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Thanks for coming by and finding out about Future Hope and the contest Andy Liu is throwing!

One of the people I most admire and respect in the internet world is my close friend Andy Liu.

Andy is giving away a $3,000 ticket to the Purpose Inc. thinktank along with $500 cash to spend on your travel costs to get there!

At the same time, just by writing a blog post you can get an impoverished child in El Salvador a year of tech training.

Andy Liu has been instrumental in creating the charity Future Hope. Future hope simply has taken a rural village in El Salvador, filled with great people, who were born without ever being given a chance to begin a career in tech that we have all been blessed with. Andy and his partners have brought reliable electricity, high speed internet, and tech teachers to this village. The kids now have a chance to learn how to use computers, and use the internet to create better lives.

Andy is the powerful force behind the incredibly fast growing tv fan site that Comscore just listed as the fourth fastest growing website in the world as of May 2009. Andy is also a major investor and sits on the board of icanhascheezburger which gets crazy ridiculous amounts of traffic. You will also find in his portfolio one of my absolute favorite sites fail blog. Knowing Andy it won’t surprise me if a lot of these kids end up with internet business careers, and some of them could easily become hugely successful with his involvement.

Here is how it all works.

To win a free trip to thinktank, just write a post about your biggest obstacle to your success in your startup. If you don’t have a startup yet, then write a blog about your biggest obstacle to getting started. Andy is choosing the winner, so read his write up on how he will be choosing at his entreupeneureal blog, inspired startup. After you write your blog post, then leave a comment on Andy’s blog about your blog entry to let him know you wrote it.

Now for the bonus!

If when you write your blog, you mention this contest, and also mention the Future Hope charity, then Purpose Inc will pay for a child to receive a year of computer training through Future Hope. Future Hope is very, very efficient in providing good training to kids that would never have had a chance in learning about using computers and the internet get a chance. Who knows, the next “zapato dinero” (That’s shoe money in spanish). Purpose Inc. will pay for up to 30 children to get training through this contest.

Once you have published your blog entry, you can post this on your blog to show you earned a child a year of tech training.

If you have more questions, or want to be on the invite list for future Purpose Inc events, just send me an e-mail at dk (at)

When you write your blog, choose from the images below to post on your blog to let others know about the charity and the contest!

About the art: The background of these badges is a reproduction of a graphic found on an El Salvadorian pre columbian piece of pottery. No body knows for sure what animal it was.

  1. Dudeman2 said on May 3rd, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    this is really cool! I’m totally doing it.

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