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December 4 2007

Pubcon Poker Tournament in 2 Days

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Whew! Today has been moving!

WARNING – You must join the Venetian Players Club by Thursday night.

They can do it in about 2 minutes. Go to the Players Club which is by the Sports Book in the Venetian any time between now and tomorrow night, but since there will be so many players please don’t wait till the last hour. 🙂

So far today I have met tons of great people for the first time, and we have gotten a bunch of new entries.

I even met one famous search marketer who said he was kicking himself now that he didn’t sponsor the tournament when he had the chance. 🙂

I want to talk more about our sponsors as I have a second, but here is the simple rundown.

We are busting our ass right now trying to get T-shirts done for the tournament. Since this was only planned over the last 3 weeks, they may or may not be done in time.

The sponsors have generously put up the dough for the T-shirts. They are not going to be cheap. If they come out the way they are supposed to, they will be collectors items that will be the must have in the SEO community for decades to come.

So super huge thanks to our sponsors, and I will keep pushing the process of getting the shirts produced and perfect by Thursday night!

I spoke to my buddy at the Venetian Poker room just now, and he is going to arrange for there to be a dealer there for the three hours teaching people how to play Texas Holdem at no charge. If you take advantage of these free lessons, please tip the dealer as they make their money mostly off of tips. You do not have to be a player to get the lessons, they are for all of the Pubcon crew and their guests.

Groupies! Spectators will be welcome for the event. Come and watch and cheer on your favorite SEO, SEM, PPC or whatever guy!

I realized a lot of people don’t know what I look like, so I am putting a photo of myself here so you can come up to me at Pubcon. Don’t be shy of me, I look like the Russian Olympic wrestling coach, but am actually quite friendly. (No offense to the Russians)

This was me doing chiropractic on San Diego fire fighters last month during our big fires.


If you want to learn Texas Holdem Poker, go to SEO POKER TABLE (dot) COM, but don’t link to it. It is free to practice there.

There still are tons of people I am running into, who don’t know about the tournament yet, so please let everyone your know, know!

And huge thanks to BOTW . They have been around for forever in the internet world. They actually review sites the way Matt Cutts has described a good directory should, and they don’t approve every site. They put up big bucks as sponsors, so we all owe them huge thanks. Go by their booth at Pubcon and say hello. Greg also did a ton of promotion to his friends about the tournament.

Huge thanks also to

Mike the owner is a great guy and a great chiropractor. He practices in the Western Beach area of Los Angeles near Venice California. Not only do I know him from the SEO world, but I have sent him lots of patients when they move up to Los Angeles. He is very apreciated for his sponsorship.

Our third sponsor is SEOish, In my conversations with Pat, it really sounds like he is sponsoring the tournament simply to give back to an industry that has been really good to him. Like me, he has been befreinded by some very knowaldable people who have helped him to become very successfull in this area. He has done very well, and would now love to give a little back.

Our fourth sponsor is Chipotle. I personally consider them to have the finest burritos in the world, and have developed a close tie to the company. They provided me with hundreds of burritos to feed the firefighters when they were not receiving sufficient food due to supply lines not being fully put in yet. Iam great friends with Kevin Kupper who is the manager of one of their San Diego stores. They have provided me with free Burrito playing cards, that are worth one full on gargantuan burrito. Their is a Chipotle about one half block south of the Venetian. All players will get a free burrito card. It also looks like a playing card.

I am heading over to the conferance in a few minnutes. If you see me there, give me a hoot. I want to make as many friends as possible.

Much Love,





  1. SnowBall said on July 13th, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Looks like you’re getting a lot more connections, too bad about that famous search marketer. You know now for next time! Also really cool about the free lessons at the venetian. I wonder if that’s just a special one-time thing or if they have the instructor there regularly. Also cool about the burrito card looking like a playing card. So many cool, creative ideas floating around.

  2. grayreign said on July 13th, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    This is what networking, and later community is like.

    T-shirts. Free lessons. Great people sponsoring.
    It seems like you did everything right for this.

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