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December 1 2013

Stop Complaining

One of my favorite subjects is how much some people complain about small things, while others laugh about things that would make most cry.

There are hundreds of sayings about the difference attitude makes, but there are a handful of people you meet who live them.

Last year I ran into a guy in San Francisco, who does web design, and internet marketing. That’s not so uncommon, right? But what about the fact the guy is blind. I mean like with a dog guiding him around the nightclub in San Francisco blind? Not being able to see other than very up close and doing webdesign takes some real cajones, and Jason has them :) I am impressed.

In my interactions with Jason, he has been nothing short of professional, and a great guy to chat with.

I asked Jason to write a little something for my readers, and here it is:

jasonSome of you may have heard of marketers like Adil Amarsi, Viv Craske, Paul Barrs and Kris Whitehead. These are just a few of the people I either have worked with or am working with. You see I take pride in the work I do for my clients. I take special care to ensure each client get what they want and have paid for. It truly makes me happy when I receive testimonials like the one below.


“Jason is a breath of fresh air when it comes to working with web development. Not only is he an expert in his field, he is punctual and polite, as well as willing to communicate in a non-technical way to really connect with his client’s. I recommend Jason with upmost enthusiasm, because he produces results…on time, and on budget, period.”


The one thing that makes me unique against a sea of developers is that I am legally blind. Yep, I was born with and diagnosed at six months old with optic nerve hypoplasia – under developed optic nerves. The best way I can explain it is as follows. What someone with normal 20/20 sight can see at 400 ft, I can see the same thing from about 20 feet away.  Where most can focus in on something far away that’s virtually impossible for me unassisted.  My vision works best up close, and thanks to a macbook and software like Adobe CS and web based software like WordPress I’m able to easily create beautiful works of art geared toward my clients businesses.


From an early age of 8 I knew that I was going to have my hands deep in some form of programming. Initially it was games and over the years that dream has transformed into web development thanks to an aunt of mine. She suggested I take a look at a continuing education class for web development. After more classes on the subject and several jobs I had made the decision once and for all that I’d work for myself!


The time for me to strike out on my own was after I had a job as a deli clerk. Over worked and underpaid I would work tirelessly after the day was done and on days off. Finally after realizing that it was pointless to be building websites if people couldn’t see them, I decided to delve into IM.


Since then I have been on a mission to work with the worlds leading marketers and everyone in between. For my portfolio and more testimonials like the one above visit Will you be the next marketing genius I work with? Well, we won’t know unless you set up an appointment with me.

Click this link to schedule your 30 min appointment now…

October 20 2013

Open Letter To SEO Community – Link Building That Won’t Get You Penalized

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Open Letter To SEO Community + NDA talk at Wynn Casino This Week.

“Link Building That Won’t Get You Penalized”. The number one thing on the mind of Pubcon Attendees per our newest survey. READ ALL OF BELOW

NDA talk, discussion, and private party at my suite at the Wynn on this subject below, but please read all of this first.

Matt Cutts has said for almost a decade (this is me paraphrasing) that he wants quality, white hat, links from sites with a real gate keeper evaluating the links.

Every bit of research we have done the past year, confirms that the number one factor Google is still using to rank a site, are the number of unique domains of real websites that link in to a page.

Google is demanding white hat links or they are spinning your site into outer space.
Our fortune 500 clients are demanding white hat link building.

We have been working our tails off this past few years, and especially the past 3 months developing enterprise level software and methods for doing this.

Also, some people in this industry are Matt Cutts and Google haters, while they make their living off of this company.

I personally am grateful for the friendship and help that Matt has given me, and for the work that Google does. Google never asked me to spend the past 8 years figuring out how they rank sites. The didn’t ask me to make software to reverse engineer what they are doing. That is my choice.

If Matt Cutts or Google decides to change the algorithm, or stop giving me keyword data, god bless them. That is their choice. Google has made my and my clients sites tens of millions of dollars. I thank them for this. But Google owes me nothing.

In our surveys over the past weeks, in our discussions with our large clients, with talks with the agencies that work for these big sites, and in our own minds for our own sites, the major focus at this second is how to build links that won’t get your site penalized.

I am putting together an NDA talk and private party on this exact subject, link building that won’t get you penalized, so we can stay on top of what is new.

We have our own enterprise level link building techniques that are working great and we want to compare notes with others to see what is working well for them.

I am going to spring for the penthouse at the Wynn, food and drinks.

Please fill out the survey to help us figure out the what and when on this, and apply for an invitation.
Survey and Invitation Request.

October 13 2013

2013 Pubcon Poker and Parties

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Pubcon Parties and the big 2014 Poker tournament, go here.


The below is about previous years 2013 parties.

Letter to my friends :)

Want to network?

The big texas holdem tournament registration is now open.
There are limited spots:

I have cleverly planned a little upscale networking for you, and all
other players and guests at the tournament. It is the catalytic networking.

Free drinks and In and Out burgers are provided for Guests and Players
thanks to the Mirage and our sponsors,
Bruce Clay, Internet Marketing Ninjas, Link Research Tools

Also, this past year we have dedicated ourselves to reverse engineering Google’s
algorithm. We made a ton of money for our own and clients sites this past year.
I am going to be sharing at my invite only back room talk during Pubcon.

Also, if you care at all about high quality, white hat link building. I will just say this bluntly.
We rock it. We have new techniques that are just killing it right now. We have been doing this
over the past year for fortune 500 and large website clients.

To be a guest at the big tournament, or play, register here:

Nevada gaming makes it almost impossible to have a true charity tournament any more,
so instead this year we are promoting Water School along the way. Also the sponsors
and myself are donating to this fantastic charity.
In a nutshell, they teach people in Africa who would die of Dysentery, and other viral and
bacterial diseases, how to use a simple empty soda bottle to kill viruses and bacteria in the water.
Voila! Less death.

We have been putting out facebook ads, emails, blog posts and more to promote
our awesome sponsors who are making this possible:
Bruce Clay, Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Link Research Tools.
All by the way get my own personal seal of approval as rocking companies. :)

We need a few more sponsors.

If you have a couple of bucks, and want to make a cooler event cooler, just email me at dk (at)
We have sponsorships available at all levels.

Be cool!

much love,


P.S. You got to the bottom of this so either:
sign up as a player:
sign up as a guest:
or email me back and offer up some super cool sponsor money for the crew :) dk (at)

March 14 2013

Why I am dropping everything to go to Leadscon next week.

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Those who know me know that we have been absolutely killing it this past year.
It has undeniably been our best year ever.

I am passing up literally dozens of other opportunities next week to go to leadscon.

Why, because I Can’t Afford NOT to Attend!

There are going to be big decision makers from big companies that do lead gen online,
as well as lots of guys who are doing big things developing and selling leads.

The list of companies coming is over 1000.

I have gotten to be buddies with Jay, the organizer of leadscon,
and he gave me the bro hookup so if you want to grab one of the
last few seats, you even save some money.

I am going big on this one, and will be doing one of my back room NDA events.

I have only committed to three events this year, and this is one of them.

Where a lot of the other events have gotten full of wanna be successful guys,
this event is full of us who are there.

Come join me in making some great contacts and creating the future of the internet.

much love,

Sign up here:

October 17 2012

Jim Boykin and Internet Marketing Ninjas sieze Webmaster World

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I am super, super excited.

Last night during our EMD event, I kept deferring to Jim for his opinion, and noticed something was different.

He obviously had something on his mind.

This morning the news is out!

Internet Marketing Ninja’s now is the owner of Webmaster World.

Webmaster world is the oldest and most respected forum for SEO types to geek out. :)

I know because for years I was one of the more prominent members. I am going back in now!

In many ways, Pubcon is a community of those of us who all met on Webmaster World.

Matt Cutts used to hang out there as Google Guy.

When I first wanted to learn about SEO, I tried to get in there, but they would not allow me to register with a hotmail address,

so it took me a year, (not kidding), to figure out how to get a “real” email address. :)

Jim is one of the first people I met in this industry, I believe 8 years ago, and I am just thrilled that he now owns one of my favorite sites :)

Jim is an extremely social guy, who deeply cares about the world around him. He has always been a supporter financially of virtually every event I do, and when there has been a charity component, he kicks in without even asking what or why.

He has an amazing community at Internet Marketing Ninjas, and is constantly doing some of the most creative and innovative things in the industry.

I just can’t be happier for him, and happier for the Webmaster World Community.

Time for me to upgrade back to my paid membership there. :)

Congratulations Jim! Full speed ahead.

much love


October 11 2012

Advanced SEO EMD Update Underground Insider talk during Pubcon

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-Sign up to show interest. If 100 people sign up, I will present this.-

Google came out with their EMD update last week, and it gave huge insight into what they are penalizing, and what they are rewarding. It was an isolated update, and tremendous insights were gained through statistical analsyis of tens of thousands of links over about a hundred sites.

Christoph Cemper of Link Research tools did an amazing analysis of this.

Christoph and I have been discussing it, and have some insights into what Google actually wants now in terms of links, and what it does not. This is not pie in the sky theory, but hard numbers and analysis showing what is going on right now.

I have a slide presentation and insider info on the study.

If there is enough interest I will rent out a room at one of the hotels, and put on a presentation about what Christoph found, our discussions, my insight, and what to do.

Christoph is in Austria, so we decided it would be best for me to present this during Pubcon.

I will also lead an open discussion to hear others opinions on the data.

This is a super advanced SEO get together.

This is not an offical Pubcon event.

Jeff at Pubcon told me they are just slammed for space and time, and that I would have to do this on my own.

Share this with other SEO experts so we can get 100 people who want this, then I will put it on.


March 27 2012

Ad Tech 2012 Complete Party List

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The Purposeinc Linkup Party!


The big event is going to be on Wednesday at 5:00pm.

Come hang out at a cool bar for drinks and link chat

or just shoot the breeze at the Purposeinc Linkup

We are going to meet up at the Intercontinental in the bar/lounge.

We will be talking about link building.

Click Here to RSVP


 Other cool parties during Adtech

Monday April 2nd

Mathmen Party
Mina Gallery 7 – 10
111 Mina
(no idea who these guys are?)


Nami Media “Rouge” Rope Event.

7:30PM to 11PM

location disclosed when you RSVP,

open bar, appetizers and music

email to


Tuesday April 3rd – Every fricken party in the world is on Tuesday

Expo Hall
Networking 3 – 8
(I expect this to be a everyone the first 2 hours,
then mostly the people who didn’t get invited to the other parties.
The band sounds fun, but Expo hall parties are always lame in the fact
that they are Expo Hall Parties)


Blumberg Investment Party 6 – 9
Temple Nightclub
540 Howard St.
(This one advertized itself as more mellow music,
and free food. I think this one will have more money,
and be more conservative than the typical Purpose Inc
reader. I am going to try to check it out.)


Affiliate Awards 6 – 9
Minna Gallery
111 Minna st.
(I am a judge so going for sure. This party should rock.
Murray Newlands who is putting it on is one of the most
creative and brilliant marketers and business people I know.)


Ads4Dough Party 7-10
Citizen Space
425 2nd Street – Suite 100
(I love my boys from San Diego. They attract a very friendly,
and very smart crowd.)


Clickbooth – 9 – 2
Location Mighty
119 Utah Street
(Clickbooth is a monster.
THE ad:tech San Francisco Party FEATURING:
- Ying Yang Twins
- Sisqo
- Bumpin’ DJ
- VIP Tables
- AWESOME Giveaways
- Lots of SEXY Ladies

Marketers Ball 9:30
1015 Folsom
with TooShort
(These guys did one in Vegas during Affiliate Summit
with Nellie. It was pretty uncrowded, and literally you
could walk up to Nellie and touch his shoe. I may very
well stop by.)


Wednesday Night

Since no one else is stepping up for this,

I may be organizing something. Stay tuned!



If you have links for these parties send them to me.

If you have any other parties, send those as well.

Also, is there ANYTHING going on, on Wednesday?

March 17 2012

Mrs. Soapbubbles

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This song is for Mrs. Soapbubbles.

February 1 2012

Waiting for Windows

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I’ve been on mac for years now, through at least 5 computers. There is a spreadsheet I need to open, which only works with windows and excel for windows. So I installed Parallels which allows you to run windows on a mac. Then it came time to download the windows software.

All of a sudden everything came to a complete stop and it said something like it would take 24 hours to load. WTF? ROFL!

Jasmin sitting next to me who uses a windows computer says, “Welcome to the world of PC.”

What you are watching is a live streaming video.

January 19 2012

Your Kid Could Win $5,000 tomorrow for their business idea

Warren Buffet and Credit created a contest for kids to flex their entrepreneurial muscles.

If they go to the Secret Millionaires Club website, they can post their business idea.

The site will ask them questions about their idea, how they are going to raise money for it and how they are going to market it.

The deadline is tomorrow afternoon.

The winning kid gets $5,000.

Thanks and Warren Buffet.