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Slaven Radic

slaven radicSlaven Radic is the creator of the brilliant idea of selling software over the Internet. He thought, why would customers want to drive all around looking for the software they need at different shops when they could just go online, purchase it, and have it delivered without ever leaving their home? Well, it turns out this also sounded like a great plan to many software buying customers worldwide, because Slaven’s business is booming and he couldn’t be happier.

Along with doing various interesting promotions and launches for different free products, Mr. Radic has honed his talents working on PPC and SEO. His newest project is a site that allows you to download driver software for any PC.

the back of slaven radics head

In addition to his business successes, Slaven is a stand up guy who will entertain you with his unique sense of humor and charming accent. Apart from being endlessly polite, Mr. Radic has a humble and kind nature that is a rarity with men boasting his type of brilliance and success.

Slaven Radic Arm Wrestle

  1. » Run With a Strong Pack said on March 24th, 2009 at 4:14 am

    […] the globe from each other, and have spent no more than an hour together total. Guys like Al and Slaven I have stayed up all night with laughing about the stupidest things in the world. People like […]

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