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September 27 2008

Love Letter

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This is a love letter to a select group of the internet business industry.
Thank you for giving me one of the best days of my life.
Very little sleep this week.
Working harder and faster than I ever have in my life.
This morning, I was averaging about 1 incoming phone call per minute for about an hour.
Sitting on a surfboard, the water just glistening, and dancing, looking to my side and seeing Cameron Oltheus pushing an SEO into a wave, and then him looking at me and smiling, and realizing that for me and Cameron at that exact moment, we were both officially at work!
Met Gregg, who just with a handshake blows you away with his warmth and his power.
Realizing again how very creative, and intelligent Shoemoney is.
Watching Neil Patel doing mad electric scooter rides.
Having the sun bust out, and watching 20 of my favorite people break into a spontaneous football game, seeing amazing plays, a gigantic diving catch by Sean of, so many pretty girls, so much fun, getting to give chiropractic adjustments to many.
Having Planet C1, Michael, do a ton of great chiropractic.
Realizing that an itinerary is cool, but if everyone is happy, just let them do what they are doing.
A Werewolf game with tons of disney like holoween decorations, and people laughing until they couldn’t take it.
Realizing I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight.
Meeting the pro fighters, and their coach Shawn Tompkins again, and really having it hit home, how Randy Couture is a true champ in every sense of the word, and such a truly loving family of fighters he has put together.
So full of gratitude to Pamela Lund, Neil Patel, and Shoemoney, for connecting me to all these great people.
Realizing that people don’t really know the power that Pam Lund holds.

Realizing how incredible Roseanna, (hotwheelz) is with people.

Realizing how incredibly connected, and fun Shannon is.

So amazed at my staff who have been working 16 plus hours a day for a while now with no complaints, pulling off what I think has been an unstopable event!

Just one of the most bad ass days of my life.

Tears in my eyes of gratitude to everyone!

Much Love all around!

Your tired host.


September 22 2008

If you have a second, check out this prize

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One of our events will have these as a prize. An $800 custom made pair of shoes for guys.

This amongst other fun stuff.