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September 6 2008

Shoes Sphinn was desphunn, now Sphinn it back!

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Yesterday Shoemoney wrote a post about a $4000 giveaway for someone to win a free trip to the PurposeInc ThinkTank in San Diego. Airfare, hotel, food, blah, blah, blah.

Bitchen huh? Brilliant marketing? Gonna get ton’s of links, even though he states that he doesn’t give a crap about the links. I even wanted to enter, and I’m throwing the damn event!

It is a great example of SEO, SEM, Link Bait, viral, social, everything all mixed together! Perfect marketing if you ask me.

In full disclosure I must say that I logged into my wife’s Sphinn account and asked if I could Sphinn Shoe’s blog, which she had read, and she said yes.

I can’t remember the exact statistics, but I believe it set some kind of record in going hot perhaps faster than any other article in Sphinn ever has. Brilliant.

Did this benefit me at Purpose Inc? Absolutely!! Getting lots of requests from people to sign up and to sponsor, so huge thanks to Shoemoney for his post.

So why did it get removed from Sphinn?

I asked around behind the scenes with some of the Sphinn crew.

I believe the guy who took it down is EvilGreenMonky. Shoemoney suggested this, and I thought Shoe was just making fun of the guy who took it down, but according to an e-mail from Danny Sullivan, creator of Sphinn, he really goes by Evil Green Monkey.

It appears that Danny, according to Danny, was not at the helm at the time, and had no idea about what happened.

Nick Wilsdon, one of the nicest people you will ever meet (see I even linked to him), was involved on the comments of the Sphinn, stating that he didn’t think this article should be Sphunn.

Now was this right?

So I started my analysis of the Sphinn News Story Submission Guidelines.

“must be related to search, social media, search marketing and internet marketing per our categories or subcategories”

It totally was related to all of those points.

It had SEO value, involved social media (Sphinn) and the social media value of a blog itself. It will get his site to show up for “contests” and “ThinkTank” so it has SEO value, and it is internet marketing par excellance!

I believed someone claimed on the comments that it was too self promotional.

Well the Sphinn Guidelines say, “In fact, we’d rather you directly submit your own stories you think are of interest to the community than have someone do it for you.”

“Give your topic submission a good title and description”

Oh he did that all right. Good enough that people got it and sphunn it like crazy. I believe the title was simply the name of the post, Come To The SEO ThinkTank 2008 On Me. By the way, it is not an SEO Think Tank, but an Internet Business Think Tank, but come on, am I going to complain about that? Hell no!

“Please submit only content in English” Surprisingly enough, Shoemoney hit this target dead on. The English looked superb 😉

Then Danny wrote a post about the common sense law,

“I like that approach. Rather than craft a billion rules on exactly how many things you can submit and so on, just use common sense.”

So let me think… a post by one of the most famous internet marketers and business people in the world, (whether you love him or hate him you have to admit that’s true!), announcing a contest that is full of SEO’s, SEM’s PPCers, Affiliates, Domainers, etc. etc. etc., including people like Neil Patel, the Mad Hat, and Aaaron Wahl as well as dozens more brilliant people in the internet business world, which is a brilliant piece of internet marketing, well executed and proven by how fast it went hot on Sphinn, should be removed?

Come on! There must be something more to it than that.

I wrote a story about how a guy gave me brownies and he got some promo value out of it, that went hot. Is it really any different, or is it simply that I am such a White Hat nice guy, and Shoe is…well…Shoe.

“We’ll also pull things that have gone Hot if we think there’s some issue (way off topic for the site; potential voting spam or other reasons where common sense would tell you something’s not right). If we pull, we’ll try to keep you or the community informed by posting in what’s removed if possible”

Honestly, I still don’t know exactly why the post was pulled.

Also this quote,

“Those spammers (I joke before we could call them sphinncters) know why they were pulled.”

just has to be repeated because it is funny. J

Finally, this is a social media site. I understand that the rules are all being defined as this is a new area. But isn’t social media, by its very essence, something where the mob rules? If this mob wants to see Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan caught taking Square Dance lessons, then that is when someone gets that on video, the social mob brings it to everyone elses attention.

So when an article get’s written by a world famous internet marketer, about a contest to go to a fancy shmancy internet marketing event, and a bunch (was it 70?) of internet marketer types vote that it is the thang within an hour or two, is that not the very core of what the site is about? Or is it simply one persons opinion of what they like or don’t like.

Mr. EvilGreenMonkey has not alerted me yet as to why it was taken down over 24 hours since it took place. I would loooooove to hear the rationale.

Danny e-mailed me back, and said he thought this discussion would be good to bring out into the open. Nick is so fricken nice, after saying he thought the post should be taken down, he blogged about the ThinkTank. Nick Stop being nice! I am trying to generate a little controversy over here! 🙂

So I love everyone involved, except I still don’t know who EvilGreenMonkey is?

Please Sphinn the bajeebus out of this post, twitter it if you can, and most importantly leave a comment on sphinn about it.

I personally want to see Shoemoney’s sphinn put back up, unless someone can show me somewhere that he violated the rules, especially the common sense rule.

By the way, people can de-sphinn something at Sphinn. If it was not liked by the community, it could have been taken down.

So please comment here on Sphinn! and demand Shoemoney’s sphinn be reinstated!

  1. SnowBall said on July 15th, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Why has no one commented on this yet? Ludicrous! I hate when people get jealous of other people, and since they are in a position of power, will ruin the other person’s well-deserved success. Don’t worry dk, I am mentally Sphinning Shoemoney’s article. Ha!

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