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October 24 2009

The Conference about Us

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Pamela Lund once said to me something like the day that Loren Feldman and myself are both in a room, the walls were going to cave in because of the noise. I haven’t met Loren yet, but his online stuff is funny, and he is quite loud and not afraid to speak his mind. But wait a second, I’ve been told the same thing!

I’ve been hearing wisps of this Audience conference, but really did not get it until I just read Shoemoney’s blog. It sounds amazing. I love the fact that it is intimate. I love the fact that there is no where to put your computer or write notes easily. I love the fact that is has some of the biggest and the best in the business, in the type of setting that will tilt them just a little bit and allow some of their juice to spill out in a different direction than the usual talks.

With Loren’s creativity I can only imagine what else he has in store.

Just the idea of Shoemoney on a theatrical stage if fantastic in itself. The guy is naturally very theatrical, and the setting is perfect for him. I just wish that Jeremy was going to sing too!

The event is very affordable, only $399. I honestly just clicked back to verify that is was that inexpensive and it is.

The Audience Conference is another wonderful example of what we can do when we don’t give a crap about badges, exibitor tables, or conference centers. I just love the idea of finding another unique way to connect the people to the speakers on the subject we all hold dear, the audience!

I just noticed that in addition to having Tech Crunch founder, Shoemoney and T.V. celebs, they are going to have things like a funky harp group playing as well. I love a good juxtoposition!

Not that most people would get it, but this event is literally historical in what it is doing.

I am actually quite excited, just to find out what happens!

  1. SnowBall said on July 17th, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    A funky harp group sounds historical and epic in itself. I have never heard the work harp and funk used in one sentence. Ever. This sounds like an interesting event. All of these conferences are really changing it up lately.

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