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Pubcon Poker & Events

(Don’t worry, I know dk, he will get us in!)

Purpose Inc is throwing a whole series of events during Pubcon.

Keep checking back here for all of the details.

Tuesday November 10th

3:00 p.m. Fight Club at Randy Coutures  and watching the Pro UFC fighters train!

Sign up for fight club here.

  Fight Club at Randy Coutures

This place is where the biggest baddest UFC fighters in the world train, and where Randy himself trains. I have been lucky enough to become a friend of the family with him, his wife Kim, and son Ryan, all incredibly fine people. The gym is about 15 minutes from our hotels.

Randy has been the UFC champion of the world 6 X.Randy is letting us take over his gym for an hour, and train where the biggest names in the MMA industry train. We will be getting trained on strike training by Ron Frazier, Randy’s head boxing and striking coach. You have seen Ron with his bandanna over his head in Randy’s corner at all the big fights. He is even on the UFC video game!

After our lesson, the pros train at 4:00. You never know who will stop in for the training.

7:00 p.m. BLT Burgers at Mirage hotel for dinner.

 BLT Burgers at Mirage Hotel
Don’t have any money? Don’t know anybody? Wondering where the cool will be having dinner, and you weren’t invited? Then come join my crew at BLT burgers for a burger. It is BYOB, “buy your own burger” and if you can’t afford the $15 for a burger, then just say you allready ate, buy a coke, and steal fries of other peoples plates! This is dinner for one and all! We will all meet at 7:00 in front of BLT burgers. If you don’t see us, come inside, ask for dk’s group, and look around. You will see a bunch of people laughing, that is us. Last year was really fun, and really good food. Very, very low key. People who think they are really cool, usually don’t show up for this one!

Wednesday November 11th.

10:15 a.m. I will be speaking on Local Search at Pubcon

If you know me, you don’t want to miss my talk. No hints, but it is worth seeing. 😉

Even if I wasn’t “up to something”, just having Michael Dorausch and William Leake and myself on stage is likely to get all three of us kicked out of the conference! Last year while onstage I got in trouble from the moderator for “talking”. 🙂

11:30 I will be doing interactive site reviews and link analysis

with Aaron Wall, Dixon Jones, and Todd Malicoat (Lauren Vaccarello’s boyfriend). Quite the photo opportunity for me! I am going to let them discuss values of links, and strategies, and analysis. I am going to take over the talk at the end and turn it into a link festival. What this means is that you bring your QUALITY site to the event. I will organize the room, and help everyone find sites that can link to theirs. This is not a link exchange which would be against Google’s terms of service. Instead it is my own little invention, which accelerates the natural process of us finding good sites to link to. If you bring cards with your site name on it, and the url of quality pages, you will be at a huge advantage. Everyone coming will be required to link to my site. (Just kidding!)

dk’s Midnight High Limit Room Party at the Mirage

I never know how to write the time and date when it is midnight, but it is Wed. night at midnight.

Just ask any dealer to point you in the right direction.

I have been asked this over a dozen times lately but, yes the Mirage is willing to let us come back to the high limit room again for the dk party at the Mirage high limit room. Honestly, the guys at the Mirage have gone all out for us this year. Because of my great relationships with them, and because they are just honestly fine individuals. Many of the folks working at the Mirage have literally worked there since the hotel opened. They care about it like it was their home, and treat me like I am a family member.

So if you ever wanted to know what it is like to hang out in the poshest of the posh, James Bond style micro sections of the casino, where the richest people come to play, this is your chance.

This event goes till way later than is healthy for anyone.

By the way, at midnight is the official beginning of Chris Hedgecocks birthday. So nobody let him buy any drinks, and pretty girls all should give him a kiss, at least on the cheek.

Thursday November 12th.

11:00 a.m. Fight Club with Robert Drysdale 6 X world Champ in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Sign up for Fight Clubs here.

(The above is Robert doing the ass-kicking, watch the whole thing)

Roberts gym is less than 15 minutes from our hotels.

Robert is honestly the nicest, best guy in the whole world. He is a real intellectual too. Just by the logic of it, he is very possibly the best fighter in the entire world.

Robert, and his webmaster/business partner Sean Rigo have been gracious enough to invite them to their gym for a personal training for our group. In UFC 100 Robert was the head guy in Frank Mir’s corner. Robert is the Jiu Jitsu coach to the best UFC fighters in the world. His fighting is not only effective but incredibly graceful and beautiful.

He is incredibly gentle on beginners and will leave you feeling like a world champ.

I guarantee he will leave you with simple effective techniques you can use that are incredibly effective.

If you have any questions, watch the Jiu Jitsu video on Shoe’s blog.

2:55 p.m. I speak at Pubcon on Link Baiting magic.

Again, you won’t want to miss this.What better way to teach about link baiting than to….

Well, you will just have to be there then, won’t you?

8:00 p.m. is the main event, the Poker Tournament. 🙂

Read all of this when ready to register! You will need to blog first.

Then sign up here.

100 players, 200 guests, an open bar for all. Even if you were not able to get an official open bar bracelet, you are still invited, but will have to buy your own drinks. 🙂

I don’t really need to promote this anymore. I am just real grateful to everyone for helping me create this for all of us. It is something I am super proud of, and have a ball organizing each year. It has opened up a thousand doors, and I want everyone to benefit. This is THE place to get connected in the internet business world if you are not already connected.

For the crew, you know who you are, make sure to register quick or we are going to run out of seats. 🙂

Love you guys!

To qualify to register as a player or a guest with open bar at the tournament follow these instructions first. (players automatically get drinking bracelets and the open bar till 2:00 a.m. so if you are a player, don’t register as a guest. Then register here.

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