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August 21 2010

Converting Sony Files To Mac MOV files

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In case you haven’t noticed, all of the big internet marketers have made the switch to using video. In fact, I can barely type anymore!

If you read the reviews, Sony makes some of the most bad ass cameras, especially if you want to have an easy to use wireless microphone.

You can see lots of videos we have made recently over at If you have half a brain, you are using a Mac. (Recently forced by Quickbooks Payroll to buy another Windows 7 computer and it sucks.)

If you use a Sony camera with a Mac you will quickly find out that the .mts files on the Sony camera, do not open in IMovie, or Camtasia on a Mac. You need to convert them into .mov files. Supposedly Sony has a lousy software that does this, but I have not seen it.

When you first put your Mac and your Sony camera together, you can use IMovie to download and convert the .mts files into .mov files which then can be edited in IMovie or Camtasia.

For some reason, after a while I, and many other users have the IMovie stop working at doing this. In my googling I was unable to find any solution to this.

Luckily I found a cool company that made a software that handles this even better than IMovie did in the first place, although much slower.

The product is called Voltaic which costs $39.99.

Once you have it installed, you can download the .mts files directly to your computer, and then convert them using Voltaic to .mov

You can set up Voltaic to do many files at once, as long as they are all in the same directory.

I put it on my Mac Pro which sits idle most of the time, and let it run overnight.

The Voltaic guys tell me that Voltaic also can repair errors in the file, that IMovie can not.

They guys there were super stoked when I contacted them, and even refunded the money I had paid them, and gave me an affiliate code.