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Mike Salvaggio

Michael  Salvaggio , CEO of SEO Brand, has been a leader in many different areas of the online space since 2001.  Over the past several years, Michael has specialized in all areas of the Industry primarily with a niche specialization in CPA Landing Page Development and Programming.

Mr. Salvaggio , while operating Net Direct out of his home and a nearby office, he organized and wrote a FICO credit score repair eBook that quickly sold over 50,000 copies and transitioned into his next endeavor, Net Direct, a global fulfillment consulting firm.  The internet space was forever solidified for Michael.

Michael was then recruited to turnaround two of the biggest marketplace traders on and many different domestic and international online marketplaces.  After taking both companies to a full international presence and doubling the gross profit in less than 8 Months, both companies were sold to a private equity firm primarily based upon the huge success of the search marketing and search engine optimization efforts designed and employed by Michael which then went on to spawn SEO Brand.

In 2010, SEO Brand developed for Private Label Nutraceuticals, a leading firm in nutraceutical procurement.   SEOBRAND also leads in the cosmetic surgery vertical with development and Marketing of

SEOBRAND.NET is a full service internet marketing firm specializing in direct response landing page design and all facets of programming.  SEO Brand has designed and developed hundreds of direct response landing pages across many verticals.  In addition to iPhone application development and programming, SEO Brand offers many services under one roof.

Mr. Salvaggio holds a degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and is currently preparing for the LSAT.  In Mr. Salvaggio’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He also enjoys playing basketball, video games, and local township involvement.

Mike and Nicole his Wife of 18 Years

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