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December 31 2012

Is that odesk contractor real?

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I was reading an applicant today for something I need help with.

It was a pretty girl, her English in her application was impeccable, she was in the Phillipines, and she wanted $3.00 per hour.

Too good to be true, the 4 hour marketers dream come true?

Here is one quick and fast way to find out.

Thanks to Micahael Demko, and my friends at 419 eater for the inspiration.

(419 eater by the way is a truly hilarious site motivated as a way to scam Nigerian scammers.)

Here is my system. I simply ask the person to take a photo of themselves with their thumb up, and close enough so you can see their face.

I am totally fine, hiring 50 year old Phillipino men. If on the other hand they feel compelled to fake who they are when they market themselves, it is not someone I am gong to be comfortable giving access to sensitive data of any kind.

If someone wanting to hire me on odesk asked me to put my thumb in my mouth for a photo, I am on!