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January 6 2008

Poker Tournament Finance Roundup

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Poker tournament Pics and win a shirt here.

Werewolf at Pubcon here.

Read about the charities here.

Below is the accounting of the finances from the SEO Poker Tournament. From the feedback it was one favorite events from any of the SEO conferences.

I am posting what is almost all the financial transactions that will take place before, during, and after the conference. I will update this post periodically as the final transactions are completed. The expenses will be marked paid as they are paid.

Income (all collected)

Players fees received after Paypal costs $4244.38

Sponsor Fee after Paypal fee $1465.86

Sponsor Fee after Paypal fee $1465.86

Sponsor Fee after Paypal fee $ 904.95

Dan’s $500 extra donation $ 500.00

for the firefighters wife!

Cash Donations $ 50.00

(Gave them free t-shirts)

Total Income as of 1/6/06 $8,631.05


EventBrite (registration site) -82.35 (paid)

EventBrite -55 (paid)

Get Noticed Advertising for t-shirts first payment -1725 (paid)

Get Noticed Advertising for t-shirts second payment -2102.45 (paid)

tip to Valet at Venetian on poker night -1 (paid)Advertising playing cards handed out at Pubcon -175.99 (paid)

Software for players to practice texas holdem -14.95 (paid)

Shipping costs to send Sponsor 1 t-shirts -15.76 (paid)

Shipping costs to send Sponsor 2 t-shirts -56.79 (paid)

Shipping costs to send Sponsor 3 t-shirts ????? (paid)

Amount to be paid to Firefighters wife -848.88 (paid)

Extra amount from Dan to be paid to Firefighters wife -500 (paid)

Amount to be paid to burned Firefighters -848.88 (paid)

Amount paid to Criminon -848.88 (paid)

Amount paid to John Dau (rebuilding Sudan) -848.88 (paid)

School in India for better water and sanitation -848.88 (paid)

Note – The school allready got their project funded! Yehhhh!!

So instead the money is being donated to the Childrens Project School.

If you can take a minute to read this it will blow your mind.

Let’s see if you can read it and not cry, I couldn’t and still can’t.

Total Expenses $8836.34

So the whole thing shook out with me having done a bunch of work, and cost me out of my pocket some hundreds of dollars. Funnest money I ever spent.

Take a look at these Indian girls new computer and tell me if it was worth it. 🙂

I can’t even begin to tell you all what this event meant to me on every possible level. It was truly one of the great nights of my life.

Much Love,


  1. SnowBall said on July 14th, 2010 at 2:19 am

    Wow, that’s great that the school in India was funded, so you got to give to another charity! So much good came out of the tournament. And that Indian girl has a nicer computer than me! Looks like that was a success!

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