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Corey Hammond

Corey Hammond is the biggest sponsor of thinktank this year through his company Brain Host.

If you ask Corey, he will tell you a huge part of his success came from his trips to thinktank.

When he first came to thinktank, he was one of the newer kids on the block, was working

as an employee, and not struck it big yet. I saw some real promise, so I let him come.

He did it right, made good contacts, and implemented what he learned from the others.

Today Corey is the CEO and founder of Brain Host. Brain host, discount hosting company,  is doing numbers so big, that I could not possibly put them online. I will just let your imagination run wild instead.

Over the years Corey has become a great, and a reliable friend. I am super proud he is coming, and thrilled he has reached that level of success where he can sponsor as well!

Below is his original bio from years back when he first came 🙂

Corey Hammond is an SEO and Social Media guy and a gadget head.

He currently works with the Karcher group in Akron Ohio which is a webmarketing, webhosting, and SEO organization. Corey blogs for the Karcher group.

Corey has a full bread beagle named Oscar.


Corey has a strong sports background and will be helping me by leading some of the physical activities of the ThinkTank, assuming I can get people out of their chairs looking out over the ocean!

Corey’s sports include soccer, and Frisbee golf.

Like some other famous SEO’s I know, Corey takes an occasional pause in his success to attend a class or two in college.

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