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November 7 2011

Purposeinc Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Poker Tournament 2011

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Huge Thank You’s to Internet Marketing Ninjas, Bruce Clay Inc., SEO Automatic, and Tweet Find!

Hi. I’m Jasmin.  I am Dk/Purpose Inc’s personal assistant and sidekick.

The Purpose Inc./ Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO poker tournament at PubCon is now on for sure Tuesday night at 9pm, Mirage Poker Room, $100 buy-in.

Got to register at Eventbrite.

Guests can get in free if they post a link to the Facebook page on Facebook or Twitter.  If you have a blog and blog about it, Internet Marketing Ninjas will donate $200 to Just Like My Child which is a charity who sets up micro businesses for dirt poor families in Africa.

If you tweet about this or Facebook the link to the Facebook page, Internet marketing Ninjas will kick in another $5 to the charity.  The details are all on the Facebook page .

I’d really appreciate it if you could promote the tournament and the party that goes along with it.

All PubCon attendees are invited or if you are an internet geek in Vegas.

We are not making a dime off this and it is raising money for a great cause plus it is free drinks for everybody if they register plus free In-N-Out Burgers for all players!

All guests are free. (but must register)

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