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December 17 2011

How not to advertise your link building service

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As a lot of you may know, I have been doing some link building for my sites and some others lately.

I only do it totally white hat.

I figured there must be a lot of great companies that could help.

One that I always recomend for helping with this type of work, who do excellent work and do it white hat is IMN, the company of Jim Boykin we all know as We Build Pages.

I want the links to be as diverse as possible, so at Pubcon this year I was talking to other companies as well.

Overall I was extremely disappointed, and realized what Jim does and what I do is some of the best work around, and is totally white hat.

One company sounded really interesting.

I asked them to send me some url’s of sites they get links from.

They are nice guys, and I still might use their company, so I am not going to out them, but what happened next was totally hilarious.

They said, “well we don’t usually give out the url’s of the sites the links come from, but in this case we will give you an example”. They then gave me a link to this site.

I entered the url, and this is what I found. Not a very good promotion for quality links. ROFL.


  1. Eric Itzkowitz said on December 20th, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Hey DK! Isn’t link building fun? NOT! Three Words: Hosted Marketing Pages. (:

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