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February 28 2010

Surfing Tsunami Gets a Little Press – Video to Follow

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Wild week with New York Times Facebook Advertising interview, Hanging out and giving chiropractic adjustments to Dashboard Confessional Group, presenting with Rand Fishkin and Lee Odden at OMS, phone call from one of the highest earners in the world (name withheld), letter from IRS saying they have a long lost $1,200 for me, huge facebook advertising home run, and it ended with surfing the san diego tsunami in La Jolla, and then being interviewed by Elliot Spagat of the Associated Press, and having it picked up and run by papers all over the world. I have to get the camcorder battery charger tomorrow, then I can post the video. What a week.

Here is the quote that was repeated hundreds of times around the world in papers:

“David Klein, a San Diego chiropractor, set up a tripod on a bench and recorded himself riding the paltry waves amid intermittent rain. When five or six small waves rolled in, he was convinced he had ridden a tsunami.”

“They actually got big enough to surf on,” he said, laughing. “If you blinked, you missed it.”

January 19 2009

What good staff can do for you – the Francisco Dao story

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So I was over at Neil Patels house today visiting him and his parents.

I knew Neil was going to meet someone and had to leave at 2:30, so before I left he said CK Chung, and a friend of theirs who is a well known writer from L.A.

After giving Neil a little hint he invited me along.

It was great to see CK and I met their friend Francisco Dao. Fransico is from San Jose, of Vietnamese decent, but was named Francisco after his parents new home, San Francsico!

Francisco claimed to be the only Francisco Dao in Google, and sure enough he is.

We talked a lot about conferences, attracting people, social media, and how to really apply it for a result and not just gum flapping.

So after we all met, I hooked up with my wife again and went to dinner at our sushi place at Irvine Spectrum.

When I got home, I went to check my database to see if my staff had been doing their job updating things.

I kid you not, I went to the most recent entry and there he was, the one and truly only Francisco Dao.

My staff at met him at Pubcon, gotten his info, and shot a photo, just as they were supposed to do.

Not only are they doing a great job networking, the original social media, but they are out there on the front lines meeting important guys like this before I even get the chance.

Good job guys! And great to meet you Francisco!

Francisco Dao lives in L.A., is a social leader in the tech scene, is a past writer for Inc and Fast Company magazines and currently does life coaching for L.A.’s best and brightest!

January 10 2009

Kicking it old school with Matt Mullenweg and a Shoemoney Contest

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I’m in vegas for actually the third time in three weeks. Are you kidding me?

I also spent the day at Word Camp and got to hang out with Matt Mullenweg, the powerhouse behind wordpress and a fine photographer

To feel a little clean and refreshed after so much cigarette smoke, I am throwing off my poker theme and putting on a clean set of word press classic.

There is a big dinner tonight organized by Brian La France

Now in the spirit of vegas for some spammy giveaway promotion thingy.

Shoemoney is shooting for a big target of twitter followers.

Here is how you can help, and win a video camera or a mac computer.

Just follow these simple steps.

So here is the deal. We are going to giveaway ShoeMoney Flip Mino’s on February 27th. And these are the High Def ones not the cheapass ones!

So what do you have to do to win?

1) Follow @shoemoney on twitter.
2) simply tweet “Just entered to win a flip minoHD. Just follow @shoemoney and retweet.

I will be at affiliate summit the next three days, mostly hanging out with Shoe and meeting with big shots and little shots. If you see me come give me a hug and say hello!

December 14 2008

A surfer prepares for snow and grizzlies

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For a change, I am going to take some time off. My wife and I are heading north. It is pretty funny because she is from Norway, and totally used to the cold. I have no idea what to do. Once when she asked me to climb on top of a big snow drift, I asked her if it was possible to fall in the center or if it would hold me up?

The plan, still subject to change, is to drive to Vegas, stay at the Wynn a few nights, then head north. Off to Aspen, to ski/snowboard for half a week, then drive further north to Yellowstone. You can’t drive a car into yellowstone during the winter, so we have arranged for these cool snow cats that carry you in on. Their bottoms have skis and tractor belts.

Once we are in yellowstone, we have reservations for a few nights in these little cabins in the middle of nowhere. It turns out there are still grizzly bears in Yellowstone. I thought they were extinct. I am just imaging wandering outside the cabin at night with grizzly bears.

Then we have a private guide to take us on snowmobiles around yellowstone.

It will be pretty adventurous. The funny part is that you realize that hundreds of years ago, native Americans lived there, grizzlies, snow and all. The only way you could survive was with what you could find in the woods. They did have thermal ponds which they could use as jacuzzis which I am sure made it much easier to get through the winter.

We’ll see how the city/surfer kid does in the snow.

Stay tuned!