Purposeinc 2007 SEO Poker Tournament Begin Here

SEO Poker Tournament Announcement for Dec. 2007

Name the SEO Contest and Win a free T-shirt. – Pictures of all the players.

The winner.. Dan Perry and his story!

Another story on Dan

The Charities

Tournament Finance summary

The T-Shirts

The original players list

The Graphics Available for your site!

SEO Poker Event at Pubcon Sponsors

Tony Clifton

This is the original donation page

The original 2007 registration area

Clubs Poker Ace Girl

11 thoughts on “Purposeinc 2007 SEO Poker Tournament Begin Here”

  1. I think it is a great idea to spread the money over a number of charities. It is odd how people react to anyone just picking one charity to support, but this is a great way to use the money. The Sudan stuck in my head because of an NBA player named Manute Bol. He was the son of a Sudanese tribal chief and played in the NBA for about 10 seasons. He was the second tallest man to ever play in the NBA at 7’7″. The reason I thought about him is that he spent ever cent he made in his time in the NBA to help stop the violence in his Sudanese homeland (an estimated 5 million dollars). Now there is some charity.

  2. dk I will donate the money this tournment generates to a charity you have chosen. Not sure the one maybe all of them.

    I just learned about the prision one reading the blog, that is new to me.

    I visit a prision for troubled young men every Thursday and see the need for something like this there. Anyway I plan of donating my winnings to a charity…


  3. dk there is an old saying somewhere in a Book “Don’t lay up Treasures were moths can eat it and robbers can steal, lay them up were no man can touch them…” or close to this anyway. It is tough sometimes to do but I have been doing it now going on 7 years.

    I see this event as the same and I am very well aware of the time it is chewing up getting this organized. You have a big heart dk.

    Thank you for this event it will be my only playing I do there as I was once addicted to the game among other things but a Miracle happened. I don’t gamble anymore as to the reason I will give my winnings back.

    Maybe we can chat on this during the game.

  4. bwnbwn,
    I would love to hear the story.
    If you win, (which I hope you do!) you can just have the check made out to my company and I will put it in the pot for the charities, or to any one of the charities directly and I would be more than happy to mail it.


  5. Anthony,
    Stay posted here for details about sponsoring coming up.
    I am also going to put you on my mailing list for the poker tournament, and my our other upcoming event. If you prefer not to be on the mailing list, just send me an e-mail.
    Much Love,

  6. What they do at Criminon is great. Prisons were never meant to be a place to be punished in thier own right, they were meant has holding places for criminals until they recieved punishment (work yard, torture, death, fine, ect.) or until they had some way of rehabilitating themselves. Now we throw people in vast prison’s for punishment and rehablitation but, between this not being an effective punishment (people keep going back in) and the prison system not having the funds (to many people in jail for trivial things) to rehabilitate the inmates, many of them cycle through over and over. This leads to a never ending cycle of wasted resources and an ever increasing lack of recourses to acomplish return provention (rehablitation, education, therapy and training). Only good things can come from endeavors like Criminon’s.

  7. So many links. The winners story is exciting. Quiet, not arrogant. Just the facts with a happy tinge.

    Seems the poker event went off just fine. Money for charity, and space to network. Impressive feat.

  8. @bwnbwn: you and dk both have big hearts. To go visit a prison every single week is beautiful. And that’s amazing that you are able to go play poker for these charities after having an addiction. Very strong of you. And dk, I really love the organized way you set all of this up. Just a nice list of links of everything you need to know.

  9. The shirts are cool…first I have ever seen custom with longsleeves. The player list is a great whos’-who for us newbies….I spent hours just clicking on all their names and reading blogs and such….overwhelming but a wealth of info. I will have my charity poker tourney with my community one day very soon…it is a great event and with a purpose makes it that much better.

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