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October 3 2012

Pubcon 2012 Parties Poker and Meetups

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The 2014 Pubcon party list is here including the poker tournament.

First off, the party to go to is the Purpose Inc. Link Building Poker Tournament on Wednesday night, which will be taking place just before the Internet Marketing Ninjas Penguins and Pandas fundraising party for the World Wildlife Foundation.

The poker tourney starts at 8:00 and the Penguins and Penguins party starts at 9:00.

It was fascinating as I just cruised around the blogs about Pubcon 2012, the only things I found were a few people announcing their speaking this year, and a bunch of people pitching the promo code so they could make their affiliate rip. Jim Boykin put up a cool contest on Facebook where you could win a free trip.

As the years go by, and we all become more successful, blogging has kind of gone by the wayside for most of us. I have great memories of Shoemoney with his party like a rockstar contest, and Chris Hooley’s rolling hard in his Little Rascals video.

We will be keeping the party pumping hard with our 6th annual Purpose Inc Link Builders Poker Tournament.

I first had this event so all 3,000 people had a place to come and hang out, whether you are connected or not. It is the biggest and most anticipated part of Pubcon. We will open up entries here in just a few days.

The tourney will be open to all Pubcon attendees and anyone making money with the internet. No pros allowed.

Texas Holdem.

Sponsors this year are Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Link Research Tools.

Info on the Advanced SEO NDA EMD discussion at dk’s penthouse at the Mirage – Details Here

A few more seats opened up at the Poker Tourney on Wed, also guests can drink for free alongside the players.


  1. Jim Boykin said on October 3rd, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    I’ll be there….but at 9:00 I’m going balls out, all or nothing….so look out!
    I think the past 2 or 3 years I had the honor of being the first one out….but maybe this year will be different….hey, I’m feeling lucky 🙂

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