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June 4 2012


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The kids have been using a 10 year old Dell computer full of viruses that show a Barbie ad every few minutes. 🙂 Either Go Mattel! or Go some spammy affiliate marketer who knows how to target kids! LOL Of course I can’t be too critical as whoever wrote it is probably a friend of mine. Of course, using a computer like this for the kids sends the wrong message, like using a PC instead of a Mac!

Anyway, I want the kids to learn to be Mac friendly, and I want them to learn how to program from an early age. The world of the PC is not the place I want them to get started. I also don’t want them to get lost in mindless games, where you can have fun spending your whole life, yet never accomplish anything but complete the quest for the princess of Zara’s brassiere ringlet or some crap. I know because I have wasted years of my life playing mindless games. I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand they are hella fun, but on the other hand, I know a lot of very unhealthy, both mentally and physically people who wasted huge parts of their lives as gamers, and somehow mistakenly take pride in their accomplishments online. Bottom line, if it didn’t make a bunch of money, it was entertainment, but not worth a crap.

I also didn’t want to buy a brand new mac computer for a couple of lower end school age kids, as I am sure this computer is going to get trashed.

I went to ebay and found a 5 year old macbook for $300 bucks. The thing came looking almost brand new, with the OS reinstalled and the disk wiped clean.

I also don’t want them cruising the internet looking at random things. I am all for this when they hit 13 or so, and have some good values built in, but the next thing you know you will have a 4 year old watching a Nazi propaganda video, and thinking they should learn it, and coming after their Jewboy almost step dad. (me).

I then googled firefox extensions for whitelisting sites. What I really want is a plugin that only allows them to look at sites I have pre-approved, instead of the more common, we block porn. In my opinion people looking at pictures of naked people is not nearly as harmful as people watching videos about racism, or hate. In fact, I am not too keen on them watching tons of marketing of junk products that have no long term value.

I found a firefox extension called Zoodles. That is what I am testing now. It has a free version, and you can do a paid upgrade. They were not too in your face about the paid upgrade, and they sell it to you before you log the kids in. It does not allow your kids out of the site easily to the rest of the internet. It is a browser of kid safe, pre-approved sites. Occasionally you can click on a link which tries to take you out of Zoodles land, and the browser just kicks you back in.

The downside is that the kid just needs to be able to read well enough to click an x, type leave and they can leave the site.

Update – After we used it a bit, there are sites the kids can play on easily, and others that don’t work within the system.

It seems like a perfect place to start for kids in the 4 to 7 age group. It has customization for different age levels.

January 19 2012

Your Kid Could Win $5,000 tomorrow for their business idea

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Warren Buffet and Credit created a contest for kids to flex their entrepreneurial muscles.

If they go to the Secret Millionaires Club website, they can post their business idea.

The site will ask them questions about their idea, how they are going to raise money for it and how they are going to market it.

The deadline is tomorrow afternoon.

The winning kid gets $5,000.

Thanks and Warren Buffet.


January 9 2012

Credit party and my Poker Tourney following

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First off, the party is way booked over capacity. If you are an affiliate grossing over $100k per month in offers, hit me up at [email protected] and I maybe, might still be able to get you in.

Those coming, 4:30 to 6:30 Sushi Roku at the end of Ceasars Shops by Mirage on the top floor, take the round escalators up and up!

Link Research Tools and Purpose Inc Poker Tournament

The poker tourney should be tons of fun tonight. We are going to grab In and Out Burgers for all the players. It will go from 7:00 to 9:30. It is $100 to buy in. If you want to play, just bring cash, $105, when you show up. 🙂 It is at Mirage Poker Room at 7:00 tonight.

November 7 2011

Purposeinc Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Poker Tournament 2011

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Huge Thank You’s to Internet Marketing Ninjas, Bruce Clay Inc., SEO Automatic, and Tweet Find!

Hi. I’m Jasmin.  I am Dk/Purpose Inc’s personal assistant and sidekick.

The Purpose Inc./ Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO poker tournament at PubCon is now on for sure Tuesday night at 9pm, Mirage Poker Room, $100 buy-in.

Got to register at Eventbrite.

Guests can get in free if they post a link to the Facebook page on Facebook or Twitter.  If you have a blog and blog about it, Internet Marketing Ninjas will donate $200 to Just Like My Child which is a charity who sets up micro businesses for dirt poor families in Africa.

If you tweet about this or Facebook the link to the Facebook page, Internet marketing Ninjas will kick in another $5 to the charity.  The details are all on the Facebook page .

I’d really appreciate it if you could promote the tournament and the party that goes along with it.

All PubCon attendees are invited or if you are an internet geek in Vegas.

We are not making a dime off this and it is raising money for a great cause plus it is free drinks for everybody if they register plus free In-N-Out Burgers for all players!

All guests are free. (but must register)

July 6 2011

Zac Johnson Web Flipping for fun and profit

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Zac Johnson, my rock star buddy wrote the post below about his new book about flipping sites.
Zac is the shizzle on making money online.

Looking back over the past decade, it’s always been a thought in the back of my head to get more involved in web site flipping. There are so many people out there creating web sites and have such great ideas, but they don’t have the marketing mindset to take their site to the next level. The biggest disadvantage of getting involved in site flipping, is the annoying process of having to search out web sites, find the owner’s contact info then start to negotiate on a deal… it’s just a big hassle more than anything else.

Fortunately I wasn’t the only one seeing the need for an eBay type of site, that just focuses on domains and web sites. Then came out and has changed everything. With an extremely easy web site to use and navigate, it’s quickly become the world’s number one market place for selling web properties.

With that said, here are three dead simple reasons why you should be in the site flipping game.

1 – It’s Fast and Easy to Get Started

If you can eBay, then you can buy and sell web sites. I’ve seen web sites sell on Flippa for under $100 and domains are only $10 a piece to register. The entry level cost to get your feet wet is very low. As you start to get a grip on buying web sites, you will learn to fix up and monetize sites, then sell them for higher profits.

2 – Security & Support

One of the biggest problems with trying to buy web sites on your own, is that you don’t have a security blanket, or would need a lawyer to do all your legal work. This in itself would cost you a lot of time and money. Through Flippa, everything is already in place. With a feedback and trust rating system, users know who they are working with and all interaction between the buyer and seller is done through the site. Should there ever be a problem, Flippa has a record of all contacts. When it comes time for payment, Flippa is also setup with Paypal and Escrow payment options. Everything is in line to make each transaction smooth and satisfying for both customers.

3 – Huge Supply of Web Sites for Sale

With over 1,000 active daily listings on Flippa, how could you not find something that interests you? As the Flippa market place continues to grow, more web site owners are listing their properties for sale. Some listings have even been for Mark Zuckerberg’s originally web site that he worked on while at Harvard! And yes… some site listings on Flippa have even gone on to sell for over $1,000,000!

Become a Web Site Flipping Master

It’s simple and easy to get started. All you need is to create a free account at Flippa and you can get the ball rolling. After that it’s all about finding hidden gems in the hay stack that you can monetize and improve, then build them out or flip later on. Using these same principles and finding, I’ve been able to buy and sell over six figures worth of web sites of the years.

Using my experience and my addiction to spending hours upon hours looking through Flippa for new web sites to buy, I just finished writing my new book, “Flip This Web Site: How to Buy, Improve and Sell Web Sites on Flippa“, a comprehensive 150+ page guide that walks you through the whole process of creating a new web site, finding and buying under monetized web sites and creating a real site flipping business. I’ve also created a video series that walks you through the process. Check it out and let me know what you think.

June 6 2011

thinktank dates 2011

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thinktank will be Sep. 15, 16, 17.

April 4 2011

Sneaky or Just Smart?

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I get hired by lots of companies for my honesty. Truly, if you are willing to lie and cheat the consumer, it is more possible to make more money in the short term. That just isn’t the way I roll, and it would never work in the long term because eventually you will get caught by the government, or just run into something truly lousy with a customer.

I have been studying a lot of Frank Kern’s materials lately, and you can see how truly honest he is being in his videos, and marketing. The guy is straight up in your face telling you exactly what he is doing and why, and encouraging you to be that honest and direct. I love it.

So here are a couple of funny, and maybe a little scammy? things I came across from my bank and on facebook. I will let you be the judge.

I go to log into my Bank of America corporate account.

I get this screen (click to see it), not as a pop up, but as the only screen in the browser. The only edit I have done, was to cut it down. there were no other ways I could see to click out of it, or move on to my account. It is full size, but your browser will probably show it reduced. Download it to get the full effect. LOL

There is the obvious red button option at the top to DONWLOAD NOW, exactly as I would have put it, minus the girl in the bikini pointing at it.

But what if you want to go on to your account, and just check your balance? It took me a good 30 seconds to find that link.

It says they are not selling anything, but simply trying to protect your PC. Reviews online show it is pretty benign, other than the fact that it can give users with infected PC’s a false sense of security. OK, so maybe B of A is not trying to make any money off of it, but it definately shows you an example of how to force someone down a sales funnel to download something.

I personally would have closed the browser window and gone somewhere else, except that I needed to check my account!! LOL

The next set of ads comes from facebook. I am back to doing a fair bit of facebook work this month. There are two ads on this page, both taken at once, that really grabbed my attention.

First lets look at the top one, the Gap Baby Photo Contest. The reason this caught my eye was that it was being shown constantly, over, and over, and over. I could not help but notice it.

I thought, wow! with the Gap, one of the largest online clothes retailers in the world having a photo contest, that they are spending at my estimates something like $10,000 an hour on, then this must be huge! They must really know they are getting a huge ROI on it.

I then study the ad carefully to see what I can learn from it. Ohhhh….,

G.A.P., get it? Gap, G.A.P, Great American Photography?

So obviously if you tried to pretend you were Gap the clothes manufacturer, you would get busted, but if your company name already is abreviated that way, well, Trademark Attorneys?

So these guys are either gonna get in a bunch of trouble, are geniuses, or don’t realize that G.A.P. will be assumed to be the same company as Gap? You decide. 🙂

The next ad is the one on the bottom.

Your typical Istock photo advertising becoming a Video Game tester. But wait, that 13 year old black kid playing video games looks kinda familiar. Hmmmm. Oh yeah, What’s up Snoop?

I really like some of his recent music, but if he needs to make extra money testing video games, god bless him.

March 4 2011

Playboy Mansion Flu Legionellosis Legionnaires and Pontiac Fever

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This is a short post, only for those of us who were at Domain Fest in Santa Monica and got sick.

I reached out to Heff through one of the playmates I know.

I set up a yahoo group, only for those of us who were at Domain Fest to discuss whatever.

I know some of us are still having some problems as a result of getting sick, and this is simply

a place where people can share any info they want to.

If you were one of the attendees, just send me an email to dk (at)

January 30 2011

Old Friends New Company

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One of the first people I ever met involving the internet business, in fact I think it was the second one, was Erik Ricasa. In fact I met him when he was doing SEO and building sites, before I even had my first email address. It possibly could have been 1996 or so? 1997? Eric has done every angle of the only world from SEO, to site design, and analytics to running the business end of a large company doing all of it.

Another old friend is one of the few people who can rival me as the networking royalty of the internet world. Becky Ryan knows everybody in the online business world.When I first was creating thinktank, she spent literally 2 hours on the phone with me giving me advice on the social landscape of the SEO, SEM, world.

I am excited that they have joined forces along with some other very bright people to form LiBeck Integrated Marketing.