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April 29 2011

One Step Below Heaven

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Tonight was like a networking nirvana. I was invited to Nathaniel Broughton’s kinda three time a year or so SoCali event. This time it was at Amish Shah’s house in La Jolla. The lanterns from thinktank got to see the light of day, and light up the night, as the events lighting.

A lot of good friends were there including about 15 thinktankers.

Almost as soon as I arrived I saw Frank Kern off away from most of the people talking to a guy. The party was on the top level of the house, with a swimming pool dividing the deck into two. There was a panaromic view of the ocean off to two sides of us. We were up a few thousand feet higher than the ocean, and the sun was just going down. Just breathtaking.

Now I know most of the guys I know at the party know who Frank Kern is. He is totally one of my hero’s, and I know he is to a lot of us.

It was a moment of marketing nirvana strolling across the deck, sunset gloriously behind me, getting to walk up to Frank to introduce myself.

He turns out to be just as quick witted in person as he is on his videos. He talked freely about his new book, and answered my detailed questions about his facebook ads, and the ROI.

He was just as humble as any hero should be, and treated each and every person who had the courage to come up and talk with total respect and dignity.

Just a bad ass mother fucker.

I got to hang out with a bunch of old friends, Chris Hedgecock, the Lozano brothers, Erik Itzkowitz, Dan Ryan, and others.

I was thrilled to also see Mike Koenigs, who created Traffic Geyser, and just did his mainstreet marketing program. It was really a thrill to listen to Mike talk. He honestly believes in what he does, and works extremely hard to help turn the regular guy on the street into a hero. Mike has great purposes and really cares. He also turns out to be a neighbor and hikes in the same canyon I do by our homes.

There were all kinds of fascinating people there.

In fact this one pretty girl came up to me who remembered me from thinktank (uh-oh!) and turned out to be one of our past bartenders.

There was a lot of talk amongst the attendees about thinktank, who is invited, when will it be, you really gotta go etc. I started leaking some ideas about this years event, but nothing solid yet.

It was just a lovely event, and the pinacle of what we all strive toward. Just a lovely time with lovely people, and old and new hero’s.

Then as the party started to wind down, the mellow music was switched over by Nate and Amish to old school hip hop, at which time break danced my way down Amish’s hill to the valet.

February 26 2011

Just so beautiful

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I just came across this on Wikipedia, attributed to Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son.

It is just lovely.

Brandon died when he was 28, his father at age 32.

Time to get busy 🙂

Well, I would say this: when you move down the road towards mastery of the martial arts—and you know, you are constantly moving down that road—you end up coming up against these barriers inside yourself that will attempt to stop you from continuing to pursue the mastery of the martial arts. And these barriers are such things as when you come up against your own limitations, when you come up against the limitations of your will, your ability, your natural ability, your courage, how you deal with success—and failure as well, for that matter. And as you overcome each one of these barriers, you end up learning something about yourself. And sometimes, the things you learn about yourself can, to the individual, seem to convey a certain spiritual sense along with them.

…It’s funny, every time you come up against a true barrier to your progress, you are a child again. And it’s a very interesting experience to be reduced, once again, to the level of knowing nothing about what you’re doing. I think there’s a lot of room for learning and growth when that happens—if you face it head on and don’t choose to say, “Ah, screw that! I’m going to do something else!”

We reduce ourselves at a certain point in our lives to kind of solely pursuing things that we already know how to do. You know, because you don’t want to have that experience of not knowing what you’re doing and being an amateur again. And I think that’s rather unfortunate. It’s so much more interesting and usually illuminating to put yourself in a situation where you don’t know what’s going to happen, than to do something again that you already know essentially what the outcome will be within three or four points either way.

– Brandon Lee

January 29 2011

Intersection of Worlds – Cirque du Life

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Looking back on 7th grade math class, I remember Tina Rotta, and I remember these little circles being drawn on the board being called Ven Diagrams. All of a sudden I got the concept of how things can connect to things that connect to things.

It became part of a running joke with my friend Mark and I and the cast of Different Stroked, until Dana Plato died. We had Dana show up at a 50’s party I had, and also we would deliver pizza to Jeff Bridges when I worked at Numero Uno pizza.

Cirque du Soleil does this. They brought together all of the best parts of life, art, music, dance, beauty, sex, hot chicks, acrobatics, and even half pipes! The craziest moment of Cirque for me was the final song of Love the first time I saw it, when this angry, disabled older woman was standing there fists clenched, crying her eyes out, singing along, as if it was still 1971. Cirque can be that powerful.

As a chiropractor and an athlete I am in love with the bodies, the motion, and the limits they push themselves past.

So imagine my sheer job, when at the Purpose Inc. XY7 poker tournament at Affiliate Summit, Angel Djambazov introduces me to this quiet, tough and tender looking Russion guy named Vlad. Then Angel says, “He’s in charge of Cirque de Soleil’s e-commerce, and has been asked to bring new marketing innovation to Cirque”

I almost peed in my pants in jealousy.

To me the internet is communication. What a wonderful thing to talk to the world about, Cirque du Soleil.

Vlad has an amazing past, across many continents and countries, but doesn’t want me to brag about him, so I will keep it to that. 🙂

He is the perfect guy for the job at Cirque.

Then after Vlad Vervelsky got knocked out, he quietly asks me if I know anyone who would like to go see O with him right now. I was about 2 seconds of leaving my own poker tournament to go with him, but figured that probably would not work out too well! So instead I grabbed some of the crew who were watching the game, and off they went to see O while the boys played poker.

Imagine going from sitting there watching poker for 6 hours, to being taken to one of the biggest shows in Vegas, by the a bigshot from Cirque’s marketing!

So Vlad added some real extra sparkle to the tournament.

To switch over to a different universe, I grew up in Sun Valle, on the edge of L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, auto wrecking capital of the world. Full of stray dogs, gangs, and empty lots full of fun stuff to blow up or play with in the days before the word toxic dump was invented! Growing up I thought we were rich because our neighborhood was so much nicer than the bad parts of Sun Valley. Later I realize were plain old middle class. After the end of the Jackson 5, and before Michael Jackson became famous, Tito Jackson moved in on our street. I was a little kid, and he was a pop star, so I wouldn’t say we hung out and spun records together, but he would smile and wave, and say hi, every time we parted from our mid street football game.

I then fell in love with Michael Jacksons music. The one section in ABC, “What I neeeeeeed…” is still for me one of the greatest moments of art of all time.

So imagine how tripply excited I was when Vlad said that Cirque is coming out with a Michael Jackson Cirque De Soleil.

My wife and I have seen every Cirqu in Vegas now, except Zumanity, and have even seen some of the traveling tent Cirques.

It is crazy how the world keeps intersecting in and out of all of my different worlds.

I honestly don’t think there are really 4 or 5 billion people out there. I honestly think the number is more like 10,000.

Just enough that I haven’t met everyone yet, but small enough that everyone I ever meet seems to already be connected to me.

January 28 2011

What I have learned about Info Marketing

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It has been an interesting few weeks helping a little with the marketing of Amish’s magic bullet.

If you have been following me I got introduced to the “info marketers” last spring, when I followed Shoemoney to Frank Kern’s event in San Diego.

Now, any of you who know me, know that I spent a lot of time, money, and effort the past 4 years learning every facet of internet business that I can.

I’ve gotten to meet with Execs at facebook, work on building a server that could handle 2,000 requests per second because it needed to, got written up by Matt Cutts on his blog, been made fun of by Danny Sullivan in front of 2,000 people at pubcon, thrown poker tournaments, been the playboy mansion twice, (third time this thursday at Domain fest!), driven Matt Mullenweg to Dim Sum, been mentioned in lots of press, Spoken at Affiliate Summit, Pubcon, etc., made my own exclusive invite only kinda conference, got known for Video marketing, and on and on and on.

I have set out to experience every nook and cranny of the internet business world, and when I was trained enough have now set off on a few new cool ventures. The new main one, that no one knows about,  is still going to be top secret for a little while longer.

Amish just gave me the opportunity to market to the toughest group in the world, internet marketers. I know a lot of my crowd are CEO’s, finance guys, etc. but all of us sell and market.

What cracks me up is how we as a group market to millions and millions of people a day. Each one of us at a minimum reaches thousands of people a day with our marketing message.

The crazy ass funny thing about me is I love people to market to me.

I love reading good emails. I love seeing good T.V. commercials. In fact I actually often enjoy commercials more than the shows.

Amish, did get thousands of dollars of sign ups through my links. I honestly am not too concerned whether I get the money or not,

but I did get a hell of an experience about info marketing.

One of the really cool things about it, is how personal it is. When I sent out each email, it has my name at the end of it. If you liked the email, you either smiled, signed up, unsubscribed, or just deleted.

I think the hardest part on the recipients are those people who are friends or fans, who just hated the emails.

In fact Scott Richter, the father of affiliate marketing, just sent me an email basically saying he thought my emails were irritating. I love Scott and I know he likes me too. 🙂

I also was talking to the two heads of another big affiliate company at Affiliate Summit, who realized who I was. One of them was saying out loud to me, “I don’t know why I never unsubscribe from your emails?”

I once heard Howard Stern say something to the effect that, “They don’t turn off because they don’t want to miss what is going to happen next”.

I never go negative. Well, almost never. 😉

A lot of people who like to maintain a public presence in our internet business world like to go negative to cause a stir. I don’t.

I just enjoy helping others connect, helping others make their lives better, and laughing my fucking ass off. 🙂

It is tough for the reader to want to be part of that, but also hate marketing messages if I send them.

I think I made it hard on a few people because they had the stress of wanting to see what will happen next,

next event, next conference, next party, or fun video, but also didn’t want to see the sales emails.

Well, thank you to those who signed up for Amish’s thing. Good luck, work hard on it, and ask for

my help if you need it. And for the rest of you, thanks for hitting the delete key, instead of the unsubscribe. 🙂

I honest to god, love the crap out of everyone who reads this, between 5k and 20k people each posting,

and really, really, really am enjoying this run!

Much Love,


January 18 2011

Guest Post – dk’s weight

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My wife sent this to my staff today.

As any of you know, no matter how important the thing, I always find humor in it.Don’t worry, I am actually quite fit, but about a bajillion pounds overweight.

So yes, time for high protein, and low cookies.

I have a great wife. LOL

Hello All,

I have permission from Dave to send you all this e-mail. Hahaha

I have extreme concerns about his weight. If his weight continue to go up…he is at risk for serious diseases…and may get to a point of no return.

He needs to lose weight starting immediately.

He needs to go down on on average 2 pounds a week initially. As he is losing weight, it will gradually be about 1 pound a week.

In order to lose 2 pounds a week, he needs to be in deficit 7000 calories per week. That is his caloric intake per day needs to be about 2000 at his current weight.

I need your assistance in achieving this. From experience, I know that the higher protein diets will help him lose weight…because it will fill him up…without taking in too many calories…it will boring (yawn) and he will not feel like eating.

Examples of good lunches for him are the Chicken dish/Pilaf dish from Trader Joe’s that he has gotten recently.

At Bahia..perhaps a bowl of ground chicken/ground beef…with some salsas to spice it up.

At Chipotle…a bowl of ground chicken/beef…some lettuce and vegetables…corn and salsas

PLEASE NO MORE PIZZA/THAI FOOD/CHINESE FOOD…I know that these are exciting meals for everyone…but I don’t want Dave to die….you will all be out of a job if that happens!!!!!!!!

Love you all…and thank you in your assitance…the goal is not to starve the guy…rather the contrary…have him eat all the protein he wants….minus all the fun acoutraments…..

AND NO COOKIES….Taaaaaaaaaaake those out of his hand…even his mouth if he dares take a bite.

July 18 2010

My dad just died

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Bernie Klein - armed

Bernie Klein - armed

One cold morning, back in the early 60’s in San Luis Obispo in central California, my dad and his friend drove out to Morro Bay to dive for Abalone. They would do this with masks, snorkels, no tanks, and no wetsuits, in water that if they were lucky was in the 50’s. Those days California was still fresh, and Abalone were plentiful. One day when they were out, underwater, they saw a shark, a real big one, my dad thought it was a great white.

Berny, My dad didn’t have much money in school, but he had a friend who was a prince from Saudi Arabia, who had a Ferrari. The prince couldn’t drive as well as my dad, so my dad got to drive the car in races. Closed course, Laguna Seca type races.

When I was about 7 years old I was in my back yard in Sun Valley, in the desert hills on the outskirts of Los Angeles, up high where you could see where a million people lived, in my vegetable garden, I noticed something. Suddenly there was a good sized rattle snake about a foot and a half from where I was standing, coiled up, starring straight at me and rattling. I knew I was not supposed to move, so instead I screamed. My dad came running out, grabbed a shovel, and chopped that thing until it was in 10 little snake pieces.

My dad tells the story, of when he was a kid Bugsy Siegel came and visited their house and he got to hold his gun. I love that story.

My dad fixed stuff. Could fix anything. Engineer by training, and just a brilliant guy. I remember being about 10 years old, and him drawing complex math diagrams on how the pressure would build up in an engine, just before the spark blew the gas. He taught me how to fix cars, siphon gas out of a gas tank, mow a lawn, and paint a house.

He also left the right books for me lying around. When I was 7 years old I found a book he had on Yoga and meditation. I had just learned to read, so dove right into it. Started meditating and doing yoga then, which led to other things, and put me on a path of enlightenment. I remember around the age of 10 I found a book he had on logic. Started studying that, and doing the problems in the book, that helped a ton later on.

When I was 15 he bought a motorcycle. I think he had one in college. It was an OSSA. A Spanish trials bike, the kind that you could drive over boulders and trees with. It smoked like a  mother, and at the age of 15 he used to let me ride it on the street, and go wherever I wanted.

When I was about 5 years old he got me started driving. I would sit in his lap on the freeway, and steer. Then probably around 6 years old he taught me how to drive full on. He had a FIAT spider sports car, with a manual transmission. We would go to the big parking lots around our area at 2 in the morning and practice. First I practiced just letting the clutch in and out, and then steering, and shifting, the whole thing. Hell of a fun thing to do with your dad when you are 6.

When he was in his 30’s to get a little exercise and break free, he would take off on his bicycle in the middle of the night, and ride the streets of Burbank at 2 am. That impressed me so much. Do it myself from time to time.

Back in 1964, the year I was born, he supervised the construction of the first computer with 1 Megabyte of memory. He was into this high technology, computer thing back in the days when people were still in black and white on T.V. 🙂

When I was 15, I was playing football on the street in front of my house with a bunch of my friends. My dad had recently gotten his motorcycle. He was in his early 40’s. He decided it was time to learn how to do wheelies. He had never done this before, not when he rode bikes in the past, and not recently for sure. Over and over again he would go up the street, and we would have to step aside from our game, while he gunned it harder and harder. First the wheel only went up a little. Then a little more, but he couldn’t quite break from gravity and get it all the way up. This was by the way on a plain old asphalt paved neighborhood street, with sidewalks and curbs on both sides, and no helmet. Then he finally goes for it full on, accelerates hard! Front of the bike goes up! Way up! and he falls off the back. He is still holding the handlebars, and tries to pull it off. He ends up on the bike, on his stomach, riding up the street, rams into the curb, and crashes into the bushes. God I loved him at that moment. I had the coolest dad on the street.

He loved to sail as well. Studied it. Had boats on and off his whole life. Wasn’t afraid of putting himself into some pretty radical situations. Once in Santa Barbara we ended up being stuck in swells so big our 30 foot sailboat just couldn’t handle it, and we got pulled in by the harbor patrol. Another time he sailed into the Newport harbor when it was breaking in the channel, if you know waves you can get what that would be like.

When I was a little kid we would get up in the middle of the night, and make Dagwood Sandwiches. These were sandwiches, with as many layers, and as many sandwich ingredients as you could find.

When things would go bad, and I would be stuck somewhere I would call him, and he would come. 2 in the morning, up in the mountains, out at the beach with a broken down car, or 500 miles away.

He would come, and he would fix stuff.

Real competent guy, smart as a tack, and worked like an ox.

The world will be a much more broken place without him.

I look forward to the next time we run into each other.

Love ya dad.

You did a really good job.

Your son,


April 4 2010

Earthquake Baby California San Diego Style with a mini Tsunami

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Was just doing taxes. (This is our San Diego earthquake story)

My wife walked down to the lower level, and I felt the house give a little roll.

I yelled to her, “hey, we are having an earthquake”.

I immediately thought of one of my silly things, which is to watch water slosh during earthquakes.

So before it even stopped shaking, I grabbed the pool key and yelled, let’s go see the pool!

As I got out the door, I noticed a little wind, and as we were running said,

“oops, the wind will cover up any ripple waves.”

When we got to the pool it was a different story, the whole pool, about half an olympic size one, was sloshing back and forth,

like a drunk, stumbling, carrying an overfilled beer across the bar, that sloshes out the side.

We stood and watched for about 3 minutes, and it slowly subsided, but never stopped.

Our neighbors just moved to California, and I met them for the first time.

She asked “Does this happen all the time?”

We said, nope, you were just lucky.

February 28 2010

Surfing Tsunami Gets a Little Press – Video to Follow

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Wild week with New York Times Facebook Advertising interview, Hanging out and giving chiropractic adjustments to Dashboard Confessional Group, presenting with Rand Fishkin and Lee Odden at OMS, phone call from one of the highest earners in the world (name withheld), letter from IRS saying they have a long lost $1,200 for me, huge facebook advertising home run, and it ended with surfing the san diego tsunami in La Jolla, and then being interviewed by Elliot Spagat of the Associated Press, and having it picked up and run by papers all over the world. I have to get the camcorder battery charger tomorrow, then I can post the video. What a week.

Here is the quote that was repeated hundreds of times around the world in papers:

“David Klein, a San Diego chiropractor, set up a tripod on a bench and recorded himself riding the paltry waves amid intermittent rain. When five or six small waves rolled in, he was convinced he had ridden a tsunami.”

“They actually got big enough to surf on,” he said, laughing. “If you blinked, you missed it.”

January 19 2009

What good staff can do for you – the Francisco Dao story

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So I was over at Neil Patels house today visiting him and his parents.

I knew Neil was going to meet someone and had to leave at 2:30, so before I left he said CK Chung, and a friend of theirs who is a well known writer from L.A.

After giving Neil a little hint he invited me along.

It was great to see CK and I met their friend Francisco Dao. Fransico is from San Jose, of Vietnamese decent, but was named Francisco after his parents new home, San Francsico!

Francisco claimed to be the only Francisco Dao in Google, and sure enough he is.

We talked a lot about conferences, attracting people, social media, and how to really apply it for a result and not just gum flapping.

So after we all met, I hooked up with my wife again and went to dinner at our sushi place at Irvine Spectrum.

When I got home, I went to check my database to see if my staff had been doing their job updating things.

I kid you not, I went to the most recent entry and there he was, the one and truly only Francisco Dao.

My staff at met him at Pubcon, gotten his info, and shot a photo, just as they were supposed to do.

Not only are they doing a great job networking, the original social media, but they are out there on the front lines meeting important guys like this before I even get the chance.

Good job guys! And great to meet you Francisco!

Francisco Dao lives in L.A., is a social leader in the tech scene, is a past writer for Inc and Fast Company magazines and currently does life coaching for L.A.’s best and brightest!

January 12 2009

Facinating first day at Affiliate Summit

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Fascinating day. My staff, Cobra and Whiteshortz kicked butt today. I got to meet some amazing new people and was fully indoctrinated into the affiliate world.

Jeremy, being the amazing friend that he is basically took me around and made sure I was well connected with the top people in the affilate space.

Out of the blue I was offered a potential big SEO gig to do, that sparked a little interest.

Deena invited me to the Market Leverage dinner at Switch at the Encore (new Wynn hotel), and I managed to squeeze in Chris Hedgecock too.

I finally got to meet Michael Jenkins, CEO of Market Leverage. Chris and I sat next to him during dinner, and had I kid you not, a 5 hour dinner with non stop amazing conversation. I was shocked when I looked at my watch and realized that what had felt like an hour or two had been a five hour dinner. We had everything from oysters, to foi gras, and I even went wild and ordered rabbit. I had never had that before.

Chris, Michael and myself covered everything from Michaels new video training on their blog for begginner bloggers, to his climbing a 23 thousand foot mountain in Argentina and the trouble it takes to breathe there, to Chris’s sites, the ThinkTank, and our shared love of the U.S. constitution and early American history and what we can apply from it today.

It was a memorable dinner, and will not be forgotten.

It was a very long table, and at the other end, about 40 feet away, Mr. Shoe held court and entertained, with people like Zac Johnson, Andrew Wee, the UBD crew and internet marketing blogger Daniele Nagami in between.

Sorry everyone, I am too tired to link or post photos for now, but I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner at every level. Deena, thank you again so much for inviting us and thanks to our host for one of the great dinners of my life!

Of course thanks again to Shoe for continually getting me in the door and getting me a seat at the big table. 🙂