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December 12 2008

Get Noticed – Link to me – or talk about me like Joe did!

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Joe Laratro get’s interviewed by Vanessa Zamora at Search Engine World.

Joe really taught me a lesson my first year speaking at Pubcon, when I totally bombed, and he showed me how to really get the audience’s attention.

In this video, Joe, a very creative online marketer, does a beautiful job of getting my interest by talking about my talk during Pubcon on local. In fact I didn’t even really talk, but you can hear Joe discuss it.

I have consistently learned that one of the simplest, most effective ways to get someone’s attention, and get links from them, is simply to talk about them. Linking to them gets their attention even more, (hint – hint).

Remember, most of us who are active on the internet have wordpress blogs that let us know if you link to us. Even if your blog has no value, no pagerank, you will still get someone’s attention if you link to them.

These guys have a blog on Scottish Whiskey as well as other types. I don’t even drink, so never would have found their new blog if they hadn’t linked to my site from their blend of whiskey stories. Their site has a page rank of 0, but I found out about them because they linked to me. Want to have someone famous know about you? Link to them! Then you will have people like Brent Chase, Neil, Shoe, and the most important pair in the internet marketing world know about you. Then, maybe they will link to you one day? Then one day, you might even be noticed by the real power player in the internet business world, Barbara!

Remember, once you have a bit of clout, (Page Rank) it costs you to link out to others. But when you have a blog that is garbage, it costs you nothing to link to others, and lets them know you exist. If you link to a specific page on their blog, they will notice it much easier, than if you just link to the blog in general, since it will show up as a comment that needs to be approved.

Want me to notice you? Might as well link to me! 😉 It just makes sense!

  1. SnowBall said on July 16th, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    A site on Whiskey is genius. Why haven’t I thought of something like that? I am going to read this Whiskey blog now. Also, I didn’t know that it costed anything to link to someone when you have page rank. Interesting to know.

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