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Howdy, if you want to get a hold of me send it to:

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I have a certain number of hours each week available to help any person with good intentions.

For $1,000 an hour, if I have time, and your intentions are good, you can usually get my help.

If your intentions are truly noble, you may get my help for free.

Now really about..

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Purposeinc started out originally as Purpose Incorporated, a Nevada corporation set up to help chiropractors flourish and help others. Since that time it became my e-mail address, and then my screen name on many sites. Hello, my screen name is Purposeinc, My formal name for chiropractic doctor stuff is Dr. David Klein. My friends call me dk.

Purpose Inc. has been behind the scenes in some of the biggest things you have seen on the internet. You would never know we were there.

We only work with ethical companies, selling something of value. If you are doing something truly helpful for people, we really hit it out of the park.

Right now our main projects are helping large companies efficiently do better in Google with good R.O.I. while staying compliant with Google’s algorithm, stated guidelines, and true intentions.

We are also working to monetizing a 13 million person email list, putting together one of the greatest affiliate companies, and one of the worlds best copywriters.

We also are participants in a mobile monetization technology, which will be released in the not too far future.

For anyone who has any interest in my bio feel free to read below or feel free to not.

I grew up in Burbank California and then moved to Sun Valley California when I was 7 years old. Sun Valley is most famous for having the largest concentration of auto wrecking yards in southern California. We lived on the hill overlooking the Burbank airport. It was a great place to live as a kid because you had the wild wilderness starting one block away of the Verdugo mountains, some of the steepest mountains I’ve ever been in that were plum full of coyotes, rattle snakes, and even occasional mountain lions. Half a mile in the other direction was the fringe of a Chicano metropolis thick with gangs, espanol, tortillas, and candy stores operated out of houses. It was heaven.

I was the president of Sun Valley junior high school where I became student body president mostly by throwing handfuls of candy to the audience as the major push of my campaign. Sun Valley was so thoroughly mixed racially that it was not until a decade later that I even realized culturally and racially who everyone was. It was truly the American melting pot. Drugs were incredibly rampant in the junior high with everything from pot being smoked openly in the bathroom and pills being passed through the bleachers at football games, and I am sure worse things behind closed doors. While I was president the school had its first shooting.

I worked on and off from age 15 and on for a few years at Joe Haggerty plumbing. It was a glorious place full of new things to from how to install a sink, fix a light fixture, cut galvanize pipe and even put me in contact with a very rough crowd to say the least.

Verdugo high school for a year which felt as country as a Hee Haw episode even though it was a few miles from the 5 freeway, with cowboy hats and four wheel drive trucks at school in the days when no one except farmers and construction workers drove four wheel drive trucks.

I grew up skateboarding empty pools and asphalt banks of schools all over the San Fernando Valley. The picture Dog Town and Z boys captures the period probably 1 or 2 years before this, but culturally shows it perfectly. I also loved to boogie board and spent a lot of time on the Newport Peninsula.

High School was one year at Verdugo and then one year at Burbank High where I got to live the middle America dream of blonde cheerleaders, a letterman’s jacket for water polo, and getting drunk in the parking lot of Bob’s Big Boy with guys who I wanted to be accepted by but who were not the best role models.

Skateboarding turned to surfing. I got pretty damn good at surfing at the time. Surfing became too competitive and aggressive for my tastes and next on the list was skimboarding. I became a professional skimboarder and spent years seeking out remove little coves looking for these special places where for moments you could catch a wave reflected off of the rocks, ride it out to sea and connect with another larger oncoming wave. It is a small, unknown, and incredibly gorgeous sport to be part of. The culture is much like the beginning of surf culture because no one at the time ever really became very well known or made much money off of it. It was very pure as a fun source. The acceleration from transitioning to one wave heading out to sea, and then being redirected in an instant is the strongest acceleration I have ever experienced, even greater than 90% of amusement rides. And you do it in nothing but a wet pair of swim trunks often in inches of water.

I went to California State Northridge for my undergraduate college education where I learned many varied things but mostly specialized in a search for truth, waves and girls.

While in school I lifeguarded at Aliso beach southern Laguna Beach and got to live the life I had always dreamed about from the movies. You learn a lot about waves being a surfer or a skimboarder and then staring at them for 8 hours a day. My big event there was once literally rescuing around 5 or 6 kids from the mouth of cave after the tide had come up and trapped them there in fairly large surf. It was right out of a Disney movie.

I also worked at Swain Swim school which teaches the only method of water safety for infants that I have ever seen work, where we would have infants 6 months old that you could throw into a pool, have them flip on their back, and know how to stay in place and just float there indefinitely. (Mike you promised to write a book on this, and if you don’t then I am going to have to publish this breathtaking method for the whole world soon.)

During my college years I delivered pizza on and off at Numero Uno in Northridge California and then later at Pizza a Go Go during chiropractic college. I was in fact in Pizza a Go Go in Palo Alto during the big San Francisco earthquake of the early 90’s.

I went to Palmer Chiropractic college in Sunnyvale California. I currently recommend chiropractors to go to Life West based on the people’s descriptions of their education there compared to my own.

I moved to San Diego and I opened my chiropractic office in La Jolla a block and a half up from the Pacific ocean in the Beverly Hills of San Diego.

I was invited to be on staff at UCSD school of medicine. My actual title was something like an associate staff member something or other, where I trained some of the medical students, and professors about chiropractic. As far as I can tell it was the second time in history that a chiropractor taught medical doctors in a medical school.

During the past decades I have treated thousands of people and have done somewhere around a million chiropractic adjustments with more true miracles along the way than you could possibly imagine. During that time I have gotten to know the CEO’s of some of the largest corporations in the world, and have gotten to learn a lot about business from many of them.

I have been trained by and worked closely with Dr. David Singer who showed me how to be successful and happy at the same time!

Lately I have thrown some of the internet business industries most successful and fun events, including my annual poker tournament at Pubcon and The Think Tank.

I had the opportunity to help facebook with their SEO, and other strategies back in 2009.

I have assisted many large and small internet companies make more money through reputation management (I rock on this one), SEO, facebook advertising, link baiting etc.

It is publicly known that my clients include or have included, Facebook, and Survey Monkey.

People often use me for my contacts which are extensive. I get called and emailed regularly for help with this or that problem or contact, some of them huge. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with me if you need a little help.

I surf, go to skate parks, and travel a lot. Yes, I said skateparks.

The love of my life is Shannon Whiteside, and my two borrowed children of hers, who love dearly.

Really want to see me? dk photos here.