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November 3 2010

Pubcon Poker Registration is Open

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Seats started selling fast. Should be sold out in not too far future.

For Non-players the pubcon parties continue with two options for you.

The pubcon party at the pubcon poker tournament (The Purposeinc and poker tournament), for any pubcon attendees, or internet business folks in Vegas that week.Β  Sign Up Here.

Please put this out on twitter and facebook. My emails about free drinks and poker didn’t make it past the spam filters very well! LOL

and HUGE thank you again to for stepping up and sponsoring so big. They literally made the tournament go from decent to GREAT!!!

September 26 2010

Pubcon Coupon Code

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If you are looking for a discount code for pubcon, or a coupon code for pubcon, use this – Code: rc-8431515

You get 20% off, plus I get a kickback!

Gotta love the pubcon coupon code machine!

Much Love,


September 13 2010

thinktank sponsorship auction at 2pm today

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In a few minutes we are going to be auctioning off a breakfast sponsorship at thinktank.

It is breakfast at crepes and corks in Del Mar, a hugely popular breakfast the last day of thinktank.

If you want to be part of the bidding, send an email to with your bid.

I will then email everyone back until there is a winner.

Bidding starts at $1.

Past sponsorships have gone from $1000 up to $12,000, but so far there are only a few people in this bid.

send an e-mail to to be in the auction! and make your company a sponsor of one of the biggest events in the internet business world.

April 8 2010

Help Andy Help the World

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Take a minute to read Andy’s blog about his March Madness program help with micro student loans for those in need abroad. Andy is always on the cutting edge of finding ways that small amounts of our money, can make a big difference.

Andy Rocks.

Andy Liu controls some of the most visited sites on the internet.

February 9 2010

Affiliate Tracking ID Cloaker

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I have been spending a lot of time lately learning the affiliate marketing industry. It all started with my famous selling of a Slap Chop. In my talks with big wigs in the affiliate industry both affiliates, and companies, it has been presented as a challenge the fact that when you crack the code on an affiliate offer and get it to back out (be profitable), the affiliate company can get all the info. The problem with this can be that if the affiliate company can see exactly what you are doing, then they have the ability to compete with you on what you found to be successful.

Eric Itzkowitz the famous San Diego Internet Marketer, has been working on a solution for this, if you are sending the user to an intermediary word press landing page, before hitting the final merchants offer page. It Cloaks the Affiliate ID, so you don’t get ripped off.

Eric made a wordpress plugin, easy to install, easy to use, and easy to learn, and free so that you can gather all of the info yourself of what is working, but not let the affiliate company or the merchant get any tracking data.

Here is how it works.

When you are using Google Adwords, you append the destination URL with a ?kw=

This tells google to automatically append the url with the keywords the person was searching for when they hit your ad.

When the customer hits the wordpress landing page, Eric’s plugin, PPC Keyword Tracker, captures the keywords that google passed on to it.

Eric’s plugin randomly assigns a number to that keyword, that is passed on to the affiliate company instead of your real keywords. Eric’s plugin then becomes the decoder to let you take the tracking numbers that converted, and see which keywords they came from.

It looks easy if you are doing testing, and then if you are doing some volume, you can export it in excel to do more complex analysis.

November 18 2009

Vegas In a Nutshell and big thanks to LinkWorth

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I have been so busy living, that I have barely had a chance to write.

Vegas was 4 hours of sleep a night, playing poker with Andy Liu till 5 a.m. at the Wynn, interview by Shoemoney, catching up with Carrot Top in the restroom, making a girl disappear on stage, Randy Couture finally winning again!, fighting Robert Drysdale on stage at Pubcon, my staff just killing it again (GO JENNY! GO FAJAR! GO ROSEANNA (EVEN THOUGH YOU STAYED HOME)), GO SEASIDE CHIROPRACTIC, GO PURPOSEINC!, going up on stage to speak on internal linking with Todd Mailicoat, Aaron Wahl, and Dixon Jones, and having Aaron Wahl not show up! (Actually worked out cool, because I had to step up with Aaron gone and Aaron is still my SEO hero!), watching the drama unfold on Shoe’s blog, my server getting full just as I was about to publish like 100 photos, hanging at X/S with Seattle’s tech entrepreneur’s, and Andy Liu’s way cool friends, with their posse of super hot friends, playing poker with my wife in the poker room while Will Farrell was playing a few tables over, a girl storming out of the poker room yelling at Neil about showing them $200, and of course Neil showing how to give a lap dance! and it went on, and on, and on…

Felt like one of those Vegas movies, except this time it was for real.

More posts and pics to follow.

Each and every one of you who talked to me, or came to one of the events, or watched me speak,


I just had so much fun, and can not thank each and every one of you for the massive support and fun.

Linkworth just pulled out the stops, and in the last second chipped in a big roll of bills for the poker room party.

I ran into Matt and Ron from the Linkworth crew in the exhibition hall, and after 4 minutes of catching up, they asked how they could help.

Linkworth sells links.

I asked them if they wanted to chip in X number of G’s and just a casual, sure, no problem, they were in.

There was no contract, no negotiation, just some great guys wanting to help us all have a better poker tournament, and supporting Purpose Inc. with our activities. Love you guys and thank you!

In a week online where a lot is being said about trustworthiness and honesty, Ron at LinkWorth told me that he would kick in a big contribution to make our Poker Tournament better, and sure enough by the time I got home a check was waiting for the sponsorship. It was once told to me that if you want to gain someones trust it is as simple as saying you are going to do something, and then doing it. Well Ron did that πŸ™‚

Thanks again to all the sponsors, guests, fighters, celebrities, hot chicks, smart chicks, staff, dealers, managers, Brett Tabke, magicians, and my wife! who made all of this possible.

P.S. Latoya Jackson if you see this, I am so sorry I did not offer you my condolences about Michael when I saw you, I was just being too star struck at the moment. πŸ™‚ I loved Michael and I grew up with Tito living just up the street from me. So love and kisses to Michael, and I am so sorry about what happened. πŸ™‚

November 11 2009

All Invited to Sign Up For Poker Tourney and Guests – No Blog Needed

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Everyone is now welcome to sign up for the poker tournament if you can get a seat.

The blog requirement is now removed for new sign ups.

Go here to sign up! Sign up for Poker Tourney – Guest – or Fight Club
Now room open for players, guests at poker tourney – free drinks from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am

fight club with Robert Drysdale 6X world champ in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu also open for more registration.

Full information here, but no longer need to blog to get in.

November 2 2009

Poker Tourney – How to Get In – Free Drinks!

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Follow these steps to get in before it sells out as a player or guest. Both get free drinks on Nov. 12thΒ  from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Mirage hotel.

Here is sign up but read blog first! or you may lose your seat. πŸ™‚


Requirements, 21 or older, either a Pubcon attendee or involved with Internet business stuff. If you are a total NOBODY, don’t know anyone, junior webmaster, coming to your first Pubcon, this tourney is especially for you!! (All Mirage rules and laws apply and supersede my rules :)).


It can be totally your own pick, any charity at all.

Here are some recommended ones if you can’t think of one.

Missy Ward (boob master) and I will be raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer sucks. My friend Chris Parham, doctorate in engineering, M.D., and getting his radiology degree and some of his buds invented a way to take mamograms (boob x-ray) with something like one onethousandth of the radiation. This new method of doing mammograms is way safer than the old way, (even though the old way is still a good idea), gets better pictures of cancer when it is smaller and starting, and will save probably thousands of lives per year. With early detection, and proper surgical techniques, breast cancer can be caught and cut off at the pass before it kills. Study up here how to do a self breast cancer exam, and hey! Guys can learn too! ?????

Two of my favorite charities are:

Criminon that gets into the worst prisons in the world, and works to help prisoners get off drugs, change their viewpoint on crime, be productive, and help others. The success stories speak for themselves.

Here is another one that really hits home with me. With the white man’s exploitation of africa, (I’m kinda white and brown at the same time πŸ˜‰ and the fact that man is originally is probably from Africa anyways, I think we still should help out there till they are up to speed with the rest of the world.Β  Samburuland is an area with gentle, lovely people, who get hit pretty hard by droughts. Also the elephants walking the same migratory trails as the people could use a drink now and then as well. Wherever The Need, who I have checked out pretty well, are raising money for this way bitchen project. Dig some big fricken holes along the path of the river, that fill up when it rains, and provide water during the dry season. This happens naturally already, but they are just kicking it up a notch. This will help the nomadic people and large game at the same time.

Or use any charity you like for this!!!

My note on charity. I am all about the teach the guy to fish thing. My goal in any charity is to help others to help themselves. That is why when there is a company like Azoogle, We Build Pages, Train Signal, or even Shoemoney himself, I will do a ton to help them because they help so many other people. Helping the strong who give to others is a very high leverage opportunity with high ROI πŸ˜‰


Write about the charity. If you don’t have one, go set one up at wordpress or blogspot. Write whatever you like. Draw a little attention to something, that someone is doing in the world that you dig and makes the world better! John Chow has drawn attention to Africa. Jim Boykin, who sponsors the crap out of the Purpose Inc pubcon events, poker and otherwise, EVERY SINGLE YEAR! also supports lots of other charity events, here is one of his blogs on one of the charity fundraisers for Ronald Mac Donald house. Some of the heavy hitters have even gone so hard as to create their own bad ass organization to raise money for good causes on an ongoing basis, including Graywolf who consistently promotes other good charities like this fundraising party sponsored by Best of the Web. If you check Sugar Rae’s site,Β  you will find she promotes her charities at the bottom right of every page! Lauren Vaccarello is always involved in some way in virtually every internet marketing charity event you will come across.Β  In fact it was her who carried the money bag while me and Dave Snyder acted as the muscle. And then there is Marcus, who has taken helping through charity to a whole nother level, not just donating money, but rolling upΒ  his sleeves, and his machete πŸ™‚ when needed!


Pick any one of these, any size. If you understand capitalism, then put one with the sponsors on it. If you are a total socialist, or just like the look better, then use one without sponsors on it. Here are a whole bunch of sizes available for you!


Obviously I looooove links! On the other hand, links are not required. Just leave a comment below so I know that you wrote your post on a charity. If you link to this page I will allow the ping back to show up and that counts. If you register, and you are not listed below, your registration may be reversed. Once all spots are taken, there are no more. πŸ™‚ Unless you’re name is Alex and you founded one of the largest Affiliate companies that rhymes with Google and I will allow you in.


Click here to register as either a player or a guest. Players need to pay the buy in fee to get in. Guests are just that, guests. You can also pay and register for the fight club training with the 6X world champ in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu if there is space.Β  All the other events are open to everyone with no sign up. Once the tournament fills up, you can register for free as an alternate. We will go by the alternate list, quickly reading it off that night to fill the seats. If you are not there and waiting when your name is called, you will not be playing. If you pay and don’t show, no refunds.

7. Show up at the Mirage Poker room at 7:30 November 12th

the night of the tournament to check in. Those not checked in by 7:45 will lose their seat to an alternate on the list. This is a real poker tournament, the real deal. First place will be over $4k, plus a custom poker table by Custom Poker, plus a bunch of free Chipotle certificates, plus other stuff. In the prize pool will also be a chocolate fountain for first out, a couple nights free room at the Mirage. If you have something of value you want to donate, hit me up! We will probably pay down to 10th place.


Only read if you are bored. πŸ™‚

No refunds under any circumstance.

Purpose Inc. events at pubcon are sponsored by the bad ass sponsors listed above. When it all shakes out Purpose Inc. either lose money or make a profit on the whole thing depending on the year. The sponsorship money for the poker tournament, only covers poker tournament expenses, and no profit is made. The sponsorship money for the other events may or may not make a profit! LOL This year due to administrative snags the tournament is not a charity tournament. All money that goes to the buy in from the players goes to cover the pot, the Mirage’s expenses, and maybe a little left over for t-shirts but probably not. πŸ™‚

October 22 2009

Pubcon Events 2009

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Boy we are going to have fun.

We are sending out invites to sponsor today.

If you want to sponsor either as an individual, or as a company, let me know imediately.

I will be finalizing the t-shirt and card designs so need to sponsor logos now. πŸ™‚

We are going to be having a fight club with Robert Drysdale the 6x world champ in Brazillian jiu Jitsu, and with Shawn Tompkins at his new home at the Tap Out gym. Shawn is running pro training for the big UFC guys, and we will be able to watch.

I am getting lots of e-mails about the poker tournament.

We are only going to have room for 100 players. My buddy Chris who runs the poker room at the Mirage has worked out a great deal for with me for us, and we are going to have cocktail waitresses serving free drinks to the players, and 200 of my guests from 8:00 to 2:00 a.m. on Thursday night of Pubcon. This is going to be off the hook!

The poker room is right next to CPK, BLT burgers, and the Deli, so we will have food and drinks.

I can only get in 100 players and 200 guests. There will be bracelets to identify you.

I am going to make you work for them a little, and do a little pre holiday charity awareness. It will just cost you a tweet if you are buying in as a player, and a blog if you want to get in as a guest with the open bar. Details coming up here, but don’t blink because I am going to post it, send invites to my list, and I predict they will be gone fast!

If you don’t sign up for the poker tournament in time, you won’t play. Sorry?

If you want to be part of the party, and don’t win a spot as a guest with the free bar, then you can still come, you will just have to buy your own drinks πŸ™‚

Just watch this blog, and details will be announced probably within the next few days or early next week.

If you want to sponsor either as an individual or as a company, read this and hit me up.

I also may have a few surprises during my talks at pubcon, so you may want to come see what’s up for those too. πŸ˜‰