote your product. Like any other form of broker (eg real estate broker) their value comes from the connections they have. Obviously you should find someone who operates in your specific niche. For me, I was looking for someone first and foremost who had good connections in the industry. You can’t buy good connections so this alone is worth its weight in gold. Secondly I wanted someone who was very experienced with the whole sales process so they could help me optimize my offer and make it as appealing to affiliates as possible. Sure you can do all of this yourself, but working with someone who has done it before and who has connections is a big advantage in my eyes.

Finding Super Connectors

I recently read Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferazzi. In this book on networking, Keith talks about finding super connectors to grow your network as quickly as possible. Super connectors are those people who just know everybody (*cough* DK *cough*). Your JV broker should be a super connector. I can see how building a relationship with a super connector could dramatically impact your affiliate recruitment strategy. Don’t just approach them begging for their help, and make sure you are willing to reward them handsomely for their services. Sure, you may create your product hoping to bank a cagillion dollars (I know I did) but I quickly realised that making $1 AND getting a buyer lead is a nice situation to be in. Compared to say paying $2 for a freebie lead which is what we mostly do…

I was lucky enough to win Shoemoney’s Crazy Affiliate Summit West contest leading me to Vegas and meeting DK plus a bunch of other amazing people. This was great, because not only did I meet awesome like minded people who I am sure I will be friends with for many years to come, but I also met potential affiliates and super connectors like DK. I think I will be attending many affiliate summits and other events in the future.

Next Steps

So that’s where I ‘m up to. I’ve had great feedback on the product and am working on optimizing the sales funnel and speaking with affiliates. I just had a new sales video made which I am pretty excited about. Making a sales video is hard and my first one was… how you say? Shit… I need to get some pretty girls involved like DK I think 🙂

In terms of my launch, I plan to do what Anik Singal calls a rolling launch. Instead of one of those bad ass Jeff Walker product launches I will be taking a slower strategy where I recruit a few affiliates, test their results, optimize, recruit a few more and repeat the process. I am pretty open with the product, and want to make sure affiliates have full transparency something that doesn’t happen in many launches. The main goal as mentioned above is to give as much value as possible to my affiliates and their readers.

This is the approach I took. I am new to all of this and have tackled it to the best of my knowledge and ability. I have tried to create the product with as much integrity as possible to make sure I don’t damage my brand and to build the foundations for a long term business.

What do you think about my approach? Any suggestions on what I could have done or what I should do moving forward? Do you think I should have created a blind push button Clickbank product?

If you are interested in learning how to generate more traffic to your website, blog or e-commerce store, check out Free Traffic Wiz. Or if you are interested in making some extra cash, check out the affiliate information page.

If you do wish to promote the product, drop me an email letting me know that you heard about it from DKs blog so I can show him some love.



Email: vinay [at]

Skype: vinay.11

October 24 2010

F#[email protected] Guru Lover

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I did an e-mailing to the guys on my list a few months ago to tell them about a cool product I found, and one of the e-mails I got back said F$%CK YOU GURU LOVER! This was a very odd e-mail. Never gotten anything close to hate mail before, so the “content” stuck with me. 🙂

During the past four months since I discovered Frank Kern I have been studying the info marketing gurus. There is a loosely defined pack of guys, who market the living bejeebus out of each others products, and have a massive following. For those of you who are part of this world, you must think I am crazy that I did not even know they existed until 4 months ago at Frank Kern’s List Control event. This world consists of products like List Control, Kajabi, Product Launch Formula, Traffic Geyser, and on and on. A lot of people buy millions of dollars of these guys products every year. Most of these products are sold through partnerships with strategic partners, often on a 50/50 split.

For those of you in the “guru” world, the world I come from has events in it like Pubcon which has a few thousand people, Adtech, again a few thousand attendees, and Affiliate Summit with also thousands of attendees. Most of the attendees consider themselves internet marketers. There are very few info products, and instead information is shared freely, or through paid consulting. This is not a small nor insignificant world, with companies deeply involved with it such as google and facebook. In this world I am as Neil Patel says about himself, kinda a big deal.

So I have been spending the weekend at Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula event. During it I have met the worlds winningest dog trainer for doggy obstacle courses (which has a technical name that alludes me), the world champion at hitting a golf ball the farthest, and gotten to be good friends with Mike Murphy,  who is a producer, director and animator, and has done some bad ass animation like being 1/6th of the animators on Golem in Lord of the Rings, and the guy who animated Mrs. Butterworth in the Geico ads. Fricken brilliant and warm good guy. All of these guys are training at internet marketing to take what they rock at, and get it online in a big way.

There is a lot less drinking at this event than there is my “normal” internet events. There are some heavily technical people, and a lot of brilliant people. Most of the people are very, very, very nice. They are polite.

It was great to meet Jeff Walker today face to face for the first time. In fact he hugged me. 🙂 Turned out Jeff watched some of Jenny and mines crazy videos and liked them. I was really touched by that. In fact a lot of the people at the event had watched them. I have learned one thing about doing internet marketing to internet marketers, it is that by doing so they know you, and your reputation may be good, or it may be bad. I give a lot and take very little from internet marketers, so it acts as a nice calling card before I ever meet them.

I find that very few people in the “guru” space, or their students go to the events I normally do, and visa versa. I think the few people that learn and understand both sides of the tracks on this, are positioned to kick some major ass, and the rest who because of their own fears do not, will be held vastly back in their success. In face, through learning the Product Launch Formula, it has totally changed the way I view and use facebook ads for me and my clients.

So yes, I am now a F#$%ing Guru lover. :), but I still love Matt Cutts too. 🙂

October 8 2010

Job Opportunity

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I got this in my email in case one of you are interested in a Social Media job.

I am not vouching for the company, because I don’t know who they are yet, but if you are interested in the following fire me an e-mail and I can make an introduction:

A jr position working with social networks and booksmarks to support a very well known destination brand that people visit in person 50million times a year (and hopefully the online will match that with development)

starts at 70k
doesn’t need to be at office but would have to be accountable for their time

then would translate to a sr position with hiring multiple under them developing a team and pay and benefits would increase.

email me dk (at) if you are interested, and i will connect you.

October 6 2010


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If you are on my list you have seen my non Kajabi videos.

You probably noticed that last month we killed it with the
networking videos.

Last month my e-mail list increased by 300%.

And that was selling to you guys, meaning us, internet entrepreneurs,
the most sophisticated consumers in the world

We can not be fooled.

The only way to sell to us is with quality. (Fast forward to quality.)
The hardest part of the videos was the technical aspect of getting
them online and getting them to show.

I am sure that sometimes you saw them pause, and stall etc.

In fact the videos to promote my poker tournament are coming up,
and I have a programmer working
night and day on a site to show them.

That is because I couldn’t get Andy Jenkins to release Kajabi soon enough.

Well now, here it comes.

If you have any interest in video, then watch this link, and see what the future is
going to be like. I am begging Andy to let me buy this early so I can use it for the poker
tournament videos.

Learn about Kajabi here.

But you can’t buy it yet. Whatever Andy.

Much Love,

Oh, and if you buy it off this link, I make like enough money

for a super high end burger, shake, and dessert.

It’s not that expensive if you are going to show video.

September 21 2010


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Roots. When it comes to referrals or networking, in my organizations we talk a lot about roots. If a patient comes into our office, who was referred by someone, we check our records to see how that person came into our office. If it was another referral, we keep tracking backwards until we get to a basic person who came in through one of our marketing techniques. The marketing method that originally brought the first person in on a chain is called a root.

If you watched my networking videos you saw that around 90% of the people I know in the industry started off with a referral from Shoemoney as the root. (Shoemoney’s true root was the poker tournament but has become a root all his own).

What you may not know, is that probably half of the people I met through Shoemoney, including facebook, started with an introduction from Shoemoney at his Elite Retreat. The Elite Retreat is 30 of the top internet businessmen from around the world, and has the crème de la crème of the industry as speakers.

These are not speakers in the usual sense where they just blab and blab, but instead lead discussions that in the past have been followed by individual consultations by the experts.

The Elite Retreat is where I first met Aaron Wall who has been my go to guy for SEO. I also met about 25% of the guys who come to thinktank as a result of the Elite Retreat. It is just head and shoulders above the industry conferences that exist. The contacts I have made there have proven massively helpful.

The Elite Retreat is not on sale yet, but I expect it to sell out quite quickly. At least a dozen times at thinktank I was asked by people if there was going to be an Elite Retreat this year. I kept answering that I thought Shoemoney was just too busy to put it on, but obviously I was wrong 🙂  30 spots. Chance of a life time. Sign up here to stay posted.

I am just saying.

July 9 2010

Some cool web help

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Sanjay, the CEO of Crowd Gather, the forums guys, gave me an e-mail and told me about a friend he wanted to bring to thinktank. It is a family friend by the name of Rahul.

I make a lot of landing pages for facebook ads, and have become a bit of an expert in this area.
I have also been doing a lot of mailing list management lately, and have been playing with landing pages for those as well.

There is a special project that I have been working on the past month, that you will see exposed in John Chow’s, Shoemoney’s and Yanik Silver’s mega universes next week. These guys between the three of them directly reach about a third of a million people on a regular basis. Amazing stuff.

Unless you hide under a rock next week, you will see the great work that Rahul did for me with some tweeks we will be doing this weekend. He was quick to respond, which I always appreciate when working with designers. In my universe, it either happens fast, or I am 10 miles down the road with a dust cloud following me if you blink.

Rahul Alim’s  web design company, Custom Creatives, first became well known making sites, landing pages, banners and other ads for the real estate industry. Sanjay introduced him by saying something on the order of, Well…his stuff converts. That was all I needed to hear. To me a site or an ad is only as good as it converts, and not better.

If you are not on Shoemoney’s, Yaniks, or John Chow’s mailing list, then I suggest you get on them, so next week you can see Rahuls work that he did for me.

Thanks again Rahul, I am real happy with it 🙂

July 7 2010

two solid opportunities from two friends of mine

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The last few years I have made some amazing progress in the internet world and had the chance to do some amazing things, including helping some of the biggest companies like facebook and Azoogle with their marketing. I’ve also sold millions of dollars of my own stuff.

The reason I have been able to do this is because of the contacts I have made. Without the guys I know, and the stuff they know I would be at 0.

Two of the guys I have been the most impressed by, are unfortunately both selling their thing tomorrow/today.

One of them is John Chow, the legendary blogger. John, who is coming to thinktank this year, has nailed the Make Money Online market so hard, that even google had to back down when John didn’t follow their rules. The guy just kills it, year after year, making a very substantial amount of money from his blog, consistently, a nice steady flow.

I can’t tell you the number of doors, and the money made that has come as a result of my blog, and since the beginning I have looked to John to find out what was working, and what I should do.

When Shoemoney sold the Shoemoney system, John Chow sold such a big percentage of the memberships that I was shocked when I heard.

John’s training program is now live, and selling with a limited number of spots. Want to make money blogging? This is the guy who wrote the book. It is a few hundred bucks, and could literally give you a career and a business for less than a thousand bucks if you use it right. John has been an inspiration to me, and can be a very, very helpful guy to know. 100,000 people a month who read his blog is an awful lot of eyeballs. By being part of this program, you will end up on Johns radar, where you definitely want to be if you are in this game.


On to the next thing. Jeff Walker. I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I have been by the Product Launch Formula. I have studied the first 20% or so that he has released, and it has changed the way I will do marketing forever. Makes the stuff I have been doing before look like the work of a child.

They had a few cancellations, orders that did not go through or whatever, and opened up a few more seats. Beg borrow or steal to get in this course.
Just with what I have learned so far, in the past few weeks, I made an extra couple of thousand bucks which paid me back what I paid for the course.

They even let you sign up for about 20% down, and then you can cancel in 30 days and get it back. Honestly, not to be mean, but if someone can’t just take what is learned in the first 30 days on this course, and make a decent living off of it, they probably don’t belong in this game.

Check it out. Comes with my highest recommendations!

July 1 2010

Product Launch Formula Review

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This is my initial product launch formula review.

The quick summary is the stuff rocks. Super easy to understand, powerful info I have never come across before.

There has been an interesting effect though that I have never seen before.

Once I started promoting Jeff’s stuff, I got comments and responses to my e-mails like I have never seen before. I’ve seen this before. It happens in my chiropractic office sometimes.

Jeff’s message is so clear, and strong, and confident, with no apology. He is saying, and after seeing the materials I believe it, that if you study his material and follow it step by step, you will be able to make some money online.

When you see what he is outlining I can totally see how if someone was completely dumb about it, and just followed his instructions to the letter, I can not imagine how after doing it a few times, they would make back the money they spent on the course, and then have a job type income for the rest of their life. That is my opinion if they did it in a dumb lazy way.

On the other hand, the type of people who read my blog, who are mostly savy internet marketer types. If any of you guys followed this, well buddy, skies the limit.

I consider myself fairly sharp at this internet marketing stuff, but this guy is on a whole nother level. The day I do a million in sales in a few hours, then I will start criticizing him. But of course I wouldn’t.

By the way, the thing has a money back guarantee before X number of days.

I highly recommend if you have any desire to make money, to try it, but if you haven’t followed it and started making some money quickly, then get a refund.

Criticisms? I wish there was a way to speed up the playback so I could hear it faster and save a few minutes, but you know what, I allready made back my investment from this the first week, so who cares?

Check out Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula.

And yes if you click on the links above and purchase I get a little chunk of change. That being said, everything above is my truly honest opinion.