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July 25 2011

Frank Kern

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Frank Kern is finally in my database. With the ridiculous success of his Mass Control, List Control, and other products, this guys is a fricken rock star.

The first time I met Frank in person, I immediately thanked him for something he said on a video once that changed me as an internet marketer. It was something to the effect of, There are so many people on the internet, that you can just be absolutely totally yourself, and there will be enough people who will dig you for who you are, that you can become successful, just being who you are.

I already have been who I am, but always almost felt guilty about it, and sometimes tried to create this or that image. When I heard Frank Kern say that, it really changed me and my marketing forever.

Shoemoney, who I have always considered to be the greatest internet marketer ever, told me last year that he thought that Frank Kern was actually the top of the food chain, or some statement like that. Since then I have been applying my networking skills to get to know Frank Kern. It is funny, as I have become friends with many of the guys around him, Amish, Russ, Trey, Jay, etc. I found just nicer and nicer people. This was a huge breath of fresh air, as some of the internet marketing world is just not as nice.

I am getting to work on a little micro mini project with Frank tonight. By the way, Frank has some thing going on right now where is going to be giving away his VB bus, and the thing is rockstar. I am sure on the thintkank promo videos, which I honestly plan to do real soon, really, just give me a few more days! I will tell the story how I got to meet Frank Kern. But bottom line it is the same strategy I always use. Be a friend, be nice, try to help whenever you can, and know when someone is a shizzle nizzle rock star out of the park success dude, that he is going to be a bit busy, and give them plenty of space.

I have already seen Frank do some really, really nice things to help people out, and I get the guy.

Just in case you are wondering, what is he “really” like.

He surfs.

He really cares about people.

He loves making himself and those around him successful.

And Frank Kern surfs :).


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