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November 12 2008

The value of friends

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This has been quite a week for me on every possible level. Me and my crew are having some amazing successes. It has gone way beyond something about money, fame, or even noteriety, but become something beautiful, full of friendship love and the playing of games.

I hit my first Pubcon get together last night, and was confronted with so many hug, I love you’s, I’ve missed you, and hugs that it blew my mind. Someone said it is like a high school reunion, but this time everyone is cool!

Some glimpses from the last few days.

NicnCher explaining to me who the guy with the whiskey review site was.

This morning we went and hung at the Couture gym. Randy is fighting this weekend to defend the world title. Ryan Couture, Randy’s son, had his first pro fight today. Ryan, Randy’s son just had his first MMA fight, and it only lasted about 2 minutes. Here are the last 30 seconds or so!

Then we had the, Azoogle, We Build Pages, Easy Tweets Fight Club! (along with some help from Planet Chiropractic, Best of the Web, and Chipotle.

It was even better than the ThinkTank fight club. We kept the class size small. We were in the pro gym, the same one where the heavy weight champ, Randy Couture, and the light heavyweight Forest Griffin train!

I got to hang out with my friend Kate, the up and coming model and actress from Poland, who Neil Patel and Shoemoney just made famous! Stay tuned on my site and Shoemoney’s for more from Kate! No promises, but I have been talking to her the last 24 hours of some fun stuff we can do!

Each of us got to get in the ring with a pro Junie, who is on this seasons Ultimate Fighter reality show. We were told to go after him, use what we had learned in the training, and punch the living dailights out of him! It blew me away how fast, agressive, fit, and hard hitting our internet crew was. Kevin Hendrikson really surprised me, in fact I thought of trying to save the pro fighter! Junie was not allowed to fight back. I got in the ring, and enjoyed the heck out of myself, surrounded by great friends, in the top pro ring in the world, fighting a professional MMA fighter. He even punched me in the face, which was a total surprise (a love tap), and really made me feel alive!

Videos on this will follow so stay tuned!

Brent Csutoras, who was an MMA fan before it was cool had the time of his life watching the pros train.

It was the same kind of family atmosphere that has become the trademark of my events. I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate you all and enjoy it!

It was really cool for my sponsors too. The event ended at 3:40 or so, but because the pros started showing up, we all ended up staying for an extra two hours. Pro after pro arrived, Vanderlei Silva, Kim Couture, a bunch of the crew from this years Ultimate Fighter. The list goes on and on! A lot of the internet bros ended up talking to the pro fighters. Everyone was discussing how they could help each other.

In the parking lot, I got into a discussion with one of the guys who does a lot of PPC, and I explained how (no bull pucky) the Epiar Negative Keywords tool can make you a list of your negative keywords for your campaigns, and has been shown to save you 20 to 40% of your spend, while actually improving income. It sounds too good to be true, until Ken or one of the Epiar crew goes over the details. Being a guy who has spent a fair amount on PPC, I can totally see the value.

Alex Barbara of Easy Tweets told us how he spoke to a thousand people at Pubcon today. Someone heard about his Easy Tweets tool for power twitter users, and that so many people signed up he had to shut down sign ups for a while! As a user, I am glad to see others are getting it!

Then Getting to hang out a bit with Alex one of the founders of Azoogle, and Jason president of Media Whiz, along with numerous other amazingly successful and warm, fun and nice guys. This included Patrick Gavin who I have been dying to meet for a long time. Joe, the other founder of Azoogle was also there, but my staff don’t have his pic up yet. (Stay tuned for it!) (Joe is now here below!)

This is a very fun, very warm carefree crew. In case anyone ever tells you that guy at the absolute top of the game are all cranky and tough, tell them they are mistaken. These are some of the most successfull guys in the industry, and each one was so friendly and easy to talk to you would be amazed!

We also threw a killer dinner at BLT burgers at the Mirage. We had a lot of old friends, and a bunch of new ones. Thanks to our sponsors we were able to buy everyone dinner! Thanks Guys! and also buy everyone drinks at the Wynn. We ended up when a couple of our undisclosed attendees, (Team Bear Claw), invited all of us up to their suite in the tower section of the Wynn. Their suite was almost the size of my house, and will forever make me feel like my hotel room is inadequate! (Thanks guys!)

Neil Patel, Chris Winfiels and Cameron Olthius stopped by with some others, and of course Neil was on a roll of humor and insight!

I also got some inside scoop on Elite Retreat this year. It will be in mid February, and is moving toward being sold out! This is before it has officially been announced. So if you are thinking of going, now is the time to sign up for the Elite Retreat! The amount of personal help you get is amazing making it one of the best bargains you will find if you want your site to really shine and bring in what it deserves.

I have barely slept, and will only get around 6 hours tonight before breakfast tomorrow.

Before I run I just want to again thank these amazing people who give me so much of the sunshine that shines on them. Pamela Lund who introduced me to the big wigs. Neil Patel, who has advised me so much and kept me off of bad paths, and Shoemoney, who makes me famous. I love you guys and apreciate what you do for me so much! I am about to go all sentimental and mushy on all of you, but I know when I go all mushy internet geeks can’t hang with me, so I will end the blog saying more hot chicks and free drinks to come!

Read our schedule, and come to the events!

Sign up for the Elite Retreat, (F the economy, come and learn how to make a bundle and keep the economy rolling for everyone else! It is your patriotic duty! Dead serious on that one!)

Then keep checking back on our Pubcon photo page, for lots of fun photos from Pubcon!

If I made some errors on this page, forgive me! I am half asleep allready.

But know this. I love you guys and thank you for reading this!

(By the way all my buds who are on the top of thier game are killing it financially right now! That means doing well! It is your responsability now, to ignore the news, learn new skills, and turn this country around. We can do it together, us high end internet business geeks. So no excuses, be creative, work harder, and be a success. Your country and the world need our help.

So let’s do it!

  1. SnowBall said on July 16th, 2010 at 12:41 am

    How has no one commented on this post yet? You are half asleep and putting all this effort into recapping and giving thanks, and no one has commented. Not cool. Pubcon sounds cool, and as for the hotel room the size of a house: I have yet to see one. It sounds surreal though. I can’t even imagine.

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