Playing With Bunnies – A Picture Book

Well, I got invited back to the Playboy Party again this year thrown by Epic Direct Advertising (formerly Azoogle). It is almost embarrassing just how much fun it is.

In an industry made up of cowboys and pirates, each year they show themselves to evolve into an ever more sophisticated company, with solid statistics and credibility in every direction, while never losing their soul. Hence the party at the Playboy Mansion!

If you have been following my training about how to network, you will understand my passion on the subject of being connected with the best and the brightest. This party is like shooting fish in a barrel, or as I refer to it, a Diamond mine. It is a multi day party, with a pool party, cocktail parties, brunch, and the main event at Heffs House.

At most internet get togethers, it takes a few minutes to determine if someone is a real player or not. At this event, they either are a major player online, or they work for Epic, and most of the Epic employees are major players themselves.

The environment is so much fun, that everyone who is part of this “in” group, is automatically your friend. Introductions come easily, and smoothly.

Mike Sprouse pulled off the event in great style.

It got totally wild, and that is just on the sidewalk leaving the hotel on the way to the party!

That is my wife in the middle.

The food was amazing, the entertainment gorgeous, the food was as good as any great restaurant.

It was just straight up fun!

Michael Sprouse was showing off his new fiance Kate, by now his wife! When I first met her, I honestly thought she was a playmate. She was just sweet as pie, kind, warm, and of course drop dead gorgeous.

How cool do I feel, hanging out and talking to a bunny, which I talked to last year, exchanging contact info and getting to be friends. I mean, come on, how fricken cool does that make me feel!

One of the greatest things about this event is that it was the second year. People I met last year, got to be better friends this year, and those that were good friends became great ones.

The next pic is of me and tennis star Michael Sprouse, who also used to be in charge of online marketing for Playboy, and not is in charge of marketing at Epic Direct Advertising, but the name doesn’t really capture all he does at the company.

This is Scott, bunny hunting.

Levi Matkins dazzled everyone with his dance moves. Watch the three photo sequence below.

This next one really shows off his moves!


This was crazy, they brought in a dozen performers, doing dance, gymnastics, and just going wild.

I got to hang out with Art Shaw, the new CEO of Epic Direct. Art immediately struck me as being polished, brilliant, and the perfect guy to lead this powerhouse of a company.

I can’t even tell you how many hot girls there were. Just everywhere.

You know the pole dancer is good, when the painted naked girls stop to watch!

I am not even kidding about these two. Jenny, the blonde and her buddy are visiting from the Czech Republic, and were on a one month road trip through the U.S. This picture just happened to capture them where all of our lives intersected. I just loved how much fun they were having with all the internet geeks. What an amazing time in their lives as well. I remember the blonds name was Jenny. America thanks you for visiting Jenny!

Thanks to every single person who was part of this party, again just amazing!

40 thoughts on “Playing With Bunnies – A Picture Book”

  1. Wow, that was amazing. What an incredibly hot looking group of girls. Those guys look like they were having a ball.

  2. Yeh, we had an amazing time. Everyone has fun. I made sure the bunnies and other girls had fun. There is just nothing that can make me happier than a group of bunnies doing comedy with me. LOL I could do that every night.

    By the way, I forgot to put this in the post.

    Technical point on bunnies:
    If you are a bunny at the Playboy Mansion in L.A. you must have been a playmate. A playmate is the same thing as a centerfold. Bunnies at other than the mansion, may or may not have been centerfolds.

  3. hi nice, you really had fun. what about the wifes/girlfriends?
    or was it just a boys night. Still nice.
    call me a tomboy.

  4. As far as chair advice? Funny post to discuss it. LOL For those of you who don’t know, I am also a chiropractor. For chair advise, go read this book. I don’t think there is any such thing as the “right” chair. Bottom line, our bodies like motion and lots of it. Sit on anything you like, but keep changing, and keep moving so your bones don’t get stuck. :)

  5. Looks like you had a blast. I need to come hang out with you guys – maybe next time I can come and be your camera man. This would be beneficial for both of us – I would get to hang out with hot bunnies and you could be in all of the pictures. Golden opportunity, for you.

    I’m just messing around… Unless you think it’s a good idea? I’ll be waiting by the phone just in case.

    Take care DK.

  6. Wooowww….

    Nice shoot…
    Nice Party…
    Nice story…

    Do you have the video… I’ll love watch it… :D
    I’ll be proud have that pict with me there.. hhe.. :P

  7. Oh love it so much! I’ve always wanted to go to a playboy party! You are so lucky that is super rad!

  8. This party looks so awesome! Everyone seems so friendly and welcoming. How do you get invited? (ha ha!)

  9. The Party looks off the hook. I swear being apart of this industry looks like allot of fun, wish I had thought of that before having a bunch of! Great pictures.

  10. Looks like a good time. Not my kind of thing, but I’m sure straight guys every where would kill to attend. Even the girlies looked like they were having fun, I hope it wasn’t too…uhm…strenuous for them. So lame, but I would have liked to see some pictures of the food.

  11. Looks like a rockin’ time. Hot chicks and so-so men. Nothin’ like a quiet evening at home. HAHA! Keep showing them how to do it girls!

  12. Looks like an awesome party. Would have liked to have seen more pictures of the performers. Maybe a few more of different bunnies (not the same ones over and over) Still great pictures.

  13. Hey, DK. Nice meeting you and Shoe at the mansion this year. Great pics! Remind me again when your think tank is…I might be able to attend and/or mention it to some potential customers.

  14. All I can think when I see these pictures is how much fun you had! Also, it looks like many of the women have ill-fitting bras. I guess that was the point?

  15. great pics
    wish i was there
    send invite to me next time 8-)

    P.S. thanks for the advice on chairs will do that.

  16. Wow, seemed to be an amazing party. Everyone, seemed to be having a blast. The author really got a chance to grasp how lucky he was to be there as well as pointing out specific people in order to make the article legitimate. Good article, good perspective.

  17. Seemed to be an amazing party. Everyone, seemed to be having a blast. The author really got a chance to grasp how lucky he was to be there as well as pointing out specific people in order to make the article legitimate. Good article, good perspective.

  18. This party looks like it was so much fun! Beautiful ladies, but what else do you expect from the Playboy Mansion? Very nice post, thanks for the amazing pictures and fun story!

  19. looks great like a fun, crazy and awesome party. Partying up with one of the best girls and people around is a real treat. The Playboy Mansion really knows how to please the crowd.

  20. I am a woman but I wish I was there…lol. It looks like the girls were all super hot and everyone had a blast. The next time they have one be sure to invite me :-)

  21. I bet they throw parties like that all the time at the playboy mansion. It would be a blast to go. All the bunnies seem so carefree and lighthearted. Nice shots of the girls. I wonder though, did Hef and his “girls” make an appearance at all?

  22. I can’t believe how beautiful these girls are! They’re breath taking. I’m jealous I wasn’t invited to this party!

  23. Ahh, the Playboy Mansion…where you might have to wipe the schmoozing off you every few minutes. I know most would consider it an amazing opportunity, I could just never (not even if I was a heterosexual male, I think) take myself seriously at an event like that. Glad it worked out for you, though.

  24. OOKKK. Does anyone have Scott’s email? I have pics of him from the mansion on my phone, couldn’t find him until now…. (I have tons of pics on my iPhone of people from the party, but we were all too drunk to remember the next day…. –> If you were there and have pics of me (I was the OTHER dude who brought his wife ;)) pls get in touch….. (my name @ my domain)…. thnx! :)

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