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September 24 2013

So Google’s hiding their data from you on Analytics? Don’t be a pussy.

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On facebook my SEO friends have been whining about Google hiding the search data from them.

If you don’t get this, when you go to Google Analytics, which is Google’s tool for seeing what is happening on your website, they up to now have shown you a great degree of what keyword people were searching for when they came to your site.

Those of us in the Google ranking, and Google penalty removal business, use this data as indicators as to how Google is ranking our sites for different keywords. In fact it has been extremely useful for me to figure out exactly what is causing the penalty.

Google has decided to hide all of this data from webmasters, and now webmasters are whining about it.

My good buddy and secret weapon Dan and I have a basic philosophy which is the harder and more expensive something is to figure out or get past, the better for us.

It is like having a 20,000 foot cliff below our front porch. Only the strong and the smart are going to make it there. Most people are tremendously lazy. If there is any barrier to entry at all, then they are not even going to try to get in. That leaves plenty of room at the top for those smart enough, and willing to work 16 hour days to get to places where the masses, and even the leaders of the masses will never see.

We just got through doing a sideways reverse engineering of a big piece of google. By this I mean we took a way Google is looking at sites, and then came in from the side, worked our way through the webbing, and found an amazing new way to build links that are Google compliant, Google loved, and will get sites to rank even better than we have for cheaper. To do this took 2 months of research on top of what we have been dong for years. Then once I had the idea, I spent three 16 hour days writing up the specs for the programmer, who then banged out version 1 for me.

How many people are going to go through that much work? Not many.

So every time Google makes it harder for SEO’s to get sites to rank well in Google, I give Google another round of applause.

I know as the challenges get tougher, I will work harder and smarter that I ever have before.

As Google tightens its noose against crappy links, and crappy writing, and sloppy lazy analysis, we just keep pulling further ahead.

I will tell you one more secret.

Not drinking and taking good care of oneself goes an awful long way in being able to work hard, and well, for decades at a time 🙂

Making it a bit tougher for us Google ranking folks Google?

Thanks! 😉


August 8 2013

Google Webmaster Tools Request A Review

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As most of you know, we have been working flat out the past few years helping very large sites and our own large sites rank well in Google.  A big part of this has become getting rid of the penalties.

As a result we have a large research team and some amazing white hat link building teams literally working around the clock these days. The sun never sets on the empire as they say.

Today there is an interesting new twist. Google is actually telling you flat out if you have a manual penalty. For some webmasters they got a notice from Google, it disappeared, and then they never saw it again.

Today in Google Webmaster tools showed up a button under Search Traffic, Manual Actions. It then tells you if you have a manual action and some details about it. Most often if you have one, it is going to be about unnatural link warnings, although I am sure there are others.

If you click on it you get Manual Actions, Site Wide Matches, and Partial Matches.

The Site Wide Matches will probably shake out to be more Panda related penalties, and the Partial Matches more Penguin stuff.

I applaud Google for being a little more transparent at this.

I once asked Matt Cutts a question in front of a few hundred webmasters, a bit tongue in cheek but also seriously, if Google was asking webmasters to be entirely transparent in what they were doing, when could we expect the same from Google? This is a step in the right direction.

If you have one of these penalties on a significant site and want to chat, email me at dk (at)

August 3 2013

My problems with Hostgator

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As you probably know, we do public relations work for public figures and public companies. In other words, we do link building for reputation management purposes. I know how important it is for a company to maintain a good public impression, so I do not write blog posts like this lightly.

It is a bit of a long read, and I will be updating this in segments as the story unfolds.

I will make every attempt to be factual, and if you spot anything that seems unspecific or non-factual, please call me on it in the comments so I can correct it. For me personally, this was a big deal.

Before the last few months I have used hostgator, mostly without any problems.

On March 11, 2013 I received the below email from hostgator,


Please read this email in its entirety, as it contains very important information regarding your HostGator dedicated server, IP address:, and the impending mandatory maintenance and migration that will be occurring within 48 hours.

Your dedicated server(s) are being migrated onto brand new, upgraded hardware. We plan to facilitate this migration both as quickly and easily as possible, but also want to assure you that your total satisfaction with this migration is our primary objective. We will keep you updated via email throughout this entire migration.

Please be aware that there may be small amounts of downtime and that this process does require a change of IP address and nameservers, as such it is vital that you take action in regard to the DNS settings once the actual data migration has been completed.

As mentioned, there are several automatic upgrades involved in this migration:

— All servers will now have a RAID1 hard disk configuration. In brief, a RAID1 is two disks containing exact copies of the data (a mirror) which allows for increased read speeds for faster delivery of requested data. Data can be read from both disks independently or in tandem, which also provides redundancy in the event of a disk failure.

— All servers also feature an optional Rescue & Hardware Monitoring KVM layer (which is included by default) allowing HostGator to monitor the server for any potential hardware failures and proactively resolve these issues before they result in any downtime and/or possible data loss.

— All servers will contain quad-core processors with hyper-threading enabled, which allows the for the processor to effectively share the workload at any given moment between cores resulting in the parallelization of computational processes, or simply put: increased speed.

— All servers are pre-configured to allow for the attachment of off-server SAN (Storage Area Network) backup solutions, allowing for increased flexibility and control over your backups.

At this time, there are no changes needed to be made on your part. We’ll contact you with another update, within 48 hours, once the migration process has started. When the migration has completed we will forward the traffic from the old server to the new server and we will send you another update which will contain specific details regarding the necessary DNS changes.

At that time our business was, and still is undergoing massive growth, and my time has been very, very focused on building the business.

I then emailed them the following email on 3/11/2013


There was a failure of the server a few months ago, that was fixed.

In the process this gallery went down.

Before you move it over, can you guys get this fixed as well?


much love,

Just wait till you read what happened next….

May 13 2013

What the hell I have been doing

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About 5 years ago I sat at a crappy coffee shop in the Stratosphere hotel with Shoemoney.

It was when we were first becoming good friends, and he was really opening up to me.

It will always be one of the most remarkable and influential discussions I have ever had.

Honestly it was more like a lecture. Good enough content to have at any major conference as the Keynote,

but with information that few people will ever know.

It was really the true history of internet marketing. Fascinating stuff, that still blows my mind when I think about it.

Jeremy must have talked for about 4 hours that day before he was done. I was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear what he said.

He pointed out that for most of us, (The out of the box, entrepreneurial, internet marketing rebels), at some point they find a niche where they can make money. From his stories it sounded like most of them found that niche within a short period of time.

I on the other hand have built slowly.

One of the reasons I think is that I built a very, very strong base for myself in this industry.

I literally spent half a decade meeting everyone I possibly could in all of the related industries.

1. SEO

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. The “startup” crowd.

4. WordPress guys

5. Facebook Advertising People

6. PPC people.

7. Media Buy crowd.

8. Domainers

9 Local Advertising Experts

10. Reputation Management guys.

11. Lead Generators

12. The info marketing world.

and probably more that I am forgetting.

I had some good early success in link baiting that Matt Cutts wrote about, and have had ongoing requests for my help in that are, as well as requests in every one of the industries mentioned.

I have built my skill set, so I am competent in every one of the areas mentioned.

I just can’t tell you how helpful it is to know how to do all of it online.

In the past two years we have developed three strong link building strategies that are white hat, and Google Compliant, that can develop links in high volume.

We did this because we had one client who really needed this. As we got better and better, we started picking up more and more clients.

At this point, we are very, very busy, and are turning down clients regularly. We now have a very specific client profile we look for, where we can help them the most, and they can help us the most.

Personally I have an breathtakingly amazing girlfriend named Shannon and have acquired the rights to play mermaid with, make stuffed animals with, and create various animal shaped pancakes with her two daughters. The exact title of my new position with the two daughters is still a matter of discussion. It is tremendously fulfilling, and challenging. When you are trying to get two kids to understand the importance of the ones vs. the tens column, and the fact that atoms are made of electrons protons and neutrons, and that nothing else is going to make sense at school until we get this part down, being a world famous internet marketer who helped facebook does not impress them very much.

I spend a bit more time in the Malibu area with Shannon now, and a bit less time in the La Jolla area. I still am seeing patients, but much, much less.

I had a brief brush with death in October, that by December was totally gone. I have a very poetic description of it, but may never release it. If you see me in person don’t be shy about asking about it, it is a great and actually funny story 🙂

My mind is clearer, and I am more fulfilled than I have ever been in my life.

I have been skateboarding a ton, and hitting skateparks.

I have the most aesthetic beautiful life I ever could have hoped for.

I hope that catches you up a bit.

Business is so good, I am a bit reluctant to have as big of a thinktank this year.

I am guessing it is going to be a very, very, very small event, making it even more of a mystery than it has ever been.

I am excited summer is coming, and about to get a new board.

March 22 2013

Great Job Jay Weintraub!

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This is an email I just sent to Jay.


Leadscon was absolutely amazing.

Our private event went really well

We got tons of great feedback, and got a bunch
of great new clients.

All of the friends I brought to Leadscon,
ended up with new deals as a result.

In my opinion, you absolutely, positively
have brought in the highest end crowd
I have seen at any event and is right
up there with my little thinktank I do.

Really, truly amazing job.

We are actually discussing changing our normal
operations and going to the leadscon in New York
if you will have us 🙂

It was great to see Tighe helping to run things,
asI have not seen him in years.

I enjoyed meeting your mom as well 🙂

Bottom line it rocked, and I am all in to
help you in any way I can.

Please ask me for anything I can do for you.

Thank you so, so very much for the opportunity
to participate, and the opportunity to speak.

much love,

March 16 2013

Parties at Leadscon

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So far we have our Invite only event in my penthouse where I will be covering more about our teams research on exact points of Panda and Penguin and how we have created recovery and some serious increased rankings with 7 figure increases.

It will be a back room, invite only, open bar, great food event in my penthouse at the mirage on exact points that we are using to beat Panda and Penguin, and recover sites.

Tuesday night at 6:15

Here is the application.


Tuesday at 9pm there is a poker tournament at the Mirage.


On Wednesday night there is the official leadscon party.

What other parties and special events do you know?

March 15 2013

Google Penguin Panda Update

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We have research in place to determine the exact factors that were hit by the March 2013 Google Penguin or Panda update.

Our laboratory team has already identified the major 136 factors of the Google Panda update and the major 26 factors of the Google Penguin update.

I won’t even tell you their success rate now, because you would not believe me.

Huge props to Google on this because while there are fine points one might try to criticize these updates about, they definitely are continuing to create better user experiences.

As we get information in about the 2013 March Panda or Penguin update that is supposed to roll out, we will release info here about it.

There has been some contradiction about whether it is Panda or Penguin. We will see.

There is an invite only private event that will take place in my penthouse at the Mirage on Tuesday night to discuss what we have learned. Click Here.


January 14 2013

Poker Game Tonight

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Affiliate Summit has been tons of fun, but as usual not much sleep.

It was fun hanging out with Shoemoney today.

We haven’t gotten to hang out the past few years, so it meant a ton to me to get to spend some serious time with him. I got to hear about his Par program, and about the book. If you follow me at all, you know how much the guy has helped me and how much I appreciate him.

I came out to Affiliate Summit to help All Phase hosting promote their cool product where you can get your own hosting company.

I am not sure if I have just evolved, or if the whole industry has.

When I walked the floor, and talked to others, I really get the feeling that affiliate marketing has lost a lot of the push it used to have.

Shoemoney’s opinion is that a lot of the Acai, rebills, and the like are gone, and being replaced by legitimate offers.

I personally am thrilled to hear that.

If you want to hang out, tomorrow night I will be having my poker tournament at the Mirage.

If you want to hang out, head over here:

7:00 tomorrow.

January 13 2013

Where to Go for Car Race Today

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Don’t drink before racing :), wear closed toed shoes.


Here is where you can see the cars we will have:

If you end up coming by taxi or car go to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway,
and follow the signs to: Exotics Racing

6925 Speedway Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89115

Shoemoney just signed on to race.

We have quite a few spots available for racers.

Most of the people who signed up are ballers.

Once Shoemoney signed up, Ryan at All Phase Hosting, decided
to go even bigger on this.

Here is what is going to happen.

1. Be at the Main Entrance of Ceasars Palace at 2:15

2. Wear closed toed shoes.

3. Be sober! 🙂

When we get there, we are going to have some insider
round table discussions about what each of us is doing
right now. That means you. 🙂

We are going to get as many people a chance to drive as possible.

There is a lot of demand for this thing, but I am sorting out the riff raff,
and keeping it exclusive.

I will be slammed, but if you need to text me, hit me up at 858-436-4141 and let me know who it is. 🙂

All Phase Hosting just opened sign ups.
You can own your own hosting company, for free.
It’s pretty sic.

January 13 2013

Affiliate Car Race Battle is On with Shoemoney, John Chow, Ryan Niddel, and dk

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We have another contender for the Affiliate Car Race.

Shoemoney is in!

We’ve got Shoemoney, John Chow, Ryan Niddel and me battling it out on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on 1/13/13 from 3pm to 6pm.

All thanks to All Phase Hosting!
I’ll go into more detail on how awesome they are later in this post.

We’ve still got some room for drivers and spectators.
If you are interested in being a part of this deelio, please apply here:

We’ll be racing exotic cars like Aston Martins, Ferraris, and Lambos.

It is going to be rockin’ and I cannot wait to hang out with some of the best affiliate marketers tomorrow.

Added bonus, whoever wins, All Phase Hosting is going to donate $1,000 to the winner’s choice charity.

If  you want to attend (even if you don’t) and you’ve got a blog that has some eyes on it and would like to put up a blog post about this event hit me up here,,
I may be able to get you in as a driver.

On to All Phase Hosting.
They are putting on the Affiliate car race tomorrow which is going to be amazing.
Just a few things about what they do not to mention the founders of All Phase are really good peeps.

They are putting together an awesome opportunity for anyone interested in affiliate marketing that goes just a step further.

Basically, they help you create your own domain/hosting business.
You get your own email list, branding, control over pricing, and what you want to offer your customers in terms of selling domains, hosting, or both.  The hosting company is yours, but All Phase will set it all up and provide live customer support to your customers.

This is an incredible opportunity and I believe will truly change the affiliate landscape.

If you are interested, check it out, no commitment:

After the the car race, I’ve got my backroom talk about what is working at Google.
It’s an invite only deal for those looking to make their site rank even better in Google.

If you’d like to apply for an invite, go here:

Location: dk’s Penthouse Suite at the Mirage
Sunday – 1/13/13 – 6:30pm to 9pm
Strict NDA
In ‘N Out Burgers & Open Bar

The fun is not over yet!

We’ve got the All Phase Hosting/Purpose Inc Poker Tourney on Monday, 1/14/13, at 7pm.

If you are down for the flop, turn, and river join us at the Mirage Poker Room.
It is a $50 buy-in.
To sign up for the tournament go here (guests are welcome):

Can’t wait for the festivities to begin!