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October 17 2012

Jim Boykin and Internet Marketing Ninjas sieze Webmaster World

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I am super, super excited.

Last night during our EMD event, I kept deferring to Jim for his opinion, and noticed something was different.

He obviously had something on his mind.

This morning the news is out!

Internet Marketing Ninja’s now is the owner of Webmaster World.

Webmaster world is the oldest and most respected forum for SEO types to geek out. 🙂

I know because for years I was one of the more prominent members. I am going back in now!

In many ways, Pubcon is a community of those of us who all met on Webmaster World.

Matt Cutts used to hang out there as Google Guy.

When I first wanted to learn about SEO, I tried to get in there, but they would not allow me to register with a hotmail address,

so it took me a year, (not kidding), to figure out how to get a “real” email address. 🙂

Jim is one of the first people I met in this industry, I believe 8 years ago, and I am just thrilled that he now owns one of my favorite sites 🙂

Jim is an extremely social guy, who deeply cares about the world around him. He has always been a supporter financially of virtually every event I do, and when there has been a charity component, he kicks in without even asking what or why.

He has an amazing community at Internet Marketing Ninjas, and is constantly doing some of the most creative and innovative things in the industry.

I just can’t be happier for him, and happier for the Webmaster World Community.

Time for me to upgrade back to my paid membership there. 🙂

Congratulations Jim! Full speed ahead.

much love


  1. Jim boykIn said on October 17th, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Thanks! I heart you too long time!

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