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September 27 2009

thintank 2009 speed dating

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By the time breakfast was over, it was pretty clear the sun was not coming out just yet. Before the silliness of the opening ceremonies was to begin, we had our invention of speed dating.

You will see in this group everything from the top SEO’s in the world, to the webmaster of the Brazillian Jiu Jitsu world champion.

The picture below is classic. We have George Avery, founder of Getads, one of the largest affiliate companies in the world, sitting across from Jon Henshaw of Raven SEO tools.(H of John being held hostage)

I don’t know if they ever met before, but my guess is no. Why would this be a bid deal if they do meet? See Jon and his crew have been working non stop the past few years developing these in depth, killer SEO tools. George, his guys, and affiliates move a crud load of traffic around on the internet. Traditionally affiliate guys have not taken a second look at SEO tools. Now I have no idea what they were talking about in this pic, or if anything happened as a result, but beauty of this, is the diversity it throws together.

The juxtaposition of different groups of people, all tagged by “internet” and “business” and their mixing and interacting in this little thinktank, leads to all kinds of ideas, businesses, and money making, which probably never would have taken place without it.

Come over here to see more pics of everything getting warmed up at thinktank. Remember these pics when you see the next ones showing up. :)


September 25 2009

The first day of thinktank 2

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For those of you who couldn’t make it I want to give you a feel. thinktank 2 started off mellow. Folks had flown in from all over the world and wandered into the park. It’s the kind of crowd where you don’t need crowd control. You look around and everyone knows if everyone else should be there or not. Even if you haven’t met many of the people, you probably know them as soon as you see them. One guy referred to it as a speakers conference, since so many of the attendees are the most sought after speakers in the internet world.

At this point, I was just stoked that we were done prepping, that we were fairly organized, like a bajillion times more organized than last year, and I was ready to just enjoy myself. Nico from Crepes and Corks came through as I knew he would, with world class crepes cooked up on the beach. Nico is actually Italian, but is a maker of crepes. He told me that lots of guys came by after thinktank and hit him up for more crepes at his shop. He makes killer food and I eat there whenever I am able to.

It was interesting this year. The mood appeared more upbeat and the people more lively right from the first moment than it did last year. There is this crew that is forming that is composed of some of the best and brightest in the internet business world. You will see a lot of these guys at thinktank, and at the elite retreat (Next week in New York!). You will also find them hanging as a pack at the poker tournament at Pubcon, and I have also seen them glomming together at Affiliate Summit, and heard they were together at SES. Expect big things from this group in the future. Not just the money they will make, but what this group will become. I have a lot of faith in our power and what we can do with it in the future when everyone has made enough money. :)

The first morning the grey sea fog had not burned off yet, and it felt like a surfers early morning. Warm greetings, and a little chit chat. The fun was about to begin. Check out the gallery for the first set of thinktank photos.

September 21 2009

Thinktank, now with extra happiness!

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For years I have been reading Shoemoney’s blog, and had regularly noticed pictures of Bryn. Obviously suffering from a deficit of thintank.

Bryn Youngblut came to thinktank a hardened grizzled veteran of internet marketing. Massively successful, but still unaware of the youthful restorative powers of thinktank, able to take years off your face, and pounds off your waist!

This is what Bryn looked like before thinktank.

After careful application of thinktank, results began to show after just one day.

This is Bryn after just three small doses of thinktank, with results already showing.

If Bryn continues to apply thinktank the results are likely permanent.*

September 12 2009

Purpose Inc staff working late at night for you

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We have been doing some extensive testing for thinktank. Extensive! ;)

Here is a pic from me last weekend trying out different gang signs for thinktank.

This one was far too dangerous so was being canceled. Wrist sprain was possible.

Gotta make sure the food is going to stand up under the grueling beach conditions, right?

Whiteshortz our safety officer supervised Chef Rhasta to make sure no injuries took place.

and I put myself into the line of fire, where I could have easily been burned by a stray ember, so I was there to supervise the whole thing.

All in all, a grueling experience last night, but for the thinktankers, I am willing to go through anything!

In case I forget to remind you, the evenings get down to a frosty 68 degrees now, so bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for the evening.

Also, no joke, if you have cowboy boots and/or hat, bring them. Also bring a Hawaiian shirt, or Mexican Serape if you own one! There is a surf shop right by the thinktank that usually has hawaiin shirts too!

Much Love,


dk and the purpose inc staff!

P.S. Thanks again so much to Azoogle for kicking in so big on this and allowing such dangerous testing to take place!

September 7 2009


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After weeks of tough negotiations, I have secured world famous kickball coach Mallory for thinktank!

For those of you who have never played this game of kings here are the basics. By the time people play on the Saturday of thinktank, I don’t expect you be able to concentrate too much.

There will also be a little twist on the rules.

1. Team captains will be chosen. Then the team captains will choose their teams from those who want to play, leaving the last few people being chosen to feel unloved and rejected. I personally am still recovering when in 6th grade when teams were chosen for a school yard baseball game, a girl was chosen before me. Ever since I have had an unquashable thirst for success!

2. One team is outfield, and one is up. Just like baseball.

3. There is home plate, and first, second, and third bases.

4. Your own team pitches to you, to maximize the amount of massive slam you can get out of your kick. We will be experimenting with red rubber balls, and the super cheap but highly bouncy balls they sell at the grocery store. We will be kicking barefoot, you will see why in a second.

5. You yell to your pitcher what type of pitch you want. The permutations are as follows (clearly I think you guys are literate, otherwise I would not use words like permutation – “Mind flashes back to first comment on last blog, Where are the boobz);

Slow rollies – gives you plenty of time to aim and plan and time your kick.

Fast rollies – in the minds of many this gives you more potential power in your kick, Newtons second law of motion.

Slow bouncies – Never made sense to me, but the more random of kids thought this would give them the option of kicking it higher, but the timing is not for the meek or timid.

Fast bouncies – Now this one is just plain ridiculous and has no possible benefit. I think this was mostly used to show off your manliness and prowess to the other second graders.

(My mind now drifts to sitting in the outfield at Brett Hart Elementary school, back in the hood, on the mean streets of Burbank, when I sat their confused trying to reconcile what I had just been told getting to first base, second base, third base and a home run, and being utterly confused about why someone would want to get to third base? and getting kind of queezy just thinking about it!)

6. Once you kick the ball, provided it has landed within the angle formed by home and first, and home and second base, you then run like hell around the bases.

This is where we will switch it up a bit. The bases will all be in the sand, except for second base which will be in around 2 feet of water. In fact we will be recruiting someone from the thinktank, to BE second base. Perhaps this could be the last person picked for a team, thereby demoralizing them even further. I volunteer!

7. You are gotten “out”, if when you kick it the other team catches the ball before it hits the water, or the sand. On controversial, splashy, diving catches, coach Mallory will adjudicate if you were out, or still in the play!

8. Like baseball when a team is out three times, then places are switched. Play 3 innings then the game is over. Mallory will keep score, and remember you have been drinking, so when you argue about the score your opinion will not be taken very seriously.

9. This game is dangerous and will be played under international beach kickball rules. (considered by many to place you at risk of sand in your ears0 So please read your release form before participating!

As a final note, negotiations are currently under way to try to secure, Chris ” hedgehog “aka “follower whore” to play on one of the teams. Representatives from both sides have been up until the late hours of the night negotiating his appearance fee.

Coach Mallory has also agreed to stay around after the game for autographs and photos.

July 31 2009

I wish I could come – Oh wait I can!

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Going to internet business events is nothing like it was even two years ago. With events like the TwistUp that took place last night, which was a writhing party of L.A. tech Prom excess, the thinktank, and Shoemoney’s Elite Retreats, the Azoogle event at the Playboy Mansion, you can fill your whole networking business calender with nothing but elite, private, over the top, well fed, open bar’d events filled with the best of the best.

Other than the Elite Retreat, stuff like this did not even exist two years ago.

I have been working the plans for the thinktank over and over, revising the schedule, checking the tides, arranging the delivery. Putting it all together is like writing an orchestra that will be performed for and by your closest friends. As Shoemoney or anyone running a super high end get together like this will tell you, it makes very little or no money in the end, but is truly a labor of love.

The fun thing for me is that I am not a fancy guy in the traditional respects. I don’t own a tie, or a sportcoat, let alone a suit. I grew up in a town on the outskirts of L.A. that was known as the auto wrecking capital of the world, where stabbings and shootings in my junior high school, along with heavy drugs and pregnancy, were bursting out way ahead of the rest of the country and the world.

Escaping the harshness of my area where I grew up brought me to repeated trips to the ocean, my sanctuary, and my first love.

On the flip side most of my adult life has been spent working along side of millionaires, and have even had the pleasure of getting to be friends with at least 4 billionaires that I know of.

The juxtaposition of these factors is where the thinktank comes from. It takes place next to one of the finest hotels on the California coast, in the only setting I have been able to find where you can have the most amazing food catered to the event, as well as allowing alcohol, (the sin of choice of my attendees).

As you probably saw on Shoemoney’s blog, Robert Drysdale, who fights jiu jitsu out of Las Vegas, will be training the crew in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu at the thinktank, the week before Robert, the 6 times world Brazillian Jiu Jitsu champion, will be having one of the most important matches of his life in Spain against Roger Gracie. If you ask those in the know, you will hear either one of their names as the greatest Jiu Jitsu fighter alive.

We are going to have a BBQ on Saturday night like nothing you have ever seen. The band playing turned down Willie Nelson to tour with him. Karl, the head of the band and lead singer, decided he liked his life too much in San Diego delivering water (no I’m not kidding) to go on tour. He also has turned down 7 figure deals to play in Vegas. Karl is going to have a stand in for the event, a close friend of his, who played guitar for one of the most famous country western stars to have ever walked the planet. We can’t tell you the name of the country western star because it would screw up all kinds of royalty agreements and record deals, but we can tell you it is going to be as good as it gets.

Those who have been lucky enough to have been invited (luck actually has nothing to do with it, as it is good, good, people, who are smart and have proven themselves online), are either going to have the time of their lives, or me and the staff are going to give up in exhaustion trying!

This event means a ton to me and the folks coming to this event mean even more.

The first official set of invites are about to go out.

So far, close friends, insiders, and those smart enough to dig for an invite before they were mailed have snuck in under the velvet rope.

Before we totally sell out, if you are reading this, and are a really good nice person, have proven yourself online with some nice big victories, and you would like an invite, ping me before the last slice of thinktank has been gobbled up!

June 26 2009

The Conference Scene is Changing

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The internet conference scene is changing. Last year at the thinktank, it was a common discussion topic that here we were right as the stock market was crashing, living it up, with the best of everything together celebrating our successes, while planning our next ones.

Some conferences I have been to in the past year, have had some lower attendence.

Oddly enough, the most expensive, high end events are selling out.

Last year the thinktank sold out quickly. Jeremy’s (Shoemoney) Elite Retreat at $5k per person sold out within a week or two of its announcement. Marcus Tandlers Oktoberfest at $5k to get in also sold out within a few weeks.

With this years thinktank, I still have not sent out the first official set of invites and just with last years attendees and a few EliteRetreaters I have invited we have allready come close to selling out. Even before sending out the first real set of invites!

What the expert Internet Conference attendee’s want is clearly not a huge conference hall with expert speakers talking about subjects that may have little or no interest to them.

What the experienced, expert, attendees want is another expert who knows a specific subject better than they do sitting in front of them, in a safe, comfortable environment that allows everyone to open up and share their secrets.

Each one of these attendees is an absolute master at something, and is willing to share it with others.

In a conversation I had at the Elite Retreat with a few of the attendees, they encouraged me to up the price of this years thinktank in order to maintain a very high caliber of attendee. The reason for this is obvious. If you can afford $3,000 for the thinktank, or $5,000 for the EliteRetreat, then either you have rich parents, or you have done SOMETHING that was able to create a little money. This means that the other attendees have figured out some way to make money, and most probably it will be a different way than you have.

It shocks me in fact when this group gets together how often you hear someone describing something they are doing, and the little crowd who forms around them, who are shocked and amazed because that idea is so brand new to them. The diversity of ways to make money online now is just staggering.

As a collective group, helping each other, this gives us a massive leg up on the rest of the competition. Without being a core member of a group like this, it is almost impossible to make it big online.

What else that amazes me so far about this years event is that people want to come, even before they know exactly what we have in store for them this year :)

I think the fact that Kate, my buddy from the poker tournament, showed up as the girl in front of the police car in Hangover didn’t hurt our marketing either. :)

The actual invites for thinktank will be going out soon, maybe in the next week?

So if you are not positive you are on my invite list, and you want to be, let me know now before the invites go out.

Based on what has happened so far I am expecting a very fast sell out of the seats to be released.

You can keep up on the thinktank by following her on twitter.

June 22 2009

a few thinktank pics

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June 8 2009

thinktank 09 poster

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So cool. Thanks guys. Last week I did a little pre-sale of thinktank for last years guys. With as many people who are interested, and the fact that it is such a small event I expected it to sell out. I sent out invites to last years guys, and within the first 48 hours approximately half of them signed up for this year. (not all are on the site yet) Some people did not get invites, and even with that the last years early discount sold out.

The rest of the entries will go on sale soon. You may want to add my e-mail address so you get the invite before it sells out.

Huge thanks to Shoe and Neil for agreeing to sign up first. I know they are both a big draw. Shoe launched his learn how to make money online free course and has close to 100,000 people signed up. He is truly turning into a brand like nobody else.

I love how some people will try to dismiss him, or minimize what he can pull off, and then you turn around and whoh!

I need to get a few things organized, and then I will send out the rest of the invites. If you want to come, make sure to sign up as soon as you get the invite. I have no idea how quick, but I predict a fast sell out.

It is such a lovely warm compliment that people want to come to the thinktank. I will do my best to live up the expectations.

Here is a little graphic I made. Any of you are welcome to use it on your site. You can re-size it any size as long as you don’t cut it up.

Just love you guys. Thank you so much for the love, each and every one of you.

June 3 2009

Previous ThinkTankers

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Thanks for signing up guys! It will take me a bit to process all the sign ups and get them posted on the site.

The early sign up uber discounts for previous thinktankers are getting close to being sold out, so they may not last till the Saturday night sign up.

I got a few e-mails from people who wondered if they did not get an invite on purpose. :)

If you were there last year, and did not just get an e-mail from me, let me know immediately.