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August 17 2011

hey dk

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A couple of days ago I was out surfing with deuces, and the straggly haired blonde guy paddles up and says, “What’s up dk?” it was Frank Kern.

Now that question, “What’s up dk?” is a hard one to answer.

The entire time I have been involved in the internet people have been trying to figure out WTF I am doing LOL

I have spoken at the biggest conferences on SEO and facebook ads, had Matt Cutts blog about my link baiting, helped execs at facebook with, rolled to lots of parties with Shoemoney, (my hero :)), taken Matt Mullenweg to Dim Sum, gone to the homes of the info marketers mafia of La Jolla, surfed with Frank Kern, and run my own ultra snobby (insert laughter),  hard to get into event, thinktank.

The part that didn’t make any sense was what is my end game?

The truth is, with all of this I honestly have made much more money using the internet to get new patients into my chiropractic office, than I have from anything else.

The reason I have been doing this, do this now, and will do all of this ultra networking, and pioneering on the internet is people.

There are two halves of this. One half is the people who run the internet, you guys who read my fricken blog. I love you guys, I love the vibe of the industry. It is still in its birth, and is the bloody wild west where fortunes are won every day, and you can still see your friend panning for gold after all these years, who still has not found a single rich strike. After all, what other industry can you roll in to your own poker tournament with a couple of pro UFC fighters, and the hot blonde girl Kate Morris, from hangover, and have it seem totally normal! LOL

The other half of the reason I love the internet and always will are the other people. The users.

Since the beginning and to the end, I will be here for the users. By the way today is about the day the 7 billionth person will be born. Happy birthday Urdu!!

I love these fricken people, with all their problems, their hopes, their dreams and even their destruction.

We are all playing the same game right? The game of being born, chasing your dream, whether that dream is a bowl of rice to fend off starvation, or your fourth ferrari, and marrying Miss Arizona.

I love every little piece of it, the sweet juice of the ripest plum dripping down my chin, the smile of someone you never saw before, the peak of a bra that sticks out from out of a dress that wasn’t intended to be, the smell of bus exhaust early in the morning. It really all is just beautiful.

All of this is people, folks, users.

I love the internet because we get to reach them, all of them. 🙂

I would think by now, that everyone at least knows someone who uses the internet, and I would bet in one way or another half the people of the world are now connected.

When you do this, the information flows. You can’t keep a people suppressed for long when they hear fitty cent rapping,

“Fed’s ceased the six, the Lex’ and the Range Rover
Now a n!gga rollin in a Toyota Corolla
Used to never get high, now I’m never sober”

Eventually they figure out there is something out there better than what they have now.

So, we the internet entrepreneurs as a group, when we are connected to each other can share what we learned, and can influence what the rest of the world finds out about. Of course you can make a bajillions of dollars off of doing this, but that isn’t the point.

It is the excitement and opportunity that comes from being connected, connected to each other, and connected to the world, and what we can do with that.

In exactly a month, a gaggle of us are going to get together for thinktank a couple of yards from the ocean, eat really well, surf, play, and learn from each other, and figure out how we can help each other help the world, and make a few bajillion dollars in the process 🙂

  1. Mike said on August 28th, 2011 at 10:48 am

    Awesome post. Im not sure how I would handle Frank Kern asking me whats up. I wouldnt know how to answer that.

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