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March 16 2013

Parties at Leadscon

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So far we have our Invite only event in my penthouse where I will be covering more about our teams research on exact points of Panda and Penguin and how we have created recovery and some serious increased rankings with 7 figure increases.

It will be a back room, invite only, open bar, great food event in my penthouse at the mirage on exact points that we are using to beat Panda and Penguin, and recover sites.

Tuesday night at 6:15

Here is the application.


Tuesday at 9pm there is a poker tournament at the Mirage.


On Wednesday night there is the official leadscon party.

What other parties and special events do you know?

March 15 2013

Google Penguin Panda Update

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We have research in place to determine the exact factors that were hit by the March 2013 Google Penguin or Panda update.

Our laboratory team has already identified the major 136 factors of the Google Panda update and the major 26 factors of the Google Penguin update.

I won’t even tell you their success rate now, because you would not believe me.

Huge props to Google on this because while there are fine points one might try to criticize these updates about, they definitely are continuing to create better user experiences.

As we get information in about the 2013 March Panda or Penguin update that is supposed to roll out, we will release info here about it.

There has been some contradiction about whether it is Panda or Penguin. We will see.

There is an invite only private event that will take place in my penthouse at the Mirage on Tuesday night to discuss what we have learned. Click Here.


January 14 2013

Poker Game Tonight

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Affiliate Summit has been tons of fun, but as usual not much sleep.

It was fun hanging out with Shoemoney today.

We haven’t gotten to hang out the past few years, so it meant a ton to me to get to spend some serious time with him. I got to hear about his Par program, and about the book. If you follow me at all, you know how much the guy has helped me and how much I appreciate him.

I came out to Affiliate Summit to help All Phase hosting promote their cool product where you can get your own hosting company.

I am not sure if I have just evolved, or if the whole industry has.

When I walked the floor, and talked to others, I really get the feeling that affiliate marketing has lost a lot of the push it used to have.

Shoemoney’s opinion is that a lot of the Acai, rebills, and the like are gone, and being replaced by legitimate offers.

I personally am thrilled to hear that.

If you want to hang out, tomorrow night I will be having my poker tournament at the Mirage.

If you want to hang out, head over here:

7:00 tomorrow.

January 13 2013

Where to Go for Car Race Today

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Don’t drink before racing :), wear closed toed shoes.


Here is where you can see the cars we will have:

If you end up coming by taxi or car go to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway,
and follow the signs to: Exotics Racing

6925 Speedway Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89115

Shoemoney just signed on to race.

We have quite a few spots available for racers.

Most of the people who signed up are ballers.

Once Shoemoney signed up, Ryan at All Phase Hosting, decided
to go even bigger on this.

Here is what is going to happen.

1. Be at the Main Entrance of Ceasars Palace at 2:15

2. Wear closed toed shoes.

3. Be sober! 🙂

When we get there, we are going to have some insider
round table discussions about what each of us is doing
right now. That means you. 🙂

We are going to get as many people a chance to drive as possible.

There is a lot of demand for this thing, but I am sorting out the riff raff,
and keeping it exclusive.

I will be slammed, but if you need to text me, hit me up at 858-436-4141 and let me know who it is. 🙂

All Phase Hosting just opened sign ups.
You can own your own hosting company, for free.
It’s pretty sic.

January 13 2013

Affiliate Car Race Battle is On with Shoemoney, John Chow, Ryan Niddel, and dk

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We have another contender for the Affiliate Car Race.

Shoemoney is in!

We’ve got Shoemoney, John Chow, Ryan Niddel and me battling it out on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on 1/13/13 from 3pm to 6pm.

All thanks to All Phase Hosting!
I’ll go into more detail on how awesome they are later in this post.

We’ve still got some room for drivers and spectators.
If you are interested in being a part of this deelio, please apply here:

We’ll be racing exotic cars like Aston Martins, Ferraris, and Lambos.

It is going to be rockin’ and I cannot wait to hang out with some of the best affiliate marketers tomorrow.

Added bonus, whoever wins, All Phase Hosting is going to donate $1,000 to the winner’s choice charity.

If  you want to attend (even if you don’t) and you’ve got a blog that has some eyes on it and would like to put up a blog post about this event hit me up here,,
I may be able to get you in as a driver.

On to All Phase Hosting.
They are putting on the Affiliate car race tomorrow which is going to be amazing.
Just a few things about what they do not to mention the founders of All Phase are really good peeps.

They are putting together an awesome opportunity for anyone interested in affiliate marketing that goes just a step further.

Basically, they help you create your own domain/hosting business.
You get your own email list, branding, control over pricing, and what you want to offer your customers in terms of selling domains, hosting, or both.  The hosting company is yours, but All Phase will set it all up and provide live customer support to your customers.

This is an incredible opportunity and I believe will truly change the affiliate landscape.

If you are interested, check it out, no commitment:

After the the car race, I’ve got my backroom talk about what is working at Google.
It’s an invite only deal for those looking to make their site rank even better in Google.

If you’d like to apply for an invite, go here:

Location: dk’s Penthouse Suite at the Mirage
Sunday – 1/13/13 – 6:30pm to 9pm
Strict NDA
In ‘N Out Burgers & Open Bar

The fun is not over yet!

We’ve got the All Phase Hosting/Purpose Inc Poker Tourney on Monday, 1/14/13, at 7pm.

If you are down for the flop, turn, and river join us at the Mirage Poker Room.
It is a $50 buy-in.
To sign up for the tournament go here (guests are welcome):

Can’t wait for the festivities to begin!

January 11 2013

Purpose Inc/All Phase Hosting Events at Affiliate Summit

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Gentlemen start your Engines!!!


Ryan, at All Phase Hosting, and I had a conversation the other day about what they are doing- it totally blew my mind!
(For details of affiliate exotic car race, poker tournament, and what’s working at google NDA talk- keep reading.)


All Phase Hosting is now, hands down, the master of scaling a hosting company.
When Ryan told me what they’re doing now I could immediately see the success potential in it for all of us, including you.

We all know there’s a lot of money to be made in hosting.
To put it mildly, through their parent company they’ve been absolutely killing it in the hosting market.

What they are doing is accepting partners who want their own hosting company.

All Phase Hosting has built their own cloud and are allowing selective people, who have
experience in affiliate marketing, to stop being affiliates and actually own their own company.

This is the natural transition that all of the affiliate marketers I know made once they were successful.


Who wants to spend ad spend building someone else’s company,
when you can instead create your own long term asset?

Your own name, your own email list, your own branding.
And once you grow it, you can sell it.


In my own business, we’ve learned a ton this past year through our own test and
research about what is working in Google right now, and what is not.


Come learn about all of these things and have a ton of fun with us at our race rev rolling party during Affiliate Summit.


Here’s what we got:

-All Phase Hosting’s Affiliate Exotic Car Race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Want to show off your mad Affiliate Marketer driving skills in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, or Aston Martin?
Maybe you can! There will be ways to win a spot to be in the race.Participating in the race event is Martin Kampmann, veteran UFC fighter, and Robert Drysdale,
undefeated MMA fighter and 5x world champion in brazilian jiu jitsu.  I consider Robert to be the greatest fighter in world!!

Sunday – 1/13/13 – 3pm to 6pm

Follow this link to try to get invited to be in the race or to watch the race!

If you have a high end blog that is read by affiliate marketers, contact me.
We may be able to get you into a Lambo, participating in the race – as well as a chance for one of your readers to win a spot in the race!
(Or maybe just watching. 😉 We’ll see!)


-Backroom “What’s Working at Google- Invite Only, Strict NDA Talk”
INVITE ONLY.  At dk’s penthouse suite at the Mirage.
Open bar and In n’ Out burgers.

Sunday – 1/13/13 – 6:30pm to 9pm

Follow this link to submit an invite request!
This is a talk only for people doing advanced work to try to make their site rank well in google.


-All Phase Hosting/Purpose Inc Poker Tournament at the Mirage
($50 cash to buy in. There will be re-buys and add-ons.)
Come, Play, Win? (Or maybe just come, play, and have fun! 😉 )

Monday – 1/14/13 – 7pm

Follow this link to sign up for the tournament:


December 31 2012

Is that odesk contractor real?

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I was reading an applicant today for something I need help with.

It was a pretty girl, her English in her application was impeccable, she was in the Phillipines, and she wanted $3.00 per hour.

Too good to be true, the 4 hour marketers dream come true?

Here is one quick and fast way to find out.

Thanks to Micahael Demko, and my friends at 419 eater for the inspiration.

(419 eater by the way is a truly hilarious site motivated as a way to scam Nigerian scammers.)

Here is my system. I simply ask the person to take a photo of themselves with their thumb up, and close enough so you can see their face.

I am totally fine, hiring 50 year old Phillipino men. If on the other hand they feel compelled to fake who they are when they market themselves, it is not someone I am gong to be comfortable giving access to sensitive data of any kind.

If someone wanting to hire me on odesk asked me to put my thumb in my mouth for a photo, I am on!

December 16 2012

A new kind of email spam coming

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This will be one of my far reaching predictions that you will see come true over the next 3 to 5 years 🙂

Here are the steps.

1. Google Values Google Plus’s for SEO purposes.

2. People start setting up fake accounts to Gmail accounts to Google plus pages.

3. Google cracks down by only valuing Google pluses based on email history of gmail account.

4. Users in India set up tens of thousands of Gmail accounts that mail each other automatically to build history.

5. Google starts using algorithms to track user patters of gmail users, the way they analyze links now, to look for isolated neighborhoods that do not interact outside of their neighborhood.

6. Indian users start sending REAL emails to U.S. companies, asking “sort of” real questions, to build history and trust in their gmail accounts.

7. U.S. companies go, WTF?, as they are inundated with apparent customer requests and complaints at never before seen levels, and have trouble sorting out which requests coming in are from real customers, and which are not.

8. U.S. companies start insisting on customers validating they are not only a real person, but a real customer, before they will even respond to a seemingly real email.

December 2 2012

Tag Along Local SEO Rule

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It used to be that a highly ranked organic local site, could have its google local listing in the 7 pack and have an organic listing above it.

We noticed that this seems to have changed.

Today, we went and googled 50 different random local terms around the country and all of the searches supported my new theory.

If you can find a violation of this rule (Roseanna calls this the tag-along rule) please leave it in the comments below.

Here is how the rule works:

#1: Google follows its algorithm to determine which of the websites should be in the 7pack for the local term.

#2: Google then ranks the organic page according to its organic algorithm.

#3:If the google local listing is ranked higher than the organic listing on the first page for that term then google will list both of these listings on the 1st page.   This appears to take place for some domain in approximately 10% of local searches.

#4: If the domain we are looking at is in the 7 pack already and if the organic listing is in the same position or above the last listing of the 7 pack, then google will only list the 7 pack style local listing.  It will not list the organic listing separately.  The local listing seems to tag along with the organic listing as it moves up, like a drunkin’ friend when you are trying to hit on some classy hot girl.

#5: If an organic site is exceptionally strong, the organic backlinks are so strong that google naturally places the organic listing higher than the 7 pack.  While following the previous rule, google also breaks that listing out of the 7 pack and places the local listing at the height the organic listing would have been at number 1 or 2. This is like when the hot classy girl invites you over for thanksgiving dinner and your drunkin’ friend tags along in flip flops, a t-shirt and shorts to your new girlfriend’s house with the three car garage and he awkwardly sits down for thanksgiving dinner with her family when he wasn’t even invited.

We were able to find only 2 exceptions to this rule. In each case, the local listings formed a 3 pack instead of a 7 pack.

Let me know when you start to see exceptions to this rule and leave examples in the comments.

Or if you can figure out why Google violates this rule, only where there is a 3 pack, that would be interesting to know as well.



November 17 2012

Authority Labs Just Rocks

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We have been using them the past months to track all of our sites.

You pop in the domain name and keywords, and ka-blam! They track all the rankings.

They have just done a perfect job in every way.

They just f-ing rock.

Go buy their stuff. Now.