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May 8 2009

Pull out of the recession with Shane Pike

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I know this time of year, a lot of eyes start heading over to this blog to read about the ThinkTank. It is an incredible concentration of some of the greatest internet business and marketing minds on the planet.

Most people don’t get invited to the ThinkTank, which honestly leaves me feeling slightly guilty. But it is an event you have to earn entrance to.

By buddy Shane Pike has a leg up for anyone who wants to get to that level.

He is looking for someone who hasn’t quite made it yet, but has what it takes. The contest is damn amazing. Honestly, the best prize in it in my universe is Shane himself consulting with you for 3 hours about how to improve your web properties or improve whatever you are working on.

Shane gave me some amazing ideas a few years ago that helped a ton.

Included in the contest is a membership to Shoemoney Tools. These contain some SEO tools that you won’t come across anywhere else and that are invaluable. One of the hidden secrets of these tools is that there is a membership forum for asking questions. Now I can’t make any promises as the tools get more and more popular, but so far, Jeremy (Shoemoney) has been answering I believe every question posted in the forum. So you can pay Jeremy something like $10K per hour for his consulting, or go to his tools and post questions. SHhhhhh, don’t tell anybody about that part.

You also get a membership to Aaron Walls SEO Book site. SEO Book has proven invaluable to me over the years. Bottom line, Aaron is the mad scientist of SEO, unbelievably brilliant, and has taught me things I would not have learned elsewhere.

Go over to Shane’s internet business site to read the details of what is going on, and how to enter.

  1. SnowBall said on July 16th, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    Sounds legit. Jeremy gets $10k for an hour of consultation? That is impressive. Shows how much his knowledge is valued at too.

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