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May 8 2008

Million Dollar Idea! Send Brownies

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Over the past 6 months I have run into this really nice guy by the name of Scott Skinger.

First he was in the poker tournament. Here he is seated between Dan Perry, the guy who won, and some other bald guy wearing sun glasses. He blogs on mountany stuff and also has a site that does computer stuff video training.

Scott Skinger

Then I ran into him again at the Elite Retreat.

Scott is the one with the red arrow pointing toward his head.

By the way, that was one heck of a dinner with one heck of a group of people. The amount of brilliance at the table that night was amazing.

So anyways, Scott is this really nice guy who I keep bumping into. There are many people like this we all meet. Great guy, but I can’t remember exactly what he does. You remember he is polite, considerate, warm, which are all the basics, but it is not enough to really seal the deal in business.

So what does it take?

It takes Brownies!!

Yesterday I am at my chiropractic office. Usually my chiropractic office and my Internet businesses do not intersect very often. But I am standing at work, right after treating a patient, and one of my staff walks over and goes “Who is Scott Skinger”?? I think for a moment, Scott? Scott? Oh yeh! They nice guy from the poker tournament and the Elite Retreat.

I ask her why?

She says, he sent you brownies!

My ears perk up, and curiosity sets in.

Sitting in front of me is a box of brownies. They had a nice personal note with them thanking me for having dinner with him, and how nice it was to meet me and my wife.

There is no sales pitch in the note. No asking for anything. In fact I had to Google Scott to even see what his sites were.

So my wife and I have eaten two of the brownies, and the rest are in the freezer to be consumed slowly over time.

Scott got my attention. I already knew and liked him, but now with the brownies I will never forget him for the rest of my life.

As a result of Scott being a great guy and getting my attention he got this article written about him.

So what is the lesson in this. Do something nice. Send someone some fricken brownies for gosh sake, knit them a hat, especially someone with a blog, and see what happens? Just ask yourself, unless you are Jeremy, who gets more free crap than anyone else in the universe , how often does someone send you a nice thank you?

You can’t pay for links or you will get busted by Google right? But no one can ever stop you from being nice. All of the cool links I have ever gotten were simply by doing nice stuff for people. I have had cartoons drawn of people, had a poker tournament, brought burritos and chiropractic to firefighters etc. etc. Just do nice stuff for people with websites, and see what happens!

April 21 2008

Million Bucks or Nothing Idea – Make Money Online! HA!

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million dollar idea

This post comes after much discussion with myself!

On a weekly basis or so, I come up with an idea that to me is such a great idea that I am sure if I fully developed it, it would have the ability to make a million bucks, or at least waste a few months of my time and crank out enough money for Sushi for 10 people.

After watching one of my Internet hero’s up close, and seeing that he appears to experiment quite a bit, but only take on one really huge project per year, and also watching how long it takes me to fully implement a good idea (The above graphic took me around 4 hours), I realized I don’t stand a rats chance in hell to get even 10 percent of these ideas done.

So the deal is from now on I will hang on to one or two of the best ideas of the year, and the other ones are going to be fessed up on this site. I will start my million dollar ideas with the above graphic.

If you happen to implement one of them, then keep me posted that you are going to try it, and keep me posted on how it goes. If you feel really generous, then if it flies you can always paypal me a percentage. The ideas though are totally open source, steal em, change em, run with them! You are on your own, no promises, no guarantees, you will probably crash and burn and fail in flames, but then again who knows?

So here is the first Million Dollar Idea. It is about the many blogs on Make Money Online!

If you read the blogs, many of them say the same thing which is write about making money online and post ads where your readers can click and sign up to host the same ads on their site. Each time they click on the ad you make some money. A dollar here, a quarter there and it can add up! The person who clicked on your ad can then put the same ad on their site, and when someone wants to learn how to make money online, they can click that ad, and then they make a buck, and you might make a few cents yourself.

For this to work, one needs to have thousands of readers for it to ad up to anything appreciable. I have actually been shocked when I see what some of these sites sell for when someone gets rid of them. The prices seem so shockingly low compared to the readership, and the amount of time put into making the site that it often shocks me.


Do something on your site! Actually sell a real thing, or a real service, or a sell a real thing or a real service for someone else.

My main site, has made money since the day I set it up. It is not because people click on ads, it is because we actually have a really cool product and we use the site to tell people about it. People want to buy real stuff, like orchids or Harley’s.

Google’s Matt Cutts has repeated to me over and over every time I have heard him, and repeats to everyone else that you should have quality useful content for your users such as this post of Matts on the parts of URL’s.

In an earlier post I wrote about how in an hour we got a local Pizza place to rank number one for their major keyword which will make Kevin many thousands of dollars a year, if not every month, more than he would have without it.

Find a really cool thing that you believe in, and that is something as opposed to just the concept of making money online, and develop it. Develop a site on something like pizza, or rabbits feet, or poppy seeds, and there will end up being real value to some of the billion or so people online.

Not creative enough to come up with a real thing that people will want?

Then just stick around I will be sharing my ideas here from now on.

By the way, I have set up dozens of businesses over the last few decades, some of them turned out better and others worse, but every one made at least a little profit, some of them with a handful of zeros.
So stick around here, and I will share my ideas. Use them at your own risk!

Much Love,