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March 22 2013

Great Job Jay Weintraub!

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This is an email I just sent to Jay.


Leadscon was absolutely amazing.

Our private event went really well

We got tons of great feedback, and got a bunch
of great new clients.

All of the friends I brought to Leadscon,
ended up with new deals as a result.

In my opinion, you absolutely, positively
have brought in the highest end crowd
I have seen at any event and is right
up there with my little thinktank I do.

Really, truly amazing job.

We are actually discussing changing our normal
operations and going to the leadscon in New York
if you will have us 🙂

It was great to see Tighe helping to run things,
asI have not seen him in years.

I enjoyed meeting your mom as well 🙂

Bottom line it rocked, and I am all in to
help you in any way I can.

Please ask me for anything I can do for you.

Thank you so, so very much for the opportunity
to participate, and the opportunity to speak.

much love,

  1. Ascar Larkinyar said on April 1st, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    Thanks for meeting me at the beach(I mean my office lol). Your help and advice was and still is extremely valuable. This has turned my business/life towards a more profitable and happier conclusion.
    Everything you touch seems to turn to gold. You have the luck of the irish on your side no doubt.

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