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Janusz Jezowicz

Janusz Jezowicz is a Czech Republic born 29 year old internet business owner who resides in the UK at the moment. He owns a company he founded 3 years ago that specializes in internet speed. He doesn’t own just one business though, he founded another company 2 years ago. His two companies are destinations for millions of users each month.

Janusz hopes to expand his businesses overseas in Europe, and has succeeded in doubling revenue and number of visitors to his site. His main focus in SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, but opts out of using social tools such as Facebook or twitter. He has gotten links from BBC, press, radio, and TV coverage. His scariest moment was being live on BBC News TV and talking about something he had read a half hour earlier!

On his free time Mr. Jezowicz prefers to travel, surf, windsurf, golf, and enjoys an occasional game of squash. He is also taking a trip around the world with his wife while working remotely on their business!

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