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September 16 2012

Email Matt Lloyd sent to 60k people on his list

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Subject – Late night chiropractic fix in the parking lot… {strange experience}


I had a weird experience last night, in the parking lot of the hotel I am staying at.

Let me give you the background:

Last weekend, I went to a mastermind party thing at Jonathan Budd’s mansion… and,
when there was keg that needed to be moved downstairs, guess who volunteered?

ME! (stupidly)

Those things weigh a TON.

It completely screwed up my back… and I’ve been in pain for the past 5 days.

So then yesterday, a friend messaged me about another mastermind happening next
week, that was stricty ‘invite only.’

You can’t just ‘buy’ your way into this one… you have to be doing decent numbers in your
business (like half a mill to 10 mill a year), and, you have to sign an NDA.

It’s somewhere around 3k to go hang out for 3 days on the beach… guys like Frank Kern
are going to it, about 25 all up (send me a message on Facebook if you’re interested in coming).

So I decide to go.

The guy hosting (DK) happens to be a chiropractor… so when I have him on the phone, and
I’m doing my ‘interview’ to see if I get in, I mention my back problems.

He says, if I’m in for the mastermind, he’ll swing by on the way to see his girlfriend, and fix my back.

So of course, I say yes.

Keep in mind, in a few weeks I’m hosting my event, and I don’t want to be
up on stage barely able to stand.

So there we are… 9pm at night, in a deserted car park.

He swings in, we shake hands, and he pulls out one of those chiropractor beds right next to his car.

He asks me to lay down, on my stomach.

He starts feeling around at the base of my spine… and starts telling me how to joints are out
of whack, etc etc.

Without a whole lot of warning, he pushed down on my back with some serious force.

I feel my back crack…

He does it a few more times.

More cracks.

Then I stand up… miraculously… the pain is pretty much gone.

It’s an awesome feeling – and DK just became my favorite guy.

You see, I’m not a pro when it comes to fixing backs.

I didn’t have a clue what to do to fix my own back… I was thinking I’d just have to put up with the pain.

If you paid me to fix yours (if it ever got sore)- you wouldn’t get much of a result.

Even if I offered to do it for 1/10 the price of what DK charges (he said 497 / hour) you’d still be getting
a bad deal.

But when you’re dealing with a pro… they’re able to come in… and within 5 mins can diagnose the problem,
push a few pressure points, and good as new.

That is the difference between a pro and an amateur.

Now, here’s where this applies to marketing.

I see newbies come online all he time… they message me on facebook.

I ignore most, because I just don’t have time anymore…

Mostly, they want the result (big bucks), but they want to get a ‘bargain’ on the price they pay
for their advice.

When I tell them what I charge hourly (now 997) they balk.

“What!!  I can’t afford that!” they whine…

But after having been doing this for 4 years… and crossing the 7 figure mark
2 days back, I’ll tell you this:

Smart people, do NOT buy knowledge by the pound.  They go for quality over
quantity.  Every time.

They have no hesitation in paying someone with the right knowledge and experience
a grand or more for their time… because, they know how much time and hassle
having that knowledge will save them, instead of paying for it through trial and error.

A good portion of people on my list are smart marketers.

So far, around 1300 of you have invested 10 bucks in ‘The IM Revolution Handook.’

But, over 80,000 others have not…

(of course- a good 25,000 of those don’t count, since they’re inactive subscribers…
but still)

Contained in those 65 pages, is everything I did to scale my business to a million
dollar company in the span of 13 months.

The 3 years prior to that, I was paying the bill for some very expensive trial and error lessons.

So it’s your call…

You can let me save you 3 years of your life (for 10 bucks!), OR, find out these lessons the
hard way:


It’s your call.

Talk soon,


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