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June 15 2011

Video Shizzle and Announcement of Surf Club

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If you live in La Jolla, San Diego, or Southern Cali somewhere, check this out,
La Jolla Surf Club

On to video shit!

Last weekend I got to spend the day at Andy Jenkins house.

I think I was invited to be a backup speaker in case someone didn’t show or something.

By the way, being at Andy’s house during the shooting of his live bossathon was a networking Disneyland. I just stood in the kitchen, eating Andy’s food, hanging out on the couch in his bedroom talking to people, and meeting some huge players I had never met before.

There was a guy there no one knows about, and who’s name I won’t even say, who turns out is the copywriter behind many of the biggest launches in the business.

Food was great, the guys coming in and out the door rocked, and did I say the food was great?

It was super cool watching Andy film, and even more to learn when the Uninteruptable Power Supply broke, thereby interrupting the shooting. It was cool to watch Andy as the Director/Producer of the thing handle the crew, and handle the situation during LIVE T.V.

It reminded me of what early T.V. must have been like.

So long story short, last year I watched the Mini Video boss promo. I learned a ton. I implemented what I learned, and made some serious sales off of it. I rarely try to sell anything now without video.

I spent the weekend with Amish Shah, and Trey Smith at their seminars, spent about 6 hours personally with Mike Filsaime, and been in lots of contact with Mike Koenigs the past few weeks.

If you don’t know these names, you should. Each of them in their own way are making millions per year with online marketing. And they are all using video. They are all talking about video. They are taking over huge parts of internet marketing with video.

If my wife wasn’t asleep right now, I would be making this as a video instead of typing.

The game has now become not, should I use video, but instead, what is the best way to use video to sell.

So I got into the full fledge video boss, and saw all the categories. When I clicked on one of the modules, and the parts inside I was overwhelmed with how much video there is.

I took one thing I suck at which is lighting, and looked to see what I could find. Sure enough, multiple videos. I watched one of them, and immediately learned something simple that is going to help me a ton next time I shoot.

So this course has my unreserved, 100% recommendation. It’s two thousand bucks. If you are involved in internet marketing, and even make $20 an hour,  the $2,000 is a bargain, because it cuts out the study of things you don’t need, and saves you spending dozens of hours like I wasted, because I didn’t know the right type of camera to buy.

Just on the technical stuff, it would have saved me hundreds of hours over the past few years, if I had owned this. That doesn’t even count the increased sales.

If you suck at actually doing stuff, and won’t use it, then don’t buy it.

If you actually do internet marketing, and want to learn the basics of video, or get way better fast, and are actually making some money now, then it may be your rock star item.

I can’t believe it but it has a 30 day refund period. I know for a fact that the first videos will help you a ton, as they did me, on story telling and sales, so if nothing else give it a shot. “But only if you are really going to use the stuff.

Much Love,

P.S. I have my own info product hopefully coming out in July or soon, so stay tuned!

P.S.S. If you want to buy Video Boss, use my link.