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Poker Tourney

The date is Thursday November 12th at 8:00 P.M. at the poker room at the Mirage. Those invited are people who are part of Pubcon, or involved in internet business. I will be sending out invites to my ENTIRE mailing list. This won’t be snobby event like my thinktank which is harder to get into than a …..

I will be having fight clubs again with the best fighters in the world. Seriously think about this. Imagine how cool you will be for the rest of your life if you can tell your friends you trained with the 6 x world jiu jitsu champion, or with the trainer of the 5 X world champ in MMA (UFC). It makes me cool just talking about it! LOL Details to be announced soon.

If for some reason you don’t know what this is all about, go here to read about purposeinc events.

If you are trying to figure out who this crazy MOFO dk is, click on dk.

If you don’t normally get surveys and invites and stuff like that from me, then fire me an e-mail to be on mailing list. Based on the response I am getting, I expect this to sell out so fast you won’t even know what happened, so if it is important to you, then keep an eye on this blog, and watch your e-mails.

Even if you don’t play, please come join the party.

In this recession year, I think it is safe to expect that if you play in the tourney the Mirage will give you free drinks, but once you are knocked out (not that YOU will be) expect to buy drinks from the bar.

I am going to work on the site redesign now, and then go around and hit up my favorite sponsors!

Each year there have been odd things coming up with making it a charity tournament, yet each year in the past in the end it ended up one. Based on what the Mirage is telling me it is looking unlikely that it will be a full fledge charity tournament. If it is not an official charity tournament, then I will still use this blog and the tournament as a vehichle to promote some cool charities, and you guys can just kick in on your own to help them out!

This year we will be in a new venue, the Mirage, so expect a few hiccups in how I run things. Whenever we make a big change there will be a few new things to get used to.

What I love about the Mirage is that they WANT us there! The guys/gals I have been dealing with at the Mirage, even when they have said no (knowing me you can imagine the things I ask for ;), they are polite, positive, quick with their communication and first class all the way.

Without saying too much, in the last year I have dealt with some of the fanciest hotels in Vegas, who were not nearly up to the quality of customer service the Mirage has given me. This year I personally am going to be staying at the Mirage, (and paying), as a thank you to them.

I am still working on the buy in amount. It should be under $200 again.

Like I said, there is soooo much positive buzz on this event that if it is important for you to play in it, sign up imediately! as soon as I give you the chance!

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