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September 8 2008

More about what to expect at the ThinkTank

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I got an e-mail from one of our attendees about the throw away idea event we are probably having. In it attendees will have a chance to throw away their million dollar ideas, that they know they will never have time to develop. Anyone in the room (or tent) is welcome to grab them.

The thing is, he asked about putting his ideas on power point slides. This got me to thinking. Other than Jeremy (Shoemoney) leaking some of the specific events I mentioned to him, I haven’t really let on much about what is going to take place.

So I better let a little bit of the cat out of the bag.

I love surprising people and making them happy. Either everyone will be happy as can be, or I may get roasted on a stake at the Sunday BBQ for making people fly half way around the world to come and have a lousy time!

There will be more details coming to the attendees. But don’t bring a tie. I actually have to get a suit next month for a wedding. Feel free to look super cool for the evening hangings out, but the majority of what we are going to do will be hanging out at very casual places.

At no time during the event, unless you wander off by yourself, will anyone be entering a conference room.

I hope this doesn’t freak anyone out, but this is so far different from a Pubcon or an SES that it isn’t even funny. I literally started with a totally clean slate. I asked people what they wanted, and they said they wanted to connect with each other. That is what this event is based on. It is not based on speakers, it is not based on exibit areas, it is not based on name tags. If someone really freaks out, and needs it I can set up a room with folding metal chairs, where they can watch Matt Cutt’s youtube video on Alt tags for images. 🙂

Most of the areas we will be in don’t have power outlets or internet access. A lot of it even gets lousy cell phone service. You will be roughing it! Other than the fact that there will be tons of great food and an open bar for much of it!

Speaking of Alt tags I just had an interesting conversation.

SEO Intelligence is one of the ThinkTank Sponsors. Jeremy Hermanns is a great friend and owner of the company.

and No, this is not a paid write up. 🙂

I have been using Jeremy’s cool tool SEOIntelligence, which is actually a collection of many tools. The more I play with it, the more I realize how deep it drills down into the data. I needed advice about how to use some of the advanced features of his tool on another site. So he was going through step by step with me on the phone about this site,

We got to the point about alt tags for the images. I knew I had nailed that, since I always enter them on wordpress. But his program said that many of them were not there. I was sure I always entered them. Sure enough, when I checked the site, many of them show missing or in error. So something must be wrong in either wordpress, my database, or something in that area. I need to go check it out! If anyone has any ideas let me know!

It would have taken me a long time to go through and check all those alt tags, but his site did it for me instantly. He also pointed out things like my title tags and metadescription missing. ooops!

The site also keeps track of your page rank, your rankings in all the major engines, and where you are compared to your competitors for various keywords. The cool thing is that it doesn’t just give you data, but suggests what you need to do to fix it. When you are done it gives you an IQ score, much like a standardized IQ test. One thing I dug was the fact that it told me the grade level of the English on this site. It told me my site is like written on an 11th grade level man!

This is a very simple online service with a lot of punch.

I found write ups by Tyler and Zac about this tool.

I bet someone could do nothing more complicated than buy this tool, find businesses with websites that are not doing too well, print the report off the SEO Intelligence screen and show them what needs to be done. Then by simply improving the items on the report, things like alt tage, links, meta descriptions, the site will do better in the Serps.

This is especially important to me because since Shoemoney started writing about the ThinkTank, I have had tons of people writing me wanting to know if they can come. The problem is, that the majority of these people just don’t qualify. They are hard working, motivated and often very bright, but have very little experience.

So for all of you who I have been hearing from who want to MAKE MONEY ONLINE (bold added for humor), this is a perfect way to get started. You may not make a million dollars your first year online, but I would think someone would be able to make enough to survive following the above. No promises, but just an idea. You would need very basic understanding of html, and the ability to ftp files, and maybe the skill to do a wordpress install. You can also do what Neil Patel did when he started and get a dead end job to make enough money to hire a web designer until you can learn how to do it yourself.

I just had a nice real estate woman from Washington write me today who has all the right intentions, but just not the experience. I told her, if I was in her shoes, I would go and sign up at two sites, both very, very, very inexpensive. One of them is Aaron’s SEOBook site which has an amazingly simple step by step system for teaching the basics of internet SEO and marketing. Fundamentals always win by the way. I also told her to sign up for Jeremy Hermanns SEOIntelligence to watch and evaluate her sites. If you are running into trouble learning, then shoot me and e-mail and I will show you what to do about that.

I also told her that I thought instead of her spending $2500 to come to the ThinkTank, and then another $2500 for travel and hotel, that $5000 could be spent on their tools. She would still have enough money left over to buy a decent domain name, and hire a killer site designer to put a wordpress site up.

Note – I threw on no-follow tags to the SEO Intelligence link just since they are a paid sponsor of the event, and didn’t want there to be any confusion.

  1. Loganet said on September 21st, 2008 at 3:13 am

    Wow! Thanks for taking the time from all your preparations to critique our entries. I’m surprised no one has commented here? Your advice on SEO books and SEOIntelligence is worth its weight in gold! I hoped all the other newbies like me, picked up on it, too. Its just what we need to steer us on our way!

  2. SnowBall said on July 15th, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    The million dollar idea idea sounds fabulous. Like a white elephant party? Exchange old, but good ideas with one another. One person’s trash is another’s treasure! SEOIntellegence sounds fun too. I like that it tells you your IQ and English grade level.

    It’s also really nice to respond to the people inquiring about ThinkTank and give them advice. Not a lot of people would have the heart to do that.

  3. Advice that’s Pure Gold! « Build Big Ships said on September 25th, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    […] in the seas of Internet monetization. I hope that they see the nugget shining in the water here. See the full post here. […]

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