Mark Gebbia

I was thrilled when Mark said he was signing up. I for one like positiveness in a person above all other things. Mark is a happy, positive person, who will add the right energy and vibe to the event.

Mark did 4 years in the air force until he got out in 2002.

Mark Gebbia at sea

He has been specializing in niche sites on how to do things. Such as How to fold a napkin, or How to Get Rid of Stuff.

mark gebbia flex

Mark by the way recently sold the How to Get Rid of Stuff site in the low 6 figures.

mark gebbia sailing

He is currently working on more nich sites such as the How To Organize Stuff site.

You can get a taste of his humor when you realize on his site he is showing how to Organize a Labor Union, as well as the expected such as How to Organize your Pantry.

mark gebbia blue steel

Mark is currently making most of his living off of content sites delivering Adsense, and feels he is strongest in SEO and SEM. I have only met Mark briefly, but he left his mark and I look forward to having many good laughs with him.

mark gebbia

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