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June 29 2010

Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula

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FTC Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Jeff Walker’s PLF.  If you end up buying through my link I make a bunch of money off of you.

Why I am buying Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula tomorrow.

In any field I am in, I follow the Salmon upstream.

Quickly as I entered the world of the internet, there were two names that kept coming up.

One was Matt Cutts if you wanted to know how to rank well in Google. (Matt is THE guy AT google), and Shoemoney, if you wanted to learn how to sell something online.

I learned Matt’s lessons, write good content and get good quality relevant links, (thank you Matt), and I befriended Shoemoney to learn from him and get his help, and Shoemoney you have given back in excess, a greater friend never existed.

So a few months ago, I hear Shoemoney talk about this guy who is THE expert on internet marketing, named Frank Kern. I like WTF? Shoemoney always talks about how brilliant Shoemoney is, and rarely considers someone else to be better than him at something. This isn’t just ego, this is actually very, very true. 🙂 So who is this Frank Kern fellow? And what? He lives in the same small town as where I am? Huh?

Then I discover the Little Video Boss and this mad genius Andy Jenkins who with his free content teaches me more about how to make a great video than anything I had ever seen before.

Now in my world of Pubcon, Google, Facebook, SEO, Affiliate Summit, I am considered to be kind of an expert and a celebrity. In fact I take a lot of pride in that, speak at the conferences, advise the biggest companies, solve problems, blah, blah, blah.

Shoemoney invites me down the day before Frank Kern’s list control conference. I head down and hang out by the pool, in the bar and around the area. Yvette who works with Frank ends up allowing me in to the conference the next day, and I meet a lot of spectacular people.

Now it starts to get a little weird.

A woman in the audience is almost crying because Frank says he won’t be doing public internet marketing training any more. I mean almost crying! I am used to my audiences being almost asleep when I talk at internet conferences, while I make fun of them from stage, and they still are half asleep. And I am a damn funny speaker!

Then the other guys in the conference are all talking to each other about their launch this and their launch that. “I did 2.3 on my launch!” “Hey, Bill did 1.2 on his launch.” It took me a few minutes to figure out these 2.3 and 1.2 were referring to millions of dollars. This wasn’t no SEO conference.

I’m no idiot, and I sure as heck don’t let my past experiences block me from new information.

So I shut up and paid attention and tried to meet as many of these guys as I could.

I found that most of them tremendously looked up to and respected, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, and Jeff Walker the Product Launch Formula guy. Hmmm…

It turns out that all of them Kern, Jenkins and the other attendees use this Product Launch Formula to make these millions.

Who was this Jeff Walker fellow? Well, he is the one who figured out how to do a product launch.

What this simply means is

1. Come up with a Product.

2. Get folks to help you promote it.

3. Make the release of the product an event.

4. Give away a ton of great content, (like best stuff you ever saw).

5. Release a magnificent product for a short period.

So a few weeks ago, I hear Shoemoney mention that Jeff Walker is going to be releasing a new product. I ask him, so is this the one I should buy? He says, “I am”. Now that conversation was between the two of us, and not for any sales reason. Just two guys trying to figure out the best materials to study to improve our work.

So tomorrow Jeff Walker will release his Product Launch Formula 3.0

Don’t even try to find the Product Launch Formula Coupon Code, or get a Product Launch Formula Discount, they don’t exist. We are all paying full price.

I am going to buy it.

And no, there is no where on the internet you can learn from THE guy who all the other bests learned from.

I am so excited I can barely stand it. 🙂

And even if you don’t buy didly squat from this guy, if it is still up go study the free stuff he put up, because you can honestly learn so much from the free stuff that it will increase your income.

Oh, just for the record, just from what I learned from the Free Product Launch Formula materials, I already made enough money to pay for the program! LOL Not kidding at all.

(By the way, the links above are all my affiliate links. Jeff, thank you so much for those!)

May 9 2010

Zac Johnsons E-Book Launch – Become a 6 Figure Blogger

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Zac Johnson is the internet marketers internet marketer. Zac is swimming in some of the toughest waters, marketing to marketers.

I know what this is like, because I do the same thing.

Zac has a new e-book to help you become a 6 figure blogger.

I can already tell you why this is going to be a success.

Here is why.

He picked a 1oo K as a target, not a million bucks.

I believe Shoemoney said he is making somewhere like a million bucks a year from his blog.

I bet John Chow is somewhere in that range as well.

My blog and I bet most of the other famous bloggers you read make at most in the hundreds of thousands per year from their blog,and the closely related activities around it.

Zac obviously knows this subject, as he has done this for years.

Zac is Leveraging his Friendships

Zac is a very well liked guy. I have never heard or seen a single word written badly about him.

This is not easy to pull off when 100’s of thousands of people know who you are.

Zac sent out an e-mail earlier letting me, John Chow, and I am guessing Shoemoney and others know about his affiliate program for the launch. Since there is no income coming directly from the book, he is doing a contest instead on how many people he gets to sign up.

Although he did not say it, I am assuming he is building a quality e-mail list of those interested in building a profitable blog, and he can monetize that list later.

There is Broad Appeal to Zac’s Product

This has the potential to get him hundreds of thousands of contacts in a very short time. How many people want to make money blogging? I had recently seen a huge spike in traffic to Jonathan Volks website, and asked him what happened. He said it was nothing more complicated than his writing an e-book and making it widely known. Almost everyone in America and Europe knows what blogging is. Almost everyone in the U.S. and Europe knows that people make lots of money on the internet. The potential number of people who could read this book are limitless.

Zac made it easy to get in.

No money down. No commitment. There isn’t even a hint as to what is in it for him. In fact, once you download the book, there is nothing to keep you from forwarding it to your friends.

Money and Recognition in it for Those Who Help

I can already guess that Shoemoney is going to win the contest even though he hasn’t blogged on it yet, and John Chow will probably get second.

My traffic is usually about 1/10th the traffic they get, so I predict I will win one of the $100 prizes. Now $100 isn’t really enough money to make it worth my time to write this blog. But on the other hand Zac is my friend, and I want to help him. Also, if Zac posts me as a winner, it get’s me more traffic, followers, links, notoriety etc.

A casebook study, and executed perfectly.

By the way the e-book rocks. I have allready learned a ton from it. Plus there is a chapter by me. 🙂

Go here to get the book for free on becoming a 6 figure blogger.

Go here to be an affiliate for the e-book.

Why You Should Be an Affiliate for the 6 Figure Blogger book.

Zac is a big shot, successful and busy.

If you want to get his attention, and start the road to friendship with him, be an affiliate.

This e-book is a big deal to Zac. You can tell by the work he put into making it so dam good.

I promise you he will be studying where every sign up came from.

Even if you only get 10 signups, Zac is going to notice.

February 26 2010

Dashboard Confessional, Chiropractic, Rand Fishkin and The New York Times

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This has been quite a week. It started at the end of last week, when I got an e-mail from a New York Times reporter. Seems Rand Fishin (mr. SEO Tools!) had passed my name to him as a facebook expert. It is wonderful having well connected friends!

The chiropractic office was off the hook this week. We were crazy busy, had some amazing miracles take place, and get some amazing patients.

Today I got to meet Lee Odden an amazing internet marketer, seo and PR guy. I have been reading about the guy for years, and just assumed I knew him in person. When we finally got face to face I realized we had never met in person. First off, like the best guys in the industry he was just a solid good person. Looks you in the eye, listens to what you say, and knows his stuff. He was on the panel with me and Rand at the OMS conference in San Diego.

The conference has a very different feel than Pubcon, Affiliate Summit or Adtech. Not the huge party scene, or the meet the rock star feel. It is very intimate, yet still much bigger than thinktank, or Elite Retreat, and not quite as snobby as our events LOL. Aaron does  an amazing job with it, and it has a very unique feel, great food, and an amazing venue right on the bay in San Diego.

On the way to the talk one of my staff calls and says, “You need to call John of Dashboard Confessional, he needs your help.” Interesting moment, having to choose between a speaking engagement you have promised to do, and a world class celebrity, who needs your help as a chiropractor.

So I got on the phone with John, luckily I worked it out to see him in the evening, just before his show at the House of Blues in San Diego.

Brittany and I rolled down there. The band was nice enough to give my whole staff tickets.

I adjusted John, Chris, their manager Jack and some other folks in their crew.

It turns out that Chris gets adjusted very regularly.

After we worked on them, we hung out with them for the hour before the show. The biggest treat was while I was working with John, Chris was working on a new acoustic melody.

It was unbelievably beautiful and haunting. Helping John with his back while the music played over my shoulder was surreal and wonderful. Then I adjusted Chris. Then we all hung out.

Truly one of the great moments of my life. I was sitting on a couch with Brittany, Chris about 3 feet in front of us. Chris playing acoustic with the sweetest most lovely voice I had ever heard. It was just mesmerizing. Then Chris asked John to help him with a harmony they were working on. Brittany and I got to sit there and be witness to art being created at the highest level.

It came time for us to leave because they were going to change for the show. When I looked Chris in the eye and thanked him for one of the great moments of my life and told him how unbelievably beautiful the music he played for us was, he just looked me back right in the eye, and shrugged it off as just such a warm humble human being.

I am so grateful for the places I get to go, and the things I get to see, just amazing.

We stayed for the show with the rest of the staff, hung out with them a bit more at the end, got some photos, autographs, and with hugs all around sent them off to their next show in Anaheim. Each and every one of them were honest, real, humble, warm and everything you don’t expect from rock stars. If you can catch them on their tour, don’t miss it. Just lovely.

January 11 2010

High Barrier to Entry

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A year ago I decided to go hardcore into facebook advertising. Thought here was a new growing field in the Internet Entrepreneurial world. Sounded easy. I have extra money I can throw around while on the learning curve. I have 20 years plus experience marketing, as well as a nice series of home runs in internet marketing, and tons of sales and marketing experience offline.

In my helping Shoemoney I got well connected with some of the Facebook executives. Figured I was ready to roll.

I figured there still was and still is a huge tidal wave of advertising money rolling toward facebook both from the offline world, and from other online sources. This turned out to be true, and I am sure it is going to increase 10 fold quickly, and then another 10 fold after that.

Around the same time I went to an event I had never heard of called Online Marketing Summit here in San Diego, honestly not expecting much, only to be blown away by a talk by Tim Ash on landing page optimization, also the name of his book. I then pawned a copy off of him, and went to work learning the science. The timing on this was amazing. Tim by the way is a genius, and if you have $20k plus to spend on optimizing a landing page, he is THE guy for the job. If you have an extra 100 hours, no exaggeration, then pick up a copy of his book and study it inside and out. I question how many people have actually mastered the entire book, I haven’t yet, but even knowing well half of it I feel head and shoulders above most people at that game.

This proved excellent timing because just as I was playing with facebook advertising I was having the experience of having trouble getting it to work. My website, which both Matt Cutts, and Shoemoney have tried to get me to change since it continues with it’s 1998 Enom template design, but honestly it converts so nicely from google traffic that I doubt I will ever change it. The problem was when I sent facebook traffic to the site it did not convert at all, zero, zilch.

So I got Shoemoney and his dentist to agree to let me copy the site they had built and tested. They created a site that converted like crazy to a point that they apparently had to turn off the marketing to it because he could not handle the patients. So I have learned a bit of html, and can even do a wordpress install from scratch, set up the database, do 301 redirects, and all the basics. When it came time to actually copy a site, I realized how much I still did not know about html and css.

I literally ended up spending over $1,000 and even more importantly over a month of time getting a site set up that was an exact copy of his. Obviously with my chiropractic office I had to modify the pictures, and the text to make sense, but still kept it the same as Shoemoneys dentist just as close as I could. Finally it was done, I started running campaigns and sat back to see all the success.

Still nothing.

I changed up the campaigns, demographics, images, changed, changed, changed, and still zilch. Not a single patient (customer).

Back to the drawing board. Now the search began for a programmer who could crank out little mini sites to test what worked. I figured this would be easy. Every one I worked with made way too big a deal out of each site, and was unable to crank out a quick one or two page site overnight which is what I needed. One guy in our industry I met with was right in the middle of creating a program that would modularly build a site for you, but as far as I know it is still not live yet.

Along with the fact that every time you run an ad variation on facebook, it took quite a while to enter it all and wait for pages to refresh, the whole thing ended up being very, very time consuming to test.

Along this time, I had the good fortune and truly what I considered an honor to get to help facebook with their SEO and marketing. The guys and gals at facebook have been great, have let me see the inside of what they are working on, and have me absolutely convinced that they really deeply care about the user experience more than they do about the company being profitable. I am extremely proud of my relationship with each of them, and the work they do.

Right in the middle of all this Shoemoney pointed out a guy who he said had just mastered all of this. Shoemoney told me this guy had worked out a software that interfaced with facebooks advertising page, and could crank out ad variations without having to sit in front of your computer. Then I met the guy, and he confirmed what Shoemoney had said. I was blown away, and figured I had years to catch up with his work. The guys name was Dennis Yu. 🙂

Just for the record, since I have been away from my blog the past month, the entire record of my relationship with Dennis is as follows. Had dinner along with 10 other guys and Dennis at Elite Retreat two years ago. Talked to him for 15 minutes at Adtech last year when Shoemoney was talking him up when they were working together. Dennis drove to San Diego and bought me breakfast  some time last summer, and gave me around $100 worth of California Pizza Kitchen certificates just as a gift. Dennis came to thinktank, paid for two people but came alone. Then later I refunded back the extra person he paid for since he did not use it. Then Dennis and I had a snack, and talked a half an hour, at the W hotel the weekend of the Azoogle party. Dennis and I also exchanged a fair number of e-mails, mostly talking about how helping small businesses with facebook could make a very positive difference. I also called one of his clients to see if I could help him, and after talking to their client I recommended that Dennis’s in house guys and the client himself could help the guy more affordably than I could.

Then I started to hear and read the battle unfold online between Jeremy and Dennis.

So back to the facebook story!

Along the way I finally found a programmer that could make these micro sites to test conversion quickly and at a rate that I could actually afford.

Since then we have been testing, testing, testing.

I have run ads now and gotten sales, clients, or leads for a ton of different industries.

I have done facebook ads now for

– National Building Contractors

– Roofers

– a Church

– a Coffee Shop

– my Chiropractic Office

– a National Travel Site

– Affiliate Offers of many types (Got a tear in my eye when I sold my first Slap Chop, thanks George and Jaime!)

– etc. etc.

It has now gotten to a point where I e-mail Mihai my programmer, or leave him a voice mail message, and when I wake up the next morning I have 20 or 30 new sites he built during the night for testing different landing pages.

The reason I tell this story is to point out that this stuff is still not that easy.

We worked out the marketing for the chiropractic office using facebook, but it took a year. That was a year after all of the connections and knowledge I had before that. I would give the average chiropractic office 4 years, or maybe never, to catch up to where we are regarding the subject right now.

SEO took me a year to learn, and then another year to really master how to get the right type of quality links. The subject of link baiting is one that I am certain now, that most people will never learn.

A month ago my server told me to stop loading thousands of images, and dozens of videos at a time. I spent some time researching options and went with a small company called JC host. A friend of mine, who is a systems admin for one of the busiest sites in the world offered to help in the migration, I also ended up getting two good PHP guys to help, and then finally needed paid support from Gallery2. It wasn’t easy to get the site over here, but I think we are good now with a big dedicated server with lots of images and video to come!

The online world kicks ass. It is tons of fun. The riches and rewards are there to be discovered. But it still aint easy. I know the group that reads this blog does know how to do it which puts you, us, in a great position.

If you want to see the type of work I have been doing, come to my Facebook presentation at Affiliate Summit. I twisted Shoemoney’s arm and begged him to join me now that Dennis Yu is not going to be there. I will let Jeremy make the official announcement. Jeremy really is an amazing expert on Facebook advertising, and the session would have been much less without him.

We are still in the wild west, and I don’t see that changing soon.

For those of us brave enough to persevere through the explosions, and broken bones, the view from the top is amazing.

There is still a stiff barrier to entry.

This gives those of us here, and in the game a huge advantage.

So I have mastered the first big step of facebook advertising.

Let’s see what mountains I can find to conquer this year!

June 30 2009

Making a Good First Impression

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Tonight I connected with Joanna Lord for the first time.

It was funny because as we chatted we both admitted to having stalked each other for a few minutes before we talked.

Joanna Lord Social Networking

Let’s see what I found when I stalked Joanna?

First, in the real world she had made a good impression.

Mark Knowles, who is very well liked and respected for who he is as a person, and what he has accomplished in the online world over the past decade, online software development and some cool stuff coming out soon! I trust Mark. Mark told me how cool she was, and that I needed to connect with her.

So imediately I trusted her before I even met her.

Then I have seen her on twitter, and that many people I know follow her.

Then I started following her.

I also saw she was friends with many people I am friends with on facebook.

But I had not friended her yet.

As I was getting ready to send out thinktank invites, I decided to follow up on getting her contact info.

I thought I had DM’d her on twitter before, (later I found out I had not).

So I sent her a DM on twitter, and asked her something like,

“Can I catch your attention?”

Her e-mail back.

“Attention caught”

We then IM’d for a good half hour, finding a bunch of common friends, and explaining the projects we were both working on.

While we chatted I Googled her.

Let’s see what I found!

Number one comes up joanna lord on twitter.

As you scroll down through her tweets you will see a very positive, upbeat person with nothing but nice things to say about everyone and everything.

The next site down is her new job search site. As I tested it, it worked! It gathers job listings from many (all?) of the main job listing sites.

Next up is her facebook page, where she got so she showed that she was on the ball to get her name as her facebook url.

(Later I expect that to be a quick check way we use to measure how long someone has been hip to social media, and later how old someone is!)

When I first hit her facebook page, it showed we have around 74 friends in common.

As we chatted she was quick, answering on IM instantly, funny (a tough skill to fake), polite, and bright.

It was around 30 minutes of non stop typing on both of our parts, dropping links, asking and answering each others questions simultaneously. At one point I even dropped a little controversial hook of someone who maybe is not too thrilled with me, and she just let that slip by without jumping into any negativity either way.

All in all, very, very impressive.

So now we have never spoken on the phone, only IM’d for about 30 minutes and I feel I know and trust her.

It is because she did her homework in advance, so when I did my quick search and reviewed what google delivered she shined.

So how do you do this?

1. Write nice stuff online about other people and things.

2. Do quality work so when other people look at it, it works and looks good.

3. Put in your time making friends so your twitter followers look o.k., and you have friends in common with others on facebook.

4. When someone reaches out to you, even if you don’t know them, take the time to research them, and if they seem quality, give them a chance to make friends.

5. Be nice when you meet someone new. Do the basics, be polite, compliment them, and find out how you can help.

You never know, after you do all those things you might just make a good enough impression for someone to write a blog about you!

March 24 2009

Run With a Strong Pack

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In the internet world you better run with a strong pack. This doesn’t mean you follow 20,000 people on twitter, or are friends with 2000 people on facebook. It doesn’t even mean that 100 people comment whenever you write a blog. What it means is you need a core group of people, whether it is 3 or 30 that are there for you when you need it.

The smarter, more energetic and more aggressive this group is, the better.

My progress in the internet business and marketing world has come about almost exclusively because of my friends.

Sure I better know my stuff, so that when the moment comes I know what to do to tip the ball in the basket, like I did last week. But to be really successful these days on the internet you almost assuredly can not pull it off alone.

Recently I needed a favor, that  I knew would take a few hours, and needed to be done that night, by two of the biggest names in our industry. I e-mailed these two internet rock stars, who both then sat up half the night to get it done.

What did I give them back? Nothing. Why did they do it? Love.

You guys who are reading this, my friends, the ones who would feel comfortable calling me right now and asking me a favor, are my pack, and I am yours.

It’s a funny world, because some of them like Marcus I have spent no more than an hour total with him, but yet would be happy to help him in any way I could. Nic N Cher, have been helping me out before I ever met them, and I help them in any way I can, we live half way around the globe from each other, and have spent no more than an hour together total. Guys like Al and Slaven I have stayed up all night with laughing about the stupidest things in the world. People like Michael Sprouse, the botw boys,  and Alex the tweeter and others have also been huge financial support to the events we have all enjoyed together. I have heard Aaron talk once, spoke to him in person for 60 seconds, but can e-mail him at 3 a.m. and get advice not available anywhere else on the planet. Sometimes it’s things like Tony, who is always there to be a friend, or Sir Hermanns who hits it high on every level! Other times it is when someone like John, who at 2 a.m. the day before a talk I did gave me such undeniable insight into my audience that it turned another boring talk into something life changing for me. The list contains many more not listed above.

The ways you can help each other are infinite, but without getting help online let’s see you do anything. The help comes in links, diggs, advice, insider info and connections.

Without this amazing path of Pam introducing me to Neil, and Neil giving Shoe the thumbs up about me., and Shoe introducing me to literally dozens of the most affluent, successful (alex) and powerful people on the internet, it would have taken me another decade to pull of what I have done.

A link is an acknowledgment that the person digs you. A digg is a  nod of approval for what you’ve done. Getting your name dropped on the right blog gets you clients, recognition, and the money that follows. An introduction with a statement that you are smart, powerful, know certain important stuff or are connected, can move you to the front of the line, and literally past the velvet rope.

None of this works without friendship, none of this works without love.

Am I smart? I’ll let you decide. Am I well connected? You better believe it. My connections are infinitely more valuable than my knowledge.  There is almost nothing known about internet business that I can not find out in 20 minutes via twitter, a phone call or an e-mail.

On the flip side if you are my friend there is nothing I won’t do. I will stay up late working on something for you. I will drop everything to read your stuff, sphinn it, digg it, or link to it, or even write it for you and let you put your name on it ☺ If need be I will pick up the tab, and stand there for 12 hours with you standing on my shoulders so you can win today, the day it really counts.

The pack I run with vary from the ridiculous to the tough and edgy. Some of them walk right up to the edge, laugh and jump to the other side. But every one of them realize that nothing we do can get done without each others help.

Feel left out? Want to get inside? Feel you deserve it? Then prove it. None of these guys are elitist. Anyone is welcome, but at a price. If your not yet in, you better bust your ass to help the others until they accept you. To stay in, you better be willing to help at a moments notice those around you.

Watch someone like Michael Gray on twitter when he’s chatting with Rae. Any unknown can give him a tweet and ask him a question, and he answers. It’s like butting into a conversation between Robert Deniro and Angelina Jolie, and having Robert stop in the middle of the conversation to answer some junior college acting students question about character development.

So I toast all of you! And am here for you when you need my help, as I know you are when I do. For those of you who are running around without a pack, wondering why it is so hard to make it? You better find the right pack and figure out what you need to do to be part of it.

When you need help, ask.

Love you guys. Honestly do. Thanks for each and everything that each of you have done for each of us.

I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.