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August 31 2014

Survey Monkey Alternative

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If you have followed me over the years you have seen me connect, connect, connect, connect over and over with the biggest players in our industry. My email list is huge and full of executives, owners, investors, and movers and shakers in the internet business world.

One of my best ways to connect with these folks is using niche events. Today I am going to go over exactly how to do this..

Back in 2007 when I first went gung-ho networking and building my list, people were not even using the term opt in or lead gen commonly.

I wasn’t trying to be a laser effective internet marketer, but instead just did what seemed natural. I cared about the people in the industry and wanted to connect with them.

So naturally when I held my first big poker tournament at Pubcon, I used a Survey Monkey survey to find out where they wanted the tournament, what they wanted to drink, what was important in terms of prizes, when it should start, when it should end, and even the design of the t-shirt.

Here is a walk through on how to use Wufoo to create a survey in literally a few minutes.

As a result I developed what became one of the first, most popular, and longest lasting events in the internet business world.

We chose survey monkey at the time because it made so much sense on so many levels.

The funny thing is that I recently heard about a course that teaches you how to use surveys like this for lead gen.

As soon as someone fills out a survey, if you get their contact info, they become a lead.

If you are reading this post, and have been to Pubcon in the past 10  years, there is a high chance that you ended up on my email list because of this.

More about the Pubcon story and how I used wufoo and survey monkey.

Lately we have been experimenting using the Survey Monkey Alternative WuFoo. I can only describe it as being lighter, and more agile than Survey Monkey, but very powerful, and easy to use. (Full Disclosure, Survey Monkey is partnering with us but everything I am saying here is exactly true.)

I find now when I am making a survey that I am putting more thought into, and where I want more control of things like urls, and how the results are going to be processed in the final analysis I tend to use Survey Monkey.

When I want to get up a survey really fast, or if I want to embed the survey on a facebook page, or on a webpage such as wordpress, I grab wufoo.

A few months ago on Facebook and Youtube I saw people becoming really alarmed about the Japanese radiation spreading to the U.S., especially into the fish supply. I asked people I knew, and there were people who seriously were really concerned about radiation and our food supply.

Whenever there is a crazy fear in the world I look to see if there is something I can do to fix it, provide people with real information, and alleviate their fears.

It suddenly occurred to me that the solution to worrying about radiation, was to know if your food was radioactive.

Being a doctor, and having a strong science background, the obvious solution to me was a Geiger counter.

Turns out your average Geiger Counter will not work with food. Since the amount of food you would measure is so small, you need an antenna that surrounds the food to pick up the random particle that would shoot out from the food in an unpredictable direction at unpredictable intervals.

This meant we would need to have these Geiger Counters custom built. I checked around, the technology was all there, and it would just require an investment to get a few thousand of them built.

Decades ago I had learned to test my marketing before building the product.

So I put up a page with a WuFoo form on a wordpress page to gather information from the visitors. If this worked, this also could end up being my lead generation page.

I ran a few hundred dollars of facebook ads to the form.

We got some clicks. We also got a few form fills on the Wufoo form of people requesting more information.

I had expected a possible flood of interest on this, but got an average responses and not a flood.

Another big project jumped in front of me, so I dropped the Geiger Counter idea, since it did not fly immediately.

The moral of the story is that I saved tens of thousands of dollars to get the Geiger Counters produced, and the time it would have taken me to perfect ads, and maybe then would have made a small profit.

I have been solidly sold by all my influencers on launching quickly and cheaply, and then seeing what the results are. The amount of money I have saved by not committing to a new product until it has been tested is enormous.

The ability to get a wordpress site up in 15 minutes, put Wufoo on it, and run facebook ads to the Wufoo survey to gauge interest, saves me a fortune every year.

Like the idea?

Go get a great idea, a free Wufoo Account, a facebook page or a wordpress blog, a facebook account with your credit card in, and you can be testing your idea within the hour for ten bucks worth of ads.



October 24 2010

F#[email protected] Guru Lover

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I did an e-mailing to the guys on my list a few months ago to tell them about a cool product I found, and one of the e-mails I got back said F$%CK YOU GURU LOVER! This was a very odd e-mail. Never gotten anything close to hate mail before, so the “content” stuck with me. 🙂

During the past four months since I discovered Frank Kern I have been studying the info marketing gurus. There is a loosely defined pack of guys, who market the living bejeebus out of each others products, and have a massive following. For those of you who are part of this world, you must think I am crazy that I did not even know they existed until 4 months ago at Frank Kern’s List Control event. This world consists of products like List Control, Kajabi, Product Launch Formula, Traffic Geyser, and on and on. A lot of people buy millions of dollars of these guys products every year. Most of these products are sold through partnerships with strategic partners, often on a 50/50 split.

For those of you in the “guru” world, the world I come from has events in it like Pubcon which has a few thousand people, Adtech, again a few thousand attendees, and Affiliate Summit with also thousands of attendees. Most of the attendees consider themselves internet marketers. There are very few info products, and instead information is shared freely, or through paid consulting. This is not a small nor insignificant world, with companies deeply involved with it such as google and facebook. In this world I am as Neil Patel says about himself, kinda a big deal.

So I have been spending the weekend at Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula event. During it I have met the worlds winningest dog trainer for doggy obstacle courses (which has a technical name that alludes me), the world champion at hitting a golf ball the farthest, and gotten to be good friends with Mike Murphy,  who is a producer, director and animator, and has done some bad ass animation like being 1/6th of the animators on Golem in Lord of the Rings, and the guy who animated Mrs. Butterworth in the Geico ads. Fricken brilliant and warm good guy. All of these guys are training at internet marketing to take what they rock at, and get it online in a big way.

There is a lot less drinking at this event than there is my “normal” internet events. There are some heavily technical people, and a lot of brilliant people. Most of the people are very, very, very nice. They are polite.

It was great to meet Jeff Walker today face to face for the first time. In fact he hugged me. 🙂 Turned out Jeff watched some of Jenny and mines crazy videos and liked them. I was really touched by that. In fact a lot of the people at the event had watched them. I have learned one thing about doing internet marketing to internet marketers, it is that by doing so they know you, and your reputation may be good, or it may be bad. I give a lot and take very little from internet marketers, so it acts as a nice calling card before I ever meet them.

I find that very few people in the “guru” space, or their students go to the events I normally do, and visa versa. I think the few people that learn and understand both sides of the tracks on this, are positioned to kick some major ass, and the rest who because of their own fears do not, will be held vastly back in their success. In face, through learning the Product Launch Formula, it has totally changed the way I view and use facebook ads for me and my clients.

So yes, I am now a F#$%ing Guru lover. :), but I still love Matt Cutts too. 🙂

October 8 2010

Job Opportunity

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I got this in my email in case one of you are interested in a Social Media job.

I am not vouching for the company, because I don’t know who they are yet, but if you are interested in the following fire me an e-mail and I can make an introduction:

A jr position working with social networks and booksmarks to support a very well known destination brand that people visit in person 50million times a year (and hopefully the online will match that with development)

starts at 70k
doesn’t need to be at office but would have to be accountable for their time

then would translate to a sr position with hiring multiple under them developing a team and pay and benefits would increase.

email me dk (at) if you are interested, and i will connect you.

October 6 2010


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If you are on my list you have seen my non Kajabi videos.

You probably noticed that last month we killed it with the
networking videos.

Last month my e-mail list increased by 300%.

And that was selling to you guys, meaning us, internet entrepreneurs,
the most sophisticated consumers in the world

We can not be fooled.

The only way to sell to us is with quality. (Fast forward to quality.)
The hardest part of the videos was the technical aspect of getting
them online and getting them to show.

I am sure that sometimes you saw them pause, and stall etc.

In fact the videos to promote my poker tournament are coming up,
and I have a programmer working
night and day on a site to show them.

That is because I couldn’t get Andy Jenkins to release Kajabi soon enough.

Well now, here it comes.

If you have any interest in video, then watch this link, and see what the future is
going to be like. I am begging Andy to let me buy this early so I can use it for the poker
tournament videos.

Learn about Kajabi here.

But you can’t buy it yet. Whatever Andy.

Much Love,

Oh, and if you buy it off this link, I make like enough money

for a super high end burger, shake, and dessert.

It’s not that expensive if you are going to show video.

July 1 2010

Product Launch Formula Review

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This is my initial product launch formula review.

The quick summary is the stuff rocks. Super easy to understand, powerful info I have never come across before.

There has been an interesting effect though that I have never seen before.

Once I started promoting Jeff’s stuff, I got comments and responses to my e-mails like I have never seen before. I’ve seen this before. It happens in my chiropractic office sometimes.

Jeff’s message is so clear, and strong, and confident, with no apology. He is saying, and after seeing the materials I believe it, that if you study his material and follow it step by step, you will be able to make some money online.

When you see what he is outlining I can totally see how if someone was completely dumb about it, and just followed his instructions to the letter, I can not imagine how after doing it a few times, they would make back the money they spent on the course, and then have a job type income for the rest of their life. That is my opinion if they did it in a dumb lazy way.

On the other hand, the type of people who read my blog, who are mostly savy internet marketer types. If any of you guys followed this, well buddy, skies the limit.

I consider myself fairly sharp at this internet marketing stuff, but this guy is on a whole nother level. The day I do a million in sales in a few hours, then I will start criticizing him. But of course I wouldn’t.

By the way, the thing has a money back guarantee before X number of days.

I highly recommend if you have any desire to make money, to try it, but if you haven’t followed it and started making some money quickly, then get a refund.

Criticisms? I wish there was a way to speed up the playback so I could hear it faster and save a few minutes, but you know what, I allready made back my investment from this the first week, so who cares?

Check out Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula.

And yes if you click on the links above and purchase I get a little chunk of change. That being said, everything above is my truly honest opinion.

June 29 2010

Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula

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FTC Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Jeff Walker’s PLF.  If you end up buying through my link I make a bunch of money off of you.

Why I am buying Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula tomorrow.

In any field I am in, I follow the Salmon upstream.

Quickly as I entered the world of the internet, there were two names that kept coming up.

One was Matt Cutts if you wanted to know how to rank well in Google. (Matt is THE guy AT google), and Shoemoney, if you wanted to learn how to sell something online.

I learned Matt’s lessons, write good content and get good quality relevant links, (thank you Matt), and I befriended Shoemoney to learn from him and get his help, and Shoemoney you have given back in excess, a greater friend never existed.

So a few months ago, I hear Shoemoney talk about this guy who is THE expert on internet marketing, named Frank Kern. I like WTF? Shoemoney always talks about how brilliant Shoemoney is, and rarely considers someone else to be better than him at something. This isn’t just ego, this is actually very, very true. 🙂 So who is this Frank Kern fellow? And what? He lives in the same small town as where I am? Huh?

Then I discover the Little Video Boss and this mad genius Andy Jenkins who with his free content teaches me more about how to make a great video than anything I had ever seen before.

Now in my world of Pubcon, Google, Facebook, SEO, Affiliate Summit, I am considered to be kind of an expert and a celebrity. In fact I take a lot of pride in that, speak at the conferences, advise the biggest companies, solve problems, blah, blah, blah.

Shoemoney invites me down the day before Frank Kern’s list control conference. I head down and hang out by the pool, in the bar and around the area. Yvette who works with Frank ends up allowing me in to the conference the next day, and I meet a lot of spectacular people.

Now it starts to get a little weird.

A woman in the audience is almost crying because Frank says he won’t be doing public internet marketing training any more. I mean almost crying! I am used to my audiences being almost asleep when I talk at internet conferences, while I make fun of them from stage, and they still are half asleep. And I am a damn funny speaker!

Then the other guys in the conference are all talking to each other about their launch this and their launch that. “I did 2.3 on my launch!” “Hey, Bill did 1.2 on his launch.” It took me a few minutes to figure out these 2.3 and 1.2 were referring to millions of dollars. This wasn’t no SEO conference.

I’m no idiot, and I sure as heck don’t let my past experiences block me from new information.

So I shut up and paid attention and tried to meet as many of these guys as I could.

I found that most of them tremendously looked up to and respected, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, and Jeff Walker the Product Launch Formula guy. Hmmm…

It turns out that all of them Kern, Jenkins and the other attendees use this Product Launch Formula to make these millions.

Who was this Jeff Walker fellow? Well, he is the one who figured out how to do a product launch.

What this simply means is

1. Come up with a Product.

2. Get folks to help you promote it.

3. Make the release of the product an event.

4. Give away a ton of great content, (like best stuff you ever saw).

5. Release a magnificent product for a short period.

So a few weeks ago, I hear Shoemoney mention that Jeff Walker is going to be releasing a new product. I ask him, so is this the one I should buy? He says, “I am”. Now that conversation was between the two of us, and not for any sales reason. Just two guys trying to figure out the best materials to study to improve our work.

So tomorrow Jeff Walker will release his Product Launch Formula 3.0

Don’t even try to find the Product Launch Formula Coupon Code, or get a Product Launch Formula Discount, they don’t exist. We are all paying full price.

I am going to buy it.

And no, there is no where on the internet you can learn from THE guy who all the other bests learned from.

I am so excited I can barely stand it. 🙂

And even if you don’t buy didly squat from this guy, if it is still up go study the free stuff he put up, because you can honestly learn so much from the free stuff that it will increase your income.

Oh, just for the record, just from what I learned from the Free Product Launch Formula materials, I already made enough money to pay for the program! LOL Not kidding at all.

(By the way, the links above are all my affiliate links. Jeff, thank you so much for those!)

May 9 2010

Zac Johnsons E-Book Launch – Become a 6 Figure Blogger

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Zac Johnson is the internet marketers internet marketer. Zac is swimming in some of the toughest waters, marketing to marketers.

I know what this is like, because I do the same thing.

Zac has a new e-book to help you become a 6 figure blogger.

I can already tell you why this is going to be a success.

Here is why.

He picked a 1oo K as a target, not a million bucks.

I believe Shoemoney said he is making somewhere like a million bucks a year from his blog.

I bet John Chow is somewhere in that range as well.

My blog and I bet most of the other famous bloggers you read make at most in the hundreds of thousands per year from their blog,and the closely related activities around it.

Zac obviously knows this subject, as he has done this for years.

Zac is Leveraging his Friendships

Zac is a very well liked guy. I have never heard or seen a single word written badly about him.

This is not easy to pull off when 100’s of thousands of people know who you are.

Zac sent out an e-mail earlier letting me, John Chow, and I am guessing Shoemoney and others know about his affiliate program for the launch. Since there is no income coming directly from the book, he is doing a contest instead on how many people he gets to sign up.

Although he did not say it, I am assuming he is building a quality e-mail list of those interested in building a profitable blog, and he can monetize that list later.

There is Broad Appeal to Zac’s Product

This has the potential to get him hundreds of thousands of contacts in a very short time. How many people want to make money blogging? I had recently seen a huge spike in traffic to Jonathan Volks website, and asked him what happened. He said it was nothing more complicated than his writing an e-book and making it widely known. Almost everyone in America and Europe knows what blogging is. Almost everyone in the U.S. and Europe knows that people make lots of money on the internet. The potential number of people who could read this book are limitless.

Zac made it easy to get in.

No money down. No commitment. There isn’t even a hint as to what is in it for him. In fact, once you download the book, there is nothing to keep you from forwarding it to your friends.

Money and Recognition in it for Those Who Help

I can already guess that Shoemoney is going to win the contest even though he hasn’t blogged on it yet, and John Chow will probably get second.

My traffic is usually about 1/10th the traffic they get, so I predict I will win one of the $100 prizes. Now $100 isn’t really enough money to make it worth my time to write this blog. But on the other hand Zac is my friend, and I want to help him. Also, if Zac posts me as a winner, it get’s me more traffic, followers, links, notoriety etc.

A casebook study, and executed perfectly.

By the way the e-book rocks. I have allready learned a ton from it. Plus there is a chapter by me. 🙂

Go here to get the book for free on becoming a 6 figure blogger.

Go here to be an affiliate for the e-book.

Why You Should Be an Affiliate for the 6 Figure Blogger book.

Zac is a big shot, successful and busy.

If you want to get his attention, and start the road to friendship with him, be an affiliate.

This e-book is a big deal to Zac. You can tell by the work he put into making it so dam good.

I promise you he will be studying where every sign up came from.

Even if you only get 10 signups, Zac is going to notice.

March 24 2009

Run With a Strong Pack

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In the internet world you better run with a strong pack. This doesn’t mean you follow 20,000 people on twitter, or are friends with 2000 people on facebook. It doesn’t even mean that 100 people comment whenever you write a blog. What it means is you need a core group of people, whether it is 3 or 30 that are there for you when you need it.

The smarter, more energetic and more aggressive this group is, the better.

My progress in the internet business and marketing world has come about almost exclusively because of my friends.

Sure I better know my stuff, so that when the moment comes I know what to do to tip the ball in the basket, like I did last week. But to be really successful these days on the internet you almost assuredly can not pull it off alone.

Recently I needed a favor, that  I knew would take a few hours, and needed to be done that night, by two of the biggest names in our industry. I e-mailed these two internet rock stars, who both then sat up half the night to get it done.

What did I give them back? Nothing. Why did they do it? Love.

You guys who are reading this, my friends, the ones who would feel comfortable calling me right now and asking me a favor, are my pack, and I am yours.

It’s a funny world, because some of them like Marcus I have spent no more than an hour total with him, but yet would be happy to help him in any way I could. Nic N Cher, have been helping me out before I ever met them, and I help them in any way I can, we live half way around the globe from each other, and have spent no more than an hour together total. Guys like Al and Slaven I have stayed up all night with laughing about the stupidest things in the world. People like Michael Sprouse, the botw boys,  and Alex the tweeter and others have also been huge financial support to the events we have all enjoyed together. I have heard Aaron talk once, spoke to him in person for 60 seconds, but can e-mail him at 3 a.m. and get advice not available anywhere else on the planet. Sometimes it’s things like Tony, who is always there to be a friend, or Sir Hermanns who hits it high on every level! Other times it is when someone like John, who at 2 a.m. the day before a talk I did gave me such undeniable insight into my audience that it turned another boring talk into something life changing for me. The list contains many more not listed above.

The ways you can help each other are infinite, but without getting help online let’s see you do anything. The help comes in links, diggs, advice, insider info and connections.

Without this amazing path of Pam introducing me to Neil, and Neil giving Shoe the thumbs up about me., and Shoe introducing me to literally dozens of the most affluent, successful (alex) and powerful people on the internet, it would have taken me another decade to pull of what I have done.

A link is an acknowledgment that the person digs you. A digg is a  nod of approval for what you’ve done. Getting your name dropped on the right blog gets you clients, recognition, and the money that follows. An introduction with a statement that you are smart, powerful, know certain important stuff or are connected, can move you to the front of the line, and literally past the velvet rope.

None of this works without friendship, none of this works without love.

Am I smart? I’ll let you decide. Am I well connected? You better believe it. My connections are infinitely more valuable than my knowledge.  There is almost nothing known about internet business that I can not find out in 20 minutes via twitter, a phone call or an e-mail.

On the flip side if you are my friend there is nothing I won’t do. I will stay up late working on something for you. I will drop everything to read your stuff, sphinn it, digg it, or link to it, or even write it for you and let you put your name on it ☺ If need be I will pick up the tab, and stand there for 12 hours with you standing on my shoulders so you can win today, the day it really counts.

The pack I run with vary from the ridiculous to the tough and edgy. Some of them walk right up to the edge, laugh and jump to the other side. But every one of them realize that nothing we do can get done without each others help.

Feel left out? Want to get inside? Feel you deserve it? Then prove it. None of these guys are elitist. Anyone is welcome, but at a price. If your not yet in, you better bust your ass to help the others until they accept you. To stay in, you better be willing to help at a moments notice those around you.

Watch someone like Michael Gray on twitter when he’s chatting with Rae. Any unknown can give him a tweet and ask him a question, and he answers. It’s like butting into a conversation between Robert Deniro and Angelina Jolie, and having Robert stop in the middle of the conversation to answer some junior college acting students question about character development.

So I toast all of you! And am here for you when you need my help, as I know you are when I do. For those of you who are running around without a pack, wondering why it is so hard to make it? You better find the right pack and figure out what you need to do to be part of it.

When you need help, ask.

Love you guys. Honestly do. Thanks for each and everything that each of you have done for each of us.

I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.