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March 14 2013

Why I am dropping everything to go to Leadscon next week.

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Those who know me know that we have been absolutely killing it this past year.
It has undeniably been our best year ever.

I am passing up literally dozens of other opportunities next week to go to leadscon.

Why, because I Can’t Afford NOT to Attend!

There are going to be big decision makers from big companies that do lead gen online,
as well as lots of guys who are doing big things developing and selling leads.

The list of companies coming is over 1000.

I have gotten to be buddies with Jay, the organizer of leadscon,
and he gave me the bro hookup so if you want to grab one of the
last few seats, you even save some money.

I am going big on this one, and will be doing one of my back room NDA events.

I have only committed to three events this year, and this is one of them.

Where a lot of the other events have gotten full of wanna be successful guys,
this event is full of us who are there.

Come join me in making some great contacts and creating the future of the internet.

much love,

Sign up here:

October 4 2011

Conversion Webinar with Behind the scenes Jon who is killing it

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I sent this out as an email earlier today, 10/4/11 and the spam filters just gobbled it up,

so I am putting it out here and on facebook so peeps can find it.

I just can’t recomend this guys stuff highly enough.

I aint making a dime off of promoting this either, I just want people to hear what Jon is

doing and buy his training if you think it has the value I do.

I started on the training already myself.



Tomorrow will be one of the webinars people will talk about for months.
If you trust me, go register for it. If you don’t read the rest of this email.

Register here:
A few months ago, the day Andy was closing his Video Boss program (A rock star training by the way), I was at Andy’s house watching from behind the scenes, and besides they had a killer spread of food, plus ocean views. As a professional networker (or netstalker as Dan Ryan likes to call me), I was in heaven.

Andy was live all day, and one by one some of the biggest names in the info marketing world wandered in to give testimonials.

So I know everyone walking in the door is a player, and I should get to meet them. This is where I first met Joe Polish and Filsaime as well.

Then in walks this super buff dude with this super hot girl on his arm, who looks me in the eye and is as confident as I am. I said to myself…hmm….this guy must be somebody.

I asked him his name and he says his name. Doesn’t ring a bell. I asked him if he was here to give a testimonial, and he says no, he is helping Andy with his close.

So my mind is going WTF, helping Any Jenkins with his close? I consider Andy to be one of the absolute best marketers in the world, hands down. To me his first Video Boss promo changed my life forever, just the fricken promo. So if this guy was advising Andy, I wanted to know him.

So Jon and I went upstairs to Andy’s room, and hung out on the couch and talked for some hours. The talk went into the highest protein and fat dinner I’ve ever had at Mortons Steak House, and on and on and on.

Turns out that Jon is possibly the greatest conversion expert in the world. And the boy can close. It turns out that he got involved with Mike Geary and his truth about abs campaign, Jon re-wrote the sales copy, and doubled Mikes conversions. Truth about abs was already the number one selling product on click bank, and DOUBLED the conversion.

Jon currently has two products in the top 10 in clickbank, The Every Other Day Diet, using a Video Sales Letter and selling was recently selling over 2,000 units per day.

He also has this crazy story of a video he did where he talked to Joe Polish, while Joe was onstage, and closed so many people from his video, that there was a line around the room to sign up.

Join us on the webinar tomorrow where we will be talking conversions, sales copy, and bottom line how to get sales, from a guy who the gurus hire to help them.

If for any reason this email was lousy, know that I wrote it and not Jon. LOL

Again, this will not be recorded. These webinars have become legendary, and if you miss it, you lose 😉

Much Love,

October 10 2010

The red button works 200% of the time

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There is a latin phrase, Reductio ad absurdum.
It simply means that you can sometimes prove a point by taking it to its absolutely most extreme to make an absurd conclusion. An example would be if you ate too many doughnuts you will die. This should be obvious if you imagine what would happen if you were forced to eat 10,000 doughnuts in a night.

I think I may have done that with big red buttons.

We did the training on Networking before thinktank, and had a ton of people watching. It helped build momentum toward thinktank, ended up getting thinktank way over sold out, and also got me more deals and offers coming in than I can handle right now.

The initial squeeze page had a conversion of over 50% which I thought was pretty fricking amazing.

Then we did the whole training over a few months.

Then at the end we shot the final video. We went crazy with our, push the button, push it over here, and in fact the entire last third of the video was a dancing red arrow to rocking music telling you to push the button over to the right. I died laughing making that last part.

The result was pretty funny.

There ended up being a few hundred people who watched that final video.

For every one person who saw that video, there were two clicks on the button.

Now this does not mean that everyone who clicked dropped $3,000 for thinktank, but they definitely wanted to see the sign up page for the $3,000 event that was so exclusive. So much so, that for every person who saw the video, they clicked the big red button twice!

Tim Ash from Site Tuners has taught be a ton about landing page conversion, so has Andy Jenkins and Shoemoney.

This is a screen shot of that final page and what can only be described as a huge fucking red button. In fact that is what I named the graphic after I made it.

So the answer to the test is, yes if two people you like, while riding a jetski scream at the top of their lungs to press the red button while pointing to it, and the button is grotesquely huge, and then hard hitting rock music plays while a dancing red arrow points to the button while saying “press the button” and it is all for a product that most people already want, then 200% of the time the person will hit the button.

Reductio ad absurdum

Thanks Shoemoney, Tim Ash and Andy Jenkins (affiliate link) for showing me how to make a page that converts.